Terms definition
Customer Environment within the context of this document, refers to your app's end users – their computer or device on which your app runs, and its hardware constraints and other unique features that could affect your app, such as the strength of its network connection, memory availability, and disk space.

用户环境在这篇文档中包含:使用这款app的最终用户 他们的电脑或者设备上运行你的应用,及其硬件约束和其他独特的特性比如网络的强度,可用内存,和磁盘空间都会影响这款应用.

about networking
Satellite connection 卫星连接
Cellular connection 蜂窝网络 4G3G2G
Ethernet cable 以太网线 主要针对家庭
DSL(调制解调器) 商用

ISP(Internet Service Provider),互联网服务提供商
cache,caching ,proxies缓存,代理
SSL(Secure Sockets Laye安全套接字) TLS(Transport Layer Security安全传输层协议):TLS与SSL在传输层对网络连接进行加密。

Network Link Conditioner