D7  P71-P81


1.slam on the brakes急忙踩刹车

原文:The driver slammed on the brakes and he turned his truck around.

仿写:He slammed on the brakes, but it was too late.

2.dive into/in--to start doing something suddenly and energetically, often without stopping to think突然投入到…之中

原文:Every time we saw a car coming, we dove into the bushes.

仿写:When he saw the children fighting, he just dove in to sort it out.

3.single sb/sth out(因为批评或表扬)单独挑出

原文:Mr. Underwood singled me out, probably because I'm the lightest kid in the class.

仿写:Tomas was thrilled when the teacher singled out his poem and asked him to read it aloud.

4.set off--启程,出发

原文:So Mr. Underwood might as well have set off a bomb.

仿写:What time we have to set off tomorrow morning?

5.look out小心,当心

原文:In fact, the other kids inmy class had better look out, because if I keep this up, I could be a real threat.

仿写:Look out! There's a truck coming!


1.原文:But believe it or not, we made it all the way home without getting caught.


仿写:That is normal, believe it or not.

2.原文:I forgot all about Dad, and We totally paid the price for it .


仿写:You might't feel the effects of smoking while you're young, but you'll definitely pay the price when youare older.


        My morning routine

        Usually, I'll wake up at 7 am. and immediately start my habit-stacking routing, which includes the following tasks:

making my bed, washing  my face, drinking a cup of hot lemon water, preparing and drinking a nutritious smoothie, writing down important tasks for the day.