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[Rick]: I wanted to do a screen share as well so lets do that to …


[Robert]: John can you stop your screen share thanks


[Rick]: To this oops we don’t want him on there and here we go

瑞克: 来……哦,我们现在不需要了

[Robert]: Are you ready there Rick?


[Rick]: Let me check my mixer make sure everything looks good. So welcomeeveryone to the 96thKeshe knowledge seekers workshop Thursday,January 14, 2016 and once again we will be here with Mr. Keshe of the spaceship institute and various other knowledge seekers perhaps some testimonialsother things to show today. So without further ardue let's check in with Mr.Keshe and see what he has in store for today are you there Mr. Keshe, let mestop my screen share we need to,


[Mr. Keshe]: Yes I am here can you hear me?


[Rick]: Yes we hear you it’s a little bit low but,


[Mr. Keshe]: I lost my screen there is nothing on my screen


[Rick]: How is the audio there for others there is it loud enough?


[Mr. Keshe]: good morning, good day to you as usual whenever, wherever youlisten to these teachings we have come into the area now of totally working onthe plasma conditions, we presume and assume most of you who are on theseteachings are well educated masters and knowers of how to make the nano coatingthe gans and the rest of it. Time to time we will refer to it because it needsto be discussed and sometimes these comes with the new tools and new ways toproduce these materials but in general we work and we go in the direction ofthe use of the plasma application of the plasma creation of new plasma theimplication and what these things will bring for us.


As you know part of our program in totality has been to use the knowledgefor application of peace to achieve peace and at the same time through it tocomewiththe new understanding for other things。in that purpose and forwhatwesetup to create one planet one nation onerace, we have taken the first steps and we emphasize on it more and more thecoming days and weeks you will see more of it.


We have purchased and locked in the one p, one n and one r .org. That isone ---number one ,p---number one,N number one,R .org or at the same time is 1pnr which one nation one planet one race.org.We will try, we will go in that direction and we have seen the changes which weare trying to implement. in the coming time will be more prominent will be seenmore in how we are pushing for the peace in that direction.

我们已经买下了一个叫做one p, one n, one r的非营利性组织。可以分别看成是第一,p第一,n第一,n第一。或者是将其看成1pnr,意思就是一个国家,一个地球,一个民族。我们会尽力的,会以此为方向努力,并且我们已经在该过程中看到了机遇。接下来我们会更努力,你们也即将看到我们是如何朝那个方向努力的。

We show and a lot of you who are received a Magrav units for power unitsfor the car units ,we see you are posting in different media .the reduction inyour bills and reductioninyour consumption evenat the payment side .and we see the progress developing very rapidly. In thepast few weeks we have entered into a direct testing by the people who areinfluential in number of governments where we have placed the units to confirmthat it can be done and so easy it can be achieved. The benefit with this isthat those of you who are looking for manufacturing ,whohave appliedare applyingfor being a manufacturer you will foundoutyour hands will be full in the coming days andweeks. We have placed a very large order already for delivery end of this monthto be delivered to a government,


once it is done we will show and will be done for housing states with

large number of houses that reduces the cost or the supply for the nation. The

first batch is about 160 houses in one compound and then increases to

allocation of up to 3000 units ,and in the following monthrefinements

and in the 5 monthswe go the same way.


Sothose of you who arelooking in the manufacturing side and you are collaborating with Armin andmanufacturing arm of the Keshe foundation please be aware we have seen thechange and we have seen the past 3, 4 weeks especially during the holiday time,a number of governments show the different ways are approaching the foundationto establish these kind of structures. We are not going to talk about the powerMagrav power because this is what I call progressive development in how youpeople do it and the way you do it and the more you put on the net and you willunderstand how it will happen.


They are process from now on is to achieve lift and development of what wecall the elusive spaceship I’m in the same process we are dealing and we willcover different aspects of this it’s not just creating it while some of you arecreating and I have seen a large number of people have started making the fiveMagrav set to showwhat Ali ,and what we seenitwith,Switzerlandareallcan be achieved.


[if !vml]

[endif]Thepicture in front of you is part of the discussion which we started with Robertyesterday with Rick’s teaching and this is if we can go back to the simplesingle one and then we extend it to this one. Is Robert online?


[Rick]: yes he is let’s see if we can


[Mr. Keshe]: Can we have the first picture of the mono structure that wecan build on it.


[Robert]: Share my screen


[Rick]: Ok let stop this screen share here


[Robert]: Do you see my screen?


[Mr. Keshe]: Please make sure wedon’tcannotsee any of the programs ontheyourscreenthat it can give you.


[Robert]: Do you did you wanttowillsee, the single, original. Let me find it.


[Mr. Keshe]: No, no, don’t show your system go out sharing please, you areputting yourself in danger. Do it in the background and come back on.


If you are ready,I’ll explain what is this.你要是准备好了我就开始解释了。

[RobertRick]:Yes,I think those are mostly his graphics files probably for this program butit trueIyoushouldn’t show folders

[if !vml]


Mr.Keshe:Yes,it’s gonna be safe.


[Mr. Keshe]: the structure you see ,theasingle structural multiple structure which will come on, we repeated tobe shown is what in the teaching of yesterday we start noticing which wasgetting discussed in how to putastructures back the, what I callthat’s where ituswhen you started it from andthen the suggestion was to put the gravitational systems inside the magnetic.Gravitational systems are considered to be the blue ones and the magneticalsystems are considered to be the red ones. So when Robert transferred thepictures to how it should be. Can we see the next picture in what we achieved?The square shape.


[Robert]: The one prior to this?


[Mr. Keshe]: Yes you had one which is triangular and one that was thesquare shape, when you start putting…


[Robert]: This is…


[Mr. Keshe]: No this is the end ones,onebeforethis the single one this is triple one


[Robert]: Okay hold on


[Mr. Keshe]: We had the rectangular ones too


[Rick]: had the tubes at each end to make the cylinder was the ideawithout this long module in the middle. I think you say that model at onepoint.I think it was and iteration before


[Robert]: okay,I think it’s this one ,the transportation box I think we called it.


[if !vml]

[endif][Rick]:Yeah, I think that’s right


[Mr. Keshe]: yeah that is the one


[Robert]: this one?


[Mr. Keshe]: there is one after this, you were


[Robert]: I think we left it here and then I continued it today. This iswhat we left with yesterday


[Mr. Keshe]: with the six sides.


[Robert]: Yeah the…


[Mr. Keshe]: Before this go backwards where you started from


[Robert]: alright give me one more chance here


[Mr. Keshe]: when we transfer a hexagon into a box


[Robert]: okay I think it’s… this one


[if !vml]

[endif][Mr.Keshe]: Yeah, but it was a transparent one, oh that’s how it is. Okay what thissystem is was what it looks and what it does as I always say once you startshowing and getting to the point of understanding, I try to elaborate and nextexplain this box . as you see one of the things you will do in space is youreceive energy packs you receive when we speak about energy that is magneticand gravitational at the same time.


When you receive ,all you have is energy packs. You need to understand what you can do withit , its all standard the same. its very much what’s in this box it’s like alymph of a human body mono high energetic. If you have to decide what is goingto be, if it’s going to be hydrogen if it’s going to be carbon, if it’s goingto be aluminium and in that process you start from the base energy in thecentre of the box and you use these rings as you see them to convert onematerial to another, the way you do it is that you use the gravitationalsystems which is the blue ones in collectively and in a specific combination,to increase the gravitational mass of the structure or atom inside.

你接收的时候,会收到很多能量包。你要明白你能用它来做什么,其规格标准都是一样的。这个盒子里面的东西就像人体的淋巴,是单一的高能量的。[if !vml]


So you go for example from one thing up or down, you go from let’s say

iron to zinc or to copper or down to the potassium and calcium so you convert,

so this is the way for the first time we see the tools for it. You can increase

the gravitational field which increases the mass or you can decrease the

magnetical field which reduces the mass. These things this is what we call the

mutation box ,what you do you change one element to another by, sending the

gravitational magnetic field forces in a specific formation .the way you do you

create ,let’s

say ,onthe blue side, the one in front of us ,a gravitational field force in respectto the blue which is in the background we see .


磁力场,因为磁力场能减少质量。这就是我们所称的“变异盒子”。你可以特定的组合传送磁引力场力,从而将一种元素改变为另一种。这样,在这个正对我们的蓝色的一面[if !vml]


and then let me just go on this so I can use my option, okay if you try tocome in we use this blue one here in respect to this blue one in the backgroundsomewhere if you see it. So you have to see if you're increasing how you canincrease it and you have to remember when you increase in these twin sets theseblues ones or the other ones are a twin system, the same as your coils

接下来我们继续。我能使用选项。好的。我们用这个蓝色部分,[if !vml]


 so at all the time you carry bothgravitational magnetic field on this and on this but in totality now, thisbehaves as a magnetic gravitational and this creates magnetical in respect tothis set


 so when you add the two sets oneither side you have to always be aware of, you still create a magnetical orgravitational and what focus going to be and what size,are you creating on the

electron 电子inthe boundary or are you creating a proton or neutrongravitational magneticfield mass in the centre


or you want to go to the matter state that's what you want to do or youcreate the environment in here of gravitational magnetic field of the elementsyou want. This is not something the strange if you listen to all the healthteachings in the past year or so ,we always explained that this is howallthe pectoral glands do this job


so we have the parallel,iffreewebreak into the structureof the pectoral glands they create gravitational magnetic field not of theelement but of the plasmatic gravitational magnetic field of the plasma of theelements which becomes a fingerprint for the use at the points where the nerveis creating the condition


so it’s when its due ,for example,for a cell at letssayin the bone,you need to havegravitational magnetic field of calcium but you don't take any milk you haveplant your fossil.


So what the body does in the pectoral glands it makes a copy gravitationalmagnetic replication of calcium from the phosphor which is availableinit ,in the body's storage in the liver or whereverthe phosphorus is stored and that image, this information is transferred to aneuro system at the point when is needed and what this mutation takes place.

身体对胸腺的作用是使其形成一个复制的钙的磁引力场,这种钙的磁引力场来源于磷在人体的具有储藏功能的肝脏中的普遍存在(身体使磷发生变异与转换使之具有类似钙的磁引力场环境)。根据需要,或在变异的时候,这张图片会被转换成一个神经系统[if !vml]


ItIs not that pectoral glandsends, makesthemitand sends it to thatpoint, it’s the replication point, is a point of reference point that's why itis so active .


if you consider that every day half a billion cell in body is produced.You can't carry so many from one point to another. pectoral gland which areresponsible for conversion of elements, what we call the mutation use thistechnology is used in this processtheare a photocopying transportationto neuro system that’s why all the glands are connected to the brain .


they make it this what should be the plasmatic gravitational magneticfield of the calcium and then using the blood as an emotional part ,inandusing the lymph as the matter state part .with thenew current which concern comparison with this. now there is the replicate ofthe current which is needed to create up bond cell.


So in fact if you can go on my camera ,Iopenup and we come back. Can we go down for a minute I come up on the structure ,onsharing ,what, so what[if !vml]

[endif]actuallyhappens is that I am not on sharing Rick okay. So what happens is that this isyour pectoral gland and lets say this is thegonebonein you , whatever in female or whatever it is.

事实上,你把我的摄像头打开,我们回过头来。麻烦你先停一下,我来分析这个结构,那么实际上发生的是什么呢?怎么回事,瑞克,我好像没有在分享屏幕。好了,比方说这是你的胸腺[if !vml]

[endif],这是你体内的骨头[if !vml]


So what happen, the pectoral gland here knows that this here needs to be acalcium cell here, it produces a copy a standard for calcium for this positionthen through the neuro system it feeds the amount of current for the lymph andthe emotional part to create that part.

你会看到,胸腺的这里[if !vml]

[endif](它)知道这个地方需要一个在这里[if !vml]

[endif]的钙细胞,它[if !vml]

[endif]于是为这个部位[if !vml]

[endif]的钙生产一个复制品,然后通过神经系统为淋巴和情感部分提供大量的电流[if !vml]

[endif](黄箭头)以创造这个部分[if !vml]


So it’s a replication to the brain and down to the neuro system and this

is done on such a rapid way that the pectoral glands continuously produces, in this point ,different material for

different sections,so this is such a active position that the brain has decided somebillions of years ago to keep it on the spinal cord be too much it is too muchinformation continues to be kept,

所以这就相当于是从大脑到神经系统的复制[if !vml]

[endif]。这个过程很快,期间胸腺在这里[if !vml]

[endif]不断地为不同的部位生产不同的材料(细胞元素)。这是一个如此活跃的部位[if !vml]

[endif],这个部位是大脑在几十亿年前就已经决定保留很多在脊髓中[if !vml]

[endif],它[if !vml]


Soitis kept as an off-line what we callglands that it operates directly in the charges which is there. So for exampleif you are an Eskimo you never touch any vegetation but you need different kindof things done, let’s say in other parts of the world we need for theproduction of certain cells but the Eskimo man is a mono food more or less mostof the time most of the part of the year

所以这些信息以“离线模式”被储存起来成为胸腺,它(胸腺)直接以给这里充电的形式来运行[if !vml]


so the body takes the structure and changes accordingly but go back to thebeginning of the teachings from months ago we explained how the body has madeitshisjob so easy for itself

所以身体的结构是根据情况做出改变的[if !vml]


so what isdone isgot packages you have thepackages of oxygen nitrogen and carbon you have the sodium package and then youhave the iron package sorry the iron package and then you have the otherelements which are the heavier,

这个运行原理就是形成不同的元素团,有氧元素团,氮元素团,碳元素团[if !vml]

[endif],还有纳元素团[if !vml]

[endif],然后还有铁元素团[if !vml]

[endif]。哦,不好意思,我写错了。你还有其他更重的元素[if !vml]


so the pectoral gland continuously looks at the packages which one is thenearest in the energy pack that it can convert, you don't receive much ironfrom the whatever elements youareused tobecause in the environment you are is a lack of such a thing

胸腺不断留意哪个元素离它最近[if !vml]


so it looks for zinc or copper, with the sodium it goes the other way. souses the nearest or uses the combination energy fields to produce what the bodyneeds.

所以它就寻找锌或者铜[if !vml]

[endif](点了两点)。如果是纳的话,那就是另一种情况了[if !vml]

[endif]。所以要么用最近的[if !vml]

[endif](钠),要么就用这个组合[if !vml]


This is the way now with this box which you see with Robert ,the operationis done the pectoral glands which is responsible for mutation are very much inthat kind of formationwhere you

actually feed the energy of package replication and then you change it butif you go back to the pictures from Robert please if you can take me out and onthe picture we were in


[Rick]; Okay Robert can you bring that up, okay great thank you


[if !vml]

[endif] [Mr. Keshe]: so in this box in the centre nowyou learn how to mutate the mutation of the elements by increasing thegravitational fields or decreasing the magnetical fields or producing newelements where you might need,


so you increase the gravitational field that increases the mass of theelement or you reduce it by magnetical field that you allow the energy to repelvery rapidly,


you want to concentrate the energy ,you use this,the gravitational rings and as I said always remember each set each ring itself is a set it both carries bothmagnetical and gravitational


this is where the breakthrough in the sciences, you always have to think

in that formation,you still produce a confirmation and within this area within this soulwhatever you produce is always plasmatic condition because you have created afield and then you find out when you create such a system then you control youincrease you decrease


 this is the what we call thetranspotation box but you can use the same structure more or less fortransportation. What you do you create a gravitational magnetic field usingthis elements here have to change color because…


[Rick]: you can also use the arrow Mr. Keshe if you want to point outsomething that's kind of another


[Mr. Keshe]; just i use the wrong color it's not very clear ,let me change.


[Rick]: I was going to mention that yesterday you use the term instanttransportation


[Mr. Keshe]: Yeah that’s what I am coming to


[Rick]: okay sorry didn’t mean to blow your line there


[Mr. Keshe]:Okay,that’swhat I’m coming to.


[Mr. Keshe]: so what happened now what you have here is this envelope whenyou create such a condition you have such envelope and then what happens thisenvelope, it’s beautiful what you are doing in the background Robert

凯史先生:[if !vml]

[endif](在减掉圆环之间的部分)当你制造这样的一个条件时,你就得到这样一个信封,[if !vml]


so what you have you create a condition where your structure of the cores

the way they are ,they create the what I call  apackage, a package which the gravitational field of this package as you seehere it here, do we have a mouse it’s easier for me to work with a mouse,

[if !vml]


the this package itself it creates its own gravitational field and if youchange the gravitational field forces of all these six rings the way they areas a set equal to the environment you will not see the box the box will bethere but you cannot see it ,itbecometranslucent .


because there is no interaction with its environment and as gravitationalmagnetic field difference to create the friction to create as usual.


This is what we saw with what Ali was trying to explain to us last week,it’sthat we saw in the pictures of the demonstrationthat the hands and the fingers or the head becomes not disappearing but itcreates the balancing environment in both gravitational magnetical field thatallows invisibility to the eye of the man according to the amino acid of theman.


If we put a man from the planet Zeus next door standing next to you whileyou're watching you don't see because his amino acid is differentyouhemight see the matter state of it. If youput somebody from planet Jups whatever you might see the ice stage of it


another man to whose amino acid strength might see the liquid state of thematter inside but the wayyouit’s been structured the way it is beingset up is that the amino acids, the amino acid strength or the building blockstructure affects the detection


 and so what you have is frequencyof seeing and not seeingdepending on how muchawarearewe have decidedtooperateunder, do we want to work in the visible condition, do you want to work in theinvisible condition and see if we can work in the different parameters of thesystem


so if you understand this level of the work now you see we enter in what Icall zero time transportation because now this cell here can be given a chancebe given a strength of destination point here

[if !vml]

[endif]onplanet Zeus.

所以如果你明白这一层次的工作状态,你会看见我们进入零延迟传输,因为现在这个细胞[if !vml]

[endif](又画了一圈)被给予了这样一个机会,被赋予了这样一种(能量)强度能被传输到宙斯星球上的这个目的地[if !vml]


If you increase the gravitational and magnetical fields on either sidethen you create transportation ,to be attracted or to be repelled .

如果在每一面上都增加磁引力场,那么你就制造了一个传输[if !vml]


with the beauty of this is that whatever is inside this box stays in thisstate of matter which was put in there,


which means you put let’s say a monkey in here because now you box itdoesn't matter what happens outside this box the monkey stays a monkey and whenitarrives at this point you change thedimension ,it becomes like an envelope you open it up and this becomes what wecall zero time transportation, you need to learn this structure.

也就是说,假如你放进去的是只猴子[if !vml]

[endif](中间黄圈),无论外面发生什么,猴子还是猴子[if !vml]

[endif]。当它到这个点的时候[if !vml]


I ask a lot of you who are very active in building systems to startconcentrating on this side, some of you are working on the star formation withthe system, now with this system you can create a transmutation andtransportation.


