Topic for English goal

English influenced our life. Everyone studying English at everywhere. It is more important to know the other culture,mind or something. In this world, people likes enjoy themselves,want to travel the world. For me, I want to change my life, be better. I want to talk with foreigner, I want to reading English book to study education knowledge, and then travel the world. Change my life to more happiness.

I always read loudly English book before, but my pronunciation not good,and I cannot change it by myself, I need help and be a native speaker.

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1. influenced——influences

2. Everyone studies English everywhere.

3. people like enjoying themselves. I want to travel around the world.

4. I want to change my life and make my life better.

5. foreigner——foreigners

6. I want to read English books

7. Make my life more happier.

8. my pronunciation is not good.



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