【Review】Level 1 Unit 1 Part 2 Vocabulary (1)



> bathroom

> elevator

> clock

> watch

> hand



造句: You can take shower in the bathroom.



1. 卫生间,厕所

The toilet looks very new and clean.

2. 马桶,坐便器

The boy is cleaning the toilet.

flush the toilet 冲马桶,冲厕所

restroom 厕所,洗手间

Could you tell me where to find the nearest restroom?

= Could you tell me where the nearest restroom is?

washroom 洗手间,厕所

Washroom is on your left /right.

lavatory 洗手间,厕所

The lavatory in the middle is for the disable.

Excuse me. I need to go to the lavatory.

#elevator  美 [ˈelɪveɪtər] 电梯

take the elevator 乘电梯

You can take the elevator up and down to different floors.

lift  <英>电梯

The lift holds six people at a squeeze.


#clock  钟,时钟

The clock struck nine.


That clock's an hour fast.




alarm clock  闹钟

I set my alarm clock for 7:00.

clockwise adj. (adv.) 顺时针方向的(地)

Clock hands rotates in a clockwise direction.

o'clock  (表示整点)…点钟

At one o'clock the rain had ceased.

We'll meet at 6 o'clock.

clock in  打卡上班

I often arrive at my office and clock in at 8:00.


1. n. 手表

My watch has stopped.

2. v.  看,观看


watch a film / movie  看电影

watch a game  看比赛

watch news  看新闻

watch TV / television  看电视


watch out  小心,留神,注意

= be careful

= take care

Watch out! There's a car coming.

#hand  手

We have one thumb on each hand.


give sb. a hand  帮某人一把,帮助某人

When you are in trouble, I'll give you a hand.

hand in hand  手牵手

They went out hand in hand.

They walked hand in hand down the street.

hand in  上交

He's handing in his homework to the teacher.