Passing Through You Word

I want to have someone like you我希望有个如你一般的人,

like the gentle breeze through the hills如山间清爽的风

like the warm sunshine in an old town如古城温暖的光

as long as it's you in the end 只要最后是你就好

* who have you passed by today今天你路过了谁

* Passing Through You Ward 从你的全世界路过

* Remember this: strength,in anybody is gentleness grown callous记住,所有人的坚强都是温柔生的茧

* She is marrying my ex-boyfriend 我前女友要跟我前男友结婚了

I feel so confused我现在心情特别复杂

* Bubble everywhere!满天的泡泡!

* I don't want to give up on it just yet 我不想轻易放弃

* As a old saying goes,"plenty of other fish in the sea,just as there are plenty of cuckoos in the trees"俗话说,天涯何处无芳草,春风一吹绿油油

* Cuckold!Cuckold!挡都挡不住

* You spy内奸

*He said you were trying ti date me他说你在泡我

*Don't you have something better to you你说你闲不闲啊

* I'm not going anywhere我就不走了

* This idea of yours is just brilliant你的智商真的太感人了

*Take care of yourself你要注意安全啊

* I have to go .I'm running later我走了,来不及了

*I can handle it我能承受

*You would spend every last Penny for me 你会倾家荡产的为了我

*I 'm buying an apartment我要买房

* dying seems better那你还是去死吧

* I'm serious我是认真的

*I have money 我有钱啊

*That's all I have 全部搭档

*serves me right for being friends with you 交友不慎

* How much is the down payment?首付多少钱来着?

* I could kill someone right now杀人的心都有了

* What's it this time?又怎么了?

* That's a very hard question to answer这个问题好难回答啊

*I don't believe this你呀就是搞事情

* Why do you have to pick today to be sick?你说你那天不生病,非得今天

* It's such a critical day 今天多重要啊

* We can't afford to lose 我们不能输

*Drink some more of this medicine 再喝点药

*Actually, you don't need to be nervous其实,你也别紧张

*To hell with it !我拼了!

*Taking to you is an insult to my intelligence 跟你说话简直就是拉低我的智商

*No amount of disappointment should lead to despair再多失望也不要绝望

*What do you do if the  person you love doesn't love you?如果你爱的人不爱你,怎么办?

* tell me what love is about你说爱情究竟是什么

* It's allright没事


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