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1. Are you seeing someone? 你跟某人约会吗?

2. Break a leg. 祝你好运。(演员,音乐家在登台前说的)

3. Can I take a rain check? 我可以和你改天再约吗?

4. Count me in. 算我一份

5. Did you cheat on me? 你对我不忠吗?

6. Do you want to grab a cup of coffee? 你想要喝杯咖啡吗? grab 攫取

7. Easier said than done. 说的比做的容易

8. Everybody deserves a second chance. 每个人都应该有第二次机会

9. Everything comes for a reason.一切都会好的

10. Go for broke. 放手一搏

11. He stood me up. 他放了我鸽子(失约)

12. He's going through a hard time. 他正经历一段困难的时期

13. How long are you gonna make me wait? 你还要让我等多久?

14. I couldn't agree with you more. 我非常赞同

15. I langhed my head off. 快笑死我了

16. I couldn't be less insterested. 我也很想知道


1. I couldn't sleep a wink. 我完全睡不着

2. I covered for you. 我帮你掩饰了

3. I don't get it. 我不明白

4. Maybe she's having her period. 大概是她“大姨妈”来了

5. I don't have a problem with her. 我对她没意见

6. You got a problem with that? 询问他人对某事是否有意见?(挑衅)

7. I don't think that's a good idea. 我不认为那个是个好主意

8. I don't want to ruin our friendship. 我不想破坏我们的友谊

9. I have feelings for you. 我对你有感觉 或 I fancy you

10. I just lost my appetite. 我没有胃口

11. I think he's on his way. 我想他正在路上

12. I totally lost track of time. 我完全忘了时间

13. I'll keep that in mind. 我会记住这点

14. I'll keep you posted. 我会让你了解(最新消息),随时告知某人


1. I've got to work overtime. 我必须要加班

2. I'll make it up to you. 我会补偿你

3. The pleasure is mine. 这是我的荣幸

4. I'll gonna take that as a compliment. 我会把你说的话当成赞美

5. I'm jet lagged. 我有时差

6. I'm kind of in the middle of something. 我有点忙

7. I'm over you. 我已经不在乎你了

8. I'm so sorry for the pain I've caused you. 我为我给你带来的痛苦感到抱歉

9. I'm heartbroken and I don't want to see you. 我心碎了,而且我不想再见到你

10. I'm so trilled. 我非常兴奋

11. I'm sure you'll find some way to repay me. 我确信以后你会找到报答我的方式


12. I'm working on it. 我正在努力。(别人询问你进展如何使)

13. It has nothing to do with me. 这跟我没关系(当你要撇清某是不是你做的)

14. It's a long story. 说来话长(某人询问某事,你说明的时间很长)

15. It's for your own good. 这是为你好

16. It's no/not a big deal. 这没什么大不了

17. My cell phone is dead. 我的手机没电了  How can ** reach me? 怎么联系我?

18. It's up to you. 由你决定

19. Let me get this straight. 让我弄清楚(确定对方说话是不是和你想的一样)

20. Let's get down  to business. 我们进入主题吧。

21. I like it pretty much actually. 事实上我还挺喜欢的。

22. Let's just keep this between us. 让我们保密这件事,只有我们两个人知道。

23. Make yourself at home. 不要拘束

24. May I have a word? 我可以和你谈一谈吗? I'd like (to have) a word with you.

25. Maybe we should stay away from each other for a while. 也许我们该分开一阵


1. My phone's dead. 我的电话没电了 Can I borrow your phone?

2. No hard feelings? 没芥蒂吧?(和好之后希望对方不要心存芥蒂时)

3. No offense. 无意冒犯。(想表达和别人不同的意见,但又怕说了伤和气时)

4. No strings. 不谈感情 No strings attached. 只想和异性做普通朋友

5. I don't want to be in a relationship right now. 我现在不想谈感情。

6. Something has come up. (突然)有事情发生 Something came up.

7. Something on your mind? 你有心事吗? What's on your mind?  Do you have something on your mind?

8. Why are you so glum? 你怎么闷闷不乐?

9. It/That doesn't make sense.  那没道理(某事,某种说法无意义或没道理时)

