《13 Reasons Why》

There was a lightning blazing out thru the sky when i opened up this page, tearing it apart.
Then, came after it, thunder.

本来第一次萌生看的念头,是因为听了反反复复‘back to you’,selena gomez,专辑名是13 reasons why。




it would not be easy. in both ways.

How could one person gets to live on with all that?

How could they even live on?

I am feeling the slight, the ultimate silence.
The silence keeps your mouth shut. The silence makes you think thru things. The silence that would do harm to you - and you know it won’t - in its most gentle way.

And it made me think of Sharp Objects and what Amma said in it, which I got on book reviews,
‘What if you hurt, because it feels so good?’

What if you hurt, because it feels so good?
What if you accept the harm, because that is the self-righteous thing to do?

Then everything got silent.

Then there’s another flash of lightning illuminating it.

I didn’t get the thunder.