Daily incident

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"Opps,It looks like your birthday tomorrow!"Mr Hua was staring his big eyes as the cool freezen frog of underground garagas equanimity was lashing to the rendering eyelashes that made the man study insincerely !feeling a bit nervous!Julia insidiously little twinge who were specious little joy and touched: after all, the man lying around time could have been maintained a stay of naive,suspicion clear with picture practiced by thinking  routinely for Julia were more commendable!"Oh, I forgot myself!"She played down, It was the sense of ritual deliberately corrupt after the face that made a plus more flat calm, Mr Hua's societism always could let her feel a trace of fireworks taste! Too objective view always make the Lily out of the reality life, but China's rules on path Mr Hua obeyed as the moment as Julia could feel reaching a settlement with life !

     “ Let's go to see a movie. "Although the three days after working out that has almost made Mr Hua exhausting!neurasthenia to the extreme, but in this kind of special days, Mr Hua staring at his Julia still could not help but want to pay attention to care about her, although she as usual routine, but concern seems to have become Mr Hua a habit, habit for Mr Hua was the highest significance of the existence that hadn't cared about a person's model is embedded into her own habits, let she  became  all could come form part to furture!Form  now on, yes,the past was over!the future of Mr Hua  part will be the Julia today. Looking at Julia's tablet and not outstanding appearance, Mr Hua deeply into meditation to myself:" what makes this kind of feeling is so specious? "He must be crazy, Mr Hua 's past habits defended negatively Julia but deeply part of his soul sucked through Julia, sucking,sucking ,sucking..! Until they could no longer calculate the cost consequences of all that would is  in the future, he just could only give his soul a explanation: this must be the fate of reincarnation!! She curse on me!!"    

   "Yes, get off!!!A walking with me, as if we did not walk a bit longer!!!!!"Julia flated on her face and turned 360 degrees into  one second no dead Angle could sprout!Let people doubt that whether the same person, and only at this time, Mr Hua seemed a little understanding that couldn't refuse the temptation of the fate of.                Plotting on the lawn, two small round fat dogs were chasing its own tails in the shadows down of the sunshine!Julia and Mr Hua shadows holding higher foldout into eachothers!Mementos !times static good, fade no way!!!!

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