10. It make sense. 有意义,有道理

11. That's the lamest excuse I've ever heard. 那是我听过最烂的理由 lame 无说服力的

12. That's the way things are supposed to be. 事情原本应该是这样的,事情发展和原本预想不同

13. The past belongs in the past. 让过去的事过去吧 The past is past.

14. The postion has been filled. 这个工作没有了/这个职缺找到人了

15. I want to apply for a position as a engineer. 我想申请工程师职位

16. There's a first time for everything. 凡事总有第一次

17. Truth or dare? 真心话还是大冒险?

18. We should get going? 我们该走了 I've got to leave now.

19. What are you uo to? 你现在在做什么? What are you doing?

20. What brings you here? 什么风把你吹来了?

21. What took you so long? 你怎么那么慢?

22. What's going on? 怎么回事?

23. You guys seem to be very happy. 你们大伙看起来似乎很开心

24. What's the catch? 有什么陷阱?

25. I want you to take a business trip with me. 我想要你哥们我一起出差

26. Whatever's happened in the past,right now.I wanna be with you.无论过去发生什么事,现在,我只想和你在一起

27. My world won't be complete without you. 没有你,我的世界也不完整

28. Would you excuse me? 抱歉,我离开一下 I need to got to the ladies' room

29. You have my word. 我保证

30. Yous should go for it. 你应该大胆尝试

31. You've in my shot. 你挡住我的镜头了

32. You've been avoiding me. 你最近一直躲我

33. You've got to be kidding. 你是在开玩笑吧


1. Absence makes the heart grow founder. 小别胜新欢

2. All set. 准备好了 问你是否准备号出门时

3. Am I interruping something? 你在忙吗?/有打扰到你吗?

4. Anything new? 有什么新鲜事吗?

5. Are you fight? 你们在吵架吗?

6. Are you hearing yourself? 你知道你自己在说什么吗?

7. Beats me. 我不知道/问倒我了

8. Can I get you something to drink? 你要喝什么吗?

9. Can I talk to you for a minute? 我可以跟你谈一下吗?

10. Can you please leave me alone? 你可以让我一个人静一静吗?

11. Cover your eyes. 眼睛比起来

12. Does that work for you? 这时间不可以吗?(你想和他人约时间时)Is that time OK for you?

13. Don't get me wrong. 别误会

14. Give me a hint. 给我个提示(问你问题,猜不出答案时)

15. Go with your gut. 凭你的直觉吧

16. He has been working extra hours. 他最近一直在加班 work overtime 加班

17. Hold on one/a second/minute/moment. 等一下 (常用在接电话)

18. How's it going? 你好吗?/最近过的怎么样?

19. I don't think this is gonna work. 我不认为这行得通

20. So you mean you want to break uo? 所以你的意思是你想要分手?

21. I don't think we've met. 我不认为我们见过面(认识他人的开场白或和人搭讪)

22. I don't want to open a can of worms. 我不想惹麻烦

23. I have a paper due tomorrow. 明天我有个报告要交 due 到期的

24. Any plans for the weekend? 周末有什么计划吗?

25. So I'll probably just stay home and work on it.


1. I have an announcement to make. 我要宣布件事情(常是喜事)

2. I have an erraned to run. 我有事情要办(结束谈话)

3. I have everything under control. 每件事都在我掌握中

4. I have stuff to do. 我有事情要做 (面对别人的邀约或请求帮忙时,有事情要帮忙必须拒绝)

5. I have to take this. 我必须接这个电话(在之前会道歉)

6. I know it's very short notice. 我知道现在才说有点突然(临时有事情想找人帮忙)

7. It's my honor. 这是我的荣幸 (在这之后接but,再说自己的需求)

8. I losr my train of thought. 我忘了我要说什么

9. I mean it. 我是说真的 You must be kidding

10. I need a favor. 我需要帮忙 Can you do me a favor? Can I ask you  for a favor?

11. Could you sub for me? 你可以帮我代班吗?

12. I screwed up. 我搞砸了 I screwed it up.

13. I was so nervous that I went blank.

14. I totally understand. 我完全了解

