Summary of Notes 2016-Teaching tips

        这些记录是我在2015-2016学年下半年,也就是我作为志愿者教师的最后一年,学习力爆棚的阶段,也是工作和生活无法平衡的阶段,每天早晨坐公交去上班的途中,听播客talk with teachers所学到的东西。大多是一边听一边随手记录的一些有感触的话、优秀教师推荐的教育书籍,教学法等等,很多是只言片语。今天给整理了出来,供自己以后查阅,也与有兴趣的老师们分享。以下的记录中,也有参加workshops的简要总结。


·I'd like to share my story help prepare teachers mentally which I think it’s crucial for teachers to settle down and fit in a new culture and have such a big workload.

·I heard about this topic from a podcast called"Talks with teachers” , the #79 episode. Dan Tricarico, who has taught in the West Hills High School English Department for over twenty years, is the author of the Zen teacher. In his talk, he asked this Question-Who is taking care of our teachers?

·I was shocked by this question because he is obviously American local teachers. Their situation should be much better than the guest teachers’. However, he still thinks more should be done for teachers. Which makes me think about our guest teachers. Most of teachers come to US without knowing a single person, too shy to ask for help, far away from home.

·Is there anyone who can actually help guestteachers, not only physically but also mentally?

·Are guest teachers appreciated by the people here and also people from home country?


·Balance of things in your life

·Telling story means you need to be okay with being vulnerable. Being a good listener. Kids practice to do that.

·As a teacher, getting hurt happens.

·Reading and writing contribute a lot to our lives. Our humanity.

·What if kids in China can share their stories? Talking circles.


·Teaching channel. Org

a.watcha video relevant and talk with other teachers

b.Join teaching channel

c.Follow them on Twitter

·Use multimedia in classrooms. Let's kids be technology creators.

·Let kids get into the drivers' seats.

·Knowing the learning target before class help kids know what they are going to learn and if they can do it.

·That's why it's important to set an appropriate learning goal.

·Leaders of our own learning---help let…

·Austin butterfly- five minutes' video clip

·Teacher can do outside the classroom: have the passion. Passion of learning. Let kids know we are learners. We are the models of what they should be.

·New ready. Twitter ID.


·Google docs---teacher can comment in the middle.

·Recommended books:

          Read aside – Kelly Something

          Understanding by design

          Teach what matters most

·Connect with other teachers online.


·Passionate learners: Giving our classrooms back to our students.


·Make books: Add QR code to the books students made by printing out the QR code and adding it on the books.

·Let students draw and put QR code on; and then put around the school so kids from other classes can also hear them speaking Chinese.

·Only adapt one or two new things every year to your class.


·Recommended books for teaching

          Understanding by design (second time)

          Teach what matters most (second time)

·Good Chinese movies:

          Please vote for me



·Record their own voice so that they can get used to their voice in a foreign language.

·How do kids record themselves?

 Chirbit: Teacher creates one account; kids don’t need to sign up. They can all use it with that account. It can generate QR code which can be print out and put around school.

Account: Yiheng

Password: pathfinder


·A cool way to give homework on Padlet --- Generate QR code and let kids take the code home.


·Visible learning:

Self-evaluation: Give rubrics to students so that they know what they are working towards and they can correct their own learning.

·Relationship with students: Share a picture of your life; students will share more later. If you feel you are pushing too hard, it’s a red flag. You should be the authentic yourself.

·Two ways you can do to build relationships with your students:

a. Pull yourself out when you teach. See why students act like that or what’s the motivation.

b. Forgot.


·AP Webinar


·Scaffolding strategies:

a. Show and tell “Just show me!”

b. Tap into prior knowledge (把她们之前学的知识关联起来,要来来回回地复习,学生才学得扎实。)

c. Give time to talk.

d. Pre-teach vocabulary. (给学生介绍一些关键词,介绍情景。)

e. Use visual aids. (图片、肢体语言,帮助学生了解。)

f. Pause, ask questions, pause, review. (不要一口气统统教给学生,适当反问学生,再加一点新的。铺垫要一步一步走。老师心里要很明白,下一步要教什么。)




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