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And welcome everyone to the 95th Kesheknowledge seeker's workshop and today is Thursday, January 7, 2016It’sfirsttheknowledge seeker's workshop of the new year of 2016 which I am told andunderstand adds up to the magic number of nine which is a year of beginningsand endings according to some knowledge. So I think will probably see lots ofinteresting things this year and we can start with the hearing from Mr. Kesheat the spaceship Institute and see what he has in mind I understand that healthis a topicis aand that’s a hot topicfor today so will carry on as it goes. Mr. Keshe are you there and available?

瑞克:欢迎各位,这里是第95次 凯史知识探索工作坊。今天是2016年1月7号,周五,也是新的一年2016年的首期节目。听说2016这个年份每个数字加起来正好是神奇的数字9,据说这样的年份意味着开始和结束。因此我觉得或许今年我会见证到很多有趣的事情,那么让我们首先听听来自太空飞船协会的凯史先生的看法。健康,已然成了一个话题,也是我们今天的热聊话题,所以我会像往常一样继续探讨。请问凯史先生,你准备好了吗?

[if !vml]

[endif][Mr.Keshe]: Yes good morning,good day to yougood

evening, as usual ,wherever, whenever you listen to these broadcasts we tryto bring understanding and the work of the Space ship institute and theprograms of the space ship institute in the line with the work which we havedone for years and this year just one second please. AsIis said sorry about that if the gap, this year our plan isin one direction and that is totally the achievement or trying to achieve thecreation of the plasma to create what we call the elusive space shiptechnology, we have made some efforts in that direction and we have a number ofprojects which are running to show to release and confirm the creation of theplasma. We see a lot of interesting pictures. I see one of the screen. Cansomebody explain to us what this is?



[Rick]: I thought I will show you thatbecause last weekyoushowed I think it was a issix stacker high unit and this is from Roger Cookerman of the French dream teamnew margrave I never heard or seenthem beforebut it was pop in the Golden age of gans and this is got what appears to benine levels and easily added to the top I suppose .so they might be goingthrough the roof with the next one I’m not sure how that is going, is morebetter in this case Mr. Keshe or is it a case of overdoing it in the sense.

瑞克:我觉得我可以给你们看下,因为上周展示过。我认为这是六层能量盒高的装置,它来自法国梦想团队Roger Cookerman的新式磁引力场。我之前从没有听过也没见过他们,但这在甘斯盛行的黄金时代可是有流行的。现在它似乎是达到了九层,依我所见,它很容易会被加到最顶层。他们或许叠加下一层就能到达顶层。[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]: no ,there is not personalproblemindoing it but what is the purpose to achieve, whatwearewe trying to do. If these nano coating and ganscoating of the systems are set in a specific way on the strength point of view,then maybe it has apurpose but we got to find out why they are doing this, why you are going forsuch a large numbers. Is there anywhere, are they online, can we talk to themor it’s just something they posted.


[Rick]: Well it's something that wasposted to just a couple of hours ago basically and I am nottonotfamiliar with Roger and his group.Is there just

asanybody that is a viewer right now that's associated with them and cansay something about it?put up her hand and I can allow you to speak. Maybe there is someone inthe live stream that knows something about that as well let me have a look atthat on my live stream feed here.



[Mr. Keshe]: Don’t disconnect it,


[Rick]: someone mentions it looks like

the trying to create a vortex, as Douglas Edwards says,“I made it late here……” ,oops ,no ,says looks like they're

trying to create a vortex ,he must be talking about something else. I made it to the show he meansnot the unit. Let’s leave it there.


[Mr. Keshe]:Is there else to see?


[if !vml]

[endif][Rick]:well there is something that's unusual and I think I can show this just asecond while I have to make an adjustment to my screen, this is from ColleenBlack, let me just  share the screen andColleen mentions the, my  entire studiois running on margrave,thank you Keshe foundation!

瑞克:嗯……出了些小状况,我现在先展示着这张图片,因为要调整一下屏幕。这张图片出自于Colleen Black。大家看一下,Colleen提到:我的整个工作室都是靠磁引力运作的,我要感谢凯史基金会!

 Sorry I have been a little out of touch I sawsome of the things happening on this planet and decided to take action .so Isigned up and was accepted to start school in January 18 at the Keshefoundation spaceship Institute ,my mission or goal or whatever LOL is to findhealing artistic applications for our environment and health,and teach lots of amazing

artistic ways to heal ,and also converting my Jeep into a hybrid thanks to the Keshe teachings ,happy new year to everyone

.despite the world weird-o-osis-ness ,love always prevails .I can't wait for every step of ourherfuture.  I can finally see a bright one for thechildren of tomorrow. Grateful artist mom to have a part in helping humanity.So she's a single mom professional artist and she has apparently I think fivedifferentthereactor combinations starker units ,actually fivedifferent stacker units that she's put together .I'm not sure if I have allthose picture in one place here right now but I thought that wasaninteresting,you know,this is becoming almosttypical in a way but the people that aren't necessarily scientist or mathsscience background.

很抱歉我最近与你疏于联系。我看到很多这样的事情正在这个世界上发生,我决定做点什么。所以1月18我在凯史基金太空飞船协会报名,然后被正式录用,为其创办学校(教学)。我的使命或者目标,或者无论什么,就是为我们的环境和健康探寻治愈系的有美感的应用装置,并传授很多神奇的很艺术的治愈方法,并且,因为凯史课程,我也正将我的吉普车改装成一个“混血儿”。大家新年快乐!除了那些奇怪的病态人。爱一直都在。我对我们未来的每一个阶段都已经亟不可待了。我已经能想到未来的孩子们所处的那个快乐的阶段了。[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]: You see the Interestingis thatshe says my entire studio is running onmargrave and so it shows the technology works it delivers ,we have seen bunchof people postingthatthe system doesn't workand is wrong and people who are running the systemget theirgoing to have systemtheenergy supply from the margravesystem, so it shows we are correct and something strange which is happening isa large number of people, we lost the screen somewhere.


[Rick]: Just focusing on the website,she is part of the Keshe community network website that has come up.And I’ll show It may showthe picture therefor…

瑞克:注意看这个网页。[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]: A large number of people

are achieving and supplying energy for themselves ,so she is running her

studio with margrave technology, so it means it works and this situation which has been risen by what I

call the dark forces has been given a new life ,this week we will see the interesting link that I sent to Rick at onewhich shows how they try to discredit scientists I don’t know if you have seenit.


[Rick]: Yes I have


[Mr. Keshe]: I think it’s good forpeople to see if you can put that link on to show how governments have  systematically in trying to discreditscientists and scientific work like yours and ours and it fits into everysingle page you seeninRed circle Nancy BerlinGermany, step-by-step as they disclose what they found about this procedure ifit iswill bein the step by step,formso itshows these people work within hand in hand withthe government'sand they go from one technique to anotherbecause one man cannot come up with one thing and then follow the sameprocedure next. It means that they are reading from the same ships and theytheir own instigators of discrediting but is is not working. Can you put thatlink up, I hope you have, have you found it?

凯史先生:我觉得你应该把那个链接打开,让大家看看政府是怎样质疑科学家以及大家的科学性的工作的。这一点你在浏览德国柏林的”Red circle”每一个网页时都能发现。他们将他们发现的关于这个过程信息逐渐地公诸于世。因此它展示了这些人与政府携手并进地开展工作,并且是在不同科技领域,因为仅凭一个人是不可能想出什么就能做出什么的。他们是同一条船上的人,是(对科学家进行)污蔑的煽动者,但他们是不会成功的。你能把那个链接打开吗,希望你已经找到了。

[Rick]: Just a minute, I need to …


[Mr. Keshe]: It is very good for peopleto listen to this 11, 12 minutes of tape. It is independent release and it fitsexactly how is been going with people to discredit the work, your work and thefoundationformation work and it's exactly wordby word in how the foundation has been attacked. They have initiators  we told you on the payroll and being onthe  payroll they try to do these kind ofthings discredition, if theydon’t do itby name,don’tdotheyattack personally,and  for a while send emails on the rest and yousee it  fits perfect. So be 100% surethese people are worked hand in hand and are on the payroll of thesegovernments and in time they will be discredited,there is no doubt about it,but now is for you lot who develop these technologies and you are usingit or running it in your home or whatever to put it on the net. In a way we doour part and you do yours and collectedly we achieve something good.

凯史先生:我觉得应该让大家听听这十一二分钟的录音。这录音是单独发行的,它确切地讲述了人们是怎样质疑这些工作的,包括你们的工作,以及基金会的工作。它一词一句地讲述了基金会是如何被异论攻击的。我们跟你说过,他们的发起人是被支付薪水的,凭借有薪水这一点,他们试图做这种质疑工作的事情。他们在做着各种事 的时候不留名,也不单独行动,不久后就在休息的时候发电子邮件,你看简直太符合了。所以可以百分之百确定这些人是共同做这些工作的,并且是这些政府的在职人员,他们迟早会臭名昭著,这毋庸置疑。现在要说的是你们这些开发科技 的人,你们现在正在使用这些科技,或者正在家里或在网上或无论什么地方创建它(磁引力装置)。在某种程度上,我们做好我们的工作,你们做好你们的,这样各司其职,我们就能有所成就,实现一些好的目的。

Something which is running in the

background is that in the next few weeks we start releasing new technologies

from the innovation centre ,which a lot of you can directly use, we receive a lot of requests that we

have managed or we want to produce margrave systems for ourselves to sell ,do not do so unless you

have received the license or you got a tested certification ,because thiscan go on unit problem there is no use coming to us and asking can wesellitour units. If we said yes and you sell it and it cause problemor you don’t do the connections in whatever the right waythe right way orthe people make a mistake and that becomes your problem in a big way, so as wesay ,if you're thinking of doing manufacturing go through the website ,or go throughtothe manufacturers ,the team isthere to support you and in a coming time will find us some structures to beable to become manufactures.


We won’t finance everyone we choose how

and where ,andin that process we move forward to not only show just the margrave systems butthe health systems are coming up, new what I call plasma flight systems arecoming in to show in the coming time our speaking of this morning.Maybewe’ll take for the first time the first flightsystem into the open in next week or two to test it in the open a space in openenvironment ,the second one will be done next couple weeks again ,and 3rdone and fourth one is in line maybe in the coming days where we try to produceas much aspossibleplasmathe plasmafields in the open.

我们不会为所有人提供金融援助,由我们来选择方式与地点。在这个过程中,我们不仅仅会展示磁引力能量系统,健康系统也即将面世,还有,新的我称之为等离子体飞行系统的科技成果也即将在我们上午的谈话期间跟大家见面。也许我们将在接下来的一周或两周首次将第一个飞行系统在公开场合公开,以便我们在一个开放 的环境中对它进行测试。第二个系统(飞行系统)将会在接下来的几周里进行,第三个和第四个(飞行系统)将会在接下来我们尽可能多地创造等离子体领域的科技的日子里随之而来。

The reason we used to open a space isthat when you setup margrave systems to fly,the structure of the building you're in the table, the chairs and everything

else interact, the current and wires and the walls and the current flow in the

electricity ,and

affects your system,so when you test in open in more or less you are in an environment whichyou going to test, you don’tgoinside structurefor the time being  and we can see thefields and how the fields interact and what we have to move to create theinteraction of the three layer. The flight to system is our ultimate goal andI’llsee what we can do in the way that you  arepart of these tests. I can see youput another one.


[Rick]; Let, me …


[Mr. Keshe]; Golden Ages of Gans ,is supported by the Keshe

foundation, so

in a coming time you will see the support logo of the Keshe foundation,it's we support it workand …


[Rick]: yeah I don't  wannaplay thevideo here,butthe commentary and videos as yousay veryinteresting I recommend people do check this out if I can just read what sheDenise writes here justtocouple days ago:it took me three months not having any technical or electrical skills butwith a little help from my friends we plugged it in on New Year's Eve , itis now emitting the most beautiful calming energythrough the home, Ihavefound I can sit withittheand send this energy outtoothers whoare werefeeling the same emotionally calming energies and very real physical effects,my heartfelt gratitude toMr. Keshe and all who inspired me to keep going.

瑞克:是的我不是太想放那段视频,但是像你说的那样,评论和视频很有意思,我建议由我来读一下Denise几天前写的东西,[if !vml]

[endif]好让大家一起来看看:整整三个月我没有任何科学或者电力方面的办法,但是在我朋友的些许帮助下 我们终于在除夕夜将插头插上了,现在它正透过我的家放射着最美最静谧的光芒。我发现我坐下来也能感受到它,并能把这种能量传出去,给其他正与我感受着同样静谧的能量和同样真实的物理效应的人。我衷心感谢凯史先生,还有所有支持我一直向前的人们。

Like I said I can't really play the

video,it’s a  Vimeo and I have gottenpermission and all that but if you play through and she has these crystals asyou can see in the image there, crystals involved in her margrave set up and the crystals are getting charged

according to the little pen device that reads the electric fields,it is increasingly gettingmore charge oritshows more charge in these crystals,and they are sittingaway a waysaway fromthe margrave unit I think maybe a meter away or so,and these crystals areincreasingly day by day getting more electrical charge to them according to thelittle pen device shown on them. I wish I could show that but I do have to geta video from Denise aherself to I think to show that.

我刚才说过,这个视频我播放不了,这是Vimeo这个视频播客网站上的视频,我还没得到播放许可,但是如果你播放的话,你就会看到,她把这些晶体与她的磁引力装置相关联,这些晶体就是正如你在图片上看到的那些,[if !vml]


There was another comment, I believethat this is her comment getting a little confused here between the 2 but shementions I think it was Denise and not calling,says anyways this is how my

untrained mind sees this ,I don't see this from an electrical perspective more as an energy generator,a sense I sense an energy

field growing here ,and it is quite a different

feel to electricity, I know plasma likes the load and I know plasma likes to be directed ,so I decided to add my load

in a different way through my consciousness by asking it to charge my crystals ,and by powering my healingintentions out to other people


I'm thinking that the more I do this

the more the plasma will come into alignment with my intentions, and get even more powerful

as long as my intentions are pure ,and she adds I am just experimenting ,and that was her comment in the golden age of gans group people can reach

that through Facebook golden age of gans ,as you can see in the title there, this is Denise Higgison ,her post ,and I thought that was veryvery interesting I wish we could show the video but I don't think that it beproper for a copyright right now so …


Higgison 的帖子。我觉得这件事来的很有趣,我本来想播放这段视频,但是我又觉得那不是一个撰稿人该做的事,所以……

[Person1]: Rick I sent you that link Iwired it on your Skype. Did you hear me?


[Rick]: You said the link for?


[Person1]: The link for the Keshe videoyou wanted to show about the problems they give him.


[Rick]: Yeah I had that already shownon the screen for the livestream at least, if you could post for people in thegroup that will be good.


[Mr. Keshe]: Can we have it on the zoomline like…

凯史先生:能在zoomline 上展示吗?