15. I just go here yesterday,and I'm already homesick. 我昨天才到这就开始想家了 You'll get used to it eventually. 你最终会习惯的

16. I want to apologize for what happened. 我想为之前发生的事道歉 I accept your apologize.

17. I'd rather not say right now. 我不想说 (别人关心你状况时,比不想告诉他)

18. I'll be right back. 我马上回来

19. I'll be right there. 我马上过去 I'm coming I'm on my way

20. Could you please bring them to me? I left my documents on the sofa.

21. I'll call you back later.我晚点再打给你 I've got company 我有客人

22. I'll get it. 我来(接电话/开门)

23. I'll pick you up.我会去接你


1. I'll say. 我同意

2. I'll second that. 我同意 I agree with you.

3. I'm take care of it. 我会处理

4. I'm flattered. 我受宠若惊 flatter 谄媚,奉承

5. I'm gold we made up.我很高兴

6. I'm not ready for marriage.我还没准备好要结婚

7. You and XXX have been dating for years. 你和XXX已经交往好几年了

8. I'm not taking sides. 我没有站在哪一边 I'm just telling the truth.我只是实话实说

9. I'm on it. 我正在做/我马上做

10. I've been trying to call you, 我一直试着打电话给你

11. I didn't have my cell phone on. 我手机没开

12. I've got a cramp. 我抽筋了 ~ in my foot.It hurts.我脚抽筋了,好痛

13. I've got to check my schedule. 我必须要看一下我的行程表

14. I've got to get ready for work. 我要准备去上班了

15. I've got to run. 我必须要走了 see you

16. It's kind of last time. 这有点忙/这有点急

17. It's not the end of the world.这不是世界末日 cheer up 振作点

18. It's on the house. 这是店里赠送的(餐厅招待点餐时会这么说,表示免费的意思)

19. I don't think this is what I orded. 我想我没点这道菜

20. Keep the chang. 不用找零

21. Keep up the good work. 继续加油

22. Let me ask you something.让我问你个问题 Can I ask you a question/something?

23. Let me know If I can do anything? 询问别人有什么事是你可以帮忙的

24. Let's get out of here. 我们离开这里吧!

25. Let's take a break/five. 我们休息五分钟吧!小歇一会,不一定是五分钟


1. Lighten up. 放轻松

2. My lease is up at the end of this month.我的租约这个月底到期

3. News travels fast. 消息传得很快

4. None of your business. 不关你的事 It's none of your business

5. Not that I know of. 据我说知并非那样 (他人提出疑问(Yes No 询问),就你的认知上答案是否据我所知并非那样)

6. Page six 指的是纽约邮报的第六页,报道名人等娱乐新闻

7. She is in a relationship. 她有男朋友/她有交往的对象

8. Spread the word. 把话传出去

9. Thanks for having us over. 谢谢你邀请我们过来(离开前说)

10. The tining is really bad. 这个时机很糟

11. Want a ride? 要搭便车吗? That would be great. 那真是太好了

12. We must get together sometime. 我们一定要找天聚聚 Let's together sometime.

13. We're completely booked. 我们已经完全订满了 (所有住房位置被订满了)

14. What a relief! 如释重负/终于可以松一口气了 relief 轻松

15. What did I miss? 我错过了什么? Did I miss something?

16. You are driving me crazy. 你快把我逼疯了(所作所为令你不满)

17. You bet. 的确是/当然/你说的一点都没错 (表示非常赞同,和sure,of course相同)

18. You have good taste. 你的品位很好(要赞美对方很有品位)

19. You should have told me. 你应该告诉我的(他人向你隐瞒某些不幸的事,你偶然发现)

20. You two are perfect for each other. 你们俩很般配(某对情侣,夫妻)

21. Are you ready to order? 你要点餐了吗?

22. Ban vayage. 一路平安

23. Can I buy you a drink? 我可以请你喝一杯吗? No,thank.I'm expecting someone.

24. Can I get your number? 我可以跟你要电话吗?


1. Can I give you a ride home? 我可以送你回家吗?No,thank.I'm just gonna grab a cab. 我打出租车回去就行了

2. Can we please talk about something else? 我们可以聊点别的话题吗?

