App Store 审核指南中英文对照版


虽然我一直说App Store Review Guidelines是iOS开发者必看的《葵花宝典》,但其实这些年来我也都没对着英文原版认真读一遍……事实上,你想对着中文版认真读一遍也是件不太容易的事情,因为现在网上能找到的各种自行翻译的中文版不是过期太久,就是颇多瑕疵。

这次重写《运营基础课》,总算是静下心来把 App Store Review Guidelines 的英文原版完整过了一遍,顺便整理了一个中英文对照版本。这个版本之后将会持续保持更新,尽量与官方的文本保持实时一致。

由于本人学疏才浅(不是自谦),加上iOS 开发的很多领域也未曾涉及,因此可以想象这个版本中也会存在不少谬误。还请各位如若发现,不吝赐教,共同维护一个更新及时释义准确的版本。

App Store Review Guidelines 审核指南




pleased that you want to invest your talents and time to develop

applications for iOS. It has been a rewarding experience - both

professionally and financially - for hundreds of thousands of developers

and we want to help you join this successful group. We have published

our App Store Review Guidelines in the hope that they will help you

steer clear of issues as you develop your App and speed you through the

approval process when you submit it.


Store 审核指南》能帮你避开开发过程中可能遇到的某些问题,并在你提交应用时帮你加快审核流程。

We view Apps

different than books or songs, which we do not curate. If you want to

criticize a religion, write a book. If you want to describe sex, write a

book or a song, or create a medical App. It can get complicated, but we

have decided to not allow certain kinds of content in the App Store. It

may help to keep some of our broader themes in mind:



We have lots of kids downloading lots of Apps. Parental controls work great to protect kids, but you have to do your part too. So know that we’re keeping an eye out for the kids.

有很多儿童用户从 App Store 下载应用。虽然家长监护功能可以很好地保护他们,但是你也需要做应该做的那一部分。你要知道我们时刻在留心孩子们。

We have over a million Apps in the App Store. If your App doesn’t do something useful, unique or provide some form of lasting entertainment, or if your app is plain creepy, it may not be accepted.

App Store 中有超过一百万的应用。如果你的应用没有什么有益的用途,不够独特或者不能提供持续性的娱乐功能,又或者只是一味的恐怖吓人,那它可能不会被接受。

If your App looks like it was cobbled together in a few days, or you’re trying to get your first practice App into the store to impress your friends, please brace yourself for rejection. We have lots of serious developers who don’t want their quality Apps to be surrounded by amateur hour.


We will reject Apps for any content or behavior that we believe is over the line. What line, you ask? Well, as a Supreme Court Justice once said, “I’ll know it when I see it”. And we think that you will also know it when you cross it.


If your App is rejected, we have a Review Board that you can appeal to. If you run to the press and trash us, it never helps.


If you attempt to cheat the system (for example, by trying to trick the review process, steal data from users, copy another developer’s work, or manipulate the ratings) your Apps will be removed from the store and you will be expelled from the developer program.


This is a living document, and new Apps presenting new questions may result in new rules at any time. Perhaps your App will trigger this.


Lastly, we love this stuff too, and honor what you do. We’re really trying our best to create the best platform in the world for you to express your talents and make a living too. If it sounds like we’re control freaks, well, maybe it’s because we’re so committed to our users and making sure they have a quality experience with our products. Just like almost all of you are, too.


