3.14  English daily  Day 1

l am hooked on the book about running ,written by a Japanese writer. l have finished the Chinese version in summer ,but most of what it talked about seems to be forgotten.

l just fell in silence,saying nothing to my roommates. When l keep away from them,a sense of isolation conquers me.  l was desperate, but refused to chat with them.The fact that we are totally different seeps into my thought. The only way to address it is to read,to get up early,to run,to be a better one.

Nothing worths my pride.When pit against  others, nothing comes  out on top.l always tend to coward ,giving in to temptation and my dream of getting weight down.

l am still craving for a reduced weight, so l go jogging. l was worn out when l finished my jogging ,but a feeling of joy filled my heart.

l am tempted to read some books,which arouses my curiosity.

l have to run harder and harder so that l am able to bring out the best of me.

Set a goal for myself:pass CET-6(600),and the HR exam, read books as much as possible, and my reduced weight.