3. Check,please. 结账 Here's your bill. 这是您的账单

4. Coulda,woulda,shoulda. 早知如此,何必当初

5. Does this come in any other colors? 这还有其他颜色吗?

6. Don't bother. 不用麻烦了

7. He has the right to know. 他有权利知道

8. He is adorable. 他很可爱 (可以形容一个男生或女生很吸引人,很讨人喜欢)

9. I think he's your type. 我想他是你喜欢的类型

10. He/She is hot. 他/她很性感

11. Look at the man over there. 看看那边那个男的

12. He is coming down with a cold/flu. 他感冒了

13. He's the one. 他是我的真名天子 He's my Mr.Right

14. Could you do this to me? 你怎么可以这样对我? set (sb) up 陷害某人

15. How soon can it be delivered? 这个多久可以送到?

16. I am at the wrong place. 我走错地方了 (和别人有约,但是你走错或找错地方了)

17. I got held up. 我有事耽搁了 Sorry,I'm late,I've hold up at work

18. I had something in my eye. 刚刚有东西钻到我眼睛里 rub 揉擦

19. I have a cofession tp make. 我要坦诚一件事 cofession 承认,坦白

20. I have always wanted to do that. 我一直想要那么做 (别人提到一件事,你也想做)

21. I know what you mean. 我了解 (你的意见)

22. I should call it a night. 今晚就到这吧(当你和朋友晚上聚餐,你觉得时间差不多了)

23. I was just in the neighborhood. 我刚好在附近 (经过某个地方,顺道拜访某人)

24. I'd like to take you out. 我想要带你出去 (想要和某人约会是,你可以对她说)


1. I'll keep you company. 我会陪你

2. I'll do what I can. 我会尽我所能去做 (他人请你帮忙做某事,你不一定能完成时)

3. I'm a big fan of yours. 我是你的超级粉丝

4. I'm calling to make an appointment. 我打电话来预约 (医生,客户等,非男女之间的约会)

5. I'm dying for it. 我很想要这个东西

6. I'm freaked for ot. 我吓坏了 (形容一个人吓坏了或生气抓狂)

7. I'm hanging up. 我要挂电话了 (不想和对方继续讲电话时)

8. I'm in heels. 我穿高跟鞋 (你穿高跟鞋和朋友一起逛街,朋友走太快,你想让他走慢点)

9. I'm not in the mood. 我没心情

10. I'm not usually like this. 我平常不是这样的 (若你发现自己的言行失常)

11. I'm on the other line. 我在跟别人讲电话 (当你和别人正在讲电话,但有另一个人打电话找你)

12. I'm pissed off. 我很恼火

13. I'm stuck in traffic. 我堵在路上 或 I'm in traffic

14. I'm traped at work. 我工作缠身

15. I've got a deadline. 我在赶稿 (书或报纸等的截稿时间快到了)

16. Is he off today? 他今天休假吗?

17. Is there anything I can do to make you forgive me? 我可以做什么事让你原谅我?

18. It's really nice to finally meet you. 很高兴终于认识你了 (指久仰大名或经常听到关于对方的事)

19. Keep you voice down. 小声点 (你不想让其他人听到谈话内容)

20. Let's hit the road. 我们上路吧! (准备出发,和同行的人说,表示该出门了)

21. Look who's here. 看看是谁来了

22. My computer crash. 我电脑死机了

23. No necessarily in that order. 不一定要照那顺序 (说了很多事之后,表示执行顺序不用和说的顺序一样)

24. Spoke too soon. 话说的太早了 (结果和说的不符合)


1. That sounds fun. 听起来很有趣 (别人提议一起去做某事,你想要参与时)

2. That'd be a nice change. 也许这会是个很好的改变 (形容你想做件跟以往不同的事或转变)

3. This is a big transition. 这是个很大的转变 (当你的生活有重大转变时)

4. This is not in my plans. 这不在我的计划内/我没这个计划 (别人询问你是否要做某事时)

5. We have nothing in common. 我们没有共同点 (情侣或朋友之间,聊不来或分手)

6. We have some big decisions to make. 我们得做些重大决定 (像结婚,买房,选学校)

7. We're trying to figure things out. 我们正努力把事请弄得清除 (有些事请你要查清楚)

8. What's bugging you? 你在烦什么?

9. When one door close,another door opens. 当一扇门关闭时,另一扇们会开启 (鼓励他人不要因一时挫折而感到沮丧)

10. When was the last time you booked up? 你上一次做资料备份是什么时候?

11. Where was I? 我刚说到哪了? The part about your birthday present

12. Why would you say something like that? 你为什么要那么说? (别人说了不恰当/不符的事)

13. You got me. 你难倒我了/你考倒我了

14. You look fabulous! 你看起来棒极了 (称赞女性,穿着打扮很漂亮)