Table of Contents


Terms and conditions 条款与条件

Functionality 功能

Metadata 元数据

Location 位置

Push Notifications 推送通知

Game Center 游戏中心

Advertising 广告

(rademarks and trade dress) Content and Intellectual Property Rights 内容和知识产权

Media content 媒体内容

User interface 用户界面

Purchasing and currencies 购买和货币

Scraping and aggregation 抓取和聚合

Damage or injury 破坏和伤害

Personal attacks 人身攻击

Violence 暴力

Objectionable content 不当内容

Privacy 隐私

Pornography 色情

Religion, culture, and ethnicity 宗教,文化和种族

Contests, sweepstakes, lotteries, raffles, and gambling 竞赛、博彩、彩票、奖券以及赌博

Charities and contributions 慈善与捐助

Legal requirements 法律规定

Wallet 钱包

Kids Category 儿童分级

Extensions 扩展

HomeKit 家居套件

HealthKit and Human Subject Research 健康套件和人体实验

TestFlight 测试

Apple Pay 苹果支付


Terms and conditions 条款与条件

1.1As a developer of Apps for the App Store you are bound by the terms of the Program License Agreement (PLA), Human Interface Guidelines (HIG), and any other licenses or contracts between you and Apple. The following rules and examples are intended to assist you in gaining acceptance for your App in the App Store, not to amend or remove provisions from any other agreement.

作为 App Stor e应用开发者,你必须遵守Program License Agreement (PLA)Human Interface Guidelines(HIG)以及任何其他和苹果公司签订的协议和合同。以下规则和示例旨在帮助开发者的应用能获得 App Store 的认可,而不是修改或删除任何其他协议中的条款。

Functionality 功能

2.1Apps that crash will be rejected


2.2Apps that exhibit bugs will be rejected


2.3Apps that do not perform as advertised by the developer will be rejected


2.4Apps that include undocumented or hidden features inconsistent with the description of the App will be rejected


2.5Apps that use non-public APIs will be rejected


2.6Apps that read or write data outside its designated container area will be rejected


2.7Apps that download code in any way or form will be rejected


2.8Apps that install or launch other executable code will be rejected


2.9Apps that are “demo”, “trial”, or “test” versions will be rejected. Beta Apps may only be submitted through TestFlight and must follow the TestFlight guidelines

Demo版、trial版和test版的应用将会被拒。 Beta版应用仅可通过TestFlight提交,并且必须遵守相关测试指南

2.10iPhone Apps must also run on iPad without modification, at iPhone resolution, and at 2X iPhone 3GS resolution

iPhone 应用必须不经修改就能以 iPhone 分辨率和2倍 iPhone 3GS 的分辨率在 iPad上 运行

2.11Apps that duplicate Apps already in the App Store may be rejected, particularly if there are many of them, such as fart, burp, flashlight, and Kama Sutra Apps

与 App Store 已有应用相似的应用可能会被拒,特别是在此类应用数量已经很多的情况下,比如模拟放屁、打嗝声音的应用,以及手电筒应用和爱经应用

2.12Apps that are not very useful, unique, are simply web sites bundled as Apps, or do not provide any lasting entertainment value may be rejected


2.13Apps that are primarily marketing materials or advertisements will be rejected


2.14Apps that are intended to provide trick or fake functionality that are not clearly marked as such will be rejected


2.15Apps larger than 100MB in size will not download over cellular networks (this is automatically prohibited by the App Store)

大于100MB的应用将无法通过蜂窝网络下载( App Store 会自动禁止)

2.16Multitasking Apps may only use background services for their intended purposes: VoIP, audio playback, location, task completion, local notifications, etc.


2.17Apps that browse the web must use the iOS WebKit framework and WebKit Javascript

应用只允许使用 iOS WebKit 框架和 WebKit Javascript 浏览 web 内容

2.18Apps that encourage excessive consumption of alcohol or illegal substances, or encourage minors to consume alcohol or smoke cigarettes, will be rejected


2.19Apps that provide incorrect diagnostic or other inaccurate device data will be rejected


2.20Developers “spamming” the App Store with many versions of similar Apps will be removed from the iOS Developer Program

向 App Store 上传大量相似版本应用的开发者将会被苹果公司从iOS开发者计划中除名

2.21Apps that are simply a song or movie should be submitted to the iTunes Store. Apps that are simply a book should be submitted to the iBooks Store

单纯的歌曲或者影片应该被提交到 iTunes store,纯书籍类应用应该提交到 iBooks Store

2.22Apps that arbitrarily restrict which users may use the App, such as by location or carrier, may be rejected


2.23Apps must follow the iOS Data Storage Guidelines or they will be rejected

应用必须遵守iOS Data Storage Guidelines,否则将会被拒

2.24Apps that are offered in Newsstand must comply with schedules 1, 2 and 3 of the Program License Agreement or they will be rejected