You might build the system and its nitrogen in it and you find for exampleoxygen or CO2 at the bottom of the flow when you switch the systems  you find new thoughts new materials


and then if you already built a star formation same with Ali and put this

unit let’s say 2 metres, 3 metres away, you will see the unit will start moving

towards it or repulse from it,mark it, mark the floor this is where you put the structure like this


and then tried to change the gravitational magnetic field strength of thebox and see which way your box moves, this gives you and then you might findsomewhere the box not totally being there


or you find a box being inside your structure which you made on the what Icall the star formation we have seen with Ali .youmightsee the interaction of the twotocreating a light barrier where you seelines of lights vertical, horizontal or spherical around this or on your systembecause now the gravitational magnetic field of this system will interact withgravitational magnetic field of your system of the star formation and becauseyou made everything of the same material and same gans they interact very fast,


 now you start seeing the boundaryof your craft,thisyoursystem can beused very easily for you to see the boundaries what the strength is what is theboundary what reactor internally on your star formation you need to increase ordecrease to achieve the position of the structure.


The other use of this is you can elongateit,when you go for transportation, fast transportation ,a spherical shape createsa huge resistance but can we go to the next picture please Robert.

它的另一个用途是,在你做快速的传输时[if !vml]


[Robert]: Yes before we go start I just noticed something what might beinteresting. If you look at the system, let me see maybe like, let me get itout of the pattern

罗伯特:好啊,不过在此之前我注意到一些有意思的事。嗯……等一下,我把它移出来[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]: I try to clean it out, one second I clean my, let me cleanout, then we can give you a better view.


[Robert]: If you look at the system say from this angle.

罗伯特:你看这个系统,假如从这个角度看的话[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]: Wait one second I have to okay go.


[Robert]: You have sort of like a tetrahedral half section up here withthis 3 sets of coils up here and another 3 set down here ,they arekindofif allpointing towards the centre here .

罗伯特:它类似于一个四面体,[if !vml]

[endif]一半在上面,由三套线圈组成[if !vml]

[endif],另一半在下面[if !vml]

[endif],由另三套线圈组成。它们好像都指向这个结构的中心位置[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]: No it cannot be tetrahedral because you're sitting flatisthisisthe illusion because all your walls aremore or less flat in respect to each other.

凯史先生:不,不可能是四面体,因为你是平坦地坐着的,这是幻觉[if !vml]


[Robert]: Right but with the three plains of these upper three ,you kindof build a tetrahedral pyramid and you haveonewiththe bottom 3 here you have another one that's like a compliment of this one, sowithin this structure maybe we already have the double tetrahedral

罗伯特:嗯,但从上面的这三个平面来看[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]: You have more than that because each three will make this inrespect to the other, thatiswhy the energy andstructure inside in the centre is changeable it looks like a sphereball butdon’t forget you started from what you call it

凯史先生:我们有的不止两个,因为每三个都会与其对应的三个都会组成一个四面体,与另一个相对[if !vml]


[Robert]: victory cooler beam. Okay let me go to the…

罗伯特:victory cooler beam,好我们来……

[Rick]: There seems to be at least 8 combinations of


[Mr. Keshe]: So now, where we are now is that, if you go back to thestructure where for example the green one was the original one where we startedjust now and extends the one end to this end. What have you got?

凯史先生:[if !vml]


[Robert]: this one?

罗伯特:这张吗[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]: No go back to where you were, the last picture the elongatedpicture,


okay so we started with this one here, I am going to change a differentcolor. We started with this structure and then we keep the four sides equal herewe move the one on this side back to this position.

好了,[if !vml]

[endif]我们就是以这张作为开始讲的,我来用不同的改一下。我们以这个结构开始[if !vml]

[endif](画了一个黑色圈),然后把四面保持相同。我们把这个相对的一面移动到这儿[if !vml]


What Robert has done has put triple coil because you only triplecoils   it can’t be a single coil,whenthere is a single coil on thisoneon anotherside now you have created a elongated ,same field ,insteadofbeing a spherical ,now is elongated.

罗伯特已经把这个三层的线圈展示出来了,你只能制作三层线圈,因为它不能是单层线圈。当在一层线圈上再加一层线圈时,你就已经制造出了一个加长的延伸的相同的场[if !vml]

[endif]。它不是球形的,而是被延长了[if !vml]


 this was the plasma originally, nowyou have the behaviour of a ray. This structure will behave very much very muchlike a what we call a ray structure because now is elongated

这是最初的等离子体[if !vml]

[endif],现在你有了射线的效果[if !vml]


 if you read book number two youunderstand exactly the difference between the plasma and the ray. Ray is stilla plasma but elongated for a minimum friction maximum speed .when you're aspherical shape you create more friction this way you create less friction sowhen you do the transportation you try to create such a condition in yoursystem you still use the gravitational field of all the systems to create theminimal friction in respect to the environment you're travelling


but now you havethecontrol so you can putyour monkey and a donkey and god knows whatever food you need or whateverequipment you want to move inside the centre control it and now because you cancreate gravitational magnetic field differences in different zones you candictate the direction of the flight and your rotation of the flight.


So you can dictate where you want to go the where you want to go and thegravitational magnetic field of the strength of the point of desire and youarrive there and depends on what gravitational magnetic field strength youcreate in these coils dictates the speed that you arrive at the point of thedesire point.

所以你能去任何你想去的地方,[if !vml]


So you cangoby thousands of times speed oflight or you can go by 100 times the speed of light or youcanstill travel with if you're happy with 10km/hbecause now you can use one side as attraction and you use the other end as arepulsion ,ulcerthen you can produce you can break you can reverse.

所以你的速度可以达到光速的几千倍或几百倍,如果你愿意你也可以以十千米的时速前进。现在你可以把一端用作吸引端[if !vml]

[endif],另一端当做排斥端[if !vml]


In the star formation we do the same thing with the three base but intransmutation on transportation you can’t do this so easilyitis not that safe, so when at the moment we hear alot about people trying to put transportation of one cell or one atom from oneplace to another because they only consider magnetic fields they always fail

在星型组合中我们也对星型组合的三个底座这样做,但是在变异以及传输中,我们不能这么简单地做了,不安全。因此,现在我们听说很多人[if !vml]


but now you package it, the environment is the same does not matter whereyou put it your animal with your package arrives exactly the way you left it,there will be no parts no arms no fingers missing because you have contained it,itis like when you put a $10 bill in envelopedoes not matter where the box of the envelope goes. It goes in the pocket itgoes in the car whatever the contents which is the dollar stay the same.


Now for first-time we see enveloping packages. This is far as what we saidin the space technology from now on we only speak about the plasma condition,and transportation and transmutation is exactly the same process, it depend howyou want to use it. You don’t, you don’t need to have different systems for it.


So in the coming time we will go more and more in depth how to build this,I am sure some of you will start building these things to see what it isand how itworks. Build two units of four six sided andlet’s see how they behave against each other ,move away from the gauge 14 tomake soofelaborate to buildthesetheresystems, go to very thin wires you stick the wires on to a framework which isa, allows you transparency and try to play with it


then see what you gets at the end of the box ,mark your boxes, move it

back ,rotate it on its axis ,move up, move down and then gradually you will see a lot of you will starttransportation transmutation.


This is as part of the system it dont use just getting upand just trying to make the structure but youcannowdo anything with it, you don't want to land on the surface of the planet beforeyou know if it’s going to bite you, is it going to be acidic or is it going tobe whatever.


You send the package like this ,a copy of whateveryouplasma you created ,and you see what’s theinteraction of the real interaction of the dark plasma which is your amino acidwith the environment, there is no risk taken, there is no need to take risks,


so some of you who go into the space technology in thatway have to start developing the systems ,elongated system for transportationis cornerstone of what we call postage and packaging. You want to transport asystem which is needed by another spaceship across ,


you don’t  bash ittogether, you create such a condition and in your system you allow a passagethrough ,you don't have a window you don’t have a door you play with plasmaticgravitational fields which you know what it is and how you can penetrate it.


This is the way we start developing this is the way in2016 we have to develop to rapidly not only able to get up to create the fieldsbut how to use the fields for what purposes we use ,you can use the same systemin receiving a special package in a specific position you don't get somewherewherea box of energy slamming into your system in the middle of somewhere


you can choose systems ,fields that in comparison toanother position you can receiveseefrom in a specific place, it’s likea post office arrives only in that place where they arrive ,its a long way togo it’s a long way to experiment and learn and test but all this has to be donewithin the coming year


[Rick]: I think you really coined it with plasma postage and packaging Mr.Keshe that’s, you better trademark that one


[Mr. Keshe]: I wonder where you are and who wants the stamp, where do wepay for the stamp for sending it.


[Rick]: What about return to sender ,does that work?


[Mr. Keshe]: we will see how it works I am suretheDHLwill be very interested how to do it and alltheothertransport companies, other, whatever you call it. This is the way we go this isthe way we see in this position we understand a lot of things ,a lot of thingsopens up.


[Rick]: definitely Amazon is working on the drone technology right nowthey would love to have a system that doesn’t have rotating roaming blades thatgo in people's yards so I’m sure they're eyeing this kind of technology in someway perhaps that might be inspired here to have a safer better way to deliverthings to people all over the world without roads without having to create theinfrastructure


[Mr. Keshe]: in so many waysso many waysas a scientist told me inthe past few days

we are talking about the dreams which now becomes reality and it’s done bypeople because we are testing it, we see the parameters of it


and these kind of systems containment is very important for wirelesscontainment what happened if somebody wanna one passenger gets contained withthe viruses that is not goodandorcanharm the others you can contain it.


 It’s still like alive you stilllook after it, it doesn't need to die ,youchangethe atmosphere inside in a plasmatic gravitational field that allows hissurvival and the rest of the people on crew.


These have huge applications what you call it isolation boxes, containmentboxes. you come across a creature you haven’t seen you take a fish out of thewater it dies because it’s not the environment of it.


What about if you can create an environment that the fish can stay in thisbox without the water. You can do ,now the knowledgeis there it’s just bringing into practicality. You come acrossaasbeing in the space that this whatevercannot live in your environment but you can communicate with it you can live itandyoucansave himuntilandyoucanrelease where he is comfortable.


 These kinds of containments isessential. Don’t forget we can only live as a human based bodyin theatmosphere condition within certain bracket onthis planet, we go too deep with a higher strength we melt we die because toomuch heat. we go too much up we freeze we have that barrier now we apply thesame thing with the rest of the beings in the universe or what you see what youwant to do.

这种密闭空间的控制非常重要。不要忘了,我们只能以人体的形式存活着,存在于地球大气条件中的某一层。[if !vml]


These kind of containment boxes containment what I call instruments ispart of the daily use. you cannot live without them. If you produce aluminiumand you want to hold huge amounts of aluminium till we use it, in theatmosphere where you are, can literally become to nothing as a free plasma youcontain it till youwant towon’tuse itin the structure when you set it up.


These containment conditions is and has to become second nature use, weuse what do you call it Tupperware boxes to put things in the fridge ,now youhave it. This is your plasma Tupperware which where everything contains itkeeps it fresh as it should be till the time of use.


In so many ways what and the way we came and the teachings are going in avery short time. in the next few weeks we will see the total structure when youmanage to build the structure and can be shown then you have the tools to enjoyit to be able to use to enjoy the existence within these environments arecreate.


 I said to some of you very recentlywe have to start logging  we have to makelike a directory of which one of you is working on what and where, if you give yourselfinto the position keep yourself up-to-date, where have you moved to, where canwe find you ,have you been part of the structure that you have moved tosomewhere or you are there we can’t see you?


These things will happen it’s not that its talk anymore you seen as Alitold us the head disappears and does not show what we see with the hands. Ifone of you creates a total balance condition and then you're in the room but wecan’t see you, how do we know what you are working on or would you stay therefor thousands of years watching everybody else doing whatever outside and youcan’tbe partofit.


 Collective work starts fromanow. A lot of you still teaching the nano coating making gans if this gans doesthis or gans does that. Now that we getting governments involved these thingswill be literally the things which you do and fullofstructurewill come aroundand thateverything will bestandardized.


There is no other choice,there isno otheroption making these coils making the way we done it and if you even rotatethese rods at 90 degrees in respect to each other one way or the other youdon't want to know what is about to come.


This we will teach in the future in the coming time, if you understand

this if you can go a step further, go back into what we saw with you making an

orange, can [if !vml]

[endif]wego back into my camera please.


If you understand what we thought just now and go back in what we saw withthe orange and transformation of the information in the liquid.

如果你能明白我们的思路,那就回到橘子这部分[if !vml]

[endif],回到把信息传送到液体里[if !vml]


Now you put your ganses hereyou're and you transfer the energy andthe taste of the orange. If you understood from what we saw, let’s go a verypractical way .we have tested this in a very soft way in the past week that’swhy we can explain it further .this is the bone marrow of the leg of the man,you can capture its essence and you have another man who needs a bone marrowtransportation or transplant ,now all you need to do is the transfer the energywithout any operation .

现在在这儿放一些甘斯[if !vml]

[endif](两边的长方块),然后转换橘子的能量与味道[if !vml]

[endif]。如果你能明白我们所看见的,我们就用比较实用的方法吧。在过去的几周,我们就是用这种很温和的方法做的测试,因此我们才能进一步对其进行解释。这是人腿的骨髓[if !vml]

[endif][if !vml]

[endif],你可以获取它的精髓[if !vml]

[endif]。这儿还有一个人,他需要做骨髓移植[if !vml]

[endif]。那么现在你所需要做的只是转移一下能量[if !vml]


death to disruption in amino acid in immune system of the man is a historyif you can understand what is happening. What you need to do if you have thebox which you have just seen and you can create and hold the plasma of theamino acid and bone marrow which replicates it andyouhecan transportitand allow only the field tointeract

死亡对人体免疫系统中氨基酸的摧毁性破坏已经成为历史,不再成为威胁,如果你要是明白是怎么回事的话。如果你有刚才展示的盒子[if !vml]

[endif],你就能制造并保留氨基酸和骨髓[if !vml]

[endif]的等离子体[if !vml]

[endif](盒子),这些氨基酸与骨髓是复制它的[if !vml]

[endif],你能传输它[if !vml]


 you can create a bone marrow whichis defectsandcan cause the death of a child orwhatever to be done ,all you need ,you transfer information because by eatingit you cannot do it but you can change it directly by bone marrow putting it inthe elongated box which you see.

你可以改变一块有缺陷的骨髓[if !vml]

[endif],或对孩子造成死亡的那种骨髓。你所需要做的就是转移信息。因为你不可能把这个好的骨髓吃下去时自己变好,所以还是要通过骨髓来直接改变它,将它放在你看到的加长的盒子里[if !vml]


This technology will change a lot of things which you are used to and youthink cannot be changed. Would the inherited gene defects can be corrected thisway 100%. In the past to few days we have seen the approach from the leadinghealth organisation backed by governments


because now they are huge opportunities opening up in changing the courseof the suffering of the man in a very simple way, you change the orange tasteto the water ,now change this water to the box which you just made ,hold thisessence in the plasma and transfer in the same way around the body on the boneof the man and allow to change the bone marrow.

因为这种科技在为减轻病人痛苦方面打开了大门,并且是以一种很简单的方法。你把橘子的味道传输到到水里[if !vml]

[endif],然后把水[if !vml]

[endif]换作盒子,把这个精髓保留在等离子体内[if !vml]

[endif](中间的圈),然后以同样的方法,把能量转移到骨头周围[if !vml]


In the coming days hopefully if we get the clearance will attempt thesecond what we call the calmer condition which is retrievable but more or lessthe same structure will be used. Where the man who is a coma for a long time ifwe can bring them back using the more advanced system than was used six yearsago underthethatpatient.


[Robert]: Mr. Keshe I have a question


[Mr. Keshe]: who is that?


[Robert]: This is Robert, if you are creating materials within the bodythrough transmutation when we urinate do these created material come out of thebody?


[Mr. Keshe]: Yes, let me explain to way we had a very interestingdiscussion with Caroline and my son yesterday ,and now I put it to you and i goquiet andlet you think about it and we comeback.


 What is one of your biggest problemwithin the first few hours of travelling in space is going to hit you, you aregoing to be faced with it you have no choice .in the space you are not takinganything with us and not especially toilet roll, what do you do when you totoilet? How do you clean yourself? Or would you be bunch of smelly peoplewalking around.


How in the space do we carry a huge what do you call it, cargo of toilet

rolls and when we run out we have to come back to earth. Or we could use a jet

wash you create a lot of water. How do we look after our sanitation? These are

the things you [if !vml]

[endif]willface this is the first time in 24 hours you have eaten on earth, you board acraft and you are in space or do we do what the astronauts do ,toput inthe bag and throw it in the space .but still how are you going to cleanyourself, you are notcarryingcaringanywater you are notcarryingcaringanytissue paper.


Go back to your pens, go back to the structure the way you made the pens,when you made the pens you created a pen with both gravitational and amagnetical ,do you feed yourself with the matter state relaysthe matter stateor do you feed yourself with a magnetical with what you need and what you needyou extract with the gravitational,

回到你的笔上,回到笔的结构,你制造笔的方法。你在制造笔[if !vml]

[endif]的时候,你既用到了引力[if !vml]

[endif],也用到了磁力[if !vml]

[endif]。你是进食一些物质状态的东西,还是补充一些你所需要的磁力[if !vml]

[endif](箭头),或从引力中[if !vml]


would man ever reject anything from his body in space and isn’t thedigestive system the way we use it on this planet is the cause of 90%of thefarce every day? Or do we have to go through asystem of gradually changing food to energy packages that we can control whatgoes in what comes out through the plasmatic condition. Now you understand whyfor a long time I have been telling you over 80% of the man energy comes fromhis environment not through food.


[Robert]: Does also the 80% go out into the environment


[Mr. Keshe]: Yes then somebody else uses it. This is why in space wedepend on each other to be correct. Weliveleavethrough and amongst each other energy. It's a very interesting we were walkingsome time ago with Caroline and she said you know what is a strange, people ofall color races and everything when you go to a hotel or a holiday place orholiday will tell you go to Ten Arrive in a holiday camp or whatever I’m notconcerned about the colour of the race and whatever because they are there toenjoy each other


how come when they leave the hotel and they go into their countries theybecome so racist and the race and the color matters.


Do we or will we be face the same thing in space because you know theChinese men or African man or the white man or American or whatever is yourlifeline because whatever you might not need,there issomethingyou might need and he can’t mouth feed youbutwithout you knowing your transfer energy from one form to another.


Those who work with the colour of skin find out they have a very hard timeto sleep in space. Those who see the difference in language, and color and sizeand race will not be able to contain and maintain the life in the space, so yousee very soonhowwhat the structures coming intoprocess how the man will realize collectively we have to do it in one way andthatiswhy I said everyone one planet, onenation, one race.


 This the feeding process themutation of the process of one element to another becomes a cornerstone of theliving in space. There will no McDonald’s there will be no Kentucky friedchicken and no pizzas and the rest but collectivelyweshareenergy as we need. If youlookat it in thestructure of the universe all the galaxies do the same, all the solar systemsdo the same,what they don't need they give they take from the environment what theyneed.


