Dealing with limitations

Somethings that you can blame on like maybe I'm too tall and too short and I'm too bad at maths etc...

There are just so many things and everybody has different things that they focus on, but the point is those things don't really help you especially if you decided that something you can't change like your gender or your age.

So don't focus on things that you can't change even if they are there.

Instead focus on the million other things that you can change.

Maybe you can wake up earlier one hour than everybody else.

Maybe you can work much harder than erverybody else.

Maybe you will just like do more repetitions.

You know at the gym the people who are the strongest art not the people who showed up with the most muscles.

The first time they went to a gym it's the people who go there ervery day, is the people who are dedicated who are motivated.

So what I'm trying to say is that you are the master.

You can determine where your life will go no matter how old you are or how female you are or how male you are.

Just focus on things that you can change and those things alone will make a huge difference.

Don't waste your time and energy on things that you can not change.

You know the world is your oyster.

2020.11.19 night
Shanghai Erlian