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1. Why do young people keep changing jobs?  

思路解析:听到题目的第一步就是找到关键词,很明显本题的关键词是“changing jobs”,那么我们主要内容就应该叙述换工作的好处及坏处。和工作相关的单词包括 job opportunities 和 circle of friends都是常用单词。我们可以用序数词将问题的结构搭建,firstly, secondly是最简单的序数词,to begin with, furthermore是高分搭配,建议使用。在工作累的问题时,工作时长working time和 工资salary是很容易联想到的内容,所以我们还可以就这两点来叙述。

高分单词:工作要求 working requirement 工作机会 working opportunities  工作技能 working skill 专业知识 expertise


The reason why young people change their jobs is that it actually has many advantages. Firstly, it provides people various opportunities to learn other skills as different jobs have different requirements. Secondly, they can grow their circle of friends because they can meet many people in different backgrounds so that when they are in trouble, they can seek for more help. Thirdly, a new environment is usually more motivating so when people change their jobs, they can be motivated thus they can be more focused on their current job.

2. What kinds of work do you prefer to do in the future? 

思路解析:in the future是标准的语法考点,时态非常重要,一定要使用将来时来回答问题。题目中的另一个信号词为“prefer”,这道题的考点是两种东西的对比,虽然在题目中为没有给出两种工作,但是前面有提到 kinds of work,所以考生可以自己给出两种工作来进行对比

在对比过程中,可以将两者的收入和工作内容进行对比。还有第二种方法,就是将一种工作进行细分的来说,例如 老师teacher 就可以说到working attitude和rewarding,将答案进行深入探讨,这种解题思路会有一定难度,但是属于高分答案,建议有一定英文基础的学生采用

 高分句型:devote/delicate sb. to sth. 将某人贡献于某事

I prefer to do the job that I am really interested in such as teaching English. The reason that I want to do my dream work is that only in this way can my passion and attention be paid to my work so that I can get rewarding results. Besides, I believe my attitude towards work can influence others, especially when I can be a teacher. As I love my job, I would definitely devote myself to it. My students would be impressed and maybe I would make them good teachers in the future just like me. 

3. Why do some young people prefer to be unemployed?  

思路解析:疑问词“why”是一个信号词,在答案里一定要涉及的就是解释你的观点,或者支持自己的观点。在表达原因时,最重要的部分就是将主要原因和次要原因突出,中间可以用连接词连接凸显答案逻辑结构。题目中另一个信号词为“young people”, 我们在这里可以将人进行分类,某一类人事喜欢不工作的,另一类人是喜欢工作的,这样可以将答案进行有效拓展。

高分表达:out of work 不工作 freelancer 不工作的人 restrict 限制


I think it is quite normal that not everyone can do the job that they like. It is also easy to imagine the unhappiness and exhaustion people have when they are doing something they hate. I guess that is the main reason why they prefer to be out of job as they do not want to continue doing things they dislike. Besides, for people who prefer a free lifestyle, they may think office work restricts their freedom thus they would choose to be a freelancer instead of being employed by a company.

4. Is it easy to find a well-paid job in China?    



working requirement  工作要求 

working experience工作经验 

master degree 硕士学位 

bachelor degree 学士学位

I have to say it is quite difficult to find a decent job in China. There are several reasons behind it. Firstly, as an increasing number of people receive higher education, there are more university graduates competing for one job. The increasing competition makes it hard for everyone find a good job. Also, a well-paid job asks people to meet higher requirements such as enriched work and life experience, a master degree and resourceful connections. As a result, people may find it hard to fetch a job with good salary as they may not meet all the requirements.