Why  do people  do what they do? It' s   all matter of beliefs. It  is an amazing things that (As amazing as it sounds)if people believe drilling  a holes in their heads can cure the sickness they will do it(have it). Whea(Whether that) the beliefs is well-founded or not.And If they believe instead that their happiness is depand(depends) on helping others ,they will eqcelly(equally) driven.

beliefs is make the  difference between a lifetime (of) misery  and one of joyous contribution.It separate a Mazat(Mozart) form a Manson and causing some individuals (to) become heroes that(while)others resign themselves to wondering what (could) have been.

What some of belief (are at) work in the action of those people around you.What(Which) beliefs  do you want to share with your collegues(colleagues)?your friends ?your parents?  or other(which) differ?


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