access :the right or opportunity to use or benefit from something ,使用某物的权利或机会,不可数名词

搭配:have/give/provide easy/universal access to


Youngsters today have access to a wide range of educational choices unimaginable a generation ago.

Today’s youths have access to a vast array of educational opportunities denied/unknown to the earlier generation.

Despite intolerably high pressure, many talented people decide to stay in big cities because of easy access to excellent educational and medical resources.

Big cities in general attract the most talented minds because they provide easy access to superb schools and hospitals.

to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful

Paraphrase: Google’s corporate mission is to manage information everywhere and give universal access to everyone.


1)adj.+ access

direct/unlimited/unrestricted/easy/free/good/ready/limited/restricted/poor/immediate/instant/quick/rapid/improved /equal access to

2)v.+ access


(2)翻译: 男人和女人应该享有平等的受教育和就业的权利。

Men and women should have equal access to education and employment.


When I was in high school, access to the mobile phone was severely restricted.


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