Would we make the spaceswherewhichwe go in for delivery of the food which we don’t need, we make the toilet rollsin the plasmatic boxes ,take what I don’t need, take what I will use or what Ineed to take from the space. This is the this is the future there is no way nowthat we open the space technology to the structure of the plasma can change.


Do we create as like last time I explained structures like 8 or 10structures thattheyhecan go in forchange of the cell only half hour, you don’t a heart operation? In the comingmonths we will see governments will come into this very rapidly people areshowing their bills reduction in their electricity putting it on the internet,they have no fear because this is the beauty this is what we are hear for thatattacking and discrediting is finished,


 can we showcandowe have that bill which has gone on the internetinside there you have it? Rick?(Rick:Someone from the Rober ...)The guy who says he saved 100W whatever itis. We have seen a number of these coming on the internet because collectivelywe know we are changing the position and all the discrediting things havefinished now the first time the first bill of the first installations arecoming in.

我们来看看那张网上的账单吧 ,瑞克?(瑞克:是指来自Rpber的那个人?)这个小伙子说他节省了100瓦或者其他的数目。现在我们可以看到越来越多这样展示开始在网上出现,因为我们在一起改变情形,所以的质疑都结束了,现在首批装置下的首个账单即将问世。

People are seeing how much they saved and they are putting it on theinternet so those who are discrediting now hundreds of thousand people we arereleasing hundreds of units and thousands of units next coming months, tens ofmillions will be released in coming years, so this is a good news for a lot ofpeople


I’ve just seen it a few minutes beforewestartwe’ve seen the others, I’ve asked Vince to bring all the testimonials regardingthe bills because now it’s not the dream or whatever this is officials whatthey have to pay for the energy consumption compared andtohaven’tchanged anything in the house.


I have seen a number of them. You can cut me out and put that on please.So in a way those who want to discredit those shows how they been paid by theirpaymasters sitting behind this is the setup this is hundred percent wrong it’slies .it shows the paymaster pay them to show, now the people show the billsthe electricity bills they have saved the energy and the money the way we saidand within the bracket timer we said.


So fortunately so many of us that we are winning against those who havelived this way, who work with what I call terrorizing people. Terrorism is notputting a bomb outside its people like we have seen in the red circle these arenumbers of people, number of bills, appearing people have actually savedenergy, we see one is dropped from 200 and something to 180 he says.


 here is the new bill we founditonline showing since large savings already they havecontinued to get better and better since the about 18thof December.

这是新账单,我们在网上找的。可以看出,自从大约十一月十八号开始有了很大节约后效果越来越好了。[if !vml]


[Rick]:Yeah,that was fromSnep Chenliving in China  one actually whenfrom…..


[Keshe]:Weshould read the text the one on the top right or the other one ,they tell youhow much the saved.


[Rick]:Yes,just a second here,Ican’t be very sure about……


[Keshe]:Wetried to put all these data on the net that people can see.


[Rick]:Rober Stubblefield, and his website here earlier inseveral days,but shows a couple of people results snatch,which you just sawthere.and then there was previously one from British showing a negativeusage,there was a Alexz actually, about he says British gas online account hasbeen 0 balance or something and, anyway, changes meter and taking meter readingthe message from British gas. it’s a quick check, it’s not what we areexpecting, and the bills the reading is actually match at last what it isexpected, so they ,you know, they are wondering why is bill is less than theymight be charged


[Keshe]:Yeahbecause now he uses a new energy he doesn't need to, he is not stealing he isproducing a new form of energy to plasma we are not damaging anybody we are notstealing from because I have seen in a lot of people especially in the redcircle and the Germans comment that they are stealing this shows the shortsightedness now and the way they have been paid to create negative publicity aswe saw before.


These people are not stealing from anybody they are just allowing a newenergy production to come into operation using plasma as a source. So if peoplewho use this Magrav system are stealing, so all the ones who put solar cells onthe top of the roofs are all thieves because there they had to pay1,820,000 €for 2.5kW here they get it free,


so please understand we see here to change from 298.47 to 185 it says here,woooowhileone hundred dollars in savings so far and much more to come.Usage is down to less than 1kWh so imagine next month. These are people this isthe bills.

所以请弄清楚。我们看这个从298.47到185转变的例子[if !vml]


[Rick]:That’s right,it’s quite a few records like that,it’s goodto see.


[Keshe]:Yeah,becausethey start using the units there is another one we see it all coming up.


 [Rick]:“Wefound it online. The bill for December.It shows a significant decrease in usageand a significant drop in temperature.Those all are savings started around 18th,andthat’s a belief when he changed over to electric from woody, because thesavings were so good……using the power that isnt the charge doesnot usewood anymore So in the way,share my life share my part of that Sorry about thatin a way to this could save the forest you can say maybe that is possiblepeople won’t have to use their wood stove because it will be more economical tohave economical energy from their units I don't know…


[Mr. Keshe]: this is what the changes is got and the people who tried tomake pictures of his covered his account it shows he doesn’t want to return.They are all saving from what they have and what they receive


[Rick]: So it says this may be part of the reason for the lower bills tooit has three series of batteries so it may be producing some plasma as well ashelping the stacker to be more efficientso

瑞克:[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]: Yes because it goes beyond the use it will use the first

available energy. This is what we said free connection, this is part of the

structure. I was looking at this yesterday with you,what we call free mobilephones this is a free line energy supply because the plasma is there interactsand it does deliver into your current you don't need to go into the grid totake it. There is another one.


[Rick]: That is about his reading about how he is taking his readings sojust going back a few hours on his posts here Facebook now I am getting intoold post but it gives it an indication


[Mr. Keshe]:Yes, but we seea large numberof people are posting things


[Rick]:Yes definitely there is a


[Mr. Keshe]: so what it isarethesethosepeoplewhothatgo outthatisthey arestealing from people?knowNo,they are saving the nations to play to the other nation to be robbed.It shows how they use the information especially the red circle and thepeoplearound them in Germany are going putting burninghouses on the internet this is what’s going to happen, this is how they pay tocreate fear and you should have no fear because you are not stealing, nobody isstealingask the authorities.Ask the authorities what is coming


 Now we are sitting with electricityboards of governments looking at how they can save energy costs. The game haschanged this is a new technology new source new innovation and is donecollectively by everybody, it’s not owned by Westinghouse it is not owned byelectricity board of any nation.


It’s like you finding oil well in your house you don't need to do anythingbecause now you have your own resources just develop it put it more and more onthe net that we can see that more people see how they can use it ,teach moreand as I have said very recently those of you who are teaching to groups of 1020 30 people all over the world will start teaching groups of 50 and a hundredrecord


you are teaching in your own language and send it to us because we teachin English but you teach you understand you teach in German you teach in Dutchyou teach in French we need you to support your own mother language speakingpeople that they can benefit by the technology too ,that they can see thechanges.


That they can bring the changes in themselves. The beauty the way we are

as a with Keshe foundation worldwide is we are not afraid of sharing of it, we

are not afraid of teaching the others to do to benefit them. We are proud to

show it works its [if !vml]



You can see this:“I cannot wait to get my next bill any day now 71% saving if you look anaverage hourlybase”.Don't allow yourself to beterrorised by the terrorist we had this morning a bomb went in Jakarta killingmany people the terrorist.

你们能看到这些,“我现在迫不及待想看到我的下一个账单了,现在是平均每小时百分之七十一的节省量。”[if !vml]


These terrorists in another name on the internet sit in Entrap sit inGermany and where they have been paid to create mayhem orwherethere is anybody else is totally ignoring it. Thestructure is very simple, the structure is us collectively are making thiscondition the change, now you start seeing the changes in your bills you startseeing how the energy is produced you trust in what you've done is correct


 now start building the space shipincrease the number from 1 to 5 units, increase the number into the boxing ,setexample ,bring the technology in the way it should be. Eradicate diseases,eradicate the hunger which you can produce if you put one of the systems andyou can produce for example the energyofmeatthe energy of fish that we can just transfer energy to hungry people amongstyou around you that they don’t suffer the hunger.


In the next few weeks a lot of you will start doing this. I could havegone and shut down all the sites which were talking against us through set upby the red circle, I didn’t do that, I have put them themselves to be put toshame that they have shut it down themselves by doingtheit correctly.


Now people are wheeling it out ,now people are showingare showingit, now it shows who is working against who. Keshe foundation team works as apositive all of you we are one family, one nation. We see people in Africa wesee people in small islands in Caribbean’s we see people in Russia in China allworking towards one direction this is what’s going to happen.


 Now you seen it you believe in ityou seen it because it saves you money when you can save to buy more clothingfeed your child help another person, it’s time to move, we stood a lot ofnonsense a lot of rubbish put on by those who are paid by the paymasters, nowwe leave it for them to shut their websites down because this is a straightwhat we see on the screen and other places a stab in the face of terrorism onthe internet and the governments were trying to control and the multi planetorganisation are controlling people,


now you're doing it yourself itis finished, we have seen one of thebiggest opponent of the foundation has withdrawn from the what we call theAmerican election system in the past few days. No one harmed the Keshefoundation blocked the work of the Keshe foundation than this person. This wasa person who signed my capture in the airport for 11 days in Canada, personallyresponsible for it, now the technology is in your hands you have got to use it,you have got to bring it out the way you see it .


[Rick]: Mr. Keshe I wanted to show the new Keshe foundation testimonialssite here which is a starting to fill out quite nicelyalready.


[Mr. Keshe]: Is this on our website?


[Rick]: It’s on testimonials.keshefoundation.org yes it on the website


[Mr. Keshe]: But this has to have a connection on all our websites


[Rick]: Yeah, there is a link on the main website that you can click from

瑞克:有啊,在主网站上有一个链接,你可以点开。[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]; It should be on the front and everywhere where unitswerearesale or whatever the people can do it.I have seen a testimonial regarding the health with the diabetic


[Rick]: yes there is someone that will have to go through to find themsure if it's on this list but I did run into that someone that had, I believethe personhadhad diabetes for 45 years and they had been notating thechanges on the computer recently or at least in the last years or some periodof time and they have used the healing pen and ended up,I thinkit was like a 40 or 50% decrease in theirfactors as far as the program the way it responded and so, I thought it wasquite amazing


[Mr. Keshe]: this is what we reported for a long time that diabetic 2 anddiabetic 1 can be reversed with the technology


[Rick]: Right this is everything from good results in permaculture,growing plantstoover unity was with this device, different kit painpen testimonials and experiments with that gans water on plants and the car setup and bills last month


[Mr. Keshe]: I am gonna ask you something Rick something in a codedversion you know what I am talking about you been answered and no one will tellme we will take it further. You know I made a call a couple of days agoregarding a case. Is it appropriate for us without mentioning the name askingthe public for help?


[Rick]: maybe I have got the case mixed up I am not clear what…


[Mr. Keshe]: you know why I called you a couple of days ago I said Ireceived call for support


[Rick]: gee I don’t know that’s, I think it might be starting to meddleinto the business of professionals there so it might interfere with the workbutsomehow on the other hand I don’t know it’s aninteresting idea


[Mr. Keshe]: because the guy is more or less in, they want the last tocollect as much as possible the people around him are going to be in the nextone in


[Rick]: yeah well like I said we don’t want to jeopardize anything that’sgoing in that particular situation so maybe


[Mr. Keshe]: We better leave it, not to discuss


[Rick]: At this point so thereismorepublic knowledge


[Mr. Keshe]: They came to us we didn’t go to them so they expect mostprobably to go public with it to ask for their help


[Rick]: Well I, I don’t know


[Mr. Keshe]: Maybe we still have time next week if the guy hasn’t made hismarching order for it


[Rick]: Yeah if we get a little more information a little more publicnessabout it then I think that will be exposed perhaps


[Mr. Keshe]: okay no problem. So let’s look at what is here, we have our,with the pen the certification for the pain pen and the what we call the painpad is been confirmed on the 25th ofwhereJanuary we will release withthe health certificate on scarce tool, what we call the number 2 certificate asa health equipment.


So you can order some time before end of this month we release thepictures and all the boxes of the health pen with the European C healthcertification as a health equipment that it can be used it can be sold with thelimits of the advertising which allows us to do without going public would itheavily.


So these things have been tested by appropriate authorities in applicationand all we need to do once we launch these we go back to you the way we donewith the  Magrav units, for you to reportback, that other people know what it can be used for and how it can be used.We’ve seen Alex sorry, Benjamin in Africa doing a lot of health works in usingthe CO2 pads in making these kind of things, all these testimonials has to comein so that people can see whatwetheywantor maybe testimonial section we have to separate and for the …


[if !vml]

[endif][Rick]:I was going to mention that there is people that are out there that and justspontaneously creating these sites and here is one for example Keshe communitynetwork has recently been started and they have a testimonials of success on linkon the their page and they've got

瑞克:我要说一下,有人也同时建了这样的网站,比如,这就是其中一个叫做“凯史社区网站”,是最近才建的,他们网页上有个“成果证明书”这样一个链接。[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]: Who are these people?


[Rick]: well that’s a good question, global plasma is tied in with alisting, Vince do you know.


[Mr. Keshe]: These people should, come on the banner of the Keshefoundation


[Rick]: that's what I was going to propose actually because they actuallyset things up quite nicely


[Vince]: we are working on something like that in the background


[Rick]: Okay


[Mr. Keshe]: Ok because this has to be brought on the one, there are moreor less all over the world.


[Rick]: we have these success stories


[Mr. Keshe]: The beauty of it is Keshe foundation Iran will be announcedvery soon, Keshe foundation United Arab Emirates will be announced very soon.


[Rick]: I was wondering how long it would take to an Iranian Keshefoundation that's great, it’s timely


[Mr. Keshe]: It’s just that we have to get certain things immediatelysorted ,to be out in that way but in the coming time very soon, Keshefoundation Iran will become the homeland’s and you will seeand you willKeshe foundation Emirates willfocusonbeonthe wings ,a number of the Keshe foundations itall depends how fast Mr. Brad does his work.


[Brad]: Well if you can answer the phone I can do it faster


[Rick]: You got to do more work on the workshops than probably on thephone.


[Mr. Keshe]: No its okay, it’s going to be there. We try to do there is ahuge work for the guys who do the security checking in the background see whatwe can do. Amazing results with the health pen treating diabetes


[Rick]: Exactly so


[Mr. Keshe]: Do you want to read it


[Rick]: Sure I will zero in a bit for the live stream at least. It saysamazing results with the health pen treating diabetes living in the Salzburgcountryside experimenting with Keshe knowledge already experienced amazingresults with the Keshe health pen. my fathers type A diabetes is beenstabilized since he uses the pen on the hand reflexology point for thepancreas, he has had diabetes a since 45 years and his blood sugar levels neverbeen as constant as it is since he uses the pen three times a day for fiveminutes on his hand the level stay in the healthy rate between 80 and 120almost all the time since he is using the latest technology in terms ofmeasuring his blood sugar and automated documentation of his levels on thecomputer we can see in the statistics since he uses the health pen and regularlylevels have improved from about 50% to 89% referring to being in the healthyzone of 80 to 120 we find this amazing and see the overall effects of hiswell-being thank you Mr. Keshe. I mean that pretty much says it all rightthere,whatelse can one say that.


[Mr. Keshe]: last week we last Thursday at about 2 o’clock in theafternoon we applied a new type of system for cancer. Literally within I wastalking yesterday in Rick’s teaching. Literally within minutes less than aminute the guy having a rectal cancer which was operated on and now aftersix-month it has come back he had a pain at the point of operation where the cancerhas come back, the minute we applied the new setting technology he says I cantfeel any pain is gone. There is no pain he was pushing it with his finger intohis abdomen says I couldn’t touch it then I came here now I can push it in. Ican literally just push it withthesehis2 hands inside the stomach.


If you haveany pain with cancer we will release a new technology. Part of it you know,part of it hasn’t been disclosed if you have recurrence of cancer the newtechnology will be release publicly in a coming time we have to make which isjust certain moves we have to make at relay ways. The use of especially thesetechnologies for cancer is enormous. this cancer for people with Alsemers thesystem sorry for Alzimers the systems for Parkingsons, they will prove to bethe new way which we have developed it and used and used it to be so radicalthat within hours you will see it. It’s a totally new approach I have notreleased it, there is from Philippine. 75 people processed 95% success. You have to understand why thetechnology is successful because when you make these coils most of the pain isemotional which is handled and magnetical which is handled point of balancebetween the field of the body of the man. Its not magic now you are all educated you understand what it does itgives out to your gravitational being absorbingit the fields which it doesn’tneed in respect to his environment and it takes from it what it needs in a waythe pen itself in taking processes in what is not needed and giving back in thefield which is already in the strength which the body needs. Do you want toread the other one? Here you putting the Anke van Ziel

如果你深受癌症的折磨,我们会释放新的技术。你们知道其中一部分,另一部分还没有披露出来。如果有人癌症复发,未来我们将会把这个新技术公开。我们必须要采取一些步骤,循序渐进。尤其,这些针对癌症的技术用途是非常广泛的。那些有阿尔茨海默病(老年痴呆症)或者患有帕金森的人,会证明我们开发和使用的新方式是多么立竿见影,你们能在几个小时内就看到效果。这是一个全新的方法,我暂时还没公布。在75个菲律宾人中成功率达95%[if !vml]

[endif]。你们必须理解为什么这个技术是成功的,因为当你制作线圈时,多数疼痛都是属于情感的,这个情感是能够被操作的和具有磁场的,可以通过改变人体磁场使之达到平衡。这不是魔法,你们都上过课,应该知道这里发生的作用。它(笔)发出的引力可以吸收身体相对于环境所不需要的磁场,并且让它(身体)获得它所需要的。健康笔会取走你所不需要的磁场并返还身体所需要的磁场强度。从你不需要的磁场中汲取能量从而返还给身体需要的磁场。你们想读另一篇吗?我看见你放上Anke van Ziel的帖子

[Rick]; Yeah

[Rick]; 好

[Mr. Keshe]: I don’tknow what was, but it sounds like a very much a Flemish, Flemish she is Flemishshe is Dutch that goes in the face of the authorities in Belgium that has beentrying illegalise the use of the Keshe foundation in health, you can read it

[Mr. Keshe]: 我不知道Anke van Ziel他是谁,看起来像是佛兰德人,他是佛兰德人,她是荷兰人,事情牵涉到比利时当局,比利时政府试图将使用凯史基金会健康产品定位为非法行为。你可以读一下。

[if !vml]

[endif][Rick]: She says i liketo share another of the many positive experiences we have had personally withthehealing penafter visiting someone who justcannot get over her flu and asked for help on Facebook to bring her a pen andpatch, a day later so i felt my throat showing flulikepains and i applied pen to any little pain spot long as needed two hours or so,i went to sleep the next morning is again some pain applied the pen again andthat was it ,very happy with this experience. Another one my mother's seriousshoulder ache and disappeared completely she is 89 and took a long time beforeshe opened the door when i rang so i immediately applied the patch to hershoulder that she complained hurt real bad then a few minutes the paindiminished I asked her to rate it and she said she went from a 10 to a 6 ofpain level she kept applying the patch on the spot and the relief was even morelast time i saw her she says her shoulder pain disappeared completely. Mysister complained of pain in her back and shoulder and she said it really didhelp her pain is gone so there are several instances there alone (1:33:54)

[Rick]: 她说我想要分享另一个个人使用健康笔获得积极效果的经历。在得知一个感冒一直无法痊愈的人在脸书上寻求帮助后,我们拜访了她并带给她一只健康笔与止痛带。一天后,我的喉咙感到了像流感一样的疼痛,我把笔用在疼痛的地方上2小时,然后我去睡觉,第二天早上,(喉咙)又开始疼,我又用笔来消除疼痛,我非常高兴有这样的经历。另一个事情是我妈妈的肩膀严重的疼痛感已经完全消失了。她89岁了,在我敲响门铃后,她要花很长时间来开门,所以我立即把止痛带用到她肩膀上,她抱怨很疼,几分钟之后,疼痛就消失了。我让她评价一下,她说疼痛感从10级减轻到了6级。她继续使用这个止痛带,肩膀就变得更加轻松了,上次我看到她的时候,她说她的肩膀已经完全不疼了。我妹妹受背痛和肩痛的困扰,她说这个确实有帮助,她的疼痛消失了。我说的就是这几个实例。

[Mr. Keshe]: the strangething is how come these people get these testimonies or they go around andcollect it.And we don’t do in the foundation.

