Various resources, such as books, websites and articles, for improving your PHP development skills and knowledge.

PHP Websites

Useful PHP-related websites.

Other Websites

Useful websites related to web development.

PHP Books

Fantastic PHP-related books.

Other Books

Books related to general computing and web development.

PHP Videos

Fantastic PHP-related videos.

PHP Podcasts

Podcasts with a focus on PHP topics.

  • PHP Town Hall - A casual PHP podcast by Ben Edmunds and Phil Sturgeon.
  • Voices of the ElePHPant Interviews with the people that make the PHP community special.
  • PHP Roundtable - The PHP Roundtable is a casual gathering of developers discussing topics that PHP nerds care about.

PHP Reading

PHP-releated reading materials.

PHP Internals Reading

Reading materials related to the PHP internals or performance.

PHP Magazines

Fantastic PHP-related magazines.