91.Pedro: Unlike cloth diapers, disposable diapers are a threat to theenvironment. Sixteen billion disposable diapers are discarded annually, fillingup landfills at an alarming rate. So people must stop buying disposable diapersand use cloth diapers.

Maria: But you forget that cloth diapersmust be washed in hot water, which requires energy. Moreover, the resultingwastewater pollutes our rivers. When families use diaper services, diapers mustbe delivered by fuel-burning trucks that pollute the air and add to trafficcongestion.

Maria objects to Pedro’sargument by

(A) claiming that Pedro overstates thenegative evidence about disposable diapers in the course of his argument infavor of cloth diapers

(B) indicating that Pedro draws a hastyconclusion, based on inadequate evidence about cloth diapers

(C) pointing out that there is an ambiguous

use of the word“disposable”in Pedro’sargument

(D) demonstrating that cloth diapers are afar more serious threat to the environment than disposable diapers are

(E) suggesting that the economic advantagesof cloth diapers outweigh whatever environmental damage they may cause

92.In an experiment, two-year-old boys and their fathers made piedough together using rolling pins and other utensils. Each father-son pair useda rolling pin that was distinctively different from those used by the other,"father-son pairs, and each father repeated the phrase "rollingpin" each time his son used it. But when the children were asked toidentify all of the rolling pins among a group of kitchen utensils thatincluded several rolling pins, each child picked only the one that he had used.

Which one of the following inferences ismost supported by the information above?

(A) the children did not grasp the functionof rolling pin.

(B) No two children understood the name"rolling pin" to apply to the same object

(C) The children understood that all rollingpins have the same general shape.

(D) Each child was able to identifycorrectly only the utensils that he had used.

(E) The children were not able todistinguish the rolling pins they used from other rolling pins