[Mr. Keshe]: 奇怪的是这些人是怎么找到这些实证的,是在他们周围搜集的吗?我们在基金会没有做这些。

[Rick]: Well we do in away because in the forum there is a section for testimonials and many peoplehave posted things there and …

[Rick]: 我们这样做是因为在论坛中,有一个实际测试的实证的版块,很多人把这些发表出来。

[Mr. Keshe]: but you

have to bring that to the front of the page,not in the forum

[Mr. Keshe]: 但是你要把那个放到页面前面,而不是在论坛中。

[Rick]: Yes thats right,

[Rick]: 是的,应该这样做。

[Mr. Keshe]: You knowwhere we have the rotating of the priest and all the religious world leaders tolead that one on and put these testimonials and link them to these sites

[Mr. Keshe]: 你知道在哪里有很多牧师和宗教世界的领导人,要给他们引导,把实证资料放在网上,让他们可以看到这些网页。

[Rick]: yes

[Rick]: 好的

[Mr. Keshe]: Both fromMagrav system and everything else the religious still have done nothing sothese people can do for themselves to believe in their own god

[Mr. Keshe]: 可以给他们展示从磁引力场系统以及其他相关的一切,宗教界目前还没做任何事情,所以这些人为他们自己做事以此来信仰自己的上帝。

[Rick]: Right yeah, yeahand it should also be where you go to purchase the various thing, you couldhave the testimonials laid there as well perhaps there is mean there's more wecan keep going as a several more of these pain pen testimonials alone here inthis one site so

[Rick]: 是的,是的,它也应该在你购买不同商品的地方,也许你可以把这些证明的实例摆在那里,我是说我们可以继续做更多事情,比如在网页上放更多这些使用治愈笔的案例。

[Mr. Keshe]: let me tellyou something we are waiting for some data, if the data come according to whatwe expect we have to wait we don’t know how long we got to wait a few days acouple of weeks and the what we are expecting the data comes to the correct waywe release publicly for mass replication systems for cancer. Especially fortumor cancers and liver cancer. We will release like the what we did with thewhat we call it the blue print I will put one day blueprint for the applicationfor cancer, we announce it in advance and we will show it totally. It’s the way you set the system up and theway you apply the system and the way you control the whole cancer throughoutthe body. The way you, maybe we better announce it and put it on sometime thefirst week of February, the first couple of teachings of the February, if thedate is correct we will announce the blueprint for cancer. Then we go all theway with it, with the blueprint of the Magrav unit,we will showit, we will give you the results, we show exactly how to be and then there isand then there is up on you how to use.

[Mr. Keshe]:我想告诉你们,我们正在等待数据。如果数据符合我们的期待,我们必须等待,我们不知道需要等多久,可能几天,或者几周都有可能。我们期待的是数据能够以正确的方式公开,我们公开发布了癌症的大规模复制系统,尤其是肿瘤和肝癌。我们会发布自己的蓝图。终有一天,我们会提前公开适用(治疗)癌症的蓝图,然后逐步展开。这是建立系统的方式,运用系统的方式,也是你们通过(控制)身体来控制癌症的方式。也许我们能以更好的方式公布它,可能会在二月第一周的某个时间,在二月的前几节课上公布。如果数据是正确的,我们就会公布治疗癌症的蓝图。然后沿着这条路走,就像我们展示的磁引力装置的蓝图,之后我们也会展示(治疗癌症的蓝图),我们将给你结果,从而精确展示它是怎样的,以及你们来决定怎样使用。

As I announced andyesterday and we already announced it. We are on the verge of opening the firstKeshe hospital worldwide with a full operation if we achieve primaries in theBritish in the coming time you literally can fly from anywhere around the worldto come in maybe for a day or 2 see to the cancer which is not there orthe disease which is there to be reversed to be processed,we are very hopeful that this will be achieved in the coming time, you expect2, 300 bed hospitalbut mainly for our patients if we can achieve it thenegotiation are in the background very very near and they what do you call itsecret way of going, because then this hospital will be made exactly the sameprocess it will be the same process as we did in the Magrav system this is themoney we want for it because we can help the others we will tell you how muchthe operation will cost us and how much we are expecting.


We are looking fordevest of the cancer and investa thousand dollar and with the same process weasked for something in the range of 5 to 10,000 dollars for

those who want to donate that we can progress the teaching we canprogress in sharing the knowledge. So if you have a cancer in the coming timeif we succeed in the development and negotiations you can come in to thecountry stay in the process of the hospital Keshe foundation within 2 to 3 daysyou set to go back with the process of cancer reversal in your body. We aretesting it we seen the result and then we release the technology. This will bethe same for Parkinson or Alzimers and all other diseases. Let us collect thedata correctlybecause i have fought in using the

systems which I’ve use for years into a practical simple portable unit and then

we'll see where we go. So we are earmark somewhere second week ofFebruary Thursday teaching knowledge seekers as an open day for cancer,blueprint for cancer treatment or process. Is that ok with Vince can you openorganise it? Is Vince there or – ?

我们正在寻求癌症的消失,投入大概一千美元。在同样的进程下,我们向那些想要捐助的人寻求5到10000美元的捐助,这样我们可以继续我们的课程,可以继续传播知识(01:38:32)。所以如果你未来有癌症,如果我们在技术发展以及相关协商上面取得成功 ,你可以来这个国家,在凯史基金会医院里住院两到三天,就可以回到没有癌症的状态。我们正在测试中,我们看到了结果,随后会公布此技术。这对帕金森和阿兹海默症和其他疾病都一样。我们要正确搜集数据,因为我为把这个系统转变成可以使用的便捷式的简易单元已经奋斗很多年,我们知道接下来怎么走。所以我们把二月第二个周四的知识寻求者课程确定为癌症治疗进程的蓝图开放日。文斯,可以吗?你能整理这个吗?文斯在线吗?

[Vince]: yeah it shouldbe just fine

[Vince]: 是的,应该没有问题。

[Mr. Keshe]: we can

organise it so we can announce the process worldwide we will teach on the

blueprint the reversal of cancer we teach you the way doesn't mean it will

always work, let’s say it works 90%, 80% of the people then is for the you

knowledge seekers to expand on it and where, its doctors to try and see what it

can do. So the second week of February as part of the space plasma technology

we release the blueprint of how to use plasma technology for reversal of

diseases. We did the energy in October November now we do with the blueprint

for the diseases. (That’s a strange noise,

its okay.)So in this process we if some of you who are working on thespace technology on the what I call creation of the space ship please carry onwith your work. The ones who are working on themaking these units or the spaceprogram theone be shown today, everybody needs now to collectively worktogether so that we can achieve this.

[Mr. Keshe]: 我们会整理它,再宣布其在世界各地的发展进程。我们会教授使癌症消失的蓝图;告诉你们这个方式,这并不代表它会永远有效,这样说吧,它对百分之八九十的人是有效的,剩下的就是你们知识寻求者可以在此基础上发展它,医生可以尝试看它可以做什么。在二月第二周,作为太空等离子体技术的一部分,我们要公布如何用等离子体技术治疗疾病的蓝图。我们在十月和十一月学会生产能量,现在则发布治疗疾病的蓝图。(有一些奇怪的噪音,好的,没问题了。)在这个过程中,如果你们有人在研究太空技术,研究太空船的制作,请做好你们的工作。研究这些单元或像今天所展示的太空项目的人需要团结起来共同研究,我们才能实现这个。

We show you through thesame process in the coming months afterwards how to start building tissues inthe body. How to speed up broken bones, how to speed up repairs of all sorts ofdiseases and then it’s for you to put up. But what I’m asking is which isimportant do not split into different directions. At this website you see bringall on the one roof on the Keshe foundation that worldwide we can work toprogress. We brought what do you call it the golden age of gans and the coverof the Keshe foundation and other websites the same. Keshe foundation belongsto you lot and you have as a human race to develop that way, we have broken thetaboo with the internet we had broken the taboo withpath

riteswe have broken taboo with everything else which was forced on usto accept. The new diseases we see in Saudi Arabia we see the diseases withEbola Ecoli and the is rest, these all have been reversed but the governmentshas stopped the usage.


We have seen the use andCaroline is working very much in the background pushing the new systems or newways to test it for malaria and other diseases .she is very active in there, onthat sense of there on the internet. If you have a malaria go back I thinkmaybe we have to open a section which had to do with malaria that people cansee how we can help themselves for disinfecting the waters I’ve seen Benjaminin Africa has posted something with me today, we support you in every way useunderstand what you do you can use the coils for disinfection for rapiddisinfection you can use now the coils for even as a photolyase you can use thecoils as a system to eradicate any kind of infectious diseases. The wholestructure has to work in a way that we understand now we have the same tool butin different ways. We have the same structure now instead of using the gans wecan build tanks that we can literally cover it with the coils and eradicatecertain conditions perfect condition, we have seen now in the what we call fromthe innovation centre from Renon the process for eradication of the acidicwater to alkaline. Is Renon online?


[Renon]: Yes I am here.

[Renon]: 是的,我在。

[Mr. Keshe]: Hi Renonwould like to discuss this with us, what’s happening and what the measurementhad been the one you done with you team.

[Mr. Keshe]: 你好雷农,你想要和我们讨论一下吗?发生了什么,你的团队做了什么测试?

[Renon]: Yes sir aboutthe using only nano coated copper tubes so we can already change the conditionof water passing through it and confirming that it can from an acidic state orlower state of pH to a higher state of pH level. So…

[Renon]: 是的,我们使用纳米涂层的铜管能改变通过这种铜管的水的状况,通过测试可以确认水能够从酸性状态或者低PH值状态到高PH值状态。

[Mr. Keshe]; you want toshow the video which is made by you that is made by one of your team members.Share it with us so people can understand why they need it

[Mr. Keshe]; 你是否想展示一下你的视频,或你的一个组员制作的视频,分享一下,人们就知道为什么需要这个。

[Renon]: Okay sir I’llopen it, I will just prepare give me a minute

[Renon]: 好的,先生,我会打开它,给我一分钟时间准备。

[Mr. Keshe]: No problem.In this process what the innovation centre has doneyou

are looking at ways to make everything accessible and cheap for everybody to

do. It’s in the structure of a lot of teachings in health that theacidic condition of stomach or the waters we eat or what we use in acidiccondition increases the chances of the cancer and if you can change it toalkaline there is a limit which body can work and reduce the possibility ofcancer .so what the test is done now we know it does its been measured isbeautifully presented in a very simple way the way the innovation group worksand they give you a scientific explanation of it. this is the beauty of the waythe innovation centre works lay man thatevery man can

understand.the way is bushed the cups are set and this what you call it,wehave measured it they have done the whole work and we see the results. Are youthere, has it been done?

[Mr. Keshe]:没问题,在这个过程中,你看到创新中心所做的事情使一切都变成可操作,可实现,而且对每个人来说都容易做到。我们很多健康课程所谈到的结构中,都说到胃处于酸性条件或者饮用酸性的水或者我们在酸性环境中使用东西会增加癌症几率。如果你能把它改变成一定限度的身体能正常运转的碱性环境,会减少癌症发病率。我们知道现在所做的测试是以非常简单的方式被呈现在创新小组的工作中,而且他们会给你一个科学的解释,这就是创新中心工作方式的美妙,使每个人能理解,前路崎岖,但目标明确。这是我们说的,我们对它进行了测量。他们已经完成了整个工作,然后我们看到了结果。你在线吗?完成了吗?

[Renon]: For now sir Iam transferring it to my, this computer because it’s located to other computer.

[Renon]: 现在,先生,我正在把它传输到我的这个电脑,因为它在另一个电脑上。

[Mr. Keshe]: Okay noproblem. So what you see it and now you see the benefit of setting up theseinnovation centres. We try there is a possibility that we might that we mightset up an innovation centre in north America and one will be set up definitelyin London in the coming weeks and London innovation centre is where you canactually go we are planning to set up a structure where the factory producingsystems the innovation centre the research centre all of this been done by mytwo sons who are doctors in this kind of fields with Alex heading it and weopen a very large centre in London thatit becomes a

central point for a lot of people who travel a lot of people go to Londonso it’s the best place for us to be and will be the innovation centre, headedby Renon and will be based in London as another office and I have spoken withLisa we will open a full innovation centre in China, will emphasize a lot oneach continent having its own innovation centre and its own teaching centre andthe innovation centre and the teaching centre goes to in Africa, goes to Ghanaand to Nigeria. We have for seen the balance contributing investments in thisdirection for education research and development for 2016

[Mr. Keshe]:好的,没有问题。现在你看到了设立这个创新中心的好处。我们可能在北美设立一个创新中心,而在伦敦的创新中心将会在接下来几周内建立,伦敦创新中心是你真正可以去的地方,我们计划建立一个工厂生产系统的结构,创新中心与研究中心,所有这些都被我两个儿子完成了,他们是艾利克斯带领下这个领域内的医生,我们在伦敦开设了一个很大的中心,它变成了一个很多到伦敦旅行以及去伦敦的人的一个中心点。所以这是我们最好的一个地方而且将会成为创新中心,由雷农领导,并且将会作为另一个设在伦敦的办公点,我已经和丽萨说过我们会在中国开设一个完全的创新中心,将会在每个州强调拥有自己的创新和教学中心,创新和教学中心将会开设到非洲的加纳和尼日利亚。我们已经看到了2016年对教育研究和发展投资贡献的平衡状况。

[Rick]: I just wasfilling in with a picture here from the blueprint site from the Keshefoundation website here is 430 new photos put in from Peter of the, I believethat’s the Netherlands reactor build there part of a group i guess that isinvolved, so that's a pretty big one

[Rick]: 我刚把一张从凯史基金会网站蓝图网页上的图片放在这里。这里有来自彼特的430张新的图片,我认为是关于荷兰反应堆建筑,我猜测有团队的部分人员加入,所以那是非常大的一个。

[Mr. Keshe]: The Germanmanufacturing side will come online and next hopefully 60 day, 30 days they arealready building. Would you like to tell us, Is Richard or Kevin online they cantell us what’s happening with the German manufacturing side

[Mr. Keshe]: 相关的德国的制造将会在网上展示出来,很有可能是接下来的60天,30天,他们会建设好。你想告诉我们吗?理查德或者凯文在线吗?他们能告诉我们德国制造那边发生了什么。

[Renon]; the video isready sir

[Renon]; 视频准备好了,先生

[Rick]: Sir go aheadeither Kevin or Richard

[瑞克]: 凯文或者理查德,你们可以继续。

[Person]: Hi Mr. Keshe,just a short update i just came back from Germany and we are all been as a teamworking there, building like I don’t know just for the testing phases is 100coils and they are right now making two hundred capacitors and a lot of workstill coming up but we are just trying many production system trying to set upeverything and there are a lot of people applying, not applyingbut asking as your corporation giving, providing ussupport so we already got in touch with them asked them for patience and assoon as we sort out our organizational structure things we will get in touchwith them and then go full corporation, because these people are really totallydedicated there is one group are working on some kind of farm and they wouldprovide us with  property and buildingfor free and even with a group of 12 there are already makingworkshopsand so it’s a beautiful system and structurei see coming up Mr. Keshe as you said because they these are the people thenthey would disburse the knowledge all arounds whatever the nation, thecontinent and share knowledge with one another but

[Person]: 你好,凯史先生,只是一个很短的更新。我刚从德国回来,我们一直作为一个团队在工作,在测试阶段好像制作的是100个线圈,200个电容器,很多工作还在开展,我们尝试建造许多的生产系统,设置好所有的事情,有很多人要求要像公司那样参与进来提供给我们支持,因此我们已经与他们联系并希望他们能够保持耐心,而且我们一旦整理出组织结构,就会和他们联系,然后组成完整的公司,因为这些人都真正在全心投入,在做贡献,这里有一个团队在某些农场工作,他们提供给我们免费资产和建筑,甚至有一个12人的团队,他们已经建造了车间,所以它是一个美妙的系统和架构,凯史先生,正如您说的,他们愿意为这种知识做出贡献,无论他们在哪个国家,或是哪个州,并和其他人分享知识

[Mr. Keshe]: KesheFoundation Germany is already setup it’s done

[Mr. Keshe]: 德国凯史基金会已经设置完成了。

[Person]: Yes it isregistered and by the way our knowledge online it seems we have to stillconfirm but it seems that the firstnotarymadea mistake so it might be that you don't need an apostle this specialcertification I asked you for so there is a lot of miscommunication obviouslyyou don’t know this in the background its being sorted out

[Person]: 是的,它被注册了。顺便说一下,我们发布在网上的知识看起来必须要确认,但是第一次公证好像出了错误,可能是并不需要我向你要的这个特殊证明,这里显然有很多错误的沟通,但已经被解决了。

[Mr. Keshe]: So thecompany can be set up in the coming days

[Mr. Keshe]: 所以这个公司能够在接下来的几天建立。

[Person]: yeah I believeso

[Person]: 是的,我相信会这样。

[Mr. Keshe]: Keshefoundation Magrav manufacturing Germany will be the first after the Italy and Ihave to tell you something very quickly, Keshe foundation Italy due to therapid expansion with support of the Italian government is moving to newpremises in the late January, so I just signed up for investments in Germany inthe Italy yesterday that allows us to move in a 6000 square meter factory setup brand new. So in-line Germany, Italy are not very far from each other andlinking up with the Keshe foundationhopefully Netherlandwhich sits in bothGermany and Netherlands side and the Keshe foundation UK will be operationalwithin the next 2 or 3 months and the main problem will sit with us or not theproblem the main task with us is to set up the Keshe foundation manufacturingin Africa,

[Mr. Keshe]:德国凯史基金会磁引力装置制造厂将会成为意大利之后的又一个凯史基金会,我必须告诉你们,意大利凯史基金会在政府支持下由于快速的扩展在一月底走向了新的阶段,所以我昨天在意大利签署了对德国的投资,这个使我们可以迁入一个6000平方米的工厂,并拥有一个新商标。所以把距离并不遥远的德国与意大利连接起来,把坐落在德国与荷兰的凯史基金会连接起来,和理查德建立联系,它位于德国和荷兰,英国凯史基金会将会在下两到三月里运作,我们主要的问题或者不是说问题,而是我们主要任务是在非洲建立凯史基金会制造工厂。

this is support we willgive to Alex and Benjamin and yesterday we came across a South Africanorganisation that they can actually sell copper wires as part of the job andthey produce copper things for south Africa and I just received a text fromthem this morning that they will start very Rapidly in the coming days  I will see what happens we will be in touchwith them will see what happens. So one by one as we are announced sharing ofthe USB stick with different governments some 3 years ago on the website ofKeshe foundation would announce one by one the opening of different Keshefoundations manufacturing around the world. Armin expects 2 to 3 manufacturingcompanies in the state as far as I know more than five or more battery units orstructures have been set for China and in Europe we support we see where we cango with the different nationalities as complete

productionbut I have to explain to all of you who are setting up on youwant to see till you can get your setup organized if you want to becomemanufacturer somewhere we can supply you up to 100,000 units as coils or blueboxes per month from Italy till you setup yourself up and you startestablishing yourself. Okay is Renon there that he can show us?