[Rick]: sure we can do it that way,hold on second here


[Mr. Keshe]:  the structure asus you see it's avery good way to show that’s, yeah it has gone behind the other one now,yeah.


[Rick]: I will just share itdifferently


[if !vml]

[endif][Mr.Keshe]: Proof of government internet trolls and free energy debunkers that’sthe link you can pick up and listen to it, it’s only 11 minutes but it fitsperfectly as you been on the Internet and what has been happening on differentwebsites and how they been attacking and everything elsetheconditionif it's in the work,word by word according to the payments andinhow to.

凯史先生:Proof of government internet trolls and free energy debunkers. 这是它的链接,你可以收藏起来听听。[if !vml]


This has come from the British secretservice how they get their guy to do their dirtywork,and now you see the otherthing what we told you for long time there are government agencies trying totellyouyou don’t understand everything else isfalse,and

write to you emails and all that, now you see how they do it and how they have

been encouraged to do it by the , what I call the payments so now you see the

work what we say the redcircle is a paid agent and is working with the Germans

the same way ,fits

perfectly into the circle but in any way we don’t consider them as a, what you

call it,worth talking about now everybody is understanding what the position is. Theimportant part of teaching is …do you have anything else to show? Or we carryon with the teaching part?


[Rick]:I think you can carry on Mr.Keshe, I mean you could show lots of other things I supposed but I think we should……doyou want, you have some particular health topic I think that youwant to bring out ,some teaching alongthattheway  or……


[Mr. Keshe]: if you wantto havedon't haveanything else to show wedon’t mind …


[Rick]: well I'm sure …


[Mr. Keshe]:  By the way Brad it’s nice to hearthat fromyou are back alive and kicking


[Rick]: sadly ,I see for example Ali’shereheyoumay have somethinghe youlike to share or anyone else that hasanything particular that they like to bring up or do you have questions laterMr. Keshe perhaps.


[Mr. Keshe]: Are there any questions toanswer before start teaching because we go in teaching and then at the end wehave a very few questions to answer. Are there any questions from anywhere?


[Rick]: somebody just had their hand upand I'm just going to allow them to see what they wanted here .Jackie Wenzel's?do you have a question or something want to ask for perhaps, you had your handup there ,I’mnot sure if they can unmute I willtry to unmute, I have unmuted you Jackie can you say something ?no, okay I guess that was an error I will  put them back is a, back to reviewer fornow,  okay anyone else with the anythingthey would like to offer at this point is for is a question for Mr. Keshebefore we begin.

瑞克:有人举手了,现在让我们来听听他们想了解什么。Jackie Wenzel’s,你有问题要问或者有什么要咨询的吗,看到你举手了。……我不确定他们是不是能取消静音,我尽力试试……Jackie我已经对你取消静音了,你现在能说话了吗?......还是不行,好吧,应该是系统出错了,让我们回过来……回过来看我们的评论者。好了,在我们开始前还有人要问凯史先生吗?

Let me check the livestream here,  there is a couple of questions likeyoucan we make gans with no salt water?weappeared to have done thatby rinsing a nano coated coils it made a CO2 gans .andyou were mentioning about CO2 gans before the workshop Mr. Keshe,maybeyou like to elaborate about that for a bit I knowthat's,thereis people

我来看看现场直播的状况。有些问题是这样的,比如:我们能用无盐水制甘斯吗?我们好像已经做成了,是通过洗掉纳米涂层线圈做的。凯史先生你之前在研讨会上提到了CO2 甘斯,也许你乐意详细讲解一下。我知道有人…..比如说,

,for example ,there is people creating what they believe as CO2 gans from the salt waterby just adding caustic to it and make it gobs of material that looks like CO2gans to some , or there's others that see their brokers zincplates aredisappearing and they think they have a lot of CO2 gas ,but it's probably azinc oxide or some other zinc carbonate or some other zinc product perhaps, andto me it seems and I think to some others it seems like it's not that easy of atask the maybe it's easy but it's one has to be exact in order to get the exactwhat you call CO2 gans,and for example there is beena, one of these tests done recently on gans,I’mnot sure if you seen that

有人用盐水制造他们所认为的CO2。他们往盐水里加苛性碱,把它变成了看起来像CO2甘斯的东西。还有人说他们的金属板正在慢慢变小直至消失,他们认为这是CO2甘斯太多的原因,但这可能是因为金属板是锌氧化物,也或许是某种碳酸锌,又或许是其他锌的化合物。对其他人来说这可能不是多简单。或许它是简单,但这需要我们做工精细,因为这样才能得到纯净的你所说的CO2. 比如说最近已经有一项关于gans的实验成功完成了,我不知道你看没看过。

I wanted to write a in fact Istarted  writing rebugle on it  and so on frommyIthink Joshuawasishis name andit’s one of these XRD analysis and or x-ray diffraction and these scientifictests and so on the gans and what's supposed to be the CO2 gans and it showsyou a lot of zinc,well yes of course and that's what would happen if you let the plates

sitting there for several days and don't control the environment,yes you will get a lot ofzinc and then the trouble is the tests can't really as far asI firstIcan determine,


the tests can't really show the CO2 as

CO2 to start with ,and can’teven show the tiny little ganstight entities because they would be number one crushed by the drying andcrushing process they used to test the particles to start with,and what they call

particles ,and

the gans is in a different state when it is in a liquid state ,especially it’s expanded openout inand free and happy and reallydry and wecrush itand expect to build and measure it, andinstead they say it's a bunch of amorphous substance ,and meaning they don'thave a clue what it is other than it's somewhere in the scale of the wide scaleloads this x-ray diffraction ,so essentially they don't have a clue what halfofthe materials that they are testing are,they sort of fit the graph

use a hammer and pound down some of the peaks then yes it kind of roughly fits

in certain ways but they don't seem to build tested properly ,so I am thinking that it'shard to get make and test proper CO2 gans and what you think about that as aconjecture, did I talk to too long areyoustillhereor did you fall asleep Mr. Keshe


[Mr. Keshe]: I am getting talked to bya very nice boy.


[Rick]: Okay I could understand thatcould be distracting


[Mr. Keshe]: No problem if you give methe camera I explain this again because we been through this a few times, I tryto share the screen, I can’t share the screen I want to go on the camera.


[Rick]: You are in the whiteboardsomehow 


[Rick]: Thank you .Vince。


[Mr. Keshe]: So on what we have, iswhat we explained,it think it’splease knowthisfrom the beginning, you have the, have explained this again before when you putin plates,and you connect your wires ,you have to control the current flow in your plate ,if you do not control the

current plate what you do, the flow is very low, the magnetic gravitational

flow is very very low ,don’t forget that you have already created the nano structure, here 。so you have a plasmatic

fields, in

this plasmatic fields ,when you have created the environment ,and you increasethe current,now in this part of the

plate ,you

work in the plasmatic condition but high current ,so what you are going to release is literally,   if you have zinc you release zinc oxide.Where in this environment here you release CO2 in the water, so you get a combination

of two 。

凯史先生:我们画的是什么讲的就是什么,这一点先知道。之前讲到过,当你放入金属板[if !vml]

[endif](00:28:03),连上金属线后,你必须得控制好金属板里的电流[if !vml]

[endif]。如果你不控制的话,无论用什么方法,电流还是会很小,磁引力流非常非常小。别忘记一点,就是你已经构造了一个纳米结构[if !vml]

[endif],在这儿,所以你有等离子磁场[if !vml]

[endif],在这个等离子磁场里,当你构建好实验环境了,你就增加电流。现在在金属板的这个部分[if !vml]

[endif],你是在等离子条件但却高电流的状态下进行的,所以你将释放出,嗯差不多是……如果有锌参与的话,你将生成氧化锌[if !vml]

[endif]。在这种实验环境下,就是这儿[if !vml]

[endif],你生成了CO2[if !vml]


when you put a load across this which

is a small load ,thenthe situation changes totally ina different waywhere this produces CO2 and here you produce zinc. So as I was explainingbefore we start the session,whenyouuse zinc plate is literallyimpossible to produce a pure CO2,or pure zinc oxide 。so when you produce this you produce the two ,depending on how,andhow muchandwhatyou have done。if

you connected the wires directly ,90%, 95% of your material is zinc oxide,if you put a load like LED light oramotor, a small fan motor, 80, 85% your CO2. The problem it’s very very similar,because ……you see thecombination.

当你在这个地方放上一个负载的话[if !vml]

[endif](最上面画了一个波浪),一个小负载,情况就完全不同了,这样一来,就变成这个地方生成的是CO2[if !vml]

[endif](底部),这儿生成的是锌了[if !vml]

[endif](水面)。所以就像我在开始会议之前说过的那样,你要是用锌金属板的话,可以说是不可能生成纯CO2或者纯氧化锌的[if !vml]

[endif]。所以你在制造的过程中,你等于是同时生成了这两者。根据方法和量的不同,如果你是将金属丝直接连在一起的话,那么你材料的百分之九十或百分之九十五是氧化锌,如果你放置了一个负载,像LED灯或者小的发动机啊,那么百分之八十或八十五是CO2.问题是非常相似是,因为……你看这个联式[if !vml]


There is a reason we chose the zinc

plate ,you

are working with carbon ,the gravitational magnetic field of the carbon in conjunction allows the

creation of the zinc ,gans ,evenwhen you collect the zincin atthebottomit’s isstillisin thegans state it’s not in the matter state.

我们选择锌制的金属板是有原因的。你是在和碳一起工作,[if !vml]


Because you are in a environment of the

plate, this plate has dictated the condition ,not what is on the side ,this environment is dictated by this plate ,it’s is the play masterit’s isthecontroller. The fields off the nano material on the  pointplatesit and crosses the right the fulllinklength,before theif you manage to create a long enough container andputa copper oxide,nano coatedand  to onthe side,and then place different

zinc plates in different positions, you will see how much the difference will be, I’ve done this is a

fantastic way to do it。

因为你受金属板的这个环境的控制,金属板[if !vml]

[endif][if !vml]

[endif](纳米板与锌板)在把控着条件与状态,而不是旁边的东西。实验环境受金属板控制,它是主人翁,是主角,是控制器。纳米材料周围的磁场会穿过中间[if !vml]

[endif](中间的黄线),建立起一个连接。如果你构造一个足够长的容器[if !vml]

[endif],在里面放一块氧化铜,并对其纳米涂层[if !vml]

[endif],然后在不同的位置放置不同的锌制金属板的话[if !vml]

[endif][if !vml]


work if you manage to offset them if you look at this box if you make it 3

dimensional where your plates sit back to front in a way, one zinc plate hangs

there, one zinc plate hangs there and one zinc plate hangs there, you see different type of

ganses are collected at the bottom。as the strength of the nanomaterial with realreduces in the different and at this point you collectmore zinc oxide where here collect more CO2.

如果把它们抵消,把这个盒子变成一个三维的[if !vml]

[endif][if !vml]

[endif],也就是把金属盘反过来放,这儿挂着一个锌制金属盘,这儿挂一个,这儿挂一个[if !vml]

[endif][if !vml]

[endif],你会看到底部收集了不同类型的甘斯[if !vml]

[endif](底部画了三个方块)。 当纳米材料的力量不同程度逐渐减弱的时候[if !vml]

[endif](中间的波浪点,应该是越向左越弱,远离纳米板时就形成下文的人的心理环境),你就会在这个地方收集更多的氧化锌[if !vml]

[endif][if !vml]

[endif](笔指),在这儿收集更多CO2.[if !vml]


I have done all these tests you can see

them then you can test them then you come get a confirmation. So how you load

your plate depends。 if you are going for to use the gans for a specific reason in the space

technology in plasma production in nano materials and in the health pens ,then it dictates whatyou  hecan do,you're going for the

psychological ,you’refor emotion or you are going for a different way ofinteraction of emotions ,then you understand….


It took years to develop,andIchoose the zinc as a compart plate in thisstructure. Here you create more environment of a leaf, here you create moreenvironment of  in

one withthe psychology of the body of the man. That’s  how your brain’s

structure works,and if yougo inside thebrain of the man you understand why the behaviour of the emotion certain waysplace in certain part of the body or in the structure of the brain,

那时你就会明白它不是短时间就能发展起来的。我用锌当做这个结构的分隔金属板。在这儿你创造了树叶的环境[if !vml]

[endif](椭圆形),在这儿你构造了人体的心理环境[if !vml]

[endif][if !vml]

[endif](中间方块)(00:33:47)。你的大脑就是那样运转的。你要是进入人的大脑,你就会明白为什么人的情绪[if !vml]

[endif][if !vml]


so when you use these things and you

have just connected the wires of the top of each other ,you can follow literally

producing gans, what do you call it ,zinc oxide ,very

little amount of CO2 。when you allow the current to be tested in the LED lights of the green

spectrum ,green

colour is one of the best one which creates ,or the red one ,create the CO2 in this environment, this seems to be the right drainage.

所以当你用这些东西,并且已经把金属线的两端连接起来了,那么你基本上可以生成甘斯,也就是氧化锌,还有少量的CO2了。当你在绿色光谱 的LED灯里测试电流的时候,绿色或者红色是最好的,它们能生成CO2 [if !vml]


So people who go and say we tested it

and there is no CO2, you have to understand what you are doing。as we say in theoldknowledge,whatever you want to achieve if you don't understand it you relate back to whatyouhave not achieved because we are all in thelook for intelligence. A lot of you don’t understand and you think just becausea friend or I can do Ramanspectroscopy,I just test the bottom line, if you haven’t made it how

you expect the cake when you made the recipe for the soup, very simple and then

you say it cannot be made. It’s always a soup you can’t make, because you don’t

have, you haven’t put the right ingredients for it ,you have to follow theprocedureyou have to understand it,andyou get to exactly where it is,by the way the structure is。


any of you who don’t start, you get

this[if !vml]

[endif].Alot of youIexplain this before,who work with the sea water, I

explain this before we go back on it again 。when you use the sea water ,to you, here in the past ,and in the other set ,you have the plates ,but in the seawater you have

the same position ,you have a mixture of all the elements on this planet, I'll explain this before you go from gold to copper to zinc to whatever

you want,whatever you imagine is  seawater,and in so many ways when

you add the caustic to it ,you change every molecular atomic structure due to where they are and howthey connect to each otherand how they connectto the containments of the system you put it in, dictates how you collect somuch gans at the bottom。

你们谁不肯迈出这一步谁就会得到这样的情况。你们当中用海水做实验的人[if !vml]

[endif](00:36:03),说到这儿我之前解释过,在我们回到刚才的话题前我再解释一遍。当你们使用海水的时候,以前的时候是在这儿,在另一套上你有的是金属板,但是在海水里情形是一样的[if !vml]

[endif](画点),你有地球上所有的化学元素的混合。我会讲解的,在你从金到铜到锌或到任何你想要的之前,所有你想的都在海水中。你往里面加苛性碱[if !vml]

[endif](画了一横线),改变了每个分子和原子的结构[if !vml]

[endif](小圆圈)。因为方位不同,互相之间的连接方式不同,以及他们跟系统当中你放进去的容器的链接方式不同[if !vml]


most of this carries CONH ,so you have ,by chance or coincidence, CO2 in it 。you have in it a gans ofwater. A lotof youdon’t realize in the watersystem and you use from the seawater,you produce huge amounts of gans of water, huge amount of gans or hydrogen ,but what you see at the bottom is spectrum of ganses  [if !vml]


on what temperature you created when you added the gans into it, the caustic

into it, because each one has a temperature for it , so when you collect the

gans you see a lot of gans collected 。majorityof it has zinc in it,has a CO2 in it ,has a gans of water in it ,and the combination of thelot  gives you the white colour andyou’re happy you have it。but the gans you collect from seawater at the bottom of your container is

extremely,extremely mixture of everything on this planet,but  in the future you can use thismixture for most of the things you want to use。

这些大部分(海水)当中含有CONH[if !vml]

[endif](碳氢键),所以它们当中也就正好有CO2[if !vml]

[endif]。这是液态的CO2[if !vml]

[endif]。很多人并没有意识到这一点,你使用海水,你生成了大量的液态甘斯,大量的甘斯又或者是氢甘斯[if !vml]

[endif]。但是根据,你在底部看到的是甘斯光谱[if !vml]

[endif],形成什么甘斯是根据你往里面加甘斯、苛性碱的时候创设的温度。因为每一样东西都有它的适宜温度。所以当你收集甘斯时,你看到的是大量被收集好的(精选的)甘斯[if !vml]

[endif]。它们中的大部分都含有锌、CO2,以及液态的甘斯。这些东西为你制造出白色[if !vml]


if you get the gansof seawater and produce anewcoilswasof space technology in the batteries you have the fullrespect for the energies needed for the space travel. It is as simple as that.Most of you who created the ganses with the seawater use the gans for yourbatteries for your space  technology forfeeding, everything in the there, whatever the man needs is in the ocean andwhen you make your batteries and when you use the gans of the material on it,and now the energy of thegans or whatever was in the sea now is available for the man.