15. You mean the world to me. 你对我很重要

16. You're being too picky. 你太挑剔了 (形容一个人标准太高,太挑剔)

17. You're insane. 你疯了 insane 疯狂的;极愚蠢的

18. You're overreacting. 你反应过度了 He drove me crazy 他把我逼疯了

19. You're becoming so distant. 你变冷漠了 (情侣或夫妻)

20. Boot camp classes are popular. 集训班很热门 (在健身中心有很多锻炼的集训课程)

21. C'est ta vie. 这就人生 (外来语,面对人生无可奈何的情况)

22. Don't freak out. 别气炸了 (如果他人的言行不顾你的感受,让你气炸了,别人会安慰你)

23. I'm so mad about Johnny's being late so often.

24. Don't make fun of him. 不要取笑他

25. Everyone has Achilles' heel. 每个人都有致命的弱点 (希腊罗马神话中Achilles据说刀枪不入,脚踝是他的弱点)


1. Great minds run in the same gutter. 英雄所见略同

2. Have a good time. 好好玩吧/玩的开心

3. He dropped the ball. 他失职了 (ball指一个人应当负的责任)

4. He has veto power. 他有否定权 veto 否决

5. He is a bonehed. 他是个笨蛋 (bonehed 俚语 一个人脑子里只有骨头,没有内容或头脑不清)

6. He is knocked out. 他累垮了 (knocked out 筋疲力尽)Give him a break 饶了他吧

7. He is meticalous. 他做事谨慎 (比careful更谨慎,一丝不苟) meticalous 小心翼翼的

8. He is not on my A team. 他不是我的主将 (能力较强的,通常被安排在A team)

9. He is poor at delegation. 他很不会指派工作 delegation 授权

10. He is talking a risk. 她在冒险 (机会渺茫,仍要冒险或在他人看来是不恰当的)

11. He left it up to me. 他把事请交给我做决定

12. He needs some cue cards. 他需要一些提示卡 cue card 提示卡(主持人拿的卡片)

13. He plays it safe. 他打保险牌 (采取比较保守的态度行事,即使表现的不太出色,也不至于失败)

14. He pulled it off. 他成功完成这件事了 (it可用其他事物替换)

15. He put his tail between his legs.他垂头丧气。 (比喻一个人恐惧而退缩的样子,也可以形容人感到太尴尬丢脸)

16. He should step up. 他应该站起来 (需要有人出来担任某项重要的工作,若你心中有理想人选时)

17. He turned his back on me. 他完全不理我

18. He's got his comeuppance. 他得到报应了 (他人不当的行为造成自身不擤,你认为他自作自受)

19. He's got his point across. 他清楚地传达的想法

20. Her friends have deep pockets. 她的朋友都很有钱

21. His eyes are bigger than his stomach. 他眼高手低 (一个人不切实际,空有想法却无力达成)

22. Hope you feel better.(祝你)早日康复 Feel better

23. How about that? 这样行吧?/那样如何? (你提出想法或建议时,想知道他人的意见)

24. I am disappointed. 我很失望

25. I am not gonna sell him out. 我不会出卖他


1. I bit off more than I can chew. 我不堪负荷

2. I can pill it all together. 我可以把这些事搞定

3. I could have done better. 我可以做得更好

4. I empathize with you. 我很同情你

5. I feel bad for him. 我替他感到难过

6. I feel for him. 我迷上他了

7. I have a great respect for you. 我非常敬重你

8. I have a lot going on. 我有很多事要忙 (别人请你帮忙或邀约你做某事时)

9. I have to give her credit. 我要给她加分/我得称赞她一下 (别人表现出色,得到你的认可)

10. I help run errands. 我帮忙跑腿 (处理一些日常杂事,去便利店,跑邮局)

11. I lead by example. 我以身作则

12. I love that healing song. 我喜欢那首抚平创伤的歌 healing 具有治疗功能的

13. I was locked out. 我被锁在外面了

14. I will stick with my idea. 我会坚持几见 (对于好的,对的想法,应该坚持)

15. I will touch base on it. 我会报告这件事

16. I was him the best of luck. 我祝他好运

17. I'll be cranky. 我会很不爽 (你不喜欢某些事的安排或这样的安排会造成你的不便)

18. I'll do the voiceover. 我来担任旁白

19. I'll stay put for now. 我先暂时忍耐一下/我会暂时按兵不动

20. It blew me away. 我始料未及/那太令我震惊了

21. It didn't cross out mind. 我们没想到 (忙碌或慌张时,可能会东漏西漏,一时没想到适当处理方法)

22. It kills me. 那让我真难过 (你很不愿意做某事,但又不得不做时)

23. It sucks. 真扫兴/真讨厌

24. It was a wrong choice. 这是个错误的抉择 (对于别人做出的决定,你感到不以为然或认为是错误的)

25. I have to take the bullet. 我必须负起责任


