What’s eating you? 什么让你这么烦心?

❖ You're in a bad mood today. What's eating you?你心情不好呀。什么让你这么烦心?

❖ What's eating Terry today? I asked him how his weekend was and he just glared at me.什么事让Terry今天这么烦心?我问他周末过得如何,他只是瞪了我下。

Bother v.使焦急;使烦恼

❖ I don't care if he doesn't come - it doesn't bother me.如果他不来我也不在乎——我无所谓。

Someone can't be bothered to do sth.某人懒得做/不想费力做某事

❖ I can't be bothered to clean all those dishes after dinner, so I'll just leave them in the sink until the morning. 晚饭后我懒得洗盘子,所以我就把盘子留在了水槽里,早上再洗。

❖ A: "Did you go to Sarah's party last night?” 昨晚你去Sarah的聚会没有?

❖ B: "Nah, couldn't be bothered.”没,不想去。

Upset v.使心烦意乱

❖ This decision is likely to upset a lot of people.这个决定会让很多人不开心。

See eye to eye v. 两人意见一致

❖ I'm not going to argue the point with you, Alex. We just don't see eye to eye.Alex. 我不和你争这一点。我们只是意见不合而已。

❖ His mother and father don't see eye to eye about his decision to drop out of college.关于大学退学这件事,他的爸妈意见不一。

Be all eyes 目不转睛地看着

❖ The children were all eyes when the magician started performing.当那个魔术师开始表演的时候,孩子们都目不转睛地看着。

As far as the eye can/could see一直到眼睛看不见的地方;远出视野

❖ I love this part of the country. The green hills stretch out as far as the eye can see.我喜欢这个地方,青山一直延绵到视野看不见的地方。

Have an eye for sth 对…很有眼光/鉴赏

❖ I don't have an eye for design.我对设计不太有鉴赏能力。

Make eyes at sb 向…送秋波

❖ She was making eyes at him all evening.一晚上她不停地向他抛媚眼。