如果你从海水里提炼出了甘斯,并且生产出用于太空科技的电池的线圈。那么你就有望为太空旅行所需的能源做点什么了。这跟那一样简单。你们当中很多用海水制造出甘斯 的人将甘斯用于电池,用于太空科技,用于饲养,用于一切。人们的一切所需都来自大海。比如当你制造电池的时候,当你用甘斯材料的时候[if !vml]


You can use every element you can

imagine in this system。 if you, [if !vml]

[endif]theuse water from different partsof the ocean,you receive different type

of gans but near enough in the strength in certain elements。 in time when you test you

will understand more 。

在这里面你能使用你能想到的每一样化学物质[if !vml]


if you give thegans, this ganswill  tobe tested by Raman’sspectroscopy and infrared spectroscopy and others spectroscopies, you will find they give you

every element which is in the in the creation of this planet. But majority of

it is CO2 and the zinc which is part of the structure。 because again, carbon is

12 ,zinc

is 60 ,despite

the fact. That’s why human race, the body structure of the life of this planet is very much dependent on

the operation of the zinc。 because in part of the structure of the amino acid,zinc behaves very muchof

theas strongeras carbonand in that conjunction it allows different structures to come into operation。life is not accidental inthis planet,it’s isorderlyand it has set for one to support the other,replacement of one thing to the other. That is why in your body you havepectoral glands, because the pectoral glands changes this to thisor allin another confirmation anotherconversion,this

to this or to this ,as it needs it.

如果你释放这些甘斯。这些甘斯就会被拉曼光谱或者红外线光谱又或者其他光谱所测试。你就会发现他们会给你地球上的每一种化学元素。但是它大部分是CO2和锌。因为碳是12,锌是60[if !vml]

[endif][if !vml]


在氨基酸中[if !vml]

[endif],锌比碳要强[if !vml]

[endif](00:40:31),在那样的结合中,不同的的结构就形成了。在这个世界上,生命并非偶然形成。它是有一定秩序的。万物是相互支撑,循环更新的。那就是为什么你会有胸腺[if !vml]

[endif](右边四点),因为胸腺有转换功能。它把它转换成它[if !vml]

[endif](先画下面一条线再画上面一条线,将锌转化为碳),或者在其他转换下将它转换成它[if !vml]

[endif](中间线,锌转化为氮),或者它[if !vml]

[endif](Zn-H,锌到氢),根据情况的不同[if !vml]


 [Rick]: Mr Keshe there is a question about thewould the gans of water have a colour and if so what colour would that be?you mentioned that waterturns intoturnintogans inside the body does it not?


[Mr. Keshe]: Yes but it the colour ofthe gans is transparent.

凯史先生:是的,但是甘斯 的颜色是透明的。

[Rick]: Okay


[Mr. Keshe]: it's a very transparent colourand it states that in a way your lymph is that made of the water that is whyignite 55%or 65%,85%of your body iswater,becauseits  lymph which is made of gans ofwater. Your lymph is a gans of water but energized in a specific way.


[Rick]: there was a comment last night

about how the structure of water is different when it's inside the body ,somebody there’s actual

scientific research about the shape of the water crystals ,actually are changed and

have to be different inside the water inside the body rather, and that water ,that's normal outside the

body is actually needs it takes a certain energy to change it to the type of

water that's used by the body inside the body,sothey correlates exactly with whatyou're saying really


[Mr. Keshe]: If you understand it it's

very easy to translate the knowledge. The water inside the body of the man is

literally what we call the deposit bank of the energies. If you think of it

that way the lymph of the body of the man is like the seawater. It carries

everything in the same shape or form ,but in an energy form and matter form 。and then you take from what you need in conjunction with your energy whichcomes from your pectoral glands and then the division of the section by the,what you call it, other glands in the body.

凯史先生:你要是明白的话,那这方面的知识就很好讲解了。人体内的水啊,可以说就像是能量的存储银行。按照那样的想法的话,那么人体的淋巴就相当于海水了 ,它以相同的形状或形式携带着一切,但是以能量的形式和物质的形式。然后你从你来自胸腺的能量中获取你的所需,还有你体内的其他腺。

In the coming time I show you how youcan change the orientation of the lymph and the disease in the body of man.Last week we spoke about if you remember we put the bottle on the table and wesaid if this is the body of the man we could change it with a pen, but nowlet’s go a step further .all of you have made these coils,you  we have madethese coils in a very simple way, and youhave bothunderstand ,i repeat this again the operation of these coils.

接下来我会告诉你怎样改变人体内淋巴结和疾病的发展方向。如果你还记得的话,上周我们说过,当时我们把瓶子放到桌子上,[if !vml]

[endif]我们说如果瓶子是人的身体,我们可以用一支笔将它改变。现在让我们更进一步。你们都做了这样 的线圈[if !vml]

[endif],做起来很简单,你们都明白[if !vml]


These coils are built to replicate the

operation of the universe ,this internally as a gravitational and a magentical property, this has a

gravitational magnetical property ,tothe two togetherafterhave

their own gravitational and magnetical, property in respect to eachother, so the environmentwhichthey createis totallyshape of,literally ,a bowl of plasma. here we brought this in this line, in the spacetechnology which now we producing the plasmas , we ,as I showed you ,we turnedthe plasma in this shape where we could create and control both magnetic and gravitational to create pressureand changes.

这些线圈用来演示宇宙的运行[if !vml]

[endif]。它,有引力和磁力方面的属性[if !vml]

[endif](笔所指),它,[if !vml]

[endif](笔所指)有着重力磁场方面的属性。两者合起来有相对于彼此的引力和磁力。所以它们创造的环境纯碎是一个碗状的等离子体场[if !vml]

[endif]。从太空科技方面来看,也就是我们正在创造等离子体的科技中,我们把等离子体反过来这样放[if !vml]


Those of you who followed the health

section ,you

can use this ,letme explain how .if you put thisas abody of aman, and you put this on side you can change the orientation of this ring andchange the plasmaticofcondition gravitational magnetic field strengthwhich goes through the body。

你们谁一直在关注健康这部分的话,可以用它来……我来跟大家演示怎么做吧。如果你把这个瓶子看做人体[if !vml]

[endif],把它放在旁边的话[if !vml]

[endif],你可以通过改变这个圆环的方向[if !vml]


 if you put a similar unit on the site, let meexplain to you this way,this is one of the plates fromthose one ofwillloseoneofthe power supplies,margrave unit, if I put

this margrave unit here and put another margrave unit on the other side of the

body of the man ,andnow I orientatethe orto change theorientationof gravitational magnetic fieldstrength of the system,you see I can adjust it to be zinc and I can adjust it to be gold,inI can bring it to be hydrogen。

如果你在这个旁边放一个相似的装置的话,这样跟你们解释吧,这是我从能量盒中拿出的一个能量盘[if !vml]

[endif],它是个磁引力装置。我把这个装置放在这儿,再在身体的另一边放置另一个这样的装置[if !vml]

[endif](一边一个),然后我现在改变这个系统的磁引力场的方向[if !vml]

[endif](扭动中间的线圈)(00:46:28),你可以看到它变换成锌[if !vml]

[endif](向右扭转),也可以是金[if !vml]


 so in the coming time the orientation of thegravitational field on one system as it goes through the body of the man or thebody will change affect what is inside in the centre。so if I can gotothis waysoyou  that we can see better,this way . so if I put this on the side and I change this as the energygoes through the body it changes. you have a cancer ,there is some calcium ,you itchanges it slightly you bring it topotassium in this environment potassium cannot exist so the cancer disappearsbecause you change the environment off the field inside the body of thefieldinside the bodyof ifthe man,

接下来,随着引力场穿过人体,它的方向将会改变,并对内部中心产生影响。我把它这样放吧,这样会比较容易看。如果我把它像这样放到这儿[if !vml]

[endif],然后我对它的方向进行变换[if !vml]


soin nextstep now which you are learning in the health section of the space technology,you need one coil or youdecide to hold the  centre constants andjust change the magnet gravitational than magnetical now , so you can changethe 2 or you can change the strength of the gravitational in the centre of onein respect to  the other,becomes very easy 。

所以,接下来在学习健康单元部分中你需要准备一个线圈。要不就是你打算保持其核心的稳定不变,或者只改变引力场[if !vml]


the Newhall systems now that we know

how to change gravitational magnetic field, you can go from hydrogen to any element you want,tobyliterally changing the orientation or the power supply as a plasma in thecoils  。

既然我们已经知道怎样改变磁引力场,那么对于从氢变到你任何我们想到的元素[if !vml]


you don't need to carry every medicinewithyou because now you can change highgravitational system go to a heavier metals heavier  elements or become magnetical to release it according to what you want。


so from now on in the hew healthsections that we talk about in the way you don't need to carry vitamin C  vitamin D or aspirin or whatever, one system,or radiation in the strength,orientation of one field to another will create what you need。this is what we said in this place the

spaceyou don’t need to take any medicine。

从现在开始,在我们讨论的健康课题上,你们不需要带维他命C,维他命D和阿司匹林啊什么的。一个系统,一种放射性的能量,以及磁场方向的改变就能满足你的需求。在这里就是这样,[if !vml]


 a coil like this which creates a plasma inside,you’re not working with the

field with the plasma with the coppers ,you're working with a field of the plasma here

这样的线圈它是从内部中心来制造等离子体的[if !vml]

[endif](手所指)。你用的不是磁场,不是等离子体,也不是铜线,而是等离子体磁场[if !vml]


[if !vml]

[endif] This is the plasma which you are changing,this is what you're working with。so in changing orientation,you change the plasma strength which is released or you block. Youincreasethe gravitational to go to heavier elementor you increase the magneticalgo schoolto release and convert to lighter,but you placeonanother system here which means this has tointeract with this .

这就是你可以改变的等离子体,你用的工具。在改变方向 的时候,等离子体的强度也随之改变,无论是你将它释放出来还是屏蔽了。你增加引力使它变成更重的元素,或者增加磁力把它转换成较轻的元素。当你在这儿放另一个系统的时候[if !vml]


so in between is the body ofthe man, change of cancer in 0 time。because you change the

environment 。lateron today we aretesting one,very much in this way, we have a man who has had

a cancer has been operated on and has recurred 。now we are going to test literally with 2 plates like this without avariation to see if you can change the condition but don't forget we connectthese two together thatthere is a need we decide thatthere is a need for a field flow,

这中间相当于人体,这样的话癌症立刻治愈了[if !vml]

[endif],因为环境变了。稍后我们会进行一组测试,以这种方式进行变化。一个动过手术的癌症患者被治愈了。现在我们用两个这样的金属盘来测试,保持这样不变,看看你能否改变这个环境中的条件。但是不要忘了要把两者连起来[if !vml]


there is a need for interaction ,leaving one in respect to

the other with a body of man inside changes within this as we develop this

technology you'll test,then become to build one system which a small unit like this can handleany disease in theplace spacebecausenow you control the gravitation and the magnetical .

也便于相互作用。把两者这样相对地放置,把人体放中间[if !vml]


To those of you who are in the health

section and like doctors who work slowly can start developing a system which is

literally based on a free plasma and just don't forget you need to create a

plasma condition,this way

you get the flat plasma ,you need  thisthespherical shape of it which is why we are twisting this wayin the middle or the other way around。

对于那些比较关注健康的人,还有工作效率不高的医生来说,他们可以用自由等离子体制造一个这样的系统。不要忘了你要构造一个等离子体的环境。这样的等离子体是平的[if !vml]

[endif],你需要把它弄成球面的形状[if !vml]


so the structure of the new plasmaspace isbeenavery very simpleit's what you need and now you have the tools for it. One simple system cangive you those of you who made thatline9 stacker or 12 stacker,whatever。 you can use these stackers

even make it 20 stackers high ,but in a way thathe  you can move it and put another 20 stacker of acrossfrom it or as we saw earlier on make sure this


we have people who made this 9 stacker,

it’s perfect,make it more ,makeitto20 as many as you can. The height of the man. then make thevariable stand that you can move another system another stacker up-and-down inrespect to this and put the money of the man in the middle you have a cancer inthe stomach area you use this .

