Survey between the Divorce Rate and GDP 国新1502 林文琪

These years, the women divorced rate of many countries has risen up. Is there any relation between it and the GDP of the country? 

We chose ten countries to illustrate the assumptions, five of which are developed countries (America, Japan, the United Kingdom and France), the rest are developing countries (China, Russia, South Africa, India and Brazil). The age of the women is from 45 to 49. Many women of this age are married. It’s the steady time of a marriage. If one wants to divorce, they may choose this period. People get older probably think that they have already lived together for so many years, why not go on?

Here is the drawn graph. The orange on is the GDP line, the blue one is the line of divorced rate.

As you can see above, the two lines follow the same trend. We can draw the conclusion that with the development of the economy, the divorce rate of a marriage goes higher.

There is an exception that Russia’s divorced rate is much higher, not the same as the other developing countries. We suspect that it is because of the cultural background. Women in Russia are more independent. They are called the fighting nation.

There is another reason for the divorced rate of women. Recent years, feminist movement is popular all around the world.Women tend to pursuit a happier life. When there are some trouble in amarriage, they may not act like a traditional woman, they fight back to live a happier life which means there is no more compromise.

In a world economy grows so fast, many people improve their satisfaction in a marriage, it is not surprised that the divorced rate goes higher and higher.


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