a small target

2017.12.30 16:01* 字数 342

I have a small target in 2018 ——learning to be a speaker. Why do I have this idea? Because I want to be a better girl and I think Learning to do lectures is the right way.

In my opinion, doing lectures can enhance self-confidence. I am always afraid of speaking in crowded places even in class. When teachers ask “let me invite someone to answer this question”. I would put my head down and pray in my heart “don’t ask me”. If I was asked finally, although I knew the answer, my face would be hot and red just like now and the biggest problem is I couldn’t say out fluently. So I hope I can be more self-confidence by doing more lectures.

On the other hand, doing lectures can push me learn more knowledge. For example, I have no topic to share, but the reservation has been written into the schedule. How can I do? Read books /listening to others’ speeches/watch lectures’ TV shows such as TED. If I plan to make English speeches like this one I have to search dictionary because of my poor vocabularies. So this is the second reason to be a speaker.

After doing some lectures, I find the third reason- sharing on the stage is pretty good. In my usual life, I almost have no chance to express my opinions or speak so long time. Do you have the same feeling? I know you do, because I know your boss or workmates don’t care what you want to say. unless you are the boss. Because we all too busy to care others. But in our group, there are many friends waiting for your voice, there are many friends want to help you grow up. So I am falling in love with this stage.

Finally I want to say, if you want to be a better person. Learning to be a speaker, it’s the right way.