Age of Ambition 2

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本章Appetites of the Mind(欲望),主要讲了中国的婚恋状况。情节延续上一节龚海燕创立世纪佳缘网站,文中对比了中美在约会网站上理念的不同。 In America ,it had the power to expand your universe of potential mates ; in China,online dating promised to do the opposite .中国人在婚恋网站上设置种种条件,试图在茫茫人海中找到符合自己条件的那一个。也许是过去在婚恋方面中国人受到了太多的束缚,如今的中国人对婚恋抱有诸多条件,在自己的臆想之中寻求伴侣“after so many years without much say in one of life’s great decisions ,people seemed to be making up for lost time ”

作者也亲身体验了在佳缘网站注册时冗长繁琐的选择。中国人在婚恋观的变化,从最初的“三转一响”(three rounds and a sound )到“岳母综合征”(mother-in-law syndrome: 岳母们是房地产价格不断攀升的背后动力,因为她们不允许自己的女儿嫁给没有房的男人); 选择对象从政治可靠性到看重挣钱能力的转变the Chinese had evaluated the“the political reliability ”of parents and ancestors ,but now men and women evaluated each other based on their earning potential;三无人员(triple without)到裸婚(naked wedding);恐怕中国人婚恋观的最典型代表就是“宝马哭”了吧—I ‘d rather cry in a BMW than smile on a bicycle .作者甚至还去参加了相亲联谊会(mixer),感叹没房没车的男人亚历山大啊。

P.S.文中作者举了一个很逗的例子,中国有个知名的眼镜品牌海伦凯勒(Helen Keller),外国人怎么也弄不明白为啥找个盲人来宣传品牌?哈哈…


1、 to polish his announcement润色

2、 He had less than four thousand to his name 名下财产不足四千元

3、 Don’t bother kissing ass 拍马屁

4、 have yet to do sth 还没有

5、 put their faith in destiny 相信缘分

6、 She narrowed it down by height and zodiac sign 属相

7、 I worked my way through twenty-four options 从头到尾

8、 A career-driven man 事业型男人

9、 A shut-in man 宅男

10、 Cowhide loafers 原来乐福鞋是loafers啊

11、 My cell phone was barraged by spam 遭遇刷屏

12、 To pay a dowry 嫁妆

13、 Carefully groomed men and women 精心装扮的

14、 “Triple without”三无人员

15、 Mixer 交友联谊会