之前有人做了一个九层存储器(能量层),这很好,尽你所能越多越好,做到20层也可以[if !vml]

[endif],就像人一样高。然后在它的对面放置一个可变的支撑架,这样你可以移动另一个系统[if !vml]

[endif],把这个系统里的存储器[if !vml]

[endif]上下移动,接着把这个人的钱放在中间[if !vml]

[endif]。你要是患了胃癌,你可以用这部分[if !vml]

[endif][if !vml]


you have a cancer which is spreadacross the body you use all of it. You turn the man if you the brain cancer,brain tumour you do this part . You have a amputated leg you want to grow ityou create the fields here, so people who show this and they keep on showingthe new pieces on the new condition is always applicationissue。when you go into it you can

explain it 。extend this make this to 20 30 stackers try to be very close and at the same

time when you make these kind of things don’t connect them to each other 。

要是全身都感染了癌症,你就会使用全部[if !vml]

[endif]。把这个人反转过来。你要是患了脑部的癌症,脑瘤,你会用这个部分[if !vml]

[endif](00:52:36),你的腿截肢了你想让它长出来,你就会在这儿制造磁场[if !vml]

[endif]。所以就是在新的情况下,新的方法得到应用。你潜心研究就会明白。对它进行扩展,将它变成二十或三十层的存储器[if !vml]

[endif](手所指),互相之间尽力距离小一点,同时不要把它们连接起来[if !vml]


makehis  this systemthatheyou can connect this to this orthis to this don’t tie up to increase the field continually to another and thendo the same across. If you can build a system which is very much in the starformation,the

same as these stackers ,and you place the body here ,the body becomes the fourth reactor you can dictate building of thechambers of the heart and building the pieces of the body where for examplethere is a cancer or there's a blockage you want to remove it without openoperation

要让它和它[if !vml]

[endif](相隔比较远的两个),或它和它[if !vml]

[endif]能连接起来,但不要相互连接起来增加磁场[if !vml]

[endif](相邻连接一起),然后同样地,在对面也是[if !vml]

[endif]。如果你能构造一个这样星型组合[if !vml]

[endif],跟这些栈式存储器一样,你可以把人体放在这儿[if !vml]

[endif](中间圆圈代表人体)。这样,人体成了第四个反应器,你可以不用手术就能控制被堵塞的心腔[if !vml]

[endif](中间一点)以及你身上患有癌症的你想要移除的部位的运作[if !vml]


 becauseyou can  precisely with three position,with 2 you havethe spectrum open。 so you can pinpoint, create the rights field for the muscle tissue of the stomach ,and then you target it

where it is exactly where you want it to be. This is what is going to be added

in the coming time ,the more and more people come in and as we open the

institute as a research centre. these are the things people who come up with

these things。expandedyour  theknowledge,extended in a way to understand what you're going.

因为你能精确的与这三个位置相互定位(你在其中)[if !vml]

[endif]。而你与两个反应器相互定位这样形成的磁场像是散开的光谱。所以你可以精确定位,为胃部的肌肉组织制造专属磁场,然后你瞄准它的位置,让它成为你想要的状态[if !vml]

[endif]。这是将在接下来的课程里补充的。越来越多的人来了 。我们把这个研讨会当成研究中心对外开放,所以这些都是会被大家提到的。扩充自己的知识,让自己知道自己在做什么。

[if !vml]

[endif]Allowwithyour positions,from now on don't make a plate which are fixed with 2 rings allow in a waythat you can make your flexible rings. I saw Allman show me a spring his made.Allman are you there online?

从现在开始,不要再做由两个圆环固定的金属盘了[if !vml]

[endif],要让它能够便于灵活使用[if !vml]

[endif][if !vml]


[Allman]; yes


[Mr. Keshe]: okay can you show us whatyou were showing me yesterday as the way as it thefitting or the coils.


[Allman]: If you give me one second Mr.Keshe


[Rick]: Yes Allman is kind enough to

show us in the and the Keshe plasma reactor group last night ,as well that wasa pretty clever way we thought to  connectcannotthe plasmatic wires,the nano coated wires, you will hear in a minute



[Mr. Keshe]: Are you there, Allman

凯史先生; 喂,Allman?


[Mr. Keshe]: are you still celebratingthe New Year Allman


[Allman]: no


[Mr. Keshe]: Is it over now,yeah I think you better explain the motion and the Armenians or the orthodoxchurch of Russia, the Arminian Christians celebrate the new year on 6 Januaryor the Christmas,celebration so their celebration was yesterday ,so the their celebration

over ,theydon’t celebrate on the Christmas Day and the celebration of the new year is onthe six of January, that why its busy. Carry on. Share your screen youare too small,share it. There is your beautiful face good morning half asleep .


[Allman]: I have got my new 3-D printer

Allman: 看,这是我的新3D打印机[if !vml]


[Rick]: We are impressed


[Mr. Keshe]: we should have let youlose Allman.


[Rick]: Whoknowknows what willcome out of that machinethere.


[Allman]: here this is perfect way to

connect ,you

just squeeze in ,that’sall.  You can nano coat this together andput your Capacitor in-between and this is like plug in,but you can do thesame with the samethickness of the wire.

Allman:看,这样连接是最棒的[if !vml]

[endif]。把它插进去,就这样。你可以把他们一起进行纳米涂层[if !vml]

[endif],然后把电容器放到中间,这类似于插座[if !vml]


[Rick]: Plug and pray


[Allman]: Yeah, pluggo or leggro andit’s flexible and is not, going to come out. If you nano coat together just ,it’sperfect and it’s, anytime you want you can take itout. I think this going to save a lot of hustle for everybody. Hello?

Allman: 是的,没错。你看它插进或者拔出都很灵活并且不会掉出来。如果你再用纳米涂料的话(00:57:49),那简直是完美[if !vml]

[endif]。什么时候你想把它拔开都可以[if !vml]

[endif]。它简直可以为大家省去很多麻烦。喂,你们在干嘛?[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]: yeah we were just enjoyingit, can you make a video of this how you make it because a lot of people have alot of free time with this


[Alman]: I know, this is, you know herelet’s say you twist this and just push in and this where you nano coat it, thenthe other line, yourcurrentlinejustputyour capacitor.

Allman:好啊,你看,弄弯曲成这样[if !vml]

[endif],然后把它拧进去[if !vml]

[endif][if !vml]

[endif]。你可以把纳米涂料用在这儿[if !vml]

[endif]。然后,另一条线上,你把电容器放上去就行了[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]: Thar save a lot oftwisting


[Alman]; Yeah


[Rick]: and the thing is would it haveto be in copper, would it have to be in copper like keep it all the samematerial rather than the brass and coppers so you keepherright?okay

瑞克:问题是,必须得是铜的吗,一定要用同样的材料而不可以是黄铜和铜这样吗?[if !vml]


[Almin]: I have it in this single extrawire so I winded it.

Allman:是啊,我用了额外一条金属丝,我把它缠起来了[if !vml]


[Rick]: So do you wind a long length and then just cut off what you needthenandyouput alittle loop on it  ends in a loop instead of a straight end

瑞克:你是缠了很长然后把它切断,然后在上面放一个小圆环吗,这样它的末梢就是一个环状而不是直的了[if !vml]


[Alamin]: How big is my capacitor andhow tight you wanna you know squeeze it in. This way you can connect differentreactors together or if you wanna connect up a reactor you can bring your wireand just push in,

Allman:电容器越大,插得越紧。像这样你可以把不同的反应器连接起来[if !vml]

[endif]。或者你要是想连接一个反应器的话只需要把金属丝拿来,然后推进去就行了[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]; Alman can you make a smallquick video how you do it and it and reapply it because we can send to theirfactories to do it, there is a huge problem with the connecting of the platesto each other


[Alman]: Allthe have to do the same wire   1:00:00

阿尔曼:这个系统需要用同样的线[if !vml]


[Mr.Keshe]:Small 5 minutes video Alman please.


[Alman]; Sure


[Mr.Keshe]:and put it on the blueprint


[Alman]: Okay


[Mr.Keshe];You are just going to spend 5 minutes and then we can ask manufacturesfor  the peoplewho use it.


[Alman]: wehave small coils now

阿:我们已经有了这样的线圈[if !vml]

[endif][if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]: Where is it?Does it  in the 3-D machine?


[Alman]; Nohere,

阿:没有。在这[if !vml]


[Rick]: Whereare going to use them what kind of, are going to 3-D print a case for that thatthe cute littlecar case,is that for the car you made,the coil unit? [Alman]: Yeah.okay nice, [Alman]; I got mymachine.now will that coil have the vertical…

瑞:要把这样的线圈用在哪里啊,3D打印机吗?阿:是的。 瑞:好的。阿:我这里有3D打印机。 瑞:这个线圈有垂直的...

[Mr.Keshe]:Is that coming toBarry of itscarryingor just staying in the…


[Rick]:Important question


[Alman]:itstoo big Mr.  Keshe otherwise I will carryit I was thinking today.


[Mr.Keshe]:Nah we will buy you one. we need the the bigger one. we need the 3 dimensionalbigger one


[Alman]: itsvery useful Mr. Keshe .small things you can print right away and send them tothe manufacturers. it saves a lot of


[Mr. Keshe]:A new toy for Mr. Alman Golden

凯:这是阿尔曼 葛丹的新玩具啊。

[Allman]:Yes, see this toys makes these kind of things Mr. Keshe

阿:是,它为我做了很多这样的线[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]:what is this got to do with the 3 dimensional system


[Allman]:because I can build the case for this


[Mr. Keshe]:Okay make a video and put it on a blueprint. send the link to me to sendit  to the factory, as it saves a lot oftime to have a huge problem in connection. this way just zip, zip done andanything else?


[Allman]: No


[Mr. Keshe];Sure


[Allman]: Yes

[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]:okay thanks Allman. The process with the these, what we were talking about, the new systems. What it will be and how wechange the process. is that from now on ,weit does not matter whatmaterial we use ,copper ,zinc, iron or whatever, is irrelevant. because theplasma which is created in the centre which dictates the gain .the strengthwhich we giveit and the strength which we takefrom it and with this waywould be this way because we are dealing witha free plasma in more or less a gans state of the plasma itself. 

凯:好的,谢谢你,阿尔曼。我们讨论的制作这个系统的过程[if !vml]

[endif],也就是这个新系统,它是什么,我们该怎样改变这一过程。也就是从现在开始,无论我们用什么原料,铜、锌、铁或其它什么东西都不相关,因为通过这种方式,系统中间产生的等离子体[if !vml]


it interactswith the body of the man in the direct way ,so onethingthink which has to be blinded to in so many ways iswalking away from the physicality and this is what we started from thebeginning. what you're dealing with, you look at this structure, I look at thisstructure, this is where the action takes place. this is where the plasma givesand take. The rest because of the interaction dictate the condition, how muchwill be here.

它和人体直接发生相互作用,人们在很大程度上认为它会被阻隔而远离肉体,这就是我们一开始就讲到的,也是你一直在做的,你们观察这个结构,我观察中心的结构[if !vml]

[endif],中心的结构就是运动发生的场所[if !vml]

[endif],这也是等离子给予和吸收磁场力的地方,剩下的线圈之间[if !vml]

[endif]由于其相互作用决定了等离子环境,以及内部的等离子体磁场的强度[if !vml]


 if you increase your gravitational strength oryour magnetic strength.[if !vml]

[endif]I put this two differentways that you can see them and this one comes up. youfree did feed it. you increase your magnetical throughincreasing gravitational. one of the things which now we see and we got towatch is the new batteries which are creating. these batteries which is evencoiled with aluminium plates, nano coated or calcium plates or whatever youhave. they work extremely powerful way with these systems because we do notwork in the matter state, we work in the plasma state .

如果增加引力场强度[if !vml]

[endif](01:03:31)或磁力场强度[if !vml]

[endif],我把这里线圈用不同的方式展现出来,这个线圈要向上[if !vml]

[endif],当你通过增加引力场力来增加磁力场力时,就为等离子提供动力。我们现在要观察的是要制造的新电池[if !vml]

[endif][if !vml]

[endif]。这些[if !vml]

[endif]无论是用铝金属板、纳米涂层或钙金属板或其他材料盘绕的电池[if !vml]

[endif],在此系统中都有很大的能量[if !vml]


so when youfree a plasma to a plasma ,you will not go through the matter .so you candirectly dictate with your battery , what energy will come out of thisplasma  is replacement off the matterwith the plasma, where for the first time we do not go through  matter state .a plasma freeze the plasmacreates a plasma, the plasma interacts with the gans plasma of the body of theman and if you make one stronger and one weaker, another system of the samehere, then as it goes trying to catch up with this interacts with the internalstructure with the body of the man. You have to understand what you do and theway you do it so this takes us to the nextup step.

因此当释放等离子体时,不会经过物质状态,这样你就可以利用电池[if !vml]

[endif]来控制中心的等离子体[if !vml]

[endif],来决定从中心的等离子体中释放什么能量,这种能量来自等离子体从而脱离了物质状态。该系统首次实现了不经过物质状态直接实现等离子体的相互转换[if !vml]

[endif]。一个等离子体[if !vml]

[endif](笔所指)凝固另一个等离子体[if !vml]

[endif]或产生等离子体[if !vml]

[endif],等离子体与人体甘斯等离子体[if !vml]

[endif]发生相互作用。如果你制作了一个稍强的等离子体[if !vml]

[endif],一个稍弱的[if !vml]

[endif](旁边的圈),也就是在这再创建一个系统[if !vml]

[endif],接下来这个要追上这个[if !vml]

[endif](左边线圈追上右边的,指等离子体向右边流动),于是系统与人体内结构相互作用[if !vml]


When you setup your health sections, health systems ,you have to work this way. you createdthe hollow plasma between the string here, you have the body of the man, youhave the second plasma which you have created on here. this plasma has to bestronger, this plasma has to be weaker, where the strong tries to feed the weak129 tesla system and so it covers the spectrum of the energy inside the body ofthe man.

当你创建了健康系统,就应该像这样做,先在线绳中间创建一个空心等离子体[if !vml]

[endif],旁边是人体[if !vml]

[endif],再创建一个等离子体[if !vml]

[endif],第一个等离子体强度更强[if !vml]

[endif],第二个稍弱[if !vml]

[endif](笔所指),磁引力场强的等离子体喂养(提供能量)给磁引力场弱的等离子体[if !vml]

[endif]。129特斯拉[if !vml]

[endif],那么这些磁场力就覆盖了人体中间的这部分能量频谱[if !vml]


Here you havea cancer tumor because higher strength is comes it is like a sugar in hotwater,just  opens upinrelease of its energy instantaneously so when youset up medical systems to create the health system to change the condition ofthe ganses. Someone has got a feedback on. You have to remember that one systemhas to be more powerful than the other.

在人体内有一个肿瘤[if !vml]

[endif](中间黄色圆圈),因为高磁场强度传递磁场强度时就像热水中的糖,直接就释放能量[if !vml]

[endif],因此,在建立医疗系统从而组建健康系统来改变体内的甘斯状态时....。谨记,必须创建一个磁引力场更强的系统[if !vml]


[Allman]: Mr.Keshe can I show you one thing

阿:凯史先生,我想向你展示一样东西[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]:yes you want to share your screen? You have been opening my systems Allman.1:07:09


[Allman]: Now

this is the one I opened before so I kept it, in-between you can put the box

too correct? So you see you have made you gans。

阿:这是之前完成的[if !vml]

[endif],我一直在保留着[if !vml]

[endif],在这中间可以放个盒子[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]:Yes, this is exactly what I was explaining, so you see the smoke the field isflowing you can see it.


[Rick]: Sheis burning up captain.


[Mr. Keshe]:Margrave of the smoke.


[Rick]: Justso that people know it’s not from the unit burning up or anything, just jokingabout that, its someone else on fire there. Allman is so on fire that he issmoking.


[Mr. Keshe]:Hello?


[Rick]: Sayagain sorry Allman.