[Renon]: yeah its readysir

[Renon]: 好的,准备好了

[Mr. Keshe]: OK lets go,you want to show us. Ok

[Mr. Keshe]: 你想要给我们展示一下,那开始吧。

{from Video}


What you are seeingright now is a nano coated copper tube, through fire. And what it does itcontain water so I call it alkaline converter tube. So this is how it workslet’s take the tube in action I just insert it into glass filled with themineral water, the next glass is also filled with the same mineral water,without the tube same also with the next glass but this time I added bakingsoda to increase its pH value of the next glass is filled with Coca colafor  will be using a voltmeter to checkthe value of pH in each solution. For now I detect with my body, now it readsaround -8.4mV it means that the pH level is around 7.1 that’s sick conditionaccording to Dr Jerry Tennant that our body cells condition has a correspondingvalue in terms of millivolts, our body cells is in healing process if thevoltmeter reads -50mV and when you are tired it reads -15mV and the volt by theway now is about -8.5mV which means I am in the state of sickness so as we allsaw that the more bigger the mV values our body is in good condition and if notyou are in chronic condition like cancer so let’s go ahead and the acidityvalues of Coca-Cola.

你们现在看到的是火烧法制的纳米涂层的铜管[if !vml]

[endif]。做什么用的呢?它装水,所以我称他为碱性转化管,看看它是如何工作的。让我们拿着这个管,我把它插入一个装满矿泉水的玻璃杯里[if !vml]

[endif]。旁边一个玻璃杯装着同样的矿泉水[if !vml]

[endif],但是没有铜管,下一个玻璃杯也一样[if !vml]

[endif],这时,我加了一些小苏打来增加它的PH值[if !vml]

[endif],下一个杯子装了可乐[if !vml]

[endif],用伏特计来检查每种溶液中的PH值。现在来测试我的身体,读数是约-8.4mV,意味着PH值大概是7.1,根据杰瑞坦南特博士的标准,这属于生病的状态,我们的身体细胞状态依据毫伏特有一个对应值,细胞如果处于治愈阶段,伏特值约在-50mV,当处于疲倦状态,[if !vml]

[endif]读数是-15mV ;读数是-8.5mV,意味着我处于生病状态,当能够看到更大的毫伏特值,我们的身体就处于健康状态,如果你不是有慢性病比如癌症,[if !vml]


So the coke solutionvoltage is +65.8mV it is very acidic and it has a very low pH value. Let’s takea look at the equivalent values of voltage to pH level, if the voltmeter reads+400mV that means pH is 0 it means that it is a acidic solution and when thevoltmeter reads below 0mV up to -400mV it means that you have the higher pHvalue for the Alkaline solution. The coca cola solution reads +65.8 volt whichmean the pH is 5.18 and that is acidic the -8.7mV value reads means that thiswater is an alkaline water and it has a pH level of 7.16 the next glass isfield with the same water but without the backing soda the voltmeter uspositive values this means that this is a acidic value the 10.9mV has anequivalent pH level of around 6.89 and this is the common water that we used todrink it is not suitable for our body it may cause illness and disease.

所以可乐溶液的伏特值是 +65.8mV,它非常酸,它有一个非常低的PH值。让我们来看一下伏特值到PH水平的等效值,如果伏特计读数是 +400mV,那么意味着PH是0[if !vml]

[endif],说明这是酸性溶液,当伏特计读数低于0mV高于-400mV,意味着这个碱性溶液有更高的PH值。可口可乐读数是+65.8伏特,则PH值为5.18,是酸性的溶液,-8.7mV的读数(加了苏打的矿泉水)说明水是碱性的[if !vml]


 Now the next glass is also filled with thesame water which is the mineral water as we have tested the pH level of thiswater is very low now let us increase the pH level of this tube by using thenano coated copper tube, just submerge the copper tube to the glass of waterfor 2 hours and you will see the increase value per each level the moment wecharge the water by nano copper tube the value of the pH level increases nowthis time it read around 7.15 pH it means that this water is no longer anacidic water but it is an Alkaline water and it is safe for human use. Thismeans that it is no longer a harmful threat but it is a life giving and healthywater safe for drinking. To summarize we using water for this test it startswith 6.89pH and it end up to 7.15 pH is now an alkaline water from acid toalkaline water

{end of video}


[Mr. Keshe]: Thank youvery much Renon now you understand how , thank you very much to you and yourteam, you have an excellent team and now as I said you see how the commonpeople have become scientist on the edge and they can change things. Theseresearch centres costs a lot of money for foundation we everyone who you hearor work are on full pay roll of the foundation of the highest level.That’s where the investments you did with buying units with

donating to read the books has bought us. How many people are in yourteam now Renon?

[Mr. Keshe]: 非常感谢雷农,现在你们理解如何.....谢谢你和你的团队,你有一个很棒的团队。现在正如我说的,你们能看到普通人是怎样站在变成科学家的边缘的,他们可以改变一些事情。这些研究中心让基金会花费了很多钱。你们听到的和一起工作的人都在基金会有最高水平的全额工资。那就是你们买装置,买书给我们的带来的资金的用处。你的团队现在有多少人,雷农?

[Renon]: Right now sirwe are 6, 7 with 1 in the US


[Mr. Keshe]: so we arelooking for more people there are all on a full pay we pay over the average forthe highest level for people,we are not there to skim

and scrap for some people to have a good time and the other suffer andyou see the results they are all in the operation for more or less first ofJanuary if I am correct

[Mr. Keshe]: 现在我们正在寻找更多的人,给他们发全额工资,支付最高水平的工资,我们一视同仁,不忽略或者抛弃有些人,让有的人有愉快的时光,而有人却在受苦,你能看到结果,如果我是正确的,他们或多或少,都在一月开始了工作。

[Renon]: Yes sir, exceptthe December one


[Mr. Keshe]: Pardon?

[Mr. Keshe]: 你可以再说一遍吗?

[Renon]: The group hasstarted to do the developments together last December

[Renon]: 这个团队在去年十二月开始共同发展的。

[Mr. Keshe]: so now weare looking to increase the innovation group to up to about 300 around theworld and all be headed by Renon. So you are a developer you want to be and youare looking for to be able to contribute to the expansion of the knowledge andRenon sees fits you can join us in that direction. The manufacturing has hisown side and distribution has his own side, the innovation has achieved his ownside and they will receive it we will organise a group especially specialisedin use of gans. Gans.org has been purchased by the foundation so in a comingtime we will put the Keshe foundation work what do you call it gans.org aspeople who want to expand the knowledge to use of gans for differentapplication. They are investing heavily in the background that all aspects canbe looked after and can be done if you see a new way and you are part of thefoundation the way you learn from here to share with others the foundation isthere to elaborate and cooperate. Is there anything else new we need to know?

[Mr. Keshe]: 所以现在我们正在努力增加这个创新团队的数量,尽可能在世界范围内能增加到300个,都由雷农领导。如果你现在想做一个发展者,你想努力为知识的扩展做出贡献,雷农可以满足你,你可以加入我们在这个方向发展。在制造业上有自己的方向与任务,在分配上也有自己的方向与任务,而在创新方面已经实现了自己的目标,他们将会接受它,我们会组织一个团队主要研究甘斯的使用。Gans.org已经被凯史基金会购买了,所以在未来,我们会把凯史基金会的工作定义为那些想要扩展甘斯的不同应用以及甘斯的使用知识的人。他们正在这个背景下加重投资,所有的方面都能被照顾到,都能够完成。如果你看到新的方式,并且你是凯史基金会的一部分,把在这里学到的知识分享给其他人,基金会致力于精心的合作。有什么我们要知道的新的事情吗?

[Person]: Hello sir

[Person]: 你好,先生

[Mr. Keshe]: yes

[Mr. Keshe]: 你好

[Person]: Right now weare still completing also the medical, plasma medical or cancer as well andalso the other for the plants I mean theagriculture aspect you see the nanocoated copper tubes and gans tubes so now January is very important

[Person]: 现在,我们仍然在完善,也是关于医疗的,等离子医疗或者癌症,还有其他关于植物,我指的是农业方面,你可以看到纳米涂层铜管和甘斯铜管,所以现在一月特别重要。

[Mr. Keshe]: The way wediscuss how to do it

[Mr. Keshe]: 我们讨论一下如何去做

[Person]: Yes sir theyuse the tubes the one we have discussed. There is a difference you are sayingthe tubes with the directly mixing it wait I am gathering the information sir.

[Person]: 好的,先生。他们使用我们提过的铜管。我们说的铜管与直接混合的是有区别的,等一下,我正在收集整理信息。

[Mr. Keshe]: okay thankyou very much Renon thank you for gorgeous job. Is there anything else we canlook at Rick because from now on we teach a little bit but the others share theknowledge so…?

[Mr. Keshe]: 好的,非常感谢雷农,谢谢你慷慨的工作。还有什么可以看的吗,瑞克?因为现在我们要开始上课教点东西,但是还有人想要分享知识的吗?

[if !vml]

[endif][Rick]: so Robert whoshowed earlier has a couple of questions and a couple things show he says so ifhe could come here that would probably be a good idea Robert do you want to

[Rick]: 罗伯特之前有几个问题,有一些事情他想说。如果他出现可能会比较好。罗伯特,你想提问吗?

[Robert]: I had aquestion on the transporter transmutation box. Can you see my screen now?

[Robert]: 是的,关于传输-转换盒,现在可以看到我的屏幕吗?

[Rick]: Should be ableto yes I see it here your screen

[Rick]: 应该可以,好的,我看到了你的屏幕。

[Robert]: Okay myquestion was do we, the coils are shown is mounted on these blocks do theblocks have to be open meaning there shouldn’t be any material matters stateswithin it that should be more or less like a frame it's nano coated does thatmatter?

[Robert]: 好的,我的问题是,这些线圈安装在这些方块材料上[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]: it depends

what you want to do with it but anything you use in hanging in putting these

things together has to be nano coated so even the matters inside to create a

condition the matter has to be nano coated. So if you use a plastic glass if

you use a copper wire, this is gorgeous. It will be very interesting if you

could do the field operation around this you will see a ray. Literally what

you'll see is a cylindrical ray and then[if !vml]

[endif]by increasing ordecreasing gravitational fields in the back to the front you will see that itgrow, it will literally flow in the direction. Can you put this on the 3D onthe whole structure the whole you see they will enclose to be one tube, if youlook at it there will be… the front and the back will be still having, it’svery much is in that process do you carry they linkup

[Mr. Keshe]: 这决定于你想用它来做什么。但是你用来悬挂或者连接这些东西的材料必须是纳米涂层的。所以甚至里面的物质也能用来创造环境,这些物质必须是纳米涂层的。所以如果你使用一个塑料玻璃[if !vml]

[endif],使用一个铜线圈,这是很棒的。这回很有趣,如果你能对环绕它的场进行操作与控制,[if !vml]

[endif]你会看到一个射线。严格来说你看到的是圆柱形的射线,通过由背后到前面来增加或减少引力场,你会看到它(射线)在增长,它会向这个方向流动。[if !vml]

[endif]你能把这个放在整个3D结构中吗?[if !vml]

[endif]你能看到它们会闭合成为一个管子。[if !vml]

[endif]你看,[if !vml]

[endif]这个在前面和后面将仍然会存在[if !vml]


[Rick]: If you look atthat you see right

[Rick]: 你看一下,能看到。。。

[Mr. Keshe]: It won’t beso edgy they won’t have an edge.

[Mr. Keshe]: 它不会这么锐利,他们不会有一个锋利的边缘[if !vml]


[Rick]: it's interestingyou can see right through the centre of it as if as it was a long toroidal orlike a long smoke ring you might say.

[Rick]:很有趣,恰巧通过它的中心,你能看到它是一个长曲面或者你会觉得像个很长的烟圈[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]: you areamazing Robert that’s beautiful the way you do things but what happens you haveto take the edges off the fields will interact and now in the centre you havethepackage. It shouldn’t cost more than 20 €30to produce. Is Ali on the line if he has any news for us?

[Mr. Keshe]: 你很棒,罗伯特。[if !vml]

[endif]你做事情的方式非常漂亮,但是会发生什么[if !vml]


[Rick]: Let’s bring himin here let’s see what he has something to say, Hi Ali are you there?

[Rick]: 让我们把他带到这里。看看他有什么要说的。你好,阿里,你在吗?

[Mr. Keshe]: actuallyit’s flying

[Mr. Keshe]: 事实上,它在飞。

[Ali]: Yes I am herehello

[Ali]: 是的,我在,你们好。

[Rick]: yes Ali hi


[Mr. Keshe]: Hi Ali goodevening to you

[Mr. Keshe]:阿里,晚上好

[Ali]: (keshe)Youhave to tell us anything from your space institute side I have been finishing Ijust finished the last batch of batteries about 70 to 80 plasma batteries, Ihave been working on it, there is, basically I put the last one on top and sofar the amount of light that are in the room is increasing dramatically

[Ali]: (凯史)你们要告诉我们太空机构方面的消息。(阿里)我已经完成了一批电池,大概70到80个等离子电池。我研究这个,基本上我把最后一个放在顶部,目前房间里灯光的数量正在戏剧性地增加。

[Mr. Keshe]: Can we seeanything, can you go online

[Mr. Keshe]:我们能看到吗?你可以上线吗?

[Ali]: Yeah sure I willgo online and when can you show my screen?

[Ali]: 当然,我就上线,你们能看到我的屏幕吗?[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]: I can’t seeyou

[Mr. Keshe]: 我看不到你

[Ali]: Hello everybody


[Mr. Keshe]: Do you havesomebody else with you?

[Mr. Keshe]:有其他人和你在一起吗?

[Ali]: No it’s just me,


[Mr. Keshe]: That thecamera

[Mr. Keshe]: 那是摄像机。

[Ali]: so let’s see thelevel will be, actually let me change the camera to the one on the sorry.

[Ali]: 不是,它只是摄像机,所以让我们看一下能达到的水平。现在让我改变一下摄像机位置,不好意思。

[Mr. Keshe]: Have you goto the beam me up Scotty section yet?

[Mr. Keshe]:到了“把我传上飞船”的部分吗?

[Ali]: Getting there sothese are all the batteries on the bottom, let me move forward

[Ali]: 好了,到了,这是底部所有的电池[if !vml]

[endif],[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]; what do yousee, what is the effect you see with adding these batteries now, you have noconnection to the main line they are operating on their own

[Mr. Keshe];你看到了什么,你现在添加电池能看到什么效果,你没有连接到主线[if !vml]


[Ali]: no I haveconnection to middle one the top top one I just finished the last 4 batteriesand I am going to hook them up tonight and there is a lot more circle and a lotof you got to see you don’t need to dim the lights as much and will still worknear light flickers and stuff in the air, there is an actual spaceship to formright in the air, if you dim the lights a little

[Ali]: 我连接到了中间的,顶部的那个[if !vml]

[endif][if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]: Can youchange your microphone your headphone is on but you’re speaking to yourcomputer microphone I think

[Mr. Keshe]: 你能调一下你的麦克风吗,你的耳机是连上,但是我觉得你可能在对着电脑麦克风说话。

[Ali]: Okay sure I can.Yeah sure I will change it.

[Ali]: 好的,可以。我现在就换一下。

[Mr. Keshe]: So whathave you seen in the past week?

[Mr. Keshe]: 你在过去几周看到了什么?

[Ali]: Ok it should bebetter now, yeah ok excellent so I was saying that as soon I put the batterieson I have seen a lot of light in the air you can see it with the physical eyeslike you see like sparkles and lights and flickers and stuff in the air and thesome of them are rotating lights and very powerful easily noticeable and i waskind of a worried about the neighbours upstairs or other neighbours becausethey're probably going to see the same thing so they might wonder what's goingon but I will keep going and hooking it up. If i drive when i drive toward myhome about 100 200 ms you will enter a zone where when you go inside you enterthe zone and you see the same affect in the and the surrounding of the house ofthe field has expanded a lot since then and we going to do a once i hook allthe batteries up we gonna do a outfield tests where we gonna take it completelyoutdoors and do it in an outdoor field so we can see the star ship.

[Ali]: 好的,它现在应该好一些了,好的。我要说的是我一把电池放上去,我就能在空气中看到光,你能直接用眼睛看到,可以看到火花,微弱的光还有空中的一些光,有一些是旋转的光,非常强大,非常容易可以用肉眼看到。我有点担心我楼上的邻居或者其他邻居,因为他们可能会看到同样的现象,然后就会想发生了什么。但是我会继续,然后把它们连接起来。如果我开车距离我的房间大概100到200米,你将进入一个区域中,当你进入这个区域,你能看到这个房子周围有同样的效果,(磁)场域扩展了很多。我们会继续做,一旦我把所有的电池都连接到一起,我们会做一个超场域测试,也就是在这个反应器外面,户外做一个实验,我们会在室外完成,在室外的领域,这样我们可以看到飞船。

[Mr. Keshe]: What do yousee when you dim the lights totally?

[Mr. Keshe]: 当你把灯光完全变暗你能看到什么?