向 Newsstand 提交的应用必须遵守Developer Program License Agreement的第1、2、3条,否则将会被拒

2.25Apps that display Apps other than your own for purchase or promotion in a manner similar to or confusing with the App Store will be rejected

基于销售或者促销的目的展示其他应用的与App Store类似或者易混淆的应用将会被拒

2.26Apps may display and recommend apps other than your own only if the collection is designed for a specific approved need (e.g. health management, aviation, accessibility, etc.) or provides significant added value for a specific group of customers, or they will be rejected


Metadata (name, descriptions, ratings, rankings, etc.) 元数据(名称,描述,评级,排名等)

3.1Apps or metadata that mentions the name of any other mobile platform will be rejected


3.2Apps with placeholder text will be rejected


3.3Apps with names, descriptions, screenshots, or previews not relevant to the content and functionality of the App will be rejected


3.4App names in iTunes Connect and as displayed on a device should be similar, so as not to cause confusion

为了不引发疑惑,iTunes Connect中的应用名称应该和展示在设备上的应用名称一致

3.5Small and large App icons should be similar, so as to not to cause confusion


3.6Apps with App icons, screenshots, and previews that do not adhere to the 4+ age rating will be rejected

应用图标、截图和预览不符合 4+ 年龄评级标准的应用将会被拒

3.7Apps with Category and Genre selections that are not appropriate for the App content will be rejected


3.8Developers are responsible for assigning appropriate ratings to their Apps. Inappropriate ratings may be changed/deleted by Apple


3.9Developers are responsible for assigning appropriate keywords for their Apps. Inappropriate keywords may be changed/deleted by Apple


3.10Developers who attempt to manipulate or cheat the user reviews or chart ranking in the App Store with fake or paid reviews, or any other inappropriate methods will be removed from the iOS Developer Program


3.11Apps that recommend that users restart their iOS device prior to installation or launch may be rejected


3.12Apps should have all included URLs fully functional when you submit it for review, such as support and privacy policy URLs


3.13Apps with screenshots, previews, and marketing text that do not clearly identify supplemental content or items that must be purchased separately (e.g. using IAP) will be rejected


3.14App previews may only use video screen captures of the app, voice-overs, and textual and design overlays, or the app will be rejected


3.15Apps with previews that display personal information of a real person without permission will be rejected


3.16App previews may only include music that is licensed for that purpose in all selected territories


3.17App previews that include content played or streamed via the app (e.g. iTunes playlist, YouTube streaming video) that is not licensed for use in the preview will be rejected


Location 定位

4.1Apps that do not notify and obtain user consent before collecting, transmitting, or using location data will be rejected


4.2Apps that use location-based APIs for automatic or autonomous control of vehicles, aircraft, or other devices will be rejected


4.3Apps that use location-based APIs for emergency services will be rejected


4.4Location data can only be used when directly relevant to the features and services provided by the App to the user or to support approved advertising uses


Push Notifications 推送通知

5.1Apps that provide Push Notifications without using the Apple Push Notification (APN) API will be rejected

不使用苹果推送通知 (APN) API 提供推送通知的应用将会被拒

5.2Apps that use the APN service without obtaining a Push Application ID from Apple will be rejected

未从苹果公司获得通知推送 ID 便擅自使用 APN 服务的应用将会被拒

5.3Apps that send Push Notifications without first obtaining user consent, as well as apps that require Push Notifications to function, will be rejected


5.4Apps that send sensitive personal or confidential information using Push Notifications will be rejected


5.5Apps that use Push Notifications to send unsolicited messages, or for the purpose of phishing or spamming will be rejected


5.6Apps cannot use Push Notifications to send advertising, promotions, or direct marketing of any kind


5.7Apps cannot charge users for use of Push Notifications


5.8Apps that excessively use the network capacity or bandwidth of the APN service or unduly burden a device with Push Notifications will be rejected