瑞:再继续说,阿尔曼。[if !vml]


[Allman]: SoMr. Keshe, I’m saying so this way you can position one coil is smaller one isbigger correct.

阿:凯史先生,我是想说,像这样,做一个大线圈一个小线圈,对吗?[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]:It’s not the coil size, it is the strength of the field. if you use let’s sayon your left hand-side on the screen, copper oxide with the platinum orwhatever gans, in the other one you use CH3 you understand? You create thecondition of the field, there is a, it’s the same process in the spacetechnology, if you change the what do you call the number of the batteries onthe left hand side, let’s say we put 4 batteries of the same and the other sideof 2, the 2 which is weaker attracts and put the body of the man between the 2,that will happen. What do you see which you just show there now ,which Iexplained there now, which I explained with the bottle and the rings, this isthe future of the health in the space. this is the future of what we will seewill happen. What are you trying to do now, what do you call it plasmatic…don’t electrocute yourself.

凯:我说的不是线圈尺寸,我是指的磁场强度。如果把屏幕上你左手边的装置用氧化铜和铂或其他材料的甘斯,另一个用CH3材质的,你能明白吗?你就创造了整个场环境,这个过程和空间技术一样,如果你改变了左边装置的电池数,比如左边放4个同样的电池,右边放2个,那么这只有2个电池的一边吸引力就较弱[if !vml]

[endif]。然后把人体放在两个线圈装置中间,这样系统就完成了。接下来你会看到那里产生的现象,就是我用瓶子和线圈做的简易装置解释的那样,这就是未来太空中的健康系统,也是我们以后会看到的。你现在正在做的也就是你们说的等离子的[if !vml]


[Allman]: Nowhat I am saying it’s the connection, Mr. Keshe, its very very simple, and youcan connect your batteries right away and the capacitors you can change, likeif you want a different strength you can add on.

阿:不是。凯史先生,我刚才说的是连接[if !vml]

[endif][if !vml]

[endif]。这很简单,你可以立刻连上电池[if !vml]

[endif],也可以更换电容器[if !vml]

[endif],如果你想要不同的磁场强度就可以不断添加[if !vml]

[endif][if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]:Make a video and send it to me today. I will send it to the factory.


[Allman]:Okay see finish, no twisting .no nothing, no bending. Its already all premade

阿:好了,看,这就完成了[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]:I tell you something. the manager the new manager factory inItalyis going to love you verymuch. This was a big headache twisting there wires.


[Allman]:This is so my time saving.


[Mr. Keshe]:But we still we got to find out how to, actually you got to make a wire in thecoil around the same wire itself.


[Allman]: Youcan do that too. I made the coils that the end of the coil, its in, like it’salike, you can right away plug in. So a lot of things you can do

阿:你们也可以这样做。我这样做线圈把线圈末端插入,你可以立刻把它插入电源,这样你就可以做很多事情。[if !vml]

[endif][if !vml]


[Mr. Khese]:Thank you very much, I would like that 3D printer, Allman can you make a copyclear in that 3D printer.


[Rick]: Thereyou go, just, 3D print a 3D printer for Mr. Keshe


[Mr. Keshe]:I will try to buy this 2 years ago but it wasn't good enough. we have one wehave o been offered recently to look into to. I think it’s the future to beable to do mass production testing, it is that’s the way its done

凯:2年前,我想买,但当时技术还不是很好,最近我们收到了一台,正在研究中,我觉得将来肯定要投以大规模生产测试,就应该像这样做[if !vml]


[Rick]: WellI tell you now if there is the sign of the times when you walk in to the localdrugstore likeLondondrugs, they have here and you can now in their flyers. they have 3-d printersavailable for under $1000 and I was almost shocked when i saw that


[Mr. Keshe]:They brought out the 3D pens you can buy but it for 400 dollars


[Allman]:Yeah 3D pens


[Mr. Keshe]:you just create the thing as you want.


[Rick]: Ijust love that kind of thing.

[Mr. Keshe]:3D pens, you can make whatever you likewith the pen,okay Allman I’ll wait for this video you quickly that we can send it. Here yousee right in the back. That you’re your picture there Allman. Hello come backon. You see just in the back you see that all that twist in the wires just inthe back of this white tray is solved. You see there just where you aretouching the back, all these coils can be connected with the one system. yeahthat’s perfect. Thank you very much Allman. What’s the next in the magic box.1:13:17


凯:3D笔就是你可以用这只笔做任何东西。好了。阿尔曼,希望你能尽快录制视频,这样我就能立刻把它发给工厂。你看下后面,对,阿尔曼就是你的图像,嗨,快回来,你看后面,白色线圈盘装置后面金属丝上扭曲的小线圈难题已经解决。[if !vml]

[endif]就是你刚才碰到的地方,所有的线圈都可以与这个系统连接[if !vml]


[Person1]:Mr. Keshe you can't turn them back on themselves, if you put them inside ofthose coils though right?


[Mr.Keshe]:Who is talking? Hello?


[Rick]: Sorrywho is that speaking, its Robert.


[Robert]: Youcantturntouch the end of the wire backon itself though, right? if you have if you are putting matter on it


[Rick]: Thatwas Robert


[Mr. Keshe]:What do you mean back on itself? I think its both on the livestream and thezoom.


[Robert]: Noyou don’t need


[Mr.Keshe]:because of the coil it wont allow, hello?


[Robert]: soin nano coating, we don't need to turn the end of the wire back on itself?


[Mr. Keshe]:What?You mean on the springs


[Robert]:that's correct


[Mr. Keshe]:I don’t see why, but we don’t need to do it on the end of the wires becauseit's one continuous flow. there is no losses, if you look at the structure, onefield joins the other across it. With this connection i don't see any need fortelling.

凯:我不知道原因,不过不用这样,因为这个系统是持续的磁场流,磁力不会流失,当你观察这个结构时,[if !vml]


[Rick]: Thereis no open end stuck out


[Mr. Keshe]:no open end stuck out,because while release ,it holds itself we looks upwiththe other plasma


[Rick]: whereis there when they are just twisted together, there's always a two pointin ends that we need to be turned in onthemselves


[Mr.Keshe]:they are open to space.they are face each other.


[Robert]: Sowhile we are nano coating we turn that back on itself and then after nanocoating we cut it and then put it in the coil?


[Mr.Keshe]:You don’t need to nano coat it, just leave it straight and use theblocks? , there isnewblocksin the armour shop



when we are nano coating the coils?


[Mr.Keshe]:Yeah because you are not using coils if you arenotconnecting. if you're connecting it, it’s already can go into the wire intothe,what do you call it the plox.?


[Robert]: Wehave found out here, once we have assembled the gans, we do the nano coatingwith coil


[Mr. Keshe]:Pardon?


[Person]: Heask about, he has the already nano coated coils, with the end turn back andthen he cuts them


[Mr. Keshe]:Yeah but you have to nano coat the end where you cut


[Person]: Itis better to make it straight from the beginning,


[Mr. Keshe]:yeah you donot leave it straightthat is why I saythat is what you say you don’t need to make a loopbecause everything is in the same tunnel and in the same field strength.


[Rick]: Okay

we have a couple of people with their questions and wanting to become

panellists here there is a Jackie Keshe Swiss. did you have something you

wanted to comment on at this point?

瑞:好的,凯史先生,有些学员有问题,想参加讨论会。有一个叫杰克 凯史 斯威士的,你有什么想问的吗?

[Jackie]: yesit’s just to show my setup. Can I show it?


[Rick]: Willthat be okay. Mr. Keshe are you  readyfor that or what would you like to do at this point


[Mr.Keshe]:  No problem.


[Jackie]:  so hello everyone, so it’s my first unit Ibuilt from the, then I connect all my office. It’s the computer the T.V, andnow I make my… I can show where I totally put out the grid. I just connect isthe Alex system and then I put my batteries.

杰:大家好,这是我建立的第一个装置,[if !vml]

[endif]然后我就把房间的所有电器都与它相连,电脑,电视,现在我做了...我可以给你们看一下,房间的电网已经没用了,我连接的是艾利克斯做的那种系统[if !vml]


[if !vml]

[endif][Mr. Keshe]: have youcreated a plasma batteries


[Jackie]: Yesabsolutely. with a lot of different gans and different. I have made the ganswith all the materials I have, and I have different tip of gans…


[Mr. Keshe]:Can you go back on you set please, can you go back on your set, go back if youcan see you set please.

凯:可以再把镜头对准你做的装置吗,如果可以能再看一下你的装置吗?[if !vml]


[Robert]: Ido have a question though Jackie, it sounds like your microphone is not beingused by your headset by the camera.


[Jackie]:Yeah I have a problem with the connection with my computer. So it’s the Alexsystem with the small batteries but it’s really good what I see when I look atmy level because it is a lot of connecting and it’s not so good.

杰:耳机和电脑连接可能有些问题。这就是装有小电池的艾利克斯系统[if !vml]


[if !vml]

[endif][Mr. Keshe]: What’s theproblem that it’s not so good?


[Jackie]:It’s a lot of wiring in all places, so if we can make easier to connect withwhat I just see it will be really more easy.


[Mr. Keshe]:Yes but what I see you have. How have you connected your setup now .your systemis a flight system.


[Jackie]: Yes


[Mr. Keshe]:Have you seen, have you connected it to see what it is, how it is


[Jackie]:Yeah me I see a lot of things and as a person can see you got the space ship.


[Mr. Keshe]:Pardon?


[Jackie]: Wecan see some very beautiful things and as I person I see a big ship.


[Mr. Keshe]:you see the space sheep?




[Mr. Keshe]:In what form?


[Jackie]: Itslike …


[Mr. Keshe]:You are the 5thperson who has achieved this now.


[Jackie]:Some people they are laughing and we are ready to take off


[Mr. Keshe]:Have you, the thing is if you go back on your set, you are the first one whohas gone public with this.  I think wecan a step further with this now. Ali are you online?

凯:你已经这样做了吗。如果再照一下你的装置,你就是第一个把这种建成的系统公布于众的人[if !vml]


[Rick]: Aliis online but he mentioned that he preferred not to share right now


[Ali]: I amonline,

[Mr.Keshe]:  hello hi Ali, Ali can we look atthe structure of the flight system you built

阿里:我在线。  凯史:你好,阿里。我们能看下你建立的飞行系统结构吗?

[Ali]: yessure. Hold on. you got to let me turn on the computer, okay.

阿里:好的,稍等一下,我要先开电脑[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe];if you look at okay you see the structures very much similar


[Ali]: Goback a bit ,so I put the star formation but I use these pipes, pvc pipes and soI got the middle starker and this is the middle stacker here and they are allseparated .so I didn’t put them on top of each other, I made sure that this oneis separated than this one because they should all have their own separategravitational and magnetic field and this is the bottom one and I got 3 starformations sorry 3 outside here and i got this one and I got the other onethere and these are the batteries on the bottom I’m making more batteries rightnow, these are the, let me see if I can get it on the screen, I have to make 4more 4 here, 4 here 4 here and these are in parallel, I have to make serialconnection to each other. there is no gans paper in them, there are made withpure aluminium, I had to, if you put it in caustic you going to burn theAluminium so we have to really heat coat use like a torch or something  and just heat the aluminium, the better oneis to use titanium of course if you have a titanium sheet to do it withtitanium  and i split sorry, we got tosplit here and it wrapped around itself and on top it’s there…1:23:51

阿里:我要稍微往后退一点。这就是星型组合,我用了这些管子[if !vml]

[endif],也就是聚氯乙烯管子,我用它们建造了中间的能量盒[if !vml]

[endif],就是这个,这些都是相互分离的,我并不是一个挨着一个堆上去的[if !vml]

[endif],我把下层的能量盒和上层的分离[if !vml]

[endif](上面的)(01.22.30),因为它们都是独立的磁引力场,你们看,这个是底部的能量盒[if !vml]

[endif],外面有3个这样的装置[if !vml]

[endif],这边和这边都有一个[if !vml]

[endif](两边,形成星型组合),镜头对准的这些是我做的电池,哦,我尽量对准它们[if !vml]

[endif],我还要做四个这里,四个这里,四个这里(这一组柱子的旁边的单柱子都要制作四个等离子电池),使他们平行放置在一起,然后我把这四组(16个等离子电池,四个一组)连在一起形成系列,电池里没有甘斯纸,我只用了铝,如果把它放到腐蚀物(碱性物)中铝就会燃烧,那么我们就要把它加热涂层,使用它就像火炬一样或是什么东西,所以只是把铝加热,如果你有钛薄片,最好用钛,然后在底部把它分离开来[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]:Is there Ali, this one Allman just showed us saying there is a lot problems foryour connections


[Ali]:yeahyeah thats a really good,


[Mr. Keshe]:can you to explain to us what you see in your structures


[if !vml]


[Ali]: Wellthere is a lot of shimmer in the room.it is kind of like a tidal wave, itincreases at some point in the day,itgoesreally really high on almost overpowering and powerful then it drops down atcertain times of the day, if you dim the lights, there is tonnes of shimmer inthe room, lots of sparkles, you almost run into it, like your bodies reflectsits like when you are moving, you are thinking you're about to hit a wall orsomething and you naturally want to avoid it, but you will pass through it,what else.

阿里:房间里有很多微光,就像潮水[if !vml]


 It does create kind of like a vortex. it doespull you in and it interacts with your body and at times its so powerful thatyou wouldn’t miss its so very powerful, with the connections as per Mr. Keshe’slast knowledge seekers information, you have to connect your 3 outside  star formation have to be connectedgravitational to gravitational and magnetic to magnetic and on the middlestackers we got to do the opposite ,so gravitational to magnetic gravitation tomagnetic, magnetic to gravitation and magnetic to gravitation. If you use somecrystals, it will, I have some pyramid crystals I was experimenting with, I putone on top of each one pretty much connects to conscious mind, so you directlyinteract with the plasma. It is something that you like to explore more howeverwe can do with this.

这个装置产生了类似于漩涡的东西,把你吸进去,与你的身体发生相互作用,有时候这种力量很强大,你难以摆脱,真的非常强大。按照凯史先生您在上周的知识探寻者课程中讲的那样[if !vml]

[endif],必须要把外面的这3个[if !vml]

[endif](纵向上的3个),星型组合要连接起来,引力场与引力场相连,磁力场与磁力场相连,中间的能量盒[if !vml]

[endif](中间的柱子)则是相反的,引力圈与磁力圈,引力圈与磁力圈,磁力圈与引力圈,磁力圈与引力圈相连。如果你有水晶,我在实验中用了一些金字塔形的水晶[if !vml]

[endif],把一个水晶放在每个装置上方[if !vml]

[endif],它就直接与你的意识发生作用,你就直接与等离子体发生作用[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]:You is theuse the seawater as your gans


[Ali]: Yeah,all my ganses are seawater, there is one CO2 ,I put caustic and seawater and itproduces beautiful white kind of amino acid structure and also the unit ,andthere was another one which I put the electrodes with brass and copper wire,nano coated wire. there is another one which is a heavier one which I made withdifferent topic elements including copper brass and iron in it


[Mr. Keshe]: Canyou tell us what you see as the structures


[Ali]: Whenyou like walk into the room, it’s like a misty room, so it’s like when you passthrough a mist, there is like a vapour in the room almost.it is  visually,you can easily see it. You can even touch it, some of it moves and it turns andit flickers and sometimes there is like between the stacks ,you will see abunch of lines and a bunch of lights or something, travels to each other Ithink its different type of gans


[Mr. Keshe]:The thing is you are not the only one who sees this, so 4 or 5 of the friendsbeing with you they to see the same thing…


[Ali]:yeah,And it’s just the interaction of the ganses that it happens and can alsothere are certain points where your amino acid matches the energy of thesystem. there are some parts of your body that you add to the it. kind of  disappears because the magnetic  gravitational frequency of the coil  matches the magnetic frequency of the body.


