What is happiness?

Good evening everyone.Thank you for being here! My name is Ted. I am honored to have a chance to speak to you.Today I want to talk about happiness. Last  meeting, I was the TTM: Table Topic Master.The theme of the meeting was happiness.Some friends shared their experiences.

Happiness is something everyone wants to have. Different people have different opinions.The first friend said:”We help an old person across the street,that make us happy. The second:”We get some help from others when we are in need”.The third:We make new friends,have a conversation with parents and so on”.

But for me, what is happiness? There is such a word, happiness is the cat eats fish, dog eats meat and ultraman hits small monsters! I think the meaning of this word is that happiness is so simple, and every corner in life may hide happiness.

I am an affectionate person and treat others with all my heart.I used to be a broken-hearted man. In the past years, the greatest pain was the girl I care about has gone away from me. We had been relationship for about two years. We cooked at home, went shopping,watched movies in the theater, read books and took exercises together.I had very fantastic(great) memories and happiness with her in my life.

But happiness was short for me, we had to break up for some reasons, which was the miserable(unhappy) experience I had.I pretended to be calm down while I was seeing her off .However , as her train left the platform, I could not stand my pain inside,I burst into tears through my cheeks. As the saying goes, "A man does not easily shed tears until his heart is broken".

From that moment on, I felt I was the most unfortunate person in the world. I almost didn't know how to face that situation, even it seriously influenced my normal work and life .

I Ieager for changing my worst status, but I really don't know what I should do exactly. By a chance, I read a book named<happy this year> in a book store. The book tells us “what’s happiness and some methods to obtain happiness”. Actually, happiness is very simple, such as a loving glance, a knowing smile, an encouraging word, a slight hug and so on. They all make us happy.

Now, I must  grasp the happiness of the day. Doing things I enjoy is my present happiness.Learning English and doing speech are both my favorite things; however, there is no a platform for me to show them, it is really a big pity.

After a long period, by chance I got to know Toastmasters and met many friends in the same way. In toastmasters club, we work together to make our common dream come true .It is a kind of happiness to me, and it is my present happiness.

Dear friends, we should have a dream, and fight for the dream; this process is full of happiness. When your dream is achieved, you will be the happiest person in the world.

Finally, the word I would like to say is “All of us can be happy!” I hope that you will have a wonderful time tonight! Thank you for your attention!