使用推送通知过度使用 APN 服务的网络流量和带宽或给设备带来过度负担的应用将会被拒

5.9Apps that transmit viruses, files, computer code, or programs that may harm or disrupt the normal operation of the APN service will be rejected

传送病毒、文件、计算机代码或程序,对 APN 服务的正常运行造成损害或中断的应用将会被拒

Game Center 游戏中心

6.1Apps that display any Player ID to end users or any third party will be rejected


6.2Apps that use Player IDs for any use other than as approved by the Game Center terms will be rejected


6.3Developers that attempt to reverse lookup, trace, relate, associate, mine, harvest, or otherwise exploit Player IDs, aliases, or other information obtained through Game Center will be removed from the iOS Developer Program


6.4Game Center information, such as Leaderboard scores, may only be used in Apps approved for use with Game Center


6.5Apps that use the Game Center service to send unsolicited messages, or for the purpose of phishing or spamming will be rejected


6.6Apps that excessively use the network capacity or bandwidth of Game Center will be rejected


6.7Apps that transmit viruses, files, computer code, or programs that may harm or disrupt the normal operation of the Game Center service will be rejected


Advertising 广告

7.1Apps that artificially increase the number of impressions or click-throughs of ads will be rejected


7.2Apps that contain empty iAd banners will be rejected


7.3Apps that are designed predominantly for the display of ads will be rejected


Content and Intellectual Property Rights 内容和知识产权

8.1Apps must comply with all terms and conditions explained in the Guidelines for Using Apple Trademarks and Copyrights and the Apple Trademark List

应用必须遵守Guidelines for Using Apple Trademarks and CopyrightsApple Trademark List中的所有条款与条件

8.2Apps that suggest or infer that Apple is a source or supplier of the App, or that Apple endorses any particular representation regarding quality or functionality will be rejected


8.3Apps that appear confusingly similar to an existing Apple product, interface, or advertising theme will be rejected


8.4Apps that misspell Apple product names in their App name (i.e., GPS for Iphone, iTunz) will be rejected

在应用名称中将苹果产品名拼错的应用(例如,GPS for Iphone,iTunz)将会被拒

8.5Apps may not use protected third party material such as trademarks, copyrights, patents or violate 3rd party terms of use. Authorization to use such material must be provided upon request


8.6Apps that include the ability to download music or video content from third party sources (e.g. YouTube, SoundCloud, Vimeo, etc) without explicit authorization from those sources will be rejected


Media content 媒体内容

9.1Apps that do not use the MediaPlayer framework to access media in the Music Library will be rejected

不使用媒体播放器框架(MediaPlayer Framework)访问音乐库中媒体内容的应用将会被拒

9.2App user interfaces that mimic any iPod or iTunes interface will be rejected

任何模仿 iPod 或者 iTunes 用户界面的应用将会被拒

9.3Audio streaming content over a cellular network may not use more than 5MB over 5 minutes


9.4Video streaming content over a cellular network longer than 10 minutes must use HTTP Live Streaming and include a baseline 192 kbps or lower HTTP Live stream

通过蜂窝网络传输超过10分钟的视频流内容需要使用HTTP Live Streaming协议,并使用基线为192kbps或者更低的HTTP实时流

User interface 用户界面

10.1Apps must comply with all terms and conditions explained in the Apple iOS Human Interface Guidelines

应用必须遵守苹果iOS Human Interface Guidelines中所有的条款和条件

10.2Apps that look similar to Apps bundled on iOS or Watch OS devices, including the App Store, iTunes Store, and iBooks Store, will be rejected

外观与 iOS 和 Watch OS 的自带应用(比如App Store、iTunes Store和iBookstore)相似的应用将会被拒

10.3Apps that do not use system provided items, such as buttons and icons, correctly and as described in the Apple iOS Human Interface Guidelines may be rejected

未能按iOS Human Interface Guidelines描述正确使用系统组件(比如按钮、图标)的应用将会被拒

10.4Apps that create alternate desktop/home screen environments or simulate multi-App widget experiences will be rejected


