My ideal wife

 It is obvious that everyone setting in this classroom has his girlfriend or her boyfriend.especially some of you may has  his girlfriend or her boyfriend now, it is pity that istill don't have any girlfriend now.But in the bottom of my heart lay my ideal wife.Do you want to know myideal wife.OK! let me intruduce my ideal wife to you now.

first,my ideal wife must be a person who is loyal to me ,which is the most fundmental requirement for she can safeguard my diginity as a man.

Second, we must have similar character. This is very important. Two people with quite different characters may find interesting in each other at the beginning, but as the time past, problems will come out. It is easy to love a people, but it is more difficult to get along with him or her.

third, I hope she will have a good temper. Tolerance is the only way that can bind husband and wife together tightly. When two people live together all day long, having different opinions is inevitable. Tolerant will make us conquer everything in our life.

Additionally, everyone likes to talk about the appearence.  Yes, I hope she is pretty, but not too beautiful. Natual looking is the best, just looks comfortable.

As is old saying goes,there is great love, there are always miracles.If i come across someone as my ideal wife one day,I will catch the chance,and i will love her forever! in this way,I think we can make a difference in our life!

       however, I'am a realist, and I know my future wife will not be the same one as my ideal wife. but it doesn't matter. There are 3 billions women on the planet, but finally I will choose one, the only one who can light my life. It's not because I can't get along with the others happily , that's because the choice I made is mine,my is ZOUPENG. Iwho is  a sentimental single-minded person . that's all!