[Mr. Keshe]:So people who are in the room, they don’t see that part,


[Ali]: yeahyes you see disappearing hands, sometimes disappearing head.


[Mr.Keshe]:  You lost your head a couple ofdays ago


[Ali]; yeah.

so the dimmer the light is,the easier you can see,so if it’s your first test make sure to dim lights quite a bit


[Mr. Keshe]:Let me explain to the people in the background. Ali is part of the Keshefoundation Structure. He Works and I guide him directly in how to structure andbuildthings , so he is part of the KesheFoundation Space SSI unit, he is, that is part of the what do you call it Keshefoundation team so any things which is to be asked you have to go through thefoundation and we developed because he will be heading the space ship sectionof the Keshe foundation in the coming time as he becomes full time Keshefoundation member as you move from job to job


 so we see now another one,Can we have the guyfromSwitzerland,youcan tell him what you see he need to change. Rick can we have the guy fromSwitzerlandsharing his screen with us. Yeah okay, let me goback toyour set-up please. if we go close then we collect and we explain to you whatis the… You have done a beautiful job. It is absolutely beautiful, perfect to see. What you need to do is inconnecting the gravitational base of the 3 base units, here you have to connectthem to each other at the gravitational base that they share power, that youcan get a constant lift. One thing else I thinkyou  thinkwhat youcan tell him what he needs to do Ali, the centre coil you have tosend  turn it90° yeah this is what you need because to create a plasmatic,  you still have the same position, I have thesame set up with me here now. I can replicate your system. what you need to do,whatever material you have used for the structure you have to nano coat.

现在我们看一下谁还有什么问题,刚才的那个瑞士人呢,你可以告诉他你觉得他要怎么改。瑞克,能让刚才那位来自瑞士的朋友加入到视频通话中吗,好的,请让我再看一下你的装置。如果我们离得近些就看得清楚一些,这样就能告诉你该怎么做。你真的很棒,这个装置做得非常好,[if !vml]


[Jackie]:  yeah I make it, I nano coat the pieces andthe wood and all these things

杰:是的,我是这样做的。我把这些元件、木材、所有的配件都加上了纳米涂层[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]:I see you made the slots that you can move the units back and forth on the legs.yes okay your units has to be at least another 10 centimetre off the ground .itis too close to the ground so the fields interaction touches matter state fromthe table, just give it some leg like the oil fields standing on the platformwith legs on.

凯:我看你做了狭槽[if !vml]

[endif],这样你就可来回移动支架上的这些装置,好的,你的这些装置需要再比地面高10cm,因为这个装置离地面还是很近[if !vml]


[Rick]: Whatabout the legs Mr. Keshe can you comment on what is the best materials for legsfor most people


[Mr. Keshe]:It’s the same material as his using


[Rick]: Isthat a stainless steel or what are we seeing there?


[Mr. Keshe]:if you contact me afterwards ,Jackie. I’ll bring you into the Keshe foundationspace team and then I’llguide you how toconnect even with the systems in Canada, and you work as a team we have, 2,three other guys who do not want to come to public domain but when they choosethey come there is no problem. You can turn your gravitational coil vertical


[Jackie]:okay it is like the way you show me the last time


[Mr. Keshe]:Pardon


[Jackie]:It’s like the way you show in the last form


[Mr. Keshe]:I can’t hear, its very distorted voice


[Jackie]:It’s because I have got problems with my microphone.


[Mr. Keshe]:hello?


[Rick]: canyou say again Jackie please.


[Jackie]: Isaid as I turn on the old coils, those stackers go blue in the last round.


[Robert]: I`think you're trying to use the microphone off your computer or somethingbecause we don’t hear at all


[Mr. Keshe]:you are too far from the microphone


[Rick]: trythat again


[Jackie]: Canyou hear me?


[Rick]: Nobarely 


[Mr. Keshe]:Go back the screen go back to your laptop maybe we can hear you better there.


[Rick]: doyou know how to select the microphone in the zoom window, right beside the mutebutton. You have start video there's a little arrow, click on the arrow andthen select your microphone you have built in and various microphone options.do you see that?


[Mr. Keshe]:It’s the bottom of the zoom where you have a question ask us, you have a …


[Robert]: Ithink he is just plugging in his other microphone now


[Mr. Keshe]:We should hear ding dong, no we don’t hear you


[Rick]: No wedon’t hear anything can you select that microphone in the zoom, now undermicrophone the little arrow beside the mute button.


[Jackie]:Here is better?


[Rick]: Yesit seems to be


[Jackie]:Because I had problem with …


[Rick]: Ahhthere you go. that’s good Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, much better


[Jackie]:Much better you are welcome.


[Mr. Keshe]:Okay ask your question please.


[Jackie]: Isaid did I need to make the positions on the coils on all the stackers …


[Mr. Keshe]:Nah I tell you what to do, Is your system connected to batteries?


 [Jackie]: yes 杰:是的。

[Mr. Keshe]:can you speak properly, can you go closer to it when you speak, can you speakas you go closer.?


[if !vml]


[Jackie]:That is my Alex system and there and there this is 4 batteries of the stackers,4 batteries…

杰:这就是艾利克斯系统[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]:I tell you what I want you to do, move back to your computer, go back to yourlaptop okay, can you speak?


[Jackie]: Ispeak here. okay


[Mr. Keshe]:go back to the system you have created the shield when you go close to it. Itinterferes with your microphone. this is the field from the system which isinterfering. So it means your system has already made its own shielding. Sothat’s why we couldn’t hear you. doesn’tmatter whatyou tried the microphone or the what do you call it the ear phone

Okay explainto me now please


[Jackie]:Okay here I made the Alex’s system with the batteries, I connect the …


[Mr. Keshe]:No,We still got a problem.


[Rick]: Thereis a lot of feedback in…  1:36:13


[Robert]:Just talk directly into your microphone on your laptop you microphones on youron your screen, its right beside the camera


[Jackie]:Okay I will try something else and change my microphone of the computer


[Rick]: Cantbarely hear you,


[Mr. Keshe]:Yeah its back on.


[Rick]:That’s much quieter that’s for sure.


[Mr. Keshe]:Can you repeat you question please. Are you trying to make a orange juice onthe right side with the water


[Jackie]: Imake my  cup of life and I am …


[Rick]: Wecan barely hear you Jackie.


[Robert]:Just point it at yourself and we can hear you then.


[Jackie]: Imake my cup of life. I nano coated the interior then I put CO2 ganses and thenI have 3 type of gans in the container and then the in the interior I have mybottle with water.


[Mr. Keshe]:and you have the orange on the top


{Jackie}:yeah exactly


[Mr.Keshe]:what you love oranges?


[Jackie]:yeah i love, I love vitamin C.


[Mr. Keshe]:Does it taste?


[Jackie]: Ittaste like orange and water feel like a lot of energy. it’s a different taste.It tastes like orange yeah.


[Mr. Keshe]:But your system you were explaining something to us. Can you …


[Robert]:About the Alex’s beads, can you tell us about the Alex beads again


[Rick]: Yeahwe can hear you clearly when we see your face like now, otherwise it wasdistorted so go ahead thank you


[Jackie]: Imake the Alex beads with the split capacitor and then I connect these bead tothe central unit on the 4thwhich the firstin

that level,then from there I have 4 batteries to alignment the 1stthe 2ndthe 3rdand the 4thin series and thenthey are in parallel all together  2,3 4in parallel then I connect, magnetic to gravitational,gravitational

to magneticgravitation etc and then I have a connection with the 4thstacker up, to magnetic all gravitational in the whole and it is why I need thenew connection because I can plug or unplug on magnetic or in gravitational


[Mr. Keshe]:That is fantastic what I would love to do, after the session today, pleasecontact me through webmaster through Vince and l’ll bring you into the what icall the ssi, because we have separated the Keshe foundation space ship fromthe rest to make the core, and then we will give you the destination of thecity to come into all of you who are building at thislevelto welcome to the spaceship city, we are coming more or less to the finalagreement. Okay and then we will try to bring the people who are at this levelto build the spaceship directly as you see as a team.


[Jackie]:Okay perfect


[Mr. Keshe]:its 5 of you now and now that the people have seen the structure they can startbuilding. it will be a number of you and then we bring you into the space shipcity in a short time but what you got to watch is your systems is in a flatcondition, As you seen with Ali, magneticalis flat  and the gravitational is the vertical 90degrees to it. how you deal with the total free plasma in this spherical shape. If you can make your threecore braces like Ali independent fixed to the in centre that you just move it,withthen you can move into the centre of the system and become part of it.


[Jackie]:Yeah I understand


[Mr.Keshe]:your systems are strong enough. it should be board your own ship, youunderstand


[Jackie]:yeah absolutely


[Mr.Keshe]:  it's very nice to see it, allyou need to do is just to increase the distance between the plates,you can turn the centre 90 degrees yeah so and otherthing that you got to make sure, it is that gravitational core in the centre isnot connected to any others. Ali can you show him how to do it, the way youdone. Just look how Ali is done because of the 14 gauge its fits perfect. hewas showing it to me this morning. Is Ali there?


[Ali]: YeahI’m here, would you like me to start the video?


[Mr. Keshe]:yes please just show how you done your gravitational system is totally hangingon its own.


[Ali]: Yeah

so let me bring it closer, so as you can see this is hanging on nano coated

copper wires, let me go back a bit, maybe on the angle. So the wire itself doesn’t

touch, the gravitational, doeasnt touch the body, its hanging on the air with

nano coated copper wire. There is 4 of them here so 1, 2 and 2 other the other

side so this thing is hanging and the middle coil is hanging on its own in the

middle[if !vml]

[endif]i just turned that 90°and it is hanging by  its own connectionto the middle here and the key is to make sure if you have a frame like this.you have to put the whole frame the caustic that you are fully in the plasmatic environment. you are not in thematter environment and that would definitely help to improve the power of yoursystem, you will see a significant improvement in the power of the system andplease get in  touch with me if you haveany questions I would be wildly, I can help you out.

阿里:好的,我把摄像头拉近一些,现在你就能看到悬空的纳米涂层铜线,我再想后退一点,像这样的角度,你就能看到引力线圈没有与装置接触[if !vml]

[endif],它是和纳米涂层的铜线直接悬空的[if !vml]

[endif]。这边有4个这样的柱子,看我手指的地方,有两个还有两个(柱子)在另一边,你们看,中间的引力圈就是直接悬空的[if !vml]

[endif]。中间的这部分,我只是把它翻转90度,它就能通过自身与中间这里相连接悬空起来[if !vml]

[endif],关键就是你构建的结构是这样的,你需要让这个架构处于腐蚀物中(纳米涂层),然后它就会完全成为等离子环境, 不能是物质环境,有助于提升系统的能量,你一定会看到系统能量有很大提升,如果你还有什么问题,请随时与我联系,我一定会尽我所能帮助你。



[Mr. Keshe]:As I said we will bring you in as part of the space ship organisation as Iexplained it, thank you very much Ali. Ali would you like to tell us what youwere seeing as a because you used the seawater


[Ali]: Yeahso we had a few friends invited and we had a basically a little bit, dim thelights and people were moving their hands, there were quite a bit ofdistortions so at some point when you are moving your hands ,people would seeand we have it on camera as well that the started disappearing, the fingersstarted disappearing and this was before we did this system, it was in colabottles and it wasn’t as powerful as this one but we tested it but this systemcompletely my head disappeared at some point. It is not that it disappears butit is a little distorted. it’s like they might bends because you have createdthe separate, gravitational magnetic fields. The light goes around and movesthere. so you basically see the object you in front of you. So it’s not a truedisappearance but it just the light bends over that field

阿里:好的。我邀请了一些朋友一起来看,把室内的灯光调暗,然后朋友们就摆动他们的手,有时手就会变形。当你移动手的时候,[if !vml]

[endif]在某些点就看不到手了,手指也开始隐形,我们也用相机录下来了。你们可以当场看到这种现象也可以通过摄像头,建立系统前就出现了这种现象,当时是用可乐瓶,它不像现在的系统的能量这么大[if !vml]

[endif]。不过,在我们测试的时候,在某些点,这个系统让我的头也消失了,并不是真的看不见,只是有点变形。这个系统好像会弯曲,因为你创造了分离的磁引力场,光线环绕在这里[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]:Thank you very much, thanks Ali, can we go back to Switzerland? is thereanything else you want to ask or to show us?


[Jackie]: NoI think, I think for the moment.


[Mr. Keshe]:What you need to do is to change camera and sharing. okay, what you need to dois to change your, if you can extend the separation between the plates andonyour gravitational coil into a 90° in respect to the other yeah, and you createthe free plasmas and the three free plasmas in respect to the thing will giveyou a better condition of visibility of what you call your UFO, your spaceship. Do you feel when you put your hand through a change in the field energyin the environment in the other area as you passing your field force?


[Jackie]:  yeah I feel, first I feel all my bodychanging I feel like every cells in my body change and move to another state,all my perception totally different. I see more colours. I can read energy inthe, of the people, I can, and when I put my hand I can feel the fields andwhen I come from the centre, I feel I can change the energy of the field, I canmake stronger or less stronger.


[Mr.Keshe]:but do you feel as you cross a barrier near the system


[Jackie]:yeah exactly I seen a barrier and I can push this like this wall in a differentstate


[Mr. Keshe]:I see. what you need to do is to move one of the systems. don’t move everything.move one of the systems position slightly and very very slowly give it a fewtimes give it some times and see if you start feeling solid state matter touch,as there is a physical entity in one section, is not necessarily on the sidewhere you move the system. it could be on the other side but stand back and lookif you see a physical structure. and then move the base slowly till you see ifincreases or disappears.


 move the system back a slightly differentangle, because you made your coils different from different materials. this youhave to find how it will be when we produce the final system for the spaceflight system. everything will be totally homogeneous. everything will befinely controlled but because you made your coils of the different ganses ondifferent materials ,you will you will have a slight variation in the system.


