live with sth.

原文:Anyway, if letting Manny eat my candy is the price I have to pay to keep him quiet, I can live with it.

释义:[口语]容忍:忍受(不愉快的事);承认;接受;学会适应(常与have to,must连用):

造句:I have to live with his bad temper because he is my brother.

Fill in for sb.

原句:So Mom told Mrs Jefferson that I would be happy to fill in for Rowley at the tryouts.


造句:Can you fill in for me at the meeting? I’ve got a cold.


原句:But Scotty said it was his magic set, and he started throwing a bigtantrum.

释义:a sudden short period when someone, especially a child,behaves very angrily and unreasonably〔尤指孩子突然无理的〕脾气发作

造句:The little boy throws a tantrum when his parents refuse to buy the toy he wants.


So maybe I could have done a better job as Scotty’s assistant.

结构:could have done done sth.本来应该做某事而没有做

仿写:I could have told you about it earlier, but I didn’t know how to spit it out.


I think it is extremely difficult for me to live without cellphone even for one day now. And I spend most of my day on the phone. I wonder how much time I can save if there is no cellphone. I think it is time to learn how to control myself.