1. It's a bittersweet feeling. 这是可乐参半的感觉

2. It's a flog. 那是彻底的失败

3. It's a full-blown party. 这是个极好的派对

4. It's a huge sense of relief to me. 我如释重负 (结束一项重要工作/考试或有人分担你的困难)

5. It's a Kumbaya moment. 这是平安的时候 (Kumbaya本来是一首歌"上帝,请赐安眠",现在指天下太平)

6. It's a work in progress. 尚未完成/(工作)还在进行中

7. It's better to be lucky than good. 运气比优秀更重要

8. It's just a shame. 那真是太可惜了 (当原来的美事发生变故,让你感到可惜)

9. It's just the way it is. 事情即使这样 (对于无法改变的局面或事实,别人却试图去挽救时)

10. It's outrageous. 那太过分了 (当某人做出极度不尊重他人的事或说出不得体的话)

11. It's surreal. 它太不真实了 (指事情出乎意料或令人难以想象)

12. It's the moment of truth. 是揭晓真相的时候

13. It's tricky. 那是陷阱/那很难处理(要说一件事情很难处理,因此事很复杂且充满难题或此事充满陷阱)

14. Keep an eye on things for me. 帮我盯着点 (因故要暂时离开自己的工作岗位)

15. Let's belt it out. 我们一起大声唱吧

16. Let's go for plan B. 让我们大家拥抱一下

17. Let's have a group hug. 让我们大家拥抱一下 (比赛获得胜利或任何值得庆祝的事)

18. Let's take a vote. 我们投票表决 (当团队的成员无法表达做到一个共同决定时)

19. Mother versus daughter. 母亲对抗女儿 VS

20. My family is first and foremost. (对我而言)我的家庭排第一位,也是最重要的

21. She came through with flying colors. 她高分通过/她赢得风光

22. She can only talk a game. 她只会纸上谈兵

23. She gets on my nerves. 她惹恼了我/她让我感到心烦

24. She had a nice make over. 她成功地变声了 (当一个人的打扮跟平常不同,让人耳目一新)

25. She has a big personality. 她很有个性


1. She is tattletale. 她很八卦

2. She is all over the place. 她乱七八糟

3. She is just trying to push the envelope. 她只是想要试试极限在哪里

4. She is mean. 她尖酸刻薄/她很恶毒

5. She is more sophisticated. 她更老练了

6. She is on your team. 她是你的队员

7. She is our spokesperson. 她是我们的代言人/她是我们的对外代言人

8. She is the black sheep. 她是害群之马

9. She is the real deal.她货真价实/她很有实力

10. She is under the weather. 她生病了/她人不舒服

11. She is your weak link. 她是你们队上最差的

12. She nauled it. 她搞定了 nail it (俚语,表示一个人可以轻易地处理一件困难的事情,让人佩服)

13. She needs some touch up. 她需要修一下图(电脑修图)

14. She should sing the lead. 她应该担任主唱

15. She threw me under the bus. 她让我背黑锅

16. That brought tears to my eyes. 那让我热泪盈眶

17. That's ship has sailed. 木已成舟/错失良机

18. That's a cheap joke. 那是个低级笑话

19. That's a tough call. 那是困难的决定

20. That's as plain as day. 那是很明显而易见的

21. That's nerve-racking. 那真是令人紧张 (结果快揭晓时,总让人很紧张)

22. That's the bottom line. 那是最基本的/那是最重要的/那是最后的底线

23. That's worth many other things. 那比许多其他事都更有价值

24. Their energy is phenomenal. 他们的精力非凡 (好像工作再久都不会累,让人感到吃惊)

25. There is no need to point fingers. 没有必要去指责别人


1. There was some good mojo. 有些让人眼睛为之一亮的地方 (一场表演,有为之一亮的地方)

2. They are all personable. 他们都很有风度 (表示他人无论外在内在都很有风度,很和气)

3. They are going to be my eyes and ears. 他们会是我的眼线 (某些活动无法参与,安排他人向人汇报)

4. They are trying to set me up. 他们想要陷害我

5. They have a poor opinion of me. 他们对我的评价很差

6. They lost three in a row. 他们连输三次

7. They went head-to-head. 他们杠上了

8. This is so key. 这很重要

9. Too many cooks in the kitchen. 人多难办事/人多嘴杂

10. We are her groupies. 他们是她的后援会

11. We are in the Hall of Fame. 我们现在在名人堂

12. We did phenomenal. 我们做的棒极了

13. We don't really have a say. 我们实在没有说话的余地 (在团队中,地位不高或权力不大,说话不具影响力)

14. We have a favor to ask. 我们想请你帮个忙

15. We'll get the upper hand. 我们占有优势