 I congratulate you is a fantastic way you doneit hopefully you join us on the spaceship to team that we can with Ali andothers we can show the potential of the system. Thank you very much but if youincrease the power supply not by battery, because the battery is very weak. youhave to create the plasma batteries like split system. find out it's very yoursystem will be very powerful, it’s absolutely but one thing you go to do, isthe way I have taught the others and Ali if you make a system like 4 batterieson one set,  make the other one 3 set 3batteries, don’t make it exactly the same.

祝贺你建造的这个绝妙的结构,希望你能加入到太空船项目团队,我们可以和阿里以及团队的其他成员一起向大家展示这个系统的潜力。很感谢你。不过如果你能增加能量供应,不是通过普通电池,因为普通电池能量太弱了,你要制造等离子电池,就像分离系统结构,这样你的系统就会非常强大,但有件事你要做的就是,像我教阿里和其他人的那样,如果你在一个单元设置中用了四个电池,那么 其他的三个单元设置就用3个电池,不要用相同数量的。

[Jackie]: Thepontential difference Yeah


[Mr. Keshe]:You understand?Whether you create the flock’s flow that it gives youthe credibility because the balance each other at the end, but there is alwayson needing the shortage so it creates a flow that it allows you to create astructure. Do you feel any difference internally?


[Jackie]: Ohtotally different. it's another life it's another game it’s a another planet


[Mr. Keshe]:what do you see from inside?


[Jackie]:from inside I see a new world, a world of beauty,  of flat of a peace of traquilness, of allit’s totally different


[Mr. Keshe]:how far does this extend the barrier of the system?


[Jackie]:It’s the sky


[Mr. Keshe]:do you, have you ever walked out of the house to look at the boundary of thehouse


[Jackie]:  yeah sure. I see this is very huge .I don’tknow how big it is but its so big


[Mr. Keshe]:you see a flow like what you call it like a field blocks outside the building.


[Jackie]:Yeah I see I have a big big big big ship


[Mr. Keshe]:okay Rick, Ali, are we allowed to show part of the recording of last week? isthat okay with you.?


[Ali]: Yeahyeah it should be fine no problem go ahead.


[Mr. Keshe]:Vince, do you have access to the recording of the picture from outside thehouse where we see the glow, passing the boundary of the house


[Vince]: Letme see if I can find that just, just give me a sec…  1:51:45


[Mr. Keshe]:Let me explain to you what happened. last Monday with Ali and a few of hisfriends in the house, we made the recording of the same system where they wereseeing the plasma flow in the house, looking blueish plasma. you want toexplain yourself  Ali, it’s better thanme doing it


[Ali]: Yeah.so first I actually design a system that’s similar to yours. I have the starformation and basically I have the star formation, and i stack pretty much likethe way you did and I did see a shimmer and a bit of everything on top. itwasn't as strong as when i turned the coils this way in90° and the basically the coils were flat, I could go under the unit  and see there is like kind of a level ofvapour, cloud on top and I was thinking that would have been the top of theposition spaceship.


then when Mr.Keshe went to the knowledge seekers workshop. he explained that it’s a goodidea to turn it 90, I said well I couldfordo itfor my star formation, so I did that and as soon as I turned it, my whole housestarted glowing and I just dim the lights and we started walking and wanderinground the house and I see all these particles and stuff going around, it was asif you're walking into a really misty environment and you see vapours andeverything.


 so i got in touch with Kevin and Mr. Keshe andwe invited few people and friends and we did the, basically I spoke to few ofmy friends they were pretty much curious, they came to my place and one of myfriends put her hand between the unit and while few of us were watching herhand started to dissolve and kind of the lights weren’t reflecting of her handsso we would see it as becoming invisible, which got us more excited and we gotin touch with Mr. Keshe and say let’s get together and bring more people andlets feel it and see what’s happening.


so we got afew friends over  and it was like thesame setup as you see here, I have with all the pipe and everything it was onlya cola bottle ,so I had a big cola bottle with 3 stacks and like that I gotthem round and connected them up, it was connected to the electricity. itwasn’t connected to the plasma batteries at that time, but we could see basicallya lot of shimmers and so forth and we added some batteries, it made it evenmore stronger and it wasn’t even plugged in to the electricity. and we wouldstill see the shimmers and everything.


It was  from what i heard, it was a bluish colourshimmer which is like the blue planet, we live on the blue planet earth,because we got the elements from the sea and the elements come from the planetearth, we see the shimmers as like a blue lipase lazuli type of a colour. andthe field was very big, so Mr. Keshe asked a few of us to go outside thebuilding and take some photo shoots and we take some photos and on top of thewhole building, there was like a little dome as I would say and it was glowingin the picture that shows that the plasma has gone outside the building and cancover the building and once you turn the 90°, the field become very powerful.so you are looking at the mother ship basically that can cover possibly entirenorthern hemisphere and if you haveitin thesouth the southern hemisphere. So 2 of them can actually protect the wholeplanet. there are pretty powerful,


so this is atime for change its exciting times. It’s time for us to enter a new era foreverybody in experience world peace, because you have technologies beyond ourimagination that can change the structure of how we live how we move into thefuture


[Mr. Keshe]:can you tell us what happened in you new year’s eve when you were goingsomewhere.


[Ali]: Whichone so many things happening.  有很多事情啊,哪一件啊?

[Mr. Keshe]:You could see the plasma you said you were some 3 km away


[Ali]: Ohokay when I used the crystals on top of each stacker that’s what you arereferring to ?


[Mr. Keshe]:Yeah   是的。

[Ali]: Yeahso I have this, crystals. I was just experimenting, because i know crystals area bridge, it looks like a pyramid and it’s made pink quartz crystals, so theyare very gentle soul and spirit and I put one on top of each, one of these onall five stacks .so these crystals are bridge the gap between the plasmaticstate which is a really higher vibration to a physical state of the man whichin the brain of the man there is a crystal structure ,

阿里:是的。我有一些水晶石,现在还在实验,我知道这些水晶像桥梁,这种金字塔状的红色石英水晶[if !vml]

[endif]很温和也很活跃,我在5个能量盒上面各放一个水晶[if !vml]


so if you puta crystal, your I would say the mind or the conscious or subconscious I wouldsay, it connects to the crystal and the plasma and if you actually what iexperienced was an sterical spaceship not a physical one. because I wasphysically here but sterically I was travelling above the earth and I way wayabove the earth ,so  that was theexperience that i had kind of like a remote viewing as you say ,but i was upthere and conscious and I could feel it and it was extraordinary experience,because you have an experienced yourself, I would say the best thing you can dois to experience it.

所以说,如果你放一块儿水晶石[if !vml]


so for people

who are doubting the technology or whatnot build it first ,interact with the

field use some crystals, experience it for yourself all .because the first-hand

experience is how we learn. if you just hear it from me you say it doesn't

exist but you got first-hand experience it and hopefully once we build the

bigger spaceship that we all can travel then the last to be the best thing for

everybody. [if !vml]

[endif]So yeah thank you all


[Mr. Keshe]:thank you very much Ali is very interesting to hear as I said …Pardon?


[Alman]: CanI show one more thing?


[Ali]: Yes goahead


[Rick]: andthank you too Ali for being in the first strong enough to present all of that.you know it takes a lot  to be a pioneerin this in this business and when your front there, it's very difficult Irealize that thank you for that.


[Mr. Keshe]:Thank you Ali. speak later on. What are you showing us?


[Alamn]: thisis stackers which is you can each , it’s one starker each, because of theseconnections what I was thinking very easy to connect ,so we can stack it uplike you come buy each unit separately just write a waking comment stack it up

阿尔曼:这就是能量盒,是一个能量盒[if !vml]

[endif],因为考虑到连接,实际上我觉得这个很容易连接,[if !vml]


[Rick]: theymake shelving units like that I got some white shelving units that fit togetherexactly like that.

瑞:他们正在做这种架子[if !vml]


[Alman]: It’slike Lego while vertical and if you connect this way, your inner core, juststay 90° you don’t need to support for it

阿尔曼:这像是乐高积木,[if !vml]

[endif]当这个结构垂直的时候,把这些元件像这样组合,内核心还是90度放置[if !vml]

[endif][if !vml]

[endif],它就不需要支撑[if !vml]


[Rick]: andthe outer would be supported by the three tabs which is your concept and whatwould this be made out of your figure what material. Pardon me?


[Mr. Keshe]:he is testing his 3d printer


[Alman]: whatyou think Mr. Keshe

阿尔曼:凯史先生,您觉得怎么样?[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]:Very nice, you got to remember that two gravitational system have to have thesame gap space as the gradient of the coil .they should not be touching, theyshould be a gap that the fields can flow, they should not be next to eachother, they should not be touching, they should be gap, equal to the radius ofthe inner circle.


[if !vml]

[endif][Allman]: It calculated.Mr. Keshe I have my whole core …


[Rick]: So isthat Mr. Keshe is that …


[Mr. Keshe]:just explaining to the others who are doing it.


[Rick]: isthat between the horizontal coils you are talking about or the vertical coils,


Keshe]:the vertical.

[Rick]sothere should be like if I don’t know the vertical coil was 10 cm, a 5 cm radiusyou need to have that is a gap between each vertical coil okay  2:02:10




[Mr. Keshe]:Yeah but the field interact,without them  you are not forcingit, It’s fantastic. Jackie please get in touch with us to bring you in as apart of the what you call it spaceship team. The space ship website is totallyseparated now so we operate through that section. Is there anything else youwant to show us?


[Alman]: No


[Mr. Keshe]:Thank you very much for solving it. You made life much easier for manufacturingtoday


[Alamn]: 2more thingsbutthat I will show youlater.


[Mr. Keshe];no do it now, then we don’t have to wait. You are playing a little girls game,play man’s game. Show us what you have. Pardon


[Alman]: It’sin the garage Mr. Keshe I already gone down


[Mr. Keshe]:Oh you have the spaceship in the garage you mean?


[Alman]: yesbut not ready yet


[Mr. Keshe]Not yet, okay no problem. are we going to see them today?


[Jackie]: Nottoday


[Mr. Keshe]:My God, you are very hard to get. Okay is there anything else see to look atRick.


[Danny]: RickI can show something. this is Danny


[Rick]: Okaygo ahead Danny. what do you have there


[if !vml]

[endif][Danny]: I am gonna puton my video .okay .these little units here are separate little let’s see if I’mgoing to the right direction ,so you can see. Okay they are separate littleunits where I’m using only one unit per stacker .this in here is the centre,this here on the outside and this is just as just a prototype. Now this largerone is a is one where it’s one unit and I’ll just put this one here like thisfor illustration, just for demonstration purposes, so you can slide this backand forth. this is a star formation, one goes one goes here ,whenone goes out here on this arm, one goes out here onthis arm,when  one goes out there on that arm and…

丹尼:我正准备打开视频。这些小装置是分离的[if !vml]

[endif],我来看下有没有放对位置,这样你们就能看到,好了,这些是分离的结构,每个能量盒都用了一个,这个在中间[if !vml]

[endif](星型组合),这个在外围,这个是模型,我就用这个大一点的元件,把它放在这里用来向大家阐释[if !vml]

[endif],只是为了向你们解释[if !vml]

[endif],那么你就能像这样滑来滑去[if !vml]

[endif],这就是星型组合[if !vml]

[endif],一个放这个支架上[if !vml]

[endif],一个放在这个支架上[if !vml]

[endif],一个放在这个支架上[if !vml]

[endif],一个挂在另一只支架那里.[if !vml]


[Rick]:  Can we see the top of the unit there Danny


[Danny]: Letme see if I can move my camera a little bit. is this just a three separatewires ,put in one of those put in a coil, it’s got a little hook here, to hookyour margrave unit here. I do have a question not on the system ,but on the onthe principles of the of the margrave coil. I’d like to annotate and so I liketo go to the whiteboard, so when we have our coils,  this is the, this is the inner ring and thenwhen you have made your coil, you feed this wire back through here. that wirethat goes back through there .can it become batteries instead. So let’s saythis is our gravitational coillet me see if I have a picture that I can I

can so this is our coil, are gravitational coil let’s see if I have apicture that I can, I can’t so this is our coil, our gravitational coil  and we have made it and when we get to thispoint here, we feed this centre wire back down through here

丹尼:让我看一下能不能把摄像头调整一下[if !vml]

[endif],这有三个分离的线,把它们集合在一个线圈中,上面有个小钩子,可以钩住这个磁引力线圈[if !vml]

[endif](02:05:33)。我的问题不是关于这个系统的,而是关于磁引力线圈的规则。先把这些线圈加上纳米涂层,我来用白板画下来,当我们在制作线圈时[if !vml]

[endif],这个是内部线圈[if !vml]

[endif],在你做这个线圈时,从这里转回来为这条线圈供给能量[if !vml]

[endif][if !vml]

[endif][if !vml]

[endif],再转回到那里[if !vml]

[endif],中间的这一部分可以用电池代替吗[if !vml]

[endif][if !vml]

[endif]?也就是说这是引力线圈[if !vml]

[endif],我来找下看看有没有这样的图片,不能这样做,这是我们的线圈,引力线圈[if !vml]

[endif][if !vml]

[endif],当我们到了这一点时[if !vml]

[endif],就把插入中间的这个线圈再绕回来到这里给它供给能量[if !vml]

[endif](电池这里)。[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]:I understand.


[Danny]: Nowit comes and goes over to our other outside gravitational. So what I amwondering if I can use one arm and splice this here, and put magnets andbattery capacitors on the inside because I am trying to understand theprinciple of this particular wire  it comesthrough there. If it can be used as a capacitor batteries ,then I can then haveI could power whole system in a little neater fashion than hanging down tocapacitor batteriesoff of my frames and stuff you know

丹:现在线圈拉出来连接到外部其它的引力圈[if !vml]

[endif],我想知道我能不能用一根支线把这里[if !vml]

[endif]拼接起来,然后把磁铁和电容器电池放里面[if !vml]

[endif],因为我想弄清楚穿过这里的这条特殊的金属线的用法[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]:you can do so,if you want because in one of the tests we did the same thing tothe coil, gravitational coil of the inner ring and  i can't remember the outcome isReninwritten somewhere there I can’t remember what was theoutcome.


[Danny]: Wellit’s worth the prototype for me so I am going to go ahead and try that


[Mr. Keshe]:Try it an let us know because around September October we did such a test, butnot with the centre pin, but like a capacitor the inner coil of the 2 coils wascovered with, if I remember with the gans or with the wrapping as the same asyours or your Steve. It’s very hard to do it.


[Danny]: Ihave also found, I’ve found, I think I would go ahead and make…


[Mr. Keshe]:first time teach us of course.


[Danny]: I’mgoing to I’m gonna nano coat  all thisstuff first. my capacitor, split capacitor. coils are coming through and then Iwill feed it through it, what I found on our e cigarettes .the apinge-cigarette thing you can get 22gauge ,32gauge, 20gauge, titanium wire ,nickel wire and those should be pretty easy tothen get your gradient in your batteries.

