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                       Alibaba's Singles' Day 

     Alibaba reeled in record-breaking sales during this year’s Singles' Day event, generating $25.3 billion in revenue.  Alibaba worked to upgrade physical stores ahead of the festival, in order to leverage its growing physical presence and facilitate delivery.The efficacy of these delivery points was critical to the retailer, as it offered one-hour delivery on certain items.Additionally, the shops allowed customers to track product availability across locations, and enabled them to have items delivered to their homes.Alibaba-owned Lazada’s chief marketplace officer and cofounder said its Singles' Day campaign is the one it's invested in most for the year.Although China's sales dwarfed SEA's, the region will be valuable as its e-commerce market expands in the coming years. The event’s success in the region is a positive indicator for future growth.To receive stories like this one directly to your inbox every morning, sign up for the E-Commerce Briefing newsletter.

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