Day016 时尚——女王亮相伦敦时装周(EP0226)


伦敦时间2月20日,英国女王伊丽莎白二世(Queen Elizabeth II)突然出现在设计师 Richard Quinn 的秀场,一时引起全场关注。这是英国女王首次公开出席时装秀,不过女王并不仅是来观赏走秀的,更重要的是向新锐设计师 Richard Quinn 颁发以她的称号命名的英国设计大奖—— Queen Elizabeth II Award for British Design。据英国时尚协会表示,这一由女王冠名的奖项将会每年颁发一次,Richard Quinn 是首位获奖者。该奖项主要为了表彰英国时尚行业中具有天赋和创意、同时也极具责任心、乐于回报社会和国家的新锐年轻设计师。来自伦敦的 Richard Quinn 毕业于著名的中央圣马丁艺术与设计学院(Central Saint Martins),在2016年创立了自己的同名个人品牌,并推出了首个服装系列。他的设计风格“优雅而前卫”,喜欢将印花与经典的剪影相结合。虽然出道不久,但是 Richard Quinn 在时尚界已经获得了广泛的认可。在被女王亲自颁奖之前,快时尚巨头 H&M 就在去年将他们设立的大奖“2017 Design Award”颁发给了他。而《Dazed》、《时代》杂志和英国时尚协会都把他称为2017年“最值得关注”的设计师之一。



Queen makes surprise appearance at London fashion week

There are few people that can get the usually aloof【a. 冷淡的;远离的;冷漠的 remain aloof from】 fashion crowd giggling in a state of high excitement. But then there is only one Queen Elizabeth II.

Her Majesty 王权 was a surprise guest on Tuesday afternoon at London fashion week. There was a hush 【means a calm silence 固定搭配 a sudden hush/a hush can fall over】as she entered the room, with the audience standing up to greet the monarch 最高统治者 and, of course, raising their phones to get that all-important social media picture. The Queen sat front row, of course with a special cushion垫子 placed on her seat.

Spurning 【v.蔑视,鄙视】 this season's trends such as trench coats军用防水短上衣 and giant scarves围巾, Her Majesty wore an ice-blue skirt suit, black handbag, black gloves and sensible shoes. Although the 91-year-old monarch is hardly a regular at fashion week, she looked relaxed, placing her handbag on the floor like a "frow" 【the combination of "front" and "row"】pro.

When the audience stopped gawping at【v. 持续地看】 the actual Queen in their presence, there was a show of British designer Richard Quinn's collection to look at.

After the show, it became clear that the Queen was actually there to give an award to Quinn. Introducing the Queen, the British Fashion Council's chief executive, paid tribute 【n.颂词】: "Your Majesty, I know you do not wish to be known as a fashion icon, but for all of us in this room, who have this upmost respect for you … we know you undoubtedly are."


1. aloof /əˈluːf/: adj. aloof means someone who is not very friendly or someone who does not like to spend time with other people. (固定搭配:remain aloof from)

2. a hush /haʃ/: a calm silence (固定搭配:a sudden hush/a hush can fall over)

hush-hush: adj. secret; something that is hush-hush is something that we don't talk about even if we know it.

3. all-important /ɔːlɪmˈpɔːt(ə)nt/: adj. if something is all-important, it's extremely important, it's crucial, it's vital. (固定搭配:all-important fact/area)

4. frow /frəʊ/: n. the combination of "front" and "row"

5. gawp /ɡɔːp/: vi. gawping means looking, but it means to look continuously, to stare at someone or something, sometimes in a rude way or a stupid way, kind of staring at somebody with your mouth open because you are so surprised.

▍Interesting Facts About the Queen

1. She's the only person in the UK allowed to drive without a license.

2. She owns all the swans and dolphins and whales that swim in UK waters.

3. She's rich, but she isn't the richest person in Britain.

4. She uses her purse or handbag to send secret signals to her staff.

5. The Queen's birthplace: a Chinese restaurant.