my best friend

During my travels in England, I met a very good friend. It was strange that he was not a child but an adult. He was our bus driver: Patrick when I came to England, I found that I had a skill: I met an Englishman, and if he had a long time to get along with us, I could make friends with him! And our friendship must be strong! I don't know why this is so, because I am a bit peaceful. From the moment we first came to England, Patrick came to pick us up, so we liked him very much and he liked us.We all like it, too! So when we get on the bus, we will give a "givemefight". We like him. In those days, 90% of the time was Patrick who sent us around, so it was normal for us to mingle with him. But I was a little abnormal. After a few days, after leaving ibis, I hugged him and said goodbye to him. After that, I would hug the driver every day when I get on the bus and get off, and he will hug me. We are laughing when we see each other. We were all happy to see each other! Last night,We came to a hotel, when some people did not take boxes, so I did not do it, and then talked to Patrick, and he said: you is a very strong man! I said: you is a strong man! We all laughed! And then I showed my muscles, and then we compared with the arm strength, I... Defeat! However, compared with an adult, it is not disgraceful to lose. Then we embraced and I went into the hotel, and he left.Before leaving, we came to givemefight and went back to our homes. Yes, this is a new friend of mine: Patrick! He is the first British adult friend I have here.