[Ali]: I see a lot ofsparkles like a silvery light white lights and they rotate and there is tons ofthem and not only in this room that I am in but also in the two other rooms andalso when you enter the hallway from outdoors you'll see it like you see theselayers, it's just like walking into a almost a liquid environment like there isa different reflection of light so you can you


[Mr. Keshe]: Is it justyou who see this or the others?

[Mr. Keshe]:只是你看到了,还是还有其他人看到?

[Ali]: No everybody seesit, so I am gonna after i hook up the last battery i'm gonna to invite fewpeople tomorrow and they gonna check out the field again

[Ali]: 不是我一个人,大家都看到了。所以我准备在明天连接最后一个电池之后,邀请几个人,他们可以再次检验一次。

[Mr. Keshe]: Can we golive while we are doing it tomorrow

[Mr. Keshe]: 我们能直播吗,明天可以吗?

[Ali]: I have tocoordinate it so I’ll check with the…


[Mr. Keshe]: you can doit with Vince like last time. Will try to be on it tomorrow it’s impossible forme but hopefully we will try to keep in touch so we can be online. What isinteresting when you test try once now that you have finished with theframework try to make its flexible that you can move the base coil away eachother and see if your intensity increases or decreases

[Mr. Keshe]: 你能和文斯合作吗,像上次一样。能明天试试吗?我觉得我可能看不到,但是希望我们能在线上联系。你第一次试验的时候还是挺有趣的,既然你已经完成了这个架构,努力把它变得更灵活一些,你可以移动底座的线圈使之相互远离,以此来增加或减少强度。

[Ali]: like this one,there are certain angles that you seem more visibility so as you move thebottoms I’ve tested a few times there certain position that there produces astronger result definitely

[Ali]: 像这一个,这里有特定的角,[if !vml]

[endif]有更多的可见度,当你移动底部的时候,我在测试了几次,[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]; have youseen any yet in any shape or form. I think your building is suppressing a lotof fields for the structure and the current the cables.

[Mr. Keshe]; 你能看到任何形状吗?我认为你的这个架构抑制了大量的场,这些场被用在这个结构上以及电线里的电流里。

[Ali]: Yeah they areinside the room like when you enter the room right now even when the lights areon when i look into the air i see movements a lot of movements and is not asnot like clear air that you look into it's like the air has a thickness and thelayers within the air so it definitely


[Mr. Keshe]: If weswitch the light off now would we see anything?

[Mr. Keshe]: 如果我们关掉灯,现在能看到什么吗?

[Ali]: I can test itwith the camera I’m not sure but i can test it out

[Ali]: 我可以调一下摄像机,我不是很去顶,但是我可以测试一下。

[Mr. Keshe]: Make ittotal dark and see what we can see

[Mr. Keshe]: 把它全部变成黑的,看我们能看到什么。

[Ali]: Okay

[Ali]: 好的。[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]: Even if itgoes dark in the background

[Mr. Keshe]:背景也变成黑色。

[Ali]: Turn a couple oflights it the outside, okay so it’s pretty dark now, so let’s see if I can thislocation will turn on one more light maybe. So the T.V on one more light is onright now okay just tighten this up a bit so I don't know if you can see it ornot on the camera you see there are these waves Rick can you see it? Can andhear me? I don't hear you

[Ali]: 把外面的灯都关掉,好的,现在挺暗了,让我们看看,这个位置可能要关掉更多灯,电视上有一个灯还在,好的,把这个拉紧,我不知道你能不能看到,[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]:yeah we canhear you

[Mr. Keshe]:是的,我们能听到。

[Rick]: I see like apulsing or some sort of I am not sure if it trying to auto focus.

[Rick]: 我看到一个脉冲或者类似的东西,我不是很确定它是否能自动对焦。

[Ali]: Yeah that’s soyou see there is a on the screen there is lights like of a tiny dots of lightsthat keep moving around

[Ali]: 是的,你看到在屏幕上有很小的光点在周围运动。

[Mr. Keshe]: we see likeimpulses it like a pulse,

[Mr. Keshe]: 我们看起来它们像脉冲,它像脉冲[if !vml]


[Ali]: yeah that’s it soyou see it with your eyes much clearer if you're inside the room but that'sinitially it so and you sometimes see like movements of these lights andsparkles once in a while they pop up here and there on the screen.

[Ali]: 是的,所以你们在房间里自己看的更清楚,但是这是开始的时候,你有时可以看到这些光点的运动,它们在屏幕中跳来跳去。

[Mr. Keshe]: I tell youwhat to do

[Mr. Keshe]: 我告诉你做什么。

[Ali]: Yap

[Ali]: 好的。

[Mr. Keshe]: make awish, what is your wish, and keep your camera. What would you like us see?

[Mr. Keshe]: 许个愿,你的愿望是什么,开着摄像机,你想让我们看到什么?

[Ali]: okay

[Ali]: 好的

[Mr. Keshe]: I know wesee like a flickering this is the is to do with the camera, because especiallythe writing on the pipes go blurred and come back

[Mr. Keshe]: 我知道我们看到有闪烁的光,这和摄像机有关,因为尤其在铜管上的字变模糊又清楚。

[Rick]: may be the autofocus of the camera if it was just on the, if you stop auto focus and do amanual control of it might stop doing that.

[Rick]: 可能是因为摄像机在自动变焦,如果你把自动变焦关掉手动控制一下这个可能就会停止。

[Ali]: Let me bring it abit closer.

[Ali]: 我把这个挪近一点。

[Mr. Keshe]: Stop theauto focusing as Rick said see what nearly what we see

[Mr. Keshe]: 按瑞克说的,把自动变焦关掉,靠近一些,看我们能看到什么。

[Rick]: you have to takemanual control of depending on what camera it is

[Rick]: 你要手动控制,不过也要决定于摄像机是什么样的。

[Ali]: Yeah I can, thereare some settings I can fiddle with

[Ali]: 是的,我可以,我能处理某些设置。

[Rick]: I can see thathappening it’s trying to focus especially in the dark its hard for digitalcameras to figure out what’s going on.

[Rick]: 我能看到发生什么,它正在努力聚集,[if !vml]


[Ali]: Let me turn ofthe …

[Ali]: 让我开一下…

[Robert]: Is the T.Vstill on you said there is a t.v on

[罗伯特]: 电视还开着吗?你说那里有电视开着。

[Ali]: Yeah the t.v isstill on

[Ali]: 是的,电视还在开着。

[Robert]; It probablyshould be turned off

[罗伯特]; 应该把它关掉。

[Ali]; Okay I will turnthat off


[Rick]: Unless it on analien station that suddenly came in you might want to listen to it

[Rick]: 除非一个外星人频道,突然出现,那你可能想要听一下。

[Ali]: I’ve got thecomputer screen now on


[Robert]]; No I thinkits auto focus


[Ali]: So I will turnoff the auto focus so it’s turned off and let’s move the camera

[Ali]: 所以我会关掉自动变焦,关掉它了,让我们动一下摄像机。

[Mr. Keshe]: Let me seeyour hand if you still see the balancing condition

[Mr. Keshe]: 让我们看看你的手,如果你还能看到平衡状态。

[Ali]: Sure as you cansee my fingers are getting kind of like a

[Ali]: 你能看到我的手指变得像一个...

[Mr. Keshe]: We can’thear you like at a bottom ofthat dungeon,

[Mr. Keshe]:我们听不到你,像在地牢的底部

[Ali]: Okay so I amgoing to move my hand and as you can see, let’s see its coming up

[Ali]: 好的,我将动一下我的手,就像你们能看的,让我们看它的出现。

[Mr. Keshe]: Where isyour hand?

[Mr. Keshe]: 你的手在哪里?

[Ali]: on the right sideof the screen


[Mr. Keshe]: We can’tsee anything

[Mr. Keshe]: 我们什么都看不到

[Vince]: It’s too darkAli move you hand in front of the white pipe

[Vince]: 阿里,太黑了,在白色管子前面动一下你的手

[Ali]: okay there?

[Ali]: 可以吗?[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]: go up youare too low go higher, ok move your hands or fingers when don't you see

[Mr. Keshe]: 向上一点,你太低了,变高一点,好的,动一下你的手或者手指,[if !vml]


[Ali]: here is actuallygetting disappeared as it can see my fingers are getting really really weirdhere can you see that like here my fingers are gone can you see it?

[Ali]: 这里已经消失了[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]; Can you seeit? Yeah I can see it on the right hand side. Move you hand into the sameposition now don’t move, just move your hands forward

[Mr. Keshe]; 你能看到它吗?是的,我能看到在右手边。把手放到那个同样的位置,不要动,把手向前移动。

[Ali]: Forward?

[Ali]: 向前?

[Mr. Keshe]; Yeahtowards the frame work

[Mr. Keshe]; 是的,向框架那边。

[Ali]: Yeah goingforward, forward

[Ali]: 是的,向前向前。

[Mr. Keshe]:No you aregoing back, no no okay, now go backward and now move towards the frame as youare going to catch the frame.

[Mr. Keshe]:现在向后退,现在向后,然后向框架移动直到你能碰到这个框架[if !vml]


[Ali]: Now it’s insidethe frame. Now here it gets a lot of distortion as you can see on the camera

[Ali]: 现在,它在框架里。现在在这里,你们能在摄像机中看到它已经变形很严重[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]: What do yousee with your own eye that is what is important. Don’t look at the camera don’tlook at the screen what do you see yourself

[Mr. Keshe]: 你能用肉眼看到看到什么是最重要的,不要看摄像机,不要看屏幕,你自己能看到什么?

[Ali]: I’m really closeto my hand so has to move back a bit and see what's going on

[Ali]: 我距我的手非常近,所以要后退一点点看发生了什么[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]: can you leaveyour hand there and come back? Or put it on a stick and shake it.

[Mr. Keshe]:你能把手留在那边然后后退吗?或者把它放在一个管子上晃一下。

[Ali]: I could eventouch the lights today like in the palm in my hand the plasma is like a lightand I was touching it was a concentrating on the palm of my hand today so whenyou move it around you see actually lights on your palm of your hand and theypulsing there and you can see it with your physical eye that’s the thing

[Ali]: 我能碰到光,好像在我的手掌里,等离子体就像一个灯,我能碰到它,它集中在我的手掌上,所以当你移动它,你能在手中看到光,它们在那里脉动。你能用肉眼看到那个东西。它是一个东西。

[Mr. Keshe]: What do yousee yourself, not see in your fingers or hand?

[Mr. Keshe]:你看你自己的时候能看到什么,不是看你的手里。

[Ali]: I have to be abit further for myself to not to see my hand I have to do a good a friend thatcan stay here


[Mr. Keshe]: Bring afriend tomorrow

[Mr. Keshe]: 明天带一个朋友。

[Ali]: yeah I have to …

[Ali]: 是的,我需要...

[Mr. Keshe]: Oh see herwearing gloves you're very careful. Have you had any report from your do youcall it Swiss connection.

[Mr. Keshe]: 看到了他带着手套,你很谨慎,你有从瑞士的连接那里获得了任何报告吗?

[Ali]: Yeah I spoke toJackie there were some nano coating that he wanted to do on his frame to makesure it's possible also redesigning his frame because he now has to rotate thecoils up to 90° and the so he waslooking at the dockhe was looking at redesigning his frame and a short term that is a good idea tohang the coils from a simple wire so he is going to do that and I am going tocatch up with them to make sure that we can collaborate on some futureprojects.

[Ali]: 是的,我和杰克谈过,有一些纳米涂层他想要加到他的框架上来确保它有可能,重新设计他的框架,因为他现在必须要旋转线圈到九十度。他在重新设计他的框架,简言之,从悬挂线圈会比较好。所以他会这么做,我会和他们联系确保我们能在未来的项目中共同合作。

[Mr. Keshe]: okay isthere anything else. So we wait for you to tell us what time is we are going tosee your magic show tomorrow

[Mr. Keshe]: 好的,有其他什么东西吗?我们等你告诉我们明天什么时候看你的魔法秀

[Ali]: yeah yeah forsure


[Mr. Keshe]: We willcome in just Vince Rick and I and a couple other people will come to watch.It’s the same friends as last time?

[Mr. Keshe]: 我们会上网看,就是文斯和里克,还有其他人都会一起观看。是和上次同样的朋友吗?

[Ali]: possibly one ortwo would be the same I’ll see if I can find other people on the mix so this iswith lights on pretty much as the brighter see my hand looks really weird here

[Ali]: 可能有一两个是一样的,我会看我能不能找到其他人一起。这个是在灯光亮的情况下,这样可能更亮,这里看起来我的手很奇怪[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]: you looklike a Martian

[Mr. Keshe]: 你看起来像火星人。

[Ali]: Yeah looks like aMartian, then  go a bit back.

[Ali]: 是的,看起来像火星人,可以往后一点。

[Mr. Keshe]: It’s a verystrange looking finger

[Mr. Keshe]: 看手指很奇怪。

[Ali]: if I come close

it becom[if !vml]

[endif]es a little bit more realistic here notyet and then

[Ali]: 如果我距离它近一些,会变得更加现实,这里还没有,然后

[Mr. Keshe]: okay let'ssee tomorrow let us know when you will arrange it, I’m sure we can be there andsee when do you think you going to go to an open environment .

[Mr. Keshe]: 好的,让我们明天看看,当你安排好通知我们,我确定我们能到时观看,你觉得什么时候合适去一个更开放的环境做测试?

[Ali]: We will do thaton the weekends that will be we will set it up so I do Saturday or Sunday I canarrange that to happen

[Ali]: 我们将会在周末做这个实验,我们会设置好,会在周六或者周日做,我能让这个发生。

[Mr. Keshe]: Ok let ussee but where are you're going to be leave it there for the time being don’tmove it, in and out, let it be there and if you put a camera or video camera thatyou can take a picture continuously will see how the fields of the earth andthe environment over 24 hours, 36 hours will change things

[Mr. Keshe]: 好的,让我们看到,你要把它留在那个你们所到的地点,不要动它,不要进进出出。让它在那里,如果你放一个摄像机或者视频摄像机,你就能持续地拍摄图片,能会看到地球和环境中的磁场怎样在24小时或36小时中改变一些事物。

[Ali]: yeah also made,putting the battery some food, I made the mango apple banana mix and I put onthe coil then burned it and then put it there's four of them on each set

[Ali]: 是的,我也在电池中放入一些食物,我制作了芒果苹果香蕉混合物,我把它们放在线圈上,然后用火烧,把它们分成4份放在每个装置上。

[Mr. Keshe]: You aredefinitely not going to get hungry

[Mr. Keshe]: 你绝对不会饿了。

[Ali]: Yeah I will nevergo hungry eating a lot of mangoes nano coatedmangoes

inanimate real mangoes

[Ali]: 是的,我绝对不会饿,吃了很多芒果纳米涂层,。。真正的芒果

[Mr. Keshe]: That’sfantastic so we wait most probably next week you show whatever we will see

[Mr. Keshe]: 那很美妙啊,所以我们差不多等到了下周,我们就能看到你展示的了。

[Ali]: Okay

[Ali]: 好的

[Mr. Keshe]: thank youvery much Ali thanks for your time

[Mr. Keshe]: 非常感谢,阿里,谢谢你。

[Ali]: Thank you.

[Ali]: 谢谢

[Vince]; Ali can I askyou something about those lights, are they like little millimetre size ballsthat flow around like current or like a mist flying around the room?

[Vince]; 阿里,我能问一些关于灯的事情吗,他们是小到毫米一样的球像电流一样流动还是像薄雾一样在房间飘着?

[Ali]: more like a mistand the is like I almost being in a foggy room when you go like on a mountainor something and there is fog in the air even right now looking at the camera Isee it so it's just moves around if you and sometimes varies. There is variableon the lights are sometimes some part of the room and something pops out andhas more like compare to the next side of it so

[Ali]: 更像薄雾,好像我基本是在一个充满雾的房间,就像当你去一座山上或者空气中有雾气的其他地方,甚至现在看着摄像机中,我能看到它。所以在周围移动一下都能感觉到变化。有时灯光有变化,有时候房子的部分或者一些东西跳出来,和另一边有很明显的比较。

[Mr. Keshe]: Are youseeing your fishes yet again.

[Mr. Keshe]: 你又一次看到你的鱼了吗?

[Ali]: the fishes, ithappened only once to me so it was interesting experience was aholographic thingthat was happening with the feel andit was coming and I seeing that

[Ali]: 鱼,它只发生了一次,所以是一次很有趣的经历。它是一个全息的事情,发生的时候带着这种感觉。它出现了我就看到了。

[Mr. Keshe]: Thank youvery much Ali so

[Mr. Keshe]:非常感谢,阿里。

[Ali]: Thank you have agreat big guys

[Ali]: 谢谢,希望大家都过得愉快。

[Mr. Keshe]: So we seeyou tomorrow or the day after. Try to organize things for Saturday thattomorrow no that way anymore, ok you gonna go, thanks Ali

[Mr. Keshe]: 所以明天见或者后天见。努力为周六准备一下,明天就不是这样的方式了,好的,你要离开了,谢谢你,阿里。

[Armin]: hello Mr. Keshe

[Armin]: 你好,凯史先生。

[Ali]: That’s a familiarvoice jumped in there

[Ali]: 这个跳出来的声音很熟悉啊

[Mr. Keshe]: How did youcreep in?

[Mr. Keshe]: 你是怎么悄悄进来的?

[Rick]: yes I just saidsomeone lined up and all of a sudden Armin jumped in there, no its great Armingo ahead

[Rick]: 是的,我就说有人刚刚上线了,突然阿曼就跳了出来,很好,阿明,你继续吧。

[Mr. Keshe]: Come onmaster Armintell us what going on

[Mr. Keshe]: 说吧,阿明硕士,告诉我们怎么了。

[Armin]: One question,if you nano coat to plastic and it very thin can you do it with the steam nanocoat

[阿曼]: 有个问题,如果给塑料进行纳米涂层,它非常薄,你能使用蒸汽对它进行纳米涂层吗?

[Me. Keshe ]: I don't know this we have what Douglas told by the way my

deepest consideration to you Douglas it’s a very hard time I hope we can

support you in every shape or form. Douglas lost his lover’s childyesterday and Douglas with this experience explained to us the different kindof plastic how and what release and what causes because he has been part of itand he understands it. I think he is doing nano coat inside these tube we rubthem with the gans or in the link finally is still matter state these are partof the question I have is there to answer but we don’t know but this plastic isgot to be asked by the expert because my original idea or concept was to uselike copper that we can see it, with this we do not know. It the same situationas Coca-Cola bottle see the whole bottle doesn’t get touched by 2 bottom endsand screws and disappears we, I don’t know we got to test and see if it givesus the results(2:30:24)

[Me. Keshe ]: 我不知道,这是道格拉斯告诉我们的,我仔细为你考虑,对道格拉斯来说,这是非常艰难的时间。我希望我们可以任何形式支持你。道格拉斯昨天失去了他爱人的孩子,道格拉斯向我们解释了不同类型的塑料,如何释放,释放什么,什么引起的,因为他是其中的一个部分,他理解这个。我认为他在铜管里面进行纳米涂层,我们用甘斯摩擦它或者在这个连接中最后仍然是物质状态。这些是我要回答的问题的一部分。专家会问到这个塑料,因为我最初的想法或者概念是像使用管子一样使用它,用我们不知道的这些。这是和可口可乐瓶子同样的情形,看到整个瓶子不会被两端碰到,用拧上去,然后消失。我不知道,我们必须要测试,看它能否给我们结果。

[Armin]; Okay thank you


[Mr. Keshe]: Are youstill anything to show us any more magic Mr. Armin


[Mr. Armin]: It’sprinting


[Mr. Keshe]: What isprinting, it was printing yesterday morning .I think this machine is gonnaasked to be removed to a new house because you are working it too much. but Ithink you already run out of the warranty after a week

[Rick]: Wait let me showthat Armin.