16. You are in change. 你们全权负责

17. You don't have what it takes. 你没有那个能力

18. You have to put up with it. 你没必要忍耐

19. You should be more gracious. 你应该更仁慈点 (当他人的言行太冷酷,不给别人留余地时)

20. You're got to defer to the expert. 你要听专家的意见

21. Zip it! 闭嘴

22. Project Runway. 天桥骄子

23. Any mistake can cost you. 一步错,步步错,全盘皆输

24. Both of us are compromising. 我们双方都在妥协 (双方意见不合时,唯有彼此让步才能解决)

25. Can I see you for a minute? 我可不可以跟你谈谈? (当面谈谈)


1. Each person has their own voice. 每个人都有他的主见

2. He gave me constructive advoice. 他给我有建设性的建议 (他人提出的建议是积极的)

3. He has been through a lot. 他经历了大风大浪

4. He is a jet setter. 他是经常乘飞机旅行的有钱人

5. He is a manipulative person. 他是个爱操控别人的人

6. He is a one-trick pony. 他黔驴技穷 one-trick pony 形容某人可能擅长某事,除此之外别无其他专长,形容成功那么一次的人

7. He is a walking dictionary. 他是个活字典

8. He is arrogant and obnoxious. 他既傲慢又讨人厌

9. He is finding a scapegpat. 他在找替罪羊

10. He is going too far. 他(做得)太过分了

11. He is gonna knock their socks off. 他会让大家跌破眼镜 (形容一个人出乎意料地表现优异让人家惊讶)

12. He is low-key. 他很低调

13. He is very defendive to me. 他很提防我 (碰到一个莫名讨厌你,你的言语他都视为攻击)

14. He is very headstrong. 他一意孤行

15. He will win this over me. 这个项目他会赢我

16. Her taste is exquisite. 她的品位精致

17. His mindset is wrong. 他的心态错了 (有的人保持错误的心态,整天怨天尤人)

18. How would you backstab me like that? 你怎么可以像那样在背后捅我一刀

19. I am gonna become a laughing stock. 我会变成笑柄

20. I am not sheisty. 我不阴险

21. I am proud of him. 我以他为荣 (当自己的孩子,亲朋友好友得到一个荣誉)

22. I can't stand her voice. 我受不了她的声音

23. I can't wait to see you. 我等不及要见你

24. I don't give a crap. 我不屑一顾 (俚语,指对某事感到厌烦,岁某人的言行感到不屑)

25. He is always stingy. 他一直都很小气


1. I don't know what to expect. 我不知道会发生什么事/我不知道该期待什么 (对未来迷惘)

2. I look forward to the next challenge. 我期待下一次的挑战 (喜欢不断挑战自己的人)

3. I mean no harm. 我没有恶意

4. I sometimes break the rules. 我有时候会犯规/我有时候会打破常规

5. I stand by my point. 我坚持我的观点

6. I want to throw up. 我快要吐了 (对人的言行感到厌烦或表现极度不赞同时)

7. I was offended. 我被冒犯了 (他人的言行举止不礼貌)

8. I'll bring you down. 我会给你好看 (警告别人不要去做让你不高兴的事,恐吓作用)

9. I'll rip her. 我会对她还以颜色 (当某人做了不利于你的事,行为让你感到强烈不满,你要让对方好看)

10. I'm gonna blame it on him. 我会把责任全推给他

11. I'm open to anything. 我接受任何的可能性

12. It makes all the difference. 它具有决定性的力量

13. It turns you on. 它让你兴奋 (当他人对某事,物感到兴致勃勃,很兴奋时)

14. It was so dead on. 这是完全正确的

15. It's a child's toy. 这是小孩的玩具 (很多赠品或纪念品的造型很可爱,但没有实际作用)

16. It's advisable to wear layers in the winter. 冬天选择洋葱式穿着法是明智的

17. It's controversial. 它具有争议性

18. It's crap. 那是垃圾/那是很烂 (俚语,比较不礼貌。除非是熟人之间的谈话,否则不建议使用)

19. It's out of control. 情况完全失控

20. It's so gross. 好恶心 (俚语,指令人不愉快) It's disgusting/It's yucky

21. It's tough love him. 这是爱之深责之切

22. Make it work. 让它成功/让它行得通 (工作中,老板非要让你达成工作时)

23. Please join me here. 请你们来我这里 (要开会或宣布事情时)

24. She always believe in me. 她一直对我有信心


1. She completely rocked it. 她真是棒极了 (一个人表现出众,震撼全场,大家都赞赏)

2. She has the slick look. 她看起来很利落干练

3. She is always on the go. 他总是忙个不停

4. She is chic. 她时尚有型 chic 时髦的

5. She is glamorous and stylish. 她很迷人又时尚 glamorous 富有魅力的 stylish 时尚的

