Lesson86 Out of control 失控

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一. 课文内容

As the man tried to swing the speedboat round, the steering wheel came away in his hands. He waved desperately to his companion, who had been water skiing for the last fifteen minutes. Both men had hardly had time to realize what was happening when they were thrown violently into the sea. The speedboat had struck a buoy, but it continued to move very quickly across the water. Both men had just begun to swim towards the shore, when they noticed with dismay that the speedboat was moving in a circle. It now came straight towards them at tremendous speed. In less than a minute, it roared past them only a few feet away. After it had passed, they swam on as quickly as they could because they knew that the boat would soon return. They had just had enough time to swim out of danger when the boat again completed a circle. On this occasion, however, it had slowed down considerably. The petrol had nearly all been used up. Before long, the noise dropped completely and the boat began to drift gently across the water.

二. 小词积累

1.电梯: lift elevator

2. 方向盘 steering wheel

first gear 一档 second gear 二档 reverse 倒车档  rear-view mirror,driving mirror 后视镜 horn,hooter 喇叭 choke 熄火装置 gear stick,gear change 变速杆 gearbox 变速箱[ starter,self-starter 起动器,起动钮 brake pedal 刹车踏板 clutch pedal 离合器踏板 hand brake 手制动器 foot brake 脚制动器 dashboard 仪表板 milometer 里程表 speedometer,clock 速度表 transmission 传动 piston 活塞 ] radiator 散热器 fan belt 风扇皮带 shaft 传动轴 inner tube 内胎 drain tap 排气阀门 silencer 消音器 tank 油箱 ] overflow 溢流孔 valve 阀门 exhaust pipe 排气管 spare wheel 备胎,备用轮胎

3. 汽油:'petrol ;加油站 gas station; pe'troleum 石油,原油

4. take the offer接受这份工作

5. considerably

6. cyber crime 网络犯罪

7. cause panic引起恐慌

8. troll网络喷子

9. wisdom tooth智齿

10. X-sports(Extreme sports)是指一些具高度危險性的運動,例如:高空跳傘(Sky diving)、空中滑板(Sky surfing)、下山越野單車(Downhill mountain biking),Rock jumping 跳岩

三. 读音纠正

1. 弱读: because/ə/ tremendous /trə'mɛndəs/

2. sion 读音像人,而不是坏银的银

3. again /ə'ɡɛn/ n读音别忘了

四. 语法分析

1. 一个句子里只能有一个动词,其他的动词只能是非谓语

I like play basketball(wrong)

I like playing basketball

I like to play basketball