10.5Apps that alter the functions of standard switches, such as the Volume Up/Down and Ring/Silent switches, will be rejected


10.6Apple and our customers place a high value on simple, refined, creative, well thought through interfaces. They take more work but are worth it. Apple sets a high bar. If your user interface is complex or less than very good, it may be rejected


10.7Watch Apps whose primary function is telling time will be rejected


Purchasing and currencies 购买和货币

11.1Apps that unlock or enable additional features or functionality with mechanisms other than the App Store will be rejected

使用 App Store 以外的渠道解锁或开启附加特性和功能的应用将会被拒

11.2Apps utilizing a system other than the In-App Purchase API (IAP) to purchase content, functionality, or services in an App will be rejected


11.3Apps using IAP to purchase physical goods or goods and services used outside of the App will be rejected


11.4Apps that use IAP to purchase credits or other currencies must consume those credits within the App


11.5Apps that use IAP to purchase credits or other currencies that expire will be rejected


11.6Content subscriptions using IAP must last a minimum of 7 days and be available to the user from all of their iOS devices


11.7Apps that use IAP to purchase items must assign the correct Purchasability type


11.8Apps that use IAP to purchase access to built-in capabilities provided by iOS, such as the camera or the gyroscope, will be rejected


11.9Apps containing content or services that expire after a limited time will be rejected, except for specific approved content (e.g. films, television programs, music, books)


11.10Insurance Apps must be free, in legal-compliance in the regions distributed, and cannot use IAP


11.11In general, the more expensive your App, the more thoroughly we will review it


11.12Apps offering subscriptions must do so using IAP, Apple will share the same 70/30 revenue split with developers for these purchases, as set forth in the Program License Agreement

提供订阅功能的应用必须使用IAP,苹果将会按照Developer Program License Agreement中的约定与开发者按30/70比例分成。

11.13Apps that link to external mechanisms for purchases or subscriptions to be used in the App, such as a “buy” button that goes to a web site to purchase a digital book, will be rejected


11.14Apps can read or play approved content (specifically magazines, newspapers, books, audio, music, video and cloud storage) that is subscribed to or purchased outside of the App, as long as there is no button or external link in the App to purchase the approved content. Apple will only receive a portion of revenues for content purchased inside the App


11.15Apps may only use auto-renewing subscriptions for periodicals (newspapers, magazines), business Apps (enterprise, productivity, professional creative, cloud storage), and media Apps (video, audio, voice), or the App will be rejected


11.16Apps may enable additional approved features or functionality when used in combination with specific approved physical products (such as a toy) as long as the additional features and functionality are either completely dependent on such hardware (for example an App that is used to control a telescope) or also available through the App without the physical products, such as by way of reward for achievement or by use of IAP


11.17Apps may facilitate transmission of approved virtual currencies provided that they do so in compliance with all state and federal laws for the territories in which the app functions


Scraping and aggregation 抓取和聚合

12.1Apps that scrape any information from Apple sites (for example from, iTunes Store, App Store, iTunes Connect, Apple Developer Programs, etc.) or create rankings using content from Apple sites and services will be rejected

从苹果官方网站(例如、iTunes Store、App Store、iTunes Connect以及Apple Developer Programs等)抓取任何信息或者使用苹果网站内容和服务进行排名的应用将会被拒

12.2Apps may use approved Apple RSS feeds such as the iTunes Store RSS feed

应用软件可以使用获得批准的苹果RSS feeds,例如iTunes Store RSS feeds

12.3Apps that are simply web clippings, content aggregators, or a collection of links, may be rejected


Damage or injury 破坏和伤害

13.1Apps that encourage users to use an Apple Device in a way that may cause damage to the device will be rejected


13.2Apps that rapidly drain the device’s battery or generate excessive heat will be rejected


13.3Apps whose use may result in physical harm may be rejected


Personal attacks 人身攻击

14.1Any App that is defamatory, offensive, mean-spirited, or likely to place the targeted individual or group in harm’s way will be rejected


14.2Professional political satirists and humorists are exempt from the ban on offensive or mean-spirited commentary


