ACL2020/EMNLP2020 主会中 Entity Linking(Concept Normalization,Entity Normalization)的文章汇总


/COMETA: A Corpus for Medical Entity Linking in the Social Media./Marco Basaldella, Fangyu Liu, Ehsan Shareghi and Nigel Collier.

Design Challenges in Low-resource Cross-lingual Entity Linking.Xingyu Fu, Weijia Shi, Xiaodong Yu, Zian Zhao and Dan Roth.

Entity Linking in 100 Languages.Jan A. Botha, Zifei Shan and Daniel Gillick.

Scalable Zero-shot Entity Linking with Dense Entity Retrieval.Ledell Wu, Fabio Petroni, Martin Josifoski, Sebastian Riedel and Luke Zettlemoyer.

Efficient One-Pass End-to-End Entity Linking for Questions.Belinda Z. Li, Sewon Min, Srinivasan Iyer, Yashar Mehdad and Wen-tau Yih.


From Zero to Hero: Human-In-The-Loop Entity Linking in Low Resource Domains.
Jan-Christoph Klie, Richard Eckart de Castilho and Iryna Gurevych

Improving Entity Linking through Semantic Reinforced Entity Embeddings.Feng Hou, Ruili Wang, Jun He and Yi Zhou

Neighborhood Matching Network for Entity Alignment.
Yuting Wu, Xiao Liu, Yansong Feng, Zheng Wang and Dongyan Zhao

Clinical Concept Linking with Contextualized Neural Representations.
Elliot Schumacher, Andriy Mulyar and Mark Dredze

A Generate-and-Rank Framework with Semantic Type Regularization for Biomedical Concept Normalization.
Dongfang Xu, Zeyu Zhang and Steven Bethard