Got to give it up(二)

[2] On August 9th, researchers found that the share of Americans who are considered “high risk” tipplers—women who, in any given week, have at least four drinks in a single day, or men who have five drinks—increased by nearly 30% in the period studied.
[3] Anne Case and Angus Deaton, two (married) economists at Princeton University, roll alcohol poisonings together with opioid deaths and suicides into what they call “deaths of despair”. Having suffered lurching economic and social change, they argue, white folk with high-school diplomas or less have turned to opioids and alcohol for comfort. Such anguish is what they believe underpins a rising mortality rate among middle-aged white Americans,even as that rate falls in other developed countries. Is the rise in problem drinking part of the same phenomenon?


tippler ['tɪplə]

someone who drinks alcohol 喝酒的人,酒徒

anguish [ˈæŋɡwɪʃ]

mental or physical suffering caused by extreme pain or worry〔精神或身体上的〕极度痛苦
the anguish of not knowing what had happened to her 由于不知道她发生了什么事而痛苦不堪
anguished (adj)
an anguished cry for help 痛苦的呼救声
be in anguish 感到痛苦

underpin [‚ʌndə'pɪn] give strength or support to something and to help it succeed巩固,支持
the theories that underpin his teaching method 支持他的教学方法的理论
America’s wealth is underpinned by a global system which exploits the world’s poor. 美国的财富是靠一个剥削全世界穷人的全球体系来支撑的。 put a solid piece of metal under a wall or house in order to make it stronger




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