6. She is going to throw in the towel. 她快要放弃投降了

7. She is my Muse. 她是我的灵感女神

8. She is the bomb. 她太棒了 (俚语,形容一个人在某个领域很优秀)

9. She looks stunning in that jersey dress. 她穿那件针织连衣裙很明亮动人

10. She's got the fashion spread. 她在流行杂志里有跨页照片 (通常是这个产品很特别,明星吸引人)

11. Sue me! 去告我啊! 类似 Bite me! 咬我啊!

12. Talk to me. 请向我说明 (当他人提出构想或计划,你无法理解时,或他人不理你,你也可以这么说)

13. That was irritating. 那真是讨厌 (碰到让人恼怒不愉快或烦躁的情况)

14. That was not even close. 那还差得远呢 (当两件作品或两件事的层次不同)

15. That's pathetic. 那太可悲了 (形容事情或人,俚语某事情况悲惨,此人的所作所为感到可悲)

16. The two pieces don't go together. 这两件东西不相称 (穿着的两件衣服不相称)

17. The ring is my family heirloom. 这个戒指是我们家的传家之宝

18. There are strings attached. 这是附带条件的

19. There is a fine line between innovation and insanity. 创意和疯狂之间只有一线之隔

20. There is a lot at stake. 有很大的风险

21. They didn't take it into consideration. 他们没有考虑到这件事

22. They don't stand a chunce. 他们一点机会也没有

23. They had a tiff. 他们吵架了 (因无关紧要而引起的小吵架,口角,争执)

24. This is so lame. 这很差劲/这很糟糕 (事情烂透了,人很逊色)

25. We are back to square one tomorrow morning. 我们明日一切重新开始


1. We are totally exhausted. 我们都筋疲力尽了/我们累垮了

2. We crack each other up. 我们互相搞笑 (朋友会互相开玩笑,这样生活也会多一点乐趣)

3. We hang in there. 我们还撑得住 (目前情况不是最理想的,勉强还过得去。单页没有更好的进展)

4. You are a great sport. 你是个有风度的人 (在运动比赛,工作各种竞赛中,不轻易放弃,输得起)

5. You are in jeopardy. 你的情况危急

6. You are totally drenched. 你全身都湿透了 You are soaked.

7. You barely made it. 你勉强及格

8. You blew it. 你搞砸了

9. You blew them away. 你令他们印象深刻 (你表现出色,让所有人惊讶,印象深刻)

10. You don't always know what door is going to open. 你不会永远值知道未来会发生什么

11. You fall short of your potential. 你没有发挥实力

12. You have to pay the price. 你必须付出代价 (做错了事,就要接受惩罚)

13. You went way over the top. 你做的太过火了

14. Grey's Anatomy 实习医生

15. Gode blue. 紧急讯号 (医院术语,也可以用在日常对话中)

16. Give her a break! 放她一马吧!/饶了她吧 (当某人为了某事而不断地烦另一个人,例:一直念叨)

17. He id a know-it-all. 他博学多闻

18. He looks apprehensive. 他看起来很忧虑

19. He's in! 他会加入! (表示某人会参加某个活动)

20. Honesty is the best policy. 诚实为上策 (white lies 白的谎言可以接受)

21. I can use a little help. 我需要一些协助 (碰到困难,别人询问是否需要帮助时)

22. I can get used to it. 我对这不习惯 (有时他人请你尝试新鲜事物,你一下无法适应)

23. I'm jealous of them.我很羡慕他们 jealous 妒忌的

24. I'm just curious. 我只是好奇罢了

25. I've moved on. 我已经释怀了 (情侣分手后,走出失恋的痛苦)

26. Is everything all right here? 你们这边一切都还好吗? (询问他人事情是否顺利进行,是否有需要时)

27. It's worth trying. 那值得试一试

28. Let it go. 算了吧 (口语,当他人过于执着某些的发改变的事时)

29. Life can't go back to where it was. 生活无法回到像以前一样

30. Life is too short. 人生苦短

31. So what? 那又怎样?

32. That's out of my hands. 我无法掌握那个情况

33. There is something wrong with him. 他有点不对劲

34. This is not working. 这样行不通

35. We are on the same page. 我们有共识

36. What is that supposed to mean? 你那是什么意思? (真的不了解或你觉得荒谬不认同)

37. What's up with you? 你有什么问题? (若有人一直反对你的意见,你可以质问对方或他人表现不台一样询问对方)

38. Why do you keep it a secret? 你为何把它当作秘密?

39. You are hovering. 你在迟疑

40. You are wasting your time. 你在浪费时间

41. You crossed the line. 你做的太过分了

42. You did great! 做得好!


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