14.3Apps that display user generated content must include a method for filtering objectionable material, a mechanism for users to flag offensive content, and the ability to block abusive users from the service


Violence 暴力

15.1Apps portraying realistic images of people or animals being killed or maimed, shot, stabbed, tortured or injured will be rejected


15.2Apps that depict violence or abuse of children will be rejected


15.3“Enemies” within the context of a game cannot solely target a specific race, culture, a real government or corporation, or any other real entity


15.4Apps involving realistic depictions of weapons in such a way as to encourage illegal or reckless use of such weapons will be rejected


15.5Apps that include games of Russian roulette will be reject


Objectionable content 不当内容

16.1Apps that present excessively objectionable or crude content will be rejected


16.2Apps that are primarily designed to upset or disgust users will be rejected


Privacy 隐私

17.1Apps cannot transmit data about a user without obtaining the user’s prior permission and providing the user with access to information about how and where the data will be used


17.2Apps that require users to share personal information, such as email address and date of birth, in order to function will be rejected


17.3Apps may ask for date of birth (or use other age-gating mechanisms) only for the purpose of complying with applicable children’s privacy statutes, but must include some useful functionality or entertainment value regardless of the user’s age


17.4Apps that collect, transmit, or have the capability to share personal information (e.g. name, address, email, location, photos, videos, drawings, the ability to chat, other personal data, or persistent identifiers used in combination with any of the above) from a minor must comply with applicable children’s privacy statutes, and must include a privacy policy


17.5Apps that include account registration or access a user’s existing account must include a privacy policy or they will be rejected


Pornography 色情

18.1Apps containing pornographic material, defined by Webster’s Dictionary as “explicit descriptions or displays of sexual organs or activities intended to stimulate erotic rather than aesthetic or emotional feelings”, will be rejected


18.2Apps that contain user generated content that is frequently pornographic (e.g. “Chat Roulette” Apps) will be rejected

用户频繁生成色情内容的应用(比如以前的Chat Roulette应用)将会被拒

Religion, culture, and ethnicity 宗教,文化和种族

19.1Apps containing references or commentary about a religious, cultural or ethnic group that are defamatory, offensive, mean-spirited or likely to expose the targeted group to harm or violence will be rejected


19.2Apps may contain or quote religious text provided the quotes or translations are accurate and not misleading. Commentary should be educational or informative rather than inflammatory


Contests, sweepstakes, lotteries, raffles, and gambling 竞赛、博彩、彩票、奖券以及赌博

20.1Sweepstakes and contests must be sponsored by the developer/company of the App


20.2Official rules for sweepstakes and contests must be presented in the App and make it clear that Apple is not a sponsor or involved in the activity in any manner


20.3It must be permissible by law for the developer to run a lottery App, and a lottery App must have all of the following characteristics: consideration, chance, and a prize


20.4Apps that allow a user to directly purchase a raffle ticket in the App will be rejected


20.5Apps that offer real money gaming (e.g. sports betting, poker, casino games, horse racing) or lotteries must have necessary licensing and permissions in the locations where the App is used, must be restricted to those locations, and must be free on the App Store

使用真钱进行的游戏(比如体育博彩、扑克牌、赌场游戏以及赛马)或者彩票类应用必须有应用使用地区必要的许可和允许,必须仅在这些区域内发布,必须可以从App Store免费下载

20.6Apps that use IAP to purchase credit or currency to use in conjunction with real money gaming will be rejected


Charities and contributions 慈善与援助

21.1Apps that include the ability to make donations to recognized charitable organizations must be free


21.2The collection of charitable donations must be done via a web site in Safari or an SMS


Legal requirements 法律规定

22.1Apps must comply with all legal requirements in any location where they are made available to users. It is the developer’s obligation to understand and conform to all local laws


22.2Apps that contain false, fraudulent or misleading representations or use names or icons similar to other Apps will be rejected


22.3Apps that solicit, promote, or encourage criminal or clearly reckless behavior will be rejected


22.4Apps that enable illegal file sharing will be rejected


22.5Apps that are designed for use as illegal gambling aids, including card counters, will be rejected