[Mr. Keshe]: What areyou printing?


[Armin]: A frame

阿尔曼:一个框架。[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]: A frame forwhat?


[Armin]; for astacker 


[Mr. Keshe]: would youlike us to send you some stackers Mr. Armin?


[Armin]; No it’s asingle stacker that you can stack it up.


[Mr. Keshe]; how longdoes it take to make one


[Armin]; I start itmaybe, 2 hours or 3 hours ago


[Mr. Keshe]: When willit be finished?


[Armin]: Morning when Iwake up


[Mr. Keshe]: When I wakeup in the morning. Then we will be there. no problem. That’s perfect Armin,thanks. There is something we discussed for those of you who saw the Armin’s,what I call spring rods to connect systems ,we discussed this yesterday in theteaching ,maybe if you haven’t been there you can go back to it and explain itwhen you make these coils, bending coils to connect one system to another. beaware that you cannot open them up and turn them 90 degree as I have seen somepeople doing, you have to keep the frame work exactly the same, you cannot openthem up. Armin do you want to show exactly what we mean, so that peopleunderstand


[if !vml]

[endif][Armin]: it’s like say,it’s a stacker .correct and you want to connect the other one upward to bottom,you just squeeze in.

阿尔曼:差不多是这样的,这是能量层,[if !vml]

[endif]你需要把下面的线圈与上面线圈的底部留出来的线相连[if !vml]

[endif],插进去就可以了[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]: Can you sendme this picture?

凯:可以把这张图片发给我吗?[if !vml]


[Armin]: And you cansqueeze in another one too


[Mr. Keshe]: yeah canyou send this to me


[Rick]; Hold it thereArmin and I take a screen shot, I think I can do that.


[Mr. Keshe]; Separate it


[Armin]: This is fromthe same wire

阿尔曼:这是同一条金属线圈[if !vml]


[Rick]: Let me take apicture of it separate, hold it up like two units are separated there.bothunits are separated .one on top of the other like its ready to engage

瑞:请先把它们分开,我先截一张这样的图,[if !vml]

[endif]就像拿两个分离的装置那样,把它们分开,再把另一个放到上面,准备插进下面的线圈。[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]: Make avideo and put on and send it to on manufacturing site please


[Rick]: Okay just holdthat there okay got that there and now


[Armin]; the ones goesout it gravitational ,the ones goes in is here, this is how it connects.

阿曼:伸出来的这个线圈是引力线圈[if !vml]

[endif],这个要从这里插进去,这就是怎样把二者连接起来的[if !vml]


[Rick]: Okay just holdit there, got it okay


[Armin]: It’s like thesingle stacker, you can produce and stack it up or you can take it out

阿尔曼:这就是一个单独的能量盒,你可以自己做,然后把它叠加起来,或直接把它拿出来[if !vml]


Mr. Keshe]: Yeah butwhat happens to your magnetical


[Armin]: This is just asample I have two coils so I am making it. I am waiting for it to print then Iwill make 2 coils which I have here

阿尔曼:这只是一个样本,我有两个线圈,现在正在做,正等着3D打印机打出来,然后我就会把这里的两个线圈制作出来[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]: Okay, Idon’t think you wife sees you at all, does she, you should have never gonehome. So how do you connect them like this?


[Armin]: On the box, Iwill connect with the same like spring here, where is it, here Mr. Keshe. Let’ssay for the connections of the coils, you connect the same way, that what wewanna do, let’s say here,

阿尔曼:在盒子中,我会用同样的东西连接就像弹簧一样,在哪儿呢,在这,凯史先生,像这样把线圈连接起来[if !vml]

[endif],一样的做法,这就是我们要做的。[if !vml]


 [Mr. Keshe]: can you send this me because wegot to put it on the blue print a lot, I received emails and the things. Sendit to me by just show it by the video


[Armin]: Let’s say ifyou wanna connect something ,so you connect both sides and it’s not coming outuntil you turn. This connection you do then you can nano coat.

阿尔曼:如果你想连接这些装置,把线圈两边都连接起来,金属线不会出来,除非你把它转出来,[if !vml]

[endif]做成这样的连接后你就可以为其加上纳米涂层了[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]: So sendthis to, all these things as one video if you can do it today, if you have timewhile your printer is printing.

凯史:如果你今天趁着打印机还在工作,[if !vml]


[Armin]; I am morepunctual, I have a clock. Mr Keshe so


[Mr. Keshe]; I don’twant to be your wife


[Vince]: Would you mindhow not to bend those coils so that


[Mr. Keshe]: yeah that’s

the one we were asking for Armin, how to bend it. [if !vml]

[endif]Do not bend like this and think becausethe wire is connected ,you lose a lot of field strength. it has to be acontinuous bend flow. This is the wrong way you see at the top, yeah it createsa lot of loss. It has to be a continuous like the top, in one where you connectto another. Okay thank you very much Mr. Armin

凯史:嗯。这也正是我们问阿曼的,怎样弄弯线圈。线圈不像刚才那样弯曲,因为金属线相互连接着,会流失很多磁场强度,整个磁场必须是持续弯曲的磁场流,你看上面那样是不正确的,[if !vml]

[endif]这会导致大量磁场强度流失。像你调个头之后的这样与另一个线圈相互连接,这样便会有持续的磁场流[if !vml]


[Armin]: Thank you  谢谢。

[if !vml]

[endif][Mr. Keshe]: I will seeyou very soon. Anything else we can have a look at Rick?


[Rick]: Yes,Robert hadthe, Robert wants to, he needs to leave but his got something he wanted to showbefore he goes here .can you run that now Robert?


[Robert]: Yeah let meshare my screen


[Rick]: It’s kind of anice treat I think. What do we call this Robert?


[Robert]: I don’t know,you tell me.


[Rick]: It looks like aspace ship but it turn out to be a really snazzy KF logo and then it goesflying off again as a little saucer kind of thing

瑞:它像太空船,但再看是挺时髦的凯史基金会的徽标[if !vml]

[endif],之后又像飞碟一样飞走了[if !vml]


[Armin]: pretty cool


[Rick]: Quite cute thinghey, maybe you can stop the logo there at sales end there. is that possible? Onthe front side, there we are,


[Mr. Keshe]: Do youwanna use this for the website.


[Robert]: I think, Ithink we are already using a version of that


[Rick]: It’s quitebeautiful with the coil on it I thought.


[Mr. Keshe]: You want totell us what’s gonna happen,KFSSI has separated as we said with the SSIspaceship institute on their own website ,hopefully Carlos and Vince will putit up today or this weekend and each one will carry their own logo, this is aKFSSi logo, SSi will be the blue with the SSI spaceship institute on its own.And the Keshe foundation stays as his own with the Kf, the way it is

凯:你是要跟我们说目前的一些情况是吧。KFSSI已经和SSI飞船研究所分离了,他们都有各自的网站,卡洛斯和文斯很有可能今天或是这周就把网站投入运行,每个机构会有各自的徽标,这个是KFSSI的徽标[if !vml]


[Rick]: Mr Keshe wouldit be possible to  spice up the blue onea little bit maybe make it 3D or have a little bit more texture to it ,withoutspoiling the special significance that it has or maybe you want to talk aboutthat significance a little bit .


[Mr. Keshe]: I sent thelink to Vince what it is to go on the Website of the spaceship institute. Thislogo has been done by Iranian scientist in the Sahiwal khan university as agift to the foundation and stands the stars and the galaxies and the power onthe top is the universe. Can you stop sharing you screen please, we seewhatever you have. Who is sharing okay? Vince do you have the link I sent youwith the explanation?

凯斯:我已经把关于飞船研究所的网站介绍的链接发给文斯了,这个标志是Sahiwal khan 大学的伊朗科学家设计的,他们把它作为礼物送给了基金会,这个图形代表了星星、星系以及上面的能量代表整个宇宙。可以取消分享视频吗,你整个桌面我们都一览无余。是谁在分享屏幕,文斯,你有那个我给你发的介绍的链接吗?

[Vince]: Yeah just giveme a moment here, just give me moment here


[Mr Keshe]: This is howthe Iranian physicist have seen it and they have explained it and you go onbottom of the Keshe foundation logo on the first page of the space shipinstitute. It’s better to see their explanation how the logo was made and whatit means


[Rick]: And then thelogo for the Keshe foundation. How will that be? Will that be ?


[Mr. Keshe]; It stays asit is with the circles. we are not moving we are not changing,it is stillsitting for the payments to arrive ,when it arrive or they can letus  pay to move it or we have taken another stepto protect the foundation from these, what are called internet terrorists


[Rick]: Very well Okayjust to keep clear


[Mr. Keshe]: We have allthe logos which we have there drawn by Renon and by what you call the Iranianspaceship ,agency group of the Sharing han university will stay as it is

凯史:我们的logo来自于雷农和伊朗Sahiwal khan 大学所属的太空研究所的设计。

[Robert]: So Rick I madethe screen shot of that I am about to send it you on skype just a small file


[Robert]: I have toleave now guys I have a date with my pillow so good night and good day foreverybody


[Mr. Keshe]: Thank youindeed, thanks for all you your work Robert

[if !vml]


[Rick]: Thank you verymuch its beautiful.


[Ali]: Thank you Mr.Keshe thank you


[Mr. Keshe]: bye bye.have you received it  2:41:04

凯史:再见。  你接收到了吗,瑞克?

[Rick]: I have got an image here constellations and galaxiesand stars isthat what you need?


[Mr. Keshe]: can we have that please


[Rick]: okay just a second please.


[keshe]: This is how the foundation, the blue is the blue of the earth.


[Rick]: It doesn’t show any of that, blue is just a black and white


[Mr. Keshe]: Yeah it’s just an explanation of what it means.


[Rick Okay let me get this screen share going here


[Mr. Keshe]: yap there we are. This is where the constellation comes. Thearrow in between is the galaxy what we see as half-moon and the stars are thestars as we know it and that’s how the space ship institute logo was built bythe scientist the way they see it

凯史:好的,就是这,[if !vml]


[Rick]: is there a particular constellation or constellations that areinvolved


[Mr. Keshe]: no it’s just that the way they show where they pick the dotsyou see the black belts on it, the heavy black dots on each part of it as I seeit they have chosen, one is on the left bottom one is on the top and one is onthe other corners so it’s been chosen in that way so the spaceship institutecomes from the structure of the plasma in every shape of


[Rick]: What about the, can you tell me, tell us a little bit about thesort of half-moon shape but it isn’t half-moon at all


[Mr. Keshe]; Half-moon shape is here it’s in the middle of the shape of thedots of the galaxy.


[Rick]: I thought it could be space ship that would be the shield, theplasma shield part of the space


[Mr. Keshe]: This is not what they saw, it what we gave you as theydesigned the logo


[Rick]: I guess we could read a lot of things into that, it’s great, thereis a lot of it in that actually. We see the 3 dimensional4 reactorcombinationwith the globes there in a way or with the free plasma in the centre. So yeahokay


[Mr. Keshe]: okay thank very mush is there anything else we can share or wedon’t need it to be out today


[Rick]: Yes its getting on there was somebody who is patiently waiting to,I’m not sure if they had a question or something to show Vatang Ninuer maybethey could mention what they had there maybe we should wrap things up soonafter that

瑞:是的,有些人正耐心地等待着,我不知道他们是否有疑问或想展示什么?Vatang Ninuer,也许他们可以展示自己已有的成果,或许之后我们要把事情整理一下。

[Vatang]: Hello


[Rick]: Hello, what did you have to share?


[Vatang]: Can I put the video?


[Rick]: Yes


[Mr. Keshe]: is there any music or any copyrighting or you just…


[Rick]: Yeah what would you like to show?


[Vatang]: hello Mr. Keshe Hello everybody, I am Vatang I am a student inthe SSI this is my brother Shutar we are from Australia originally fromGeorgia.

瓦:凯史先生,你好,大家好,我是Vatang,是SSI的一名学员。这是我的哥哥Shutar, 我们在澳大利亚,不过是格鲁吉亚人。

[Mr. Keshe]: From where?


[Vatang]: From Georgia but we are living in Australia


[Mr. Keshe]: Okay show us what you done please

凯:哦,请展示你们的成果吧。[if !vml]


[Vatang]: This is supposed to be instead of a stacker unit instead ofmaking a stacker unit we decided to make a star formation and free plasma inthe corners of the bigger star formation, then I make 4 more of this and thenmake a star formation


[Mr. Keshe]: My god Can you while you are making these I see is beautiful,what you have doneis just to make sure your gravitationalrings are in the sameposition direction


[Shutar]: Yeah this one, needs to be horizontal


[Mr. Keshe]: Just try to make it somehow that it hangs different way


[Vatang]; we put it on a 45 degree all of them


[Mr. Keshe]; You can do what you like you create a new condition nobody cando it wrong we just learn from each other you try something new we seesomething new we learn from what you have done


[Vatang] What about the connection of this star formation to get that, doeshow do we do it or does it need a connection at all?


[Mr. Keshe]; In a way you can keep them separate or in a way you need themif you want to control them, if you want to join or get in touch or become partof the space ship institute part with Ali and he can advise you tell you whatand how to do these things then we can meet on regular bases to build it upbecause more and more people are building these systems in that way but change,just change the top in a right way, yeah the hanging, same as the other youfind more efficient system. Yeah no problem this way all the field will bethere, it fantastic. Are those you batteries on the floor?


[Vatang]: Yeah this is a nano coated plastic and we put it on the floor

瓦:是的,这是纳米涂层的塑料[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]: we were discussing yesterday how make these batteries us, youmade a split battery system


[Vatang and Shutar]: Yes


[Me Keshe]: These are more powerful, as I said who, who was I saying, Ithink its Alex or somebody else who has mixed the crystal glass into it andthey say it works or its much stronger. Am I correct Alex? Is he in thebackground so if you add some and if you are looking for a storage and thestronger storage capacity with your capacitors or your batteries, try to use amaterial like Aluminium of gans? When you make the gans of Aluminium mix it inyou mixture of ganses due to the space gap of the Aluminium you find a betterstorage capacity for your system.


[Vatang]: Okay we will try that


[Shutar]: What about this thing?


[Mr. Keshe]: Aluminium gans into it. Yeah?


[Shutar]: what about the distance between the coils because we try have andequal distance between the 4 but isn’t it too far or should it be closer?


[Mr. Keshe]: yes you are about the right you are correct you have noproblem you are about the right place but just have to flatten that top one, Idon’t know how you are going to flatten the top


[Shutar]: we want it go all of them made put found to get so that they arefacing each other in a right way


[Mr. Keshe]: try it we learn from you we are all knowledge seekers we seewhat we can learn as I said nobody is wrong. That’s fantastic thank you verymuch for sharing get in touch with Ali join that we can advise each other andhelp each other to achieve it much faster.


[Shutar]: This is what is going to look like in the end I guess.

苏:这应该就是等离子系统飞升结构的最终构图。[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]; I gathered that


[Shutar]: In the between of them I guess there going to be Magrav fieldshappening

苏:在它们之间,[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]: yes


[Shutar]: It could be the reactors, so the full plasmatic reactors and thefree plasma in the middle

苏:这些可能是反应器,中间是完整的等离子反应器和自由等离子体[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]: It would be in interaction between the fields, it won’t bethere its more on the surface on the triangle but if look at it open up yes,it’s exactly that’s what we said on the each face you always have you ownMagrav free plasma and you show it its very nice its perfect so we should lookat the gigantic structure,

凯:这些场之间会相互作用。它会更多出现在表面和三角地带,而不是在这。全面的看,这正是我们所说的,[if !vml]


[Shutar]: yeah pretty much yeah and I have a whole garage for you


[Mr. Keshe]: Don’t work in the garage I have you will both have a goodgroove. Get in touch with Ali and become part of the space ship institute thatthe we can do collectively we can build up and I see a large number have startbuilding these structures


[Ali]: Just send you my email Vatang if you look at your chat I sent you myemail please email me back okay

阿里:Vatang, 我发邮件给你了,如果你看见了,请回我,好吗?

[Shutar]: yeah thank you very much Ali


[Ali]: thank you,


[Mr. Keshe]: thank you indeed Ali, Ali get to the spaceship institute as afull time more or less in the coming weeks. While he is in transition, we willsee what we can get and how we can develop. But remember as long as you arewithin the structure like in the building you limit the building of yourspaceship structure because the wires in the wall and everything elseinterferes you need to find an open space that you that we can hopefully we cansee more of. More homogenous fields and make sure you don’t stay inside it youmight fly without knowing. Thank you very much all the best, thank you


[Vatang and Shutar]: Thank you


[Mr. Keshe]: thank you indeed 2:51:35


[Rick]: how you doingMr. Keshe there is one question from Mariel and someone else had their hand upbut if you feel you are done for today .


[Mr. Keshe]; okay let’ssee what the question is please.


[Rick]: Mariel do youwant to try and go ahead there


[Vince]: I think Dan isfirst, I think Dan has been waiting for a while

[Dan]: Yes yes can youhear me



[All]: yes


[Mr. Keshe]: who isthat?


[Dan]: Its Dan, Dan fromKiev Ukraine, so if I can share my screen I have some question about my batteriesand my some experiments with different type of constructional batteries


[Mr. Keshe]: yeah


[Dan]: Better try sharemy video, okay oh can you see me


[All]; yes 


[Dan]: good day, goodday Mr. Keshe good day everyone so I was with you from the first day of theteaching doing things doing my Magrav so I tried to show you first my system


[Rick]: I think it’s thefirst from Ukraine as well. Oh thank you


[Dan]: yes yes veryinteresting that you think so. This is the set of the batteries and I will showyou differences with these batteries I will like to share this knowledge, andthis is my system can you see it

丹:是的,听到您这样说很开心。这就是我的电池装置[if !vml]

[endif],接下来我想向您们展示不同电池的区别,这就是我的系统[if !vml]


[Mr .Keshe]: yeah havingorange or a tomato juice


[Dan]: no there is notorange this is a, I call it a persimmon. i show you the

丹:不是,这没有橙子,那是柿子。我给你看下[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]: we call itSharon fruit


[Dan]: I like it verymuch more than oranges so I have that so ok this my system and I run the systemwithout capacitors for about 2 months but from January 6 while we have orthodoxChristmas I will other side start full capacitor set you can see it and so Iwait, I wait I have to say it I have amazing experience. This is my workshopthis is my lab and my perfumes I do some chemistry and sometimes I have to stayif for night and when I sleep near the stacker I get very interesting sightsand maybe some time I will share my insides but it doesn’t matter now and whatabout batteries before doing 60 batteries for power of the space ship I wouldlike to know the differences I have for 2 type of gans I can show you that.

