Being alone

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Being alone sounds like a sad thing. Deep down people are more comfortable to be surrounded with a handful of fellows who care since it gives the sense of existence. But actually, sometimes you are not very sure about what you have been through when you are lone, let alone when are in the crowd.

For the lonely thing's sake, I have always tried to search an umbrella to share with people instead of walking down the streets alone with it. You guess that it is more safe if there is another person share the space. Your eyes have a point to focus on. Your heart have a place to lean on. For the damn loneliness, you have already lost yourself in the tragedy of self importance and vanity.

Being alone has its own advantage and it s definitely huge! After spending time with your self, you may find you got drowned sometimes that you can't even know what to do in a random day. But gradually you gonna adjust yourself to a more healthy lifestyle. And that is most important move. You may know more about yourself, what you like, you dislike and you really really want. You may find more power!!! You are strong from head to toe!!!

2017, like for me. I know I want a more sexy and healthy body. I know I don't want my face turn to be fragile as I always stay up late. I know I would never  go back to a relationship that is superficially shallow. I know I would cherish those who love me and still fortunately alive. I know I am undefeatable inside already!