22.6Apps that enable anonymous or prank phone calls or SMS/MMS messaging will be rejected


22.7Developers who create Apps that surreptitiously attempt to discover user passwords or other private user data will be removed from the iOS Developer Program


22.8Apps that contain DUI checkpoints that are not published by law enforcement agencies, or encourage and enable drunk driving, will be rejected

包含非执法部门发布的DUI(Driving under the influence)检查点信息,或者怂恿/协助酒后驾车的应用将会被拒

22.9Apps that calculate medicinal dosages must be submitted by the manufacturer of those medications or recognized institutions such as hospitals, insurance companies, and universities


22.10Apps that use iTunes music previews in an unauthorized manner will be rejected

以未经授权的方式使用 iTunes 音乐试听功能的应用将会被拒

Wallet 钱包

23.1Wallet passes can be used to make or receive payments, transmit offers, or offer identification (such as movie tickets, airline tickets, coupons and reward offers). Other uses may result in the rejection of the App and the revocation of Wallet credentials


23.2Passes must include valid contact information from the issuer of the pass or the App will be rejected and Wallet credentials may be revoked


23.3Passes must be signed by the entity that will be distributing the pass under its own name, trademark, or brand or the App will be rejected and Wallet credentials may be revoked


Kids Category 儿童分级

24.1Apps in the Kids Category must include a privacy policy and must comply with applicable children’s privacy statutes


24.2Apps in the Kids Category may not include behavioral advertising (e.g. the advertiser may not serve ads based on the user’s activity within the App), and any contextual ads presented in the App must be appropriate for kids


24.3Apps in the Kids Category must get parental permission or use a parental gate before allowing the user to link out of the app or engage in commerce


24.4Apps in the Kids Category must be made specifically for kids ages 5 and under, ages 6-8, or ages 9-11


Extensions 扩展

25.1Apps hosting extensions must comply with the App Extension Programming Guide

包括扩展的应用必须遵循App Extension Programming Guide的规定

25.2Apps hosting extensions must provide some functionality (help screens, additional settings) or they will be rejected


25.3Apps hosting extensions that include marketing, advertising, or in-app purchases in their extension view will be rejected


25.4Keyboard extensions must provide a method for progressing to the next keyboard


25.5Keyboard extensions must remain functional with no network access or they will be rejected


25.6Keyboard extensions must provide Number and Decimal keyboard types as described in the App Extension Programming Guide or they will be rejected

键盘扩展必须提供和App Extension Programming Guide描述一致的十进制数字键盘,否则将会被拒

25.7Apps offering Keyboard extensions must have a primary category of Utilities and a privacy policy or they will be rejected


25.8Apps offering Keyboard extensions may only collect user activity to enhance the functionality of their keyboard extension on the iOS device or they may be rejected


HomeKit 家居套件

26.1Apps using the HomeKit framework must have a primary purpose of providing home automation services


26.2Apps using the HomeKit framework must indicate this usage in their marketing text and they must provide a privacy policy or they will be rejected


26.3Apps must not use data gathered from the HomeKit APIs for advertising or other use-based data mining

应用不得将从HomeKit API收集的数据用于广告,也不得对用户使用行为进行数据挖掘

26.4Apps using data gathered from the HomeKit API for purposes other than improving the user experience or hardware/software performance in providing home automation functionality will be rejected

除非是为了改善家居自动化功能中的用户体验或硬件/软件表现,基于其它目的从HomeKit API收集数据的应用将会被拒

HealthKit and Human Subject Research 健康套件和人体试验

27.1Apps using the HealthKit framework or conducting human subject research for health purposes, such as through the use of ResearchKit, must comply with applicable law for each Territory in which the App is made available, as well as Sections 3.3.28 and 3.3.39 of the iOS Developer Program License Agreement

使用HealthKit或者出于健康目的进行人体试验而使用ResearchKit的应用,必须遵守其所有发布区域的法律,以及Developer Program License Agreement中的3.3.28和3.39条款