丹尼:我打算先把所有材料都加上纳米涂层[if !vml]

[endif],分离电容器、线圈都要这样,然后再为其提供动力,我发现这就像电子烟一样的结构,可以用22规格、32或20规格的钛线、镍线,这很容易得到,[if !vml]


you nano coatthem as you go, you have this all before you feed it through there ,you hadcold caustic thisisbattery system and then feed it through. so thatyou don't have to feed with a torch ,you already know that its nano coated andgansed ,when you feed through that that centre. this is your gravitational coilthat you gonna feed through, you make certain before you makes thisgravitational coil ,that you know the size of this wire ,that you gonna feedthrough. so it feed through fairly smoothly, in fact ,you can feed it throughbefore it is a circle, you can feed it through as a as a tool to start with ,before you make, you can feed yourpen ,as you call this the pen wire, you feed that through before you make acircle out of it.

在你进行这些操作的时候就要把这些加上纳米涂层[if !vml]

[endif],在供能之前要完成这些操作,还要用冷的腐蚀液浸透的电池系统,然后再为其(线圈)供能,这样你就不需要用火炬,这些都是有纳米涂层和甘斯的,当你为中心的引力线圈供能时,这是引力线圈[if !vml]

[endif],你要为其供能[if !vml]

[endif],在制作引力线圈之前,你要知道这条线的规格[if !vml]

[endif],这样你才能顺利均衡地为线圈提供动力[if !vml]


you know whatI mean. I am gonna undo that because it's kind of messy ,but that was theprincipal how to make it. if anybody else wanted to try the idea, i just wantedto share this idea and I thought it was plausible as far as, but I reallydidn't understand the value of this wire other than it was it was a way toconnect coils together.

你应该指导我的意思,我要把这些线撤销,因为这样看起来有些混乱,不过这应该就是方法原则,如果有人想尝试这种方法,我可以分享给你们,目前我觉得它还是比较可行的,不过我真的不太清楚这些线的用处[if !vml]

[endif],而不仅仅是把线圈连在一起。[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]:No no no. It is not that you connect coils. It has a very specific reason, thepeople who are in the innovation group, have worked on this for years and theyhave seen the difference with the line inside or outside .it creates a morepowerful, it centralizes the field forces. it is not just there for connection,we could have connected directly from one end to another, this was explained tome by one of the guys in the innovation group who has been testing these thingsand so it's part of this structure with why we put that centre wire inside.


[if !vml]

[endif][Danny]: so if thisbattery works let me get me another colour and this is the magnetical coil thatgoes around it. let me make it double so we can pretend like it's a coil, andwe know that let me get me my blue again, we know that this wire feeds into thegravitational .that's our entrance and some people call it negative and on hereon this, let me get my another colour here, out here when this comes back,there is our exit some people call it the plus. if my batteries work if mybatteries inside your work can I hook these two together  2:13:54

丹尼:所以如果这个电池起作用,我换一种颜色,这是磁力线圈,环绕在外面,我再描一遍[if !vml]

[endif](红圈),假设这就是线圈,让我再换回原来的蓝色,我们知道这条线为引力线圈提供动力,这里也就是入口[if !vml]

[endif],有人称它为负极,在右上方,我再换一种颜色,是出口[if !vml]

[endif],或者说是正极。如果电池在中间工作[if !vml]

[endif],那我能把两端连在一起吗[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]:I cannot tell you I don’t know.


[Danny]: I amgonna try it, what do I have to …


[Mr. Keshe]:because when you connect the, you just create the coil battery.


[Danny]: IJust made the battery, I didn’t know …


[Mr. Keshe]:it doesn’t do anything with what we want to do with the rest of it


[Danny]: thisis what I really want, want this plasma in here .this is what I’m trying to createand that's my whole purpose.


[Mr.Keshe]:  the only way you gonna create aplasma is when you have 2 coils, it’s impossible to create it with the onecoil.


[Danny]: Sowhen hanging like, so when you have a stacker unit, oh you mean two coils imdoing this …


[Mr. Keshe]:Coaxial on top of each other the way we do okay


[Danny]: sohere's a perpendicular45  one. you are sayingI need 2 of them.

丹尼:所以需要一个垂直45的线圈[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]:but don’t forget you still need, you still need the, let me just join you hereI am going to go with green ,then what we going to see, you need 2 coils heretoo. okay you need 2 coils on either side

凯:不过,你还需要,我用绿颜色的笔也画在这个白板上,你在这里需要两个线圈[if !vml]

[endif],在另一边也需要两个线圈[if !vml]


[Danny]: YeahI mean  were doing double coils, but hasgone just as I wasn't saying that i was using this calling them margrave coils,we always have a coil and we have an inner coil and then we have the pin goingdown the ceilar and so that’s what  I wastrying to do .i was trying to turn that pin into battery ,split capacitor,just to moleaway through and on both of them.

丹尼:好的。我本来就准备用双线圈。刚才没说是因为我直接说磁引力线圈,通常我们有一个线圈和一个内线圈[if !vml]

[endif],然后有一个别针别下来[if !vml]

[endif],我就准备这么做,准备把这别针似的线[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]:Let’s go let’s take a step this further if you're doing it


[Danny]: Dowe want to change our screen?


[Mr. Keshe]:I want to have a new page. how I can insert a new page.


[Danny]: I’mgoing to clear all the drawings.


[Mr. Keshe]:don't clear no no, don’t clear.


[Danny]: Iwonder if can redo, nah I cleared it. We can always start over from scratch


[Mr.Keshe]:  okay okay I am gonna tell youwhat if you are gonna go it. Lets look at another option.


[Danny]:Okay  好的。

[Mr. Keshe]:you are moving too much, stand still. I have to move ,when youmoremove, I can’t move. will okay you made this coil andyou and you put a wires around it ,and you made battery out of it and then itgoes to the next coil, you go to the gravitational out of the magnetical coilof the second coil. yeah so this is the second coil let’s say,  you join the second coil and you go these areall double coils we are talking about ,yeah so you go from the gravitational ofthe centre coil double coil into the gravitational of the outer core magneticalcoil, and again the same, it’s just one wire going through the outer core yeah..What about if you do coil here as well ,that in a way it becomes a splitbattery ,one half stays in the inner core and one half stays in the outer core.Do you understand?

凯史:你动的太快了,定在这里。我要移动指针,如果你动我就不能动,像这样,做了这个线圈,再用一条金属线环绕在外围[if !vml]

[endif],这样就能制作等离子电池,然后连接到下一组线圈[if !vml]

[endif],也就是第二组线圈中从磁力线圈出来的引力线圈,这就是第二组线圈,也就是我们所说的双线圈[if !vml]

[endif],从双线圈中心线圈的引力线圈连接到外核心磁力线圈的引力线圈 ,其他的同样,只有这一根金属线通过外核心,对吧?如果你在这也做一个线圈[if !vml]


[Danny]: YesI understand


[Mr.Keshe]:  so what will be the option onit?

凯:那么接下来要怎么选择 。

[Danny]: Butthis is on the outside of the outer coil.


[if !vml]

[endif][Keshe]: You have adouble coil which is mixed the magnetical of the set ,then you have a doublecoil which make the gravitation, sorry the centre one makes thegravitational,and  this outer one makethe magnetical but both of them have a wire going the centre of gravitational.Okay let’s say both gravitational coils the wire ,not the coil inside into thecentre, you do such a thing with. Renin can you, is Renin there, Renin are youonline.

凯史:你有一个双线圈,与装置的磁力线圈混合在一起,中间的这个线圈就是引力线圈,外部的是磁力线圈,[if !vml]


[Renin]: YesMr. Keshe


[Mr. Keshe]:Can we do this in the way we do the sets in the innovation centre and see if hecreates a different boost of energy.

凯史:我们可以在创新中心用这种方式做实验吗[if !vml]


[Renin]: Okaythe one the split capacitor, then wrapping around the coil, the gravitationaland the magnetical


[Mr. Keshe]:No just using the straight wire  whichgoes through the centre of the both gravitational sets, to put a wrapping ofgans and let’s say aluminium gans fired orfiredtitanium and we see what it does from outside


[Renin]; oksir we will all work to it okay   2:18:57


[Mr. Keshe]:Please, no problem. Okay thanks, Thanks very much, because the there is a validpoint in this, I can increase the power of the system and it can bring, what doyou call it ,a lot of power to the system. It’s something we did with the coil,I can’t remember the outcome most probably I will know by tonight, I am gonnaget a call and you are still drawing

凯:好的,没问题,非常感谢。因为这有一个有效的点[if !vml]

[endif],可以从这里增加整个系统装置的能量,能为系统提供很多能量[if !vml]

[endif],这个操作和线圈有关,我忘记具体结果是怎样的了,今天晚上我应该就能知道,我会收到电话,你还在画图啊[if !vml]


[Danny]: I amjust I can, if I can stop share this and go to another screen. I might be ableto have a better situation for this class, just a moment. OK. I want to go backinto my share screen, oh that’s not what I want I’m sorry.

[Mr. Keshe]:Oh you have got a very nice black cat.



[Danny]: Ohyeah I do,


[if !vml]

[endif][Mr. Keshe]: there I cansee him there.


[Danny]: WhatI want here is i want to go to this, particular one. just give me a moment seeif I can do this. It should have been already been able to do this, are wethere now, this is ,can you see in this drawing?

丹尼:我想展示的是这张特别的图片,稍等下,看看我能不能这样做,应该可以这么做,现在看到了吗,你们[if !vml]


[Rick]: Yesdefinitely yes


[Danny]: sothis this explains everything here.it is a okay. let me get my annotate outhere, so that i can draw on, I don’t know the colour. I’ll just use red, okayso, we  know that here is ourgravitational coil it came in, and that it came around here and it came outhere and now were feeding this wire back down through and it comes out here andit goes up to this gravitational and once it’s through the gravitational comesout here and gives it to another ,here's our one, here is the two, let me getmy colours out here again. these here is where I splice this arm and I start mybattery capacitors go down through here on both of them, is that what you weretrying to tell to do, do it through both of them? Yeah that was my intent.  2:21:38

丹尼:这张图就能解释整个系统了。好了,我来加一些注释,这样我就可以在上面画了。不过我不知道用什么颜色,就用红色吧,好了,这是引力线圈,(上方中间的线圈)能量流从此进入[if !vml]

[endif](由上而下的红线),经过下方的线圈[if !vml]

[endif],再出来到旁边的线圈中[if !vml]

[endif][if !vml]

[endif],能量流再顺着最下端的紫色金属线流动[if !vml]

[endif],再向上到右上方的引力线圈中[if !vml]

[endif](到引力线圈中),一旦经过引力线圈出来后[if !vml]

[endif](左到右的红线)到这里,然后再出来,到另一个引力线圈,这边的两个连接部分的金属线,让我再换下颜色,这个紫色区域[if !vml]

[endif]就是我的拼接的地方[if !vml]

[endif],然后开启电容器电池,电流通过线圈向下到两个磁引力圈装置上[if !vml]

[endif],这是你之前表达的意思吗,电流经过两个磁引力圈装置[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]:See what we done, we have it I cannot remember. this is some time ago, what wedone in the innovation centre ,we have put gans on this and used as a battery and we done the same thing with thiscoil, I can’t remember if we ever did this part. I will ask, there is usuallypictures taken when the test are done, but this state, what I call let mechange the colour, this what I call, twhat I showed as green has been done andI don’t know there was a reason we didn’t follow it up with the, because itinvolved with something else, but the red one I can’t remember if we done, Iknow and then we add the knowledge on the next teaching, because we have a coilmaster ,he is one of the best we have seen. he is good with these things by theway he works but I will ask him because he keeps all the records of everythingwe can know very quickly.

凯:这就是我们做过的,我只是忘记了。我们不久前就在创新中心这样实验过,在红色区域的线圈上[if !vml]

[endif]用了甘斯,还用了一块电池,我们之前也是这样在线圈上这样做的,我不记得是否做过这个部分,我会问一下其他实验人员,通常实验完成时都会拍照片,我换一种颜色,就是绿色区域[if !vml]


[if !vml]

[endif][Danny]: That was myprimary question about these would all be in series and  if I needed it just makes ,I’m just hopingthat that would make a powerful unit, and so when I, you are saying also whenwe are doing these Margrave systems, let me use 2 colours. So this is our bigMargrave, this is our magnetical and this one fits through it this is our 45. thisis our 45 goes through here and you say i need 2 of them to make it powerful.because I’m more I’m interested I’m interested in this the stuff right in here i was interested in theplasma

丹尼:这就是我最初的问题。这些必须都是做成系列的吗,如果我需要就立刻可以制作,我希望可以做出一个强大的装置,在我们构建磁引力系统时,您也是这样说的,我要用两种颜色,这个就是大的磁引力线圈,紫色的是磁力线圈[if !vml]

[endif],蓝色圈与之成45度[if !vml]

[endif],经过这里,你说我需要两个这样的装置,才能使系统变得强大,事实上,我对里面的东西更感兴趣,也就是里面的等离子体[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]:yeah the thing is that’s what we are talking about but you got to see what itdoes what that adds to. I’m sure our guy in Philippine will give us an answerin no time he very good in these things. 2:24:18


[Danny] Youare saying if I am doing this, trying to get this plasma and I am putting themin star formation like I, let me get rid of this so stop share and this my.


[Mr. Keshe]:there is no reason if you do what you just showed us hanging, that your systemshouldnownot create a plasma, but youhave to nano coat everything and secondly remember when you do a test like thiswith such a system, you have to in the environment like the cameras thetelevision, the everything else, with those field out, try to do it in anenvironment which is open in enough ,that the fields can interact with eachother. It’s a very simple but beautiful gadget what you got there.


[Danny]: Andso you are saying that I would need one here, and one underneath it at the verymoment?

丹尼:你的意思是在这里需要一个[if !vml]

[endif],还有一个要放在下面[if !vml]


[Mr.Keshe]:  Yeah you need three there, oryou can use to try a single one, so that you can move it back and forth tillyou get it. but that field will not be so strong but maybe it can reduce yourframe to be more compact, just use the way you have set it up on the horizontalwire. it’s amazing because you can push it back and forth, till you get it butit’s too far from the centre one number 4.


[if !vml]

[endif][Danny]: Somehow it willbe hanging down, it will be hanging down here.

丹尼:这需要挂在那里[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]:It’s too far, basically…


[Danny]:  all you have to do is tighten this up,

丹尼:那就把它收紧。[if !vml]


[Mr.Keshe]:  do you have a fun pack, this isthe best space ship you can ever make

凯史:这是你目前做的最好的太空船[if !vml]


[Danny]: Andso, and of course I can use different grade of wire as well, if you, and thesecan be different sizes, also these little separate units down here they areseparate, and I can move them by hand

丹尼:而且,我还可以用不同层级的金属线,可以用不同规格的线,还有这些分离的小线圈,我就可以用手挪动它们[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe];let me tell you whatever you have there the structure there with the 3 legs,anybody can build it.

凯:我来跟你说下这边三条腿的地方需要用什么东西[if !vml]

[endif]。 每个人都可以做这个结构。

[Danny];Yeah, it’s very simple. you just have to …


[Mr: Keshe];Just take cord of a court hanger and you are