Password generator

A simple and practical password generation tool for getting random passwords.The user can select the password composition, the password length and the number of generated passwords, and the software will randomly generate the password.

Users can choose their favorite password to save and make notes so that users can check the purpose of each password at any time.

The software is easy to use, simple in design, and functionally targeted, solving the problem that the user password can't be remembered.

Instructions for use:

1. Select the desired password composition, length, and number of passwords.

2. Click Generate Password.

3. Save and note the password, or delete the password.

4. View the saved password or copy the password.

Writing Auto Layout code from scratch is not easy. PureLayout provides a fully capable and developer-friendly interface for Auto Layout. It is designed for clarity and simplicity, and takes inspiration from the AutoLayout UI options available in Interface Builder while delivering far more flexibility The API is also highly efficient, as it adds only a thin layer of third party code and is engineered for maximum performance.


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