27.2Apps that write false or inaccurate data into HealthKit will be rejected


27.3Apps using the HealthKit framework that store users’ health information in iCloud will be rejected


27.4Apps may not use or disclose (to third parties) user data gathered from the HealthKit API or from health-related human subject research for advertising or other use-based data mining purposes other than improving health, or for the purpose of health research

除非是为了改善健康或者进行健康试验,应用不允许将通过HealthKit API或者人体健康试验收集的用户数据,用作广告宣传或者用户数据挖掘

27.5Apps that share user data acquired via the HealthKit API with third parties without user consent will be rejected

未经用户许可与第三方分享通过HealthKit API获得的用户数据的应用将会被拒

27.6Apps using the HealthKit framework must indicate integration with the Health app in their marketing text and must clearly identify the HealthKit functionality in the app’s user interface


27.7Apps using the HealthKit framework or conducting human subject research must provide a privacy policy or they will be rejected


27.8Apps that provide diagnoses, treatment advice, or control hardware designed to diagnose or treat medical conditions that do not provide written regulatory approval upon request will be rejected


27.9Apps conducting health-related human subject research must obtain consent from participants or, in the case of minors, their parent or guardian. Such consent must include the (a) nature, purpose, and duration of the research; (b) procedures, risks, and benefits to the participant; (c) information about confidentiality and handling of data (including any sharing with third parties); (d) a point of contact for participant questions; and (e) the withdrawal process

实施人体健康试验的应用必须要获得参与者的许可,对于未成年人,需要得到其父母或者监护人的许可。许可内容必须包括:(a)研究的性质、目的以及持续性;(b)参与流程、风险以及参与者福利;(c)信息的机密性和数据处理(包括与任何与第三方的共享);(d)参与者答疑的联系方式;(e) 退出步骤

28.10Apps conducting health-related human subject research must secure approval from an independent ethics review board. Proof of such approval must be provided upon request.


TestFlight 测试

28.1Apps may only use TestFlight to beta test apps intended for public distribution and must comply with the full App Review Guidelines

应用仅能以公开分发为目的使用TestFlight进行beta版测试,且必须遵守完整的 App Review Guidelines

28.2Apps using TestFlight must be submitted for review whenever a build contains material changes to content or functionality


28.3Apps using TestFlight may not be distributed to testers in exchange for compensation of any kind


Apple Pay 苹果支付

29.1Apps using Apple Pay must provide all material purchase information to the user prior to sale of any good or service or they will be rejected; Apps using Apple Pay to offer recurring payments must, at a minimum, disclose the length of the renewal term and the fact that it will continue until canceled, what will be provided during each period, the charges that will be billed to the customer, and how to cancel.

使用Apple Pay的应用必须在销售任何商品或服务前,向用户提供所有重要的购买信息,否则将会被拒。使用Apple Pay进行定期支付的,必须告知每个周期的时长,以及告知除非取消将持续支付的事实,并在每一个周期都进行告知。还要送递用户账单,以及告知如何取消支付

29.2Apps using Apple Pay must use Apple Pay branding and user interface elements correctly and as described in the Apple Pay Identity Guidelines or they will be rejected

使用 Apple Pay 的应用必须正确使用Apple Pay Human Interface Guidelines中的 Apple Pay 标识和用户界面元素,否则将会被拒

29.3Apps using Apple Pay as a purchasing mechanism may not offer goods or services that violate the law of any territory in which the good or service will be delivered and may not be used for any illegal purpose

将 Apple Pay 购买功能的应用不得提供违反商品或服务所在地法律的商品或服务,且不得用于任何非法目的

29.4Apps using Apple Pay must provide a privacy policy or they will be rejected

使用 Apple Pay 的应用必须提供隐私策略,否则将会被拒

29.5Apps using Apple Pay may only share user data acquired via Apple Pay with third parties when provided to facilitate or improve delivery of goods and services or to comply with legal requirements

只有为了促进或提升商品和服务的交付,或者依照法律要求,使用 Apple Pay 的应用才能与第三方分享通过 Apple Pay 获得的用户数据

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