丹:与橙子相比,我更喜欢柿子。所以这个是柿子。好了,这就是我的系统,差不多有两个月的时间没有用电容器运行整个系统,但从一月六号开始,度过传统圣诞节后,我开始使用电容器装置[if !vml]


First the gans is copperoxide but I do some experiment .I use sea salt dissolved in water in percentagelike real sea water and when I do, when I tried to do CO2 with this huge zincplate you see it, this part was in water, this part was in air but I didn’tconnect it with some load as I understood, I get more zinc oxide and CO2 andafter that I used the same sea water and the same, the same bottle when do itand here I do some copper oxide so I think its mixture, zinc oxide with copperoxide and for the first battery, for the battery here I used a coil inside,coil outside paper around in the coil and aluminium foil around the paper andthis gans I used here this coil have the same construction but the gans is another. I do some paste but this paste wasdone with some voltages for about 1.5V and oxidizing pumps so I get such apaste and my aim was to try the hardly pasted one and lightly gansed one andanother 3 is batteries without a paper just only aluminium foil which I triedto nano coat with the caustic but i have a questions about caustic because Itried to understand the essence of nano coating and so looking for video alwaysCoca-Cola bottles

第一种甘斯是铜氧化物,[if !vml]

[endif]不过我做了一些相关的实验。将海盐溶解在水中,其浓度与普通海水相同,然后用一块大的锌板制造CO2,[if !vml]

[endif]这一部分(上面)在水中,还有一部分(下面)裸露在空气中,不过我并未对其增加负载,然后就得到了很多锌氧化物和二氧化碳,之后我又用了等量的海水和同样的瓶子,在这里又制成了一些铜氧化物,这就是锌氧化物与铜氧化物的混合物。这是我做的第一个电池,[if !vml]

[endif]里面有一个线圈,外面有一个线圈,里面的线圈用纸包裹,纸的外面是铝箔,我在这里用了甘斯[if !vml]

[endif],下面的电池和第一个构造一样,但用的是另外一种甘斯。我做了一些甘斯浆糊[if !vml]

[endif],不过是通过接通1.5伏电压和氧气泵做的,我是想把一个电池糊的厚一些,另一个薄一些,剩下的3个电池[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]: yeah let meexplain the reason you nano coataluminium


[Dan]: Please:


[Mr. Keshe]: The reasonyou nano coat your aluminiuml is that exactly what you done with your coils nowbutyou trap and control the full amounts in away where your coils are open. in the rings you made, the gans was attached tothe coil decides the energy which absorbed. Here when you use nano aluminiumcoated you get the transfer without the matter but the matter allows theseparation of the fields’ strength to create the current flow and extraction. Isee you as a single not the split coils


[Dan]: Yes I tried to dosome single coils but I tried to do some split coils that I will try recentlythis day maybe tomorrow


[Mr. Keshe]: This spiralcoil in the centre and then nano coated material and the gans is what we havedone in the innovation centre but I think a few weeks ago


[Dan]: And here I justuse all my connections and I have some result with voltages I would like toshow you the differences in voltages between these constructions okay so I hopeI can take my, one second please I will do it with my 2 hands it steady okay

丹:在这里我创建了一些连接[if !vml]

[endif],还得出了一些关于电压的结果,我想跟你们展示一下这些不同结构中电压的区别,我想拿我的,哦,请等一下,我需要用两只手拿,这样就会稳当一些。[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]: We don’tsee your meter.


[Dan]: the meter is herejust do it, it shows its I understand you its some gruse-gruse tile but I thinkyou understand the digit yes ok so first I try 200mV to first coil .[Keshe]&[Dan]:which is made with the paper and the light gans as you saidnot paste it too much but very lightly and so I connect now and see the resultson second okay and this night I have another experiment but I try second coiland because I have for the first coil in between 0.4V not millivolts but 0.4Vand 0 I have sometimes 0.5V for one coil, it was steady but try another coilyou see mV is too low. I try volts now for the second coil this volts its notmillivolts 0.3, 0.4 sometimes and its rotating, its rotating of course Iunderstand there is a few field natural to rotate and it has to be stabilisedas I understand this coil sometimes perform better than hardly pasted one am Icorrect?

丹:电表在这,这上面显示的就是。我知道您刚才的意思,这是那种gruse-gruse 的电表,但你们应该知道数额,对吧?好的,首先我给第一个线圈接通200毫伏的电压,就是那个其中有纸和较少甘斯的,没有糊很多的,就只在外面涂了一层轻薄的甘斯层,然后把它接通,很快就能看到结果[if !vml]

[endif]。今晚我有另一个实验,但我接下来试第二个线圈,由于第一个线圈是在0.4伏和0伏之间,注意不是毫伏,有时候试一个线圈时会是0.5伏,它没有动,那么在试第二个线圈时,毫伏的电压就太低了[if !vml]

[endif],所以就增大到伏,大概是0.3、0.4伏[if !vml]

[endif],它在转动[if !vml]

[endif](波动大),我想可能是其本身有磁场在旋转运动,但这应该是稳定的,像我想的那样,这个线圈[if !vml]

[endif]比涂有厚厚一层甘斯的线圈[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]: It dependson what is in the coil and what you expect of it and is it exactly the samegans.


[Dan]: No the differentganses


[Mr. Keshe]:    You have different ganses you have differentresults. How is the one with the aluminium foil at the bottom with no paper?


[Dan]; This one I have 2little sheets wrapped so inner coil then one sheet of aluminium and thenanother one so 2 separate Aluminium foil nano coated with caustic so see theresult with that it’s also volt ?so it’s about 40mV. 30mV. here the gans islike in the first one the lighter one so another coil I use one long paper tonot separate in different papers see the result. You know sometimes we got novolt we got to set mV so it responds very longI see it but you see it verysharply turns to 100mV and the see and then 100 very very sharp fluctuating notas smooth as like with paper and another one is also one long sheet ofaluminium and but I have based it with the of copper oxide gans so when ourresponse and as I see its and my night experience today, its, this battery havethe lowest response of all these

丹:这种线圈我用了两个小铝箔片包裹里面的线圈,先用一个小铝箔片包裹,外面的用另一个,所以就是用了两个单独的腐蚀剂纳米涂层铝箔,接下来就看之后的结果了。大概是40毫伏或30毫伏[if !vml]

[endif],这个线圈用的甘斯和第一个线圈一样,就是用少量甘斯的那个,另一种线圈是用的一长条铝箔,没有分开用不同的,然后观察结果。有时候没有显示电压,就要先接通毫伏大小的电压,因此反应时间就比较长,但你看它有时候会突然跳到100毫伏[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]: But how doyou do nano coat you aluminium


[Dan]: I try to tell youthat I use the foil ,but this foil have 2 different sides one gloss side andone matte side. I have the caustic natural OH for about I think about 20% inwater, distilled water so I put this foil for a little time to this caustic ina little base it cold no hot just a cold caustic but I used to see the reactionthe immediate reaction and when some reactioncarryit out I put this sheet of paper and washed it with distilled water until thereaction stops then I leave it into the water for about minute of 2 then I outin the air then dry then I used in the battery


[Mr. Keshe]: how do youdry it? Do you dry it in the air?


[Dan]: I just leave inthe air


[Mr/ Keshe]; Can you puta voltmeter on the aluminium and see


[Dan]: This sheet ofpaper is nano coated so I describe or something, so see there is no fluctuationmaybe another side nothing no


[Rick]; what would bethe resistance on the resistance ohm scale


[Dan]: Resistance on the200kohms


[Mr. Keshe]: It’sconductive

凯:那还是有传导力的[if !vml]


[Dan]: So it’s not nanocoated yes?


[Mr. Keshe]; now that’sthe problem with aluminium. Ali uses firing it he uses a


[Dan]: When I get thisfiring, it has flown,maybe it’s too thin but itdisappear when I try to heat to heat with the gans firing


[Ali]: This is Ali .yougot to get a bit of a thicker aluminium paper


[Dan]: Thicker Aluminiumpaper I understand


[Ali]: And then when youuse the torch, go around the aluminium first and then go in the middle, itshould be rapid movement .don't hold it at one spot, just do it very rapidlyleft and right ,left and light and then go from top to bottom and bottom to topand at some point, it will solidify and will not melt


[Dan]: Thank you verymuch I think I will try it


[Mr. Keshe]: Yourbattery which is showing 0 in aluminium is mainly metal connection. so you havea short circuit


[Dan]: I understand so Itry the variation thank you very much


[Mr. Keshe]: Try to usetitanium sheet are much easier


[Dan]; Titanium ofcourse I try to find titanium foil and it’s a bit expensive because it’s theamount which I can


[Rick]: We have got ananonymous viewer mention that aluminium can coated with fire work well, it isup to 2V per battery not split


[Dan]: I understand it’sno problem I will find titanium


[Mr. Keshe]: FindCoca-Cola cans he tells you, use coca cola cans, somebody just gave you theinformation. use an acoustic coca cola can


[Dan]: okay thank you Iwill try it


[Mr. Keshe]: that’s agood thing you get an immediate response. everybody is try something. you canin coming time I will show you a new way to make the batteries without anyfoils or any material in between, just go the way we are going till we at leastwe go to the next step.  in the new typeof capacitors. I will teach you most probably don’t need a coil, you make atotal plasmatic condition coils. I will let you know in a few weeks becausethere is a purpose for it and then we will see how we go.


[Dan]: Okay we will waitit


[Mr. Keshe]: Thank youvery much. thanks for sharing your knowledge


[Dan]: And this is thecoil for star ship

丹:这是为星型组合用的线圈[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]: try to getthis coils very very circular as much as you can, this is very important theoverall shape will change the field flow


[Dan]: I understand butit’s a bit simpler to get aroundthan when itwas firing the first time


[Mr. Keshe]: Yeah that’sperfect thanks very much


[Dan]: Thank you verymuch


[Mr. Keshe]: thank youfor sharing your knowledge .there is another hand up we can look3:10:21  凯史:谢谢你能跟我们分享。我看到有人举手,来看看是谁。

[Rick]: Well I am notsure


[Mario]: Can you see me?


[All]: yes


[Mario]: Thanks forgiving me the opportunity, it’s about the psychosomatic


[Mr. Keshe]: where areyou Mario?


[Mario]: I am Mario fromGermany I’m in Hamburg


[Mr. Keshe]: OK


[Mario]: I want to builda for my son's birthday, Iwant to buildthe sidea psychosomaticpen and he likes to, he getting 8 years old he likes everything I am doing withthe production of the power unit and the health pens and he is helping me andjust a reason for me to build a better model and based on the model of thepower unit with the double coils. one inside of each other. I want to build thepen, butinstead of super imposing  of the coils I want to use 2 coils with thewire in the middle and use another double coil and put the double coil aroundthe other double coil and also with the also with the wire in the middle. Myquestion


[Mr. Keshe]: can iexplain again you want to make a double coil with a wire in the middle and thenwith another double coil super imposing this double coil


[Mario]: No not superimposing turning, turning the other double coil. Like for example this one onlyone double coil and I want to put another double coil winding around hereinstead of just super imposing it. I want to wind it around here

马里奥:不是强加在上面,像这样,这是其中一个双线圈[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]: You make avery powerful system but why do you need that


[Mario]: for that’s morelike the Magrav power unit, instead of just super imposing and my question if Ihave this one with the central wire and the other one with the central wire , which gans should I use, I thinkthere is

anotherthecenter one with the CO2 gans witha single glide and what gans for the outer one


[Mr. Keshe]: you areputting them next to each other then it becomes a combination of whatever youdo. the 2 becomes one from the field point of view. Even if you look still 2different wires going through the centre ,their field of the nano coating makesone. One field through but this is a very powerful system. This is an extremelypowerful system but then it depends what you want to do with it


[Mario]: yeah healing


[Mr. Keshe]: Healingwhat? An elephant


[Mario]: All sorts oflife…again please


[Mr. Keshe]: you want toknock out an elephant


[Mario]: Yeah I want toheal all sorts of stuff 


[Mr. Keshe]: This isextremely powerful both psychological


[Mario]: Not toopowerful I hope


[Mr. Keshe]: Verypowerful. I advise you not to play


[Mario]: Okay so youthink the super imposing is better, so it not too strong


[Mr. Keshe]: the way youhave a double is a strong enough. if you put another on top, so now you willfind out I don’t know how you will put a feed back to it or if you are leavingit just on the own with the centre pin going through it .this becomes extremelypowerful system


[Mario]; you said oncethat we can use 2 central wires for each of the one for the magnetic and onefor the gravitational


[Mr. Keshe]: yes but nowyou have to be magnetical with the magnetical and the gravitational on thegravitational and then one total magnetical on top of the whole lot ,andespecially if you use different ganses do not use ganses just use differentmetals. its good enough, I keep on saying if you use gans on the pens the samewith… it’s not advisable


[Mario]: Okay only


[Mr. Keshe]: Let meexplain to you something which is the continuation of these Magrav pens youhave, yeah? finish your question then I will teach you something new 3:15:02

[if !vml]


[Mario]: If one of thequick thing, I am producing the lead gans here and you see there are basically3 different materials produced. One is the top layer that I guess is the aminoacid and the other things I hope you can see it here. Otherwise I have a clearpicture I could share the screen. There is a really thick stuff. Maybe I justshare the screen I have pictures now more clear, just a second. Can you see it?

马里奥:如果我制作前面的这种甘斯,就像你看的这样,基本上产生三种物质[if !vml]


[Mario]; Yeah and thereis another one here and you see there are at the bottom of the jar. there is avery thick and heavy stuff and I am wondering is it also gans or just lead thatcame off the plate

马:这还有一个,你们可以看到罐子底部有一些物质,非常厚重[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]: It’s theleadcome off the plate


[Mario]so that part isnot the gans.


[Keshe]:It is in a waygans but it is very fluffy it’s like a sponge


[Mario]: Yeah that’s howit feels


[Mr. Keshe]: We haveseen that in the brain of Marco and is set up in this way. I don’t mean hisbrain but the box


[Rick]: All depends onMarco. don’t quit the program


[Mr. Keshe]: Sorry aboutthat


[Mario]: I show you thethick part right? for the power unit, so the thick part I just leave out


[Mr. Keshe]: yeah but isstill a gans but its in different formation more on the matter state gans thana gans of the


[Mario]: Alright. Thankyou,


[Mr. Keshe]: Thanks alot thank you indeed, thanks for your time


[Mario]: Thank you


[Mr. Keshe]: With thewhat we produced as these pen prints in the week of the health week blueprint,we might need to teach you a new a new pen structure very powerful, extremelypowerful but it will be the one of the ultimate ways of doing the processing ofany pain.


I will explain to youlet us work while we are doing and then I show you how to make these, these newpens which is not the way you see it but if somebody reminds me to explain toyou about the new pens ,I will to explain I will to remember to show you how tomake extremely powerful pens with the power of the release is literallyinstantaneous .but as I said we have to go to the process variable understandthen we come to the other one is there anything else ?


[Rick]: Mr. Keshe wecould go on for hours no doubt but I it’s almost been almost 3 and a half


[Mr. Keshe]: You have ameeting in about an hour  so with themanufacturing team. I will have to get over it. Armin is that still on?


[Armin]: yes definitely


[Mr. Keshe]: one morehour and a half more or less


[Armin]: yescorrect 


[Mr. Keshe]: Yeah okthanks very much thank you indeed for today. I hope we learn a little bit more,the main topic of today as is been is transmutation of elements. how you do it,now you seen it and transportation of elements in a safe way,


 if you go back to the teaching in thebeginning of it and try to start making transmutation units and transportationunits. this is more or less the backbone of , you want to receive a post in thespace family ,you better build it now. otherwise we have no postman to comeacross and try it as you seen a lot of people are trying different versions.let us work together but in different way of adding to knowledge as differentgroups and we can bring this thing together at home safe.


 I thank you and I thank for the official fromthe governments for announcing it in the back in this thing. We look for yourcollaboration and cooperation at the highest level and we thank those who arethere to help humanity to go a step further. in so many ways I would like tothank couple of warriorjust are online you know who you are and you are online I thank your excellences foryour support. If there is nothing else we carry on or we stop for today we havealready been 3 and half hours more or less


[Rick]: you tell me whenyou


[Bernard]: I just got aquick question


[Rick]: Okay


[Mr. Keshe]: Who is thisone?


[Bernard]: Hello this isBernard, Hi how are you Mr. Keshe


[Mr. Keshe]: Hi Bernardyes what’s the question.

[Bernard]:I was justwondering on transport units could you replace the coils with pancake coilslike the tesla coils nano coated



[Mr. Keshe]: What do youmean pancake coils


[Bernard]: Like the flatcoils that round


[Mr. Keshe]: No itcannot be done. Pan cake coils have no gravitational system with them


[Bernard]: Alrightthanks very much


[Mr. Keshe]: you needboth of them at the same time. Thank you very much indeed


[Sylvester]: Thank youMr. Keshe see you in one hour. this is Sylvester.

[Mr. Keshe]: HiSylvester see you in one hour

西尔维斯特:谢谢您,凯史先生。一小时后见。 凯: 好,西尔维斯特,稍后见。

[Mr. Keshe]: Thank youeverybody else we will see you hopefully soon next week and if we see somethingstrange as usual we will pop out but don’t forget the second Thursday of theFebruary we will make it a blueprint health system. I will not release any ofthese things that you cannot see I teach live online


[Rick]: That was the 2ndweek in February you mention is that right?


[Mr. Keshe]: 2ndThursday of February


[Rick]: Alright okay


[Mr. Keshe]: For somespecific reasons we will show you things live on it wont be making any drawingthat you make mistakes or whatever , everything will be hand on piece by piece.Thank you everybody thank you very much thanks for all your support


[Rick]: Thank you Mr.Keshe and on behalf of all the experimenters of the world thank you very much.Alright so that’s going to wrap it up for today’s session and just end it witha screen share here and think I just went. Thank you for muting,


[Vince]: That would beMr. Keshe dropping out


[if !vml]

[endif][Rick]; That’s whathappened there okay and once again this is the 96thknowledgeseekers workshop and its Thursday January 14 2016 and as always for the last 95workshops thank you everybody for attending and we will see you next week, keepthose projects coming and please put in testimonials too at the Keshefoundation testimonial site which I am showing on my live stream.  Okay that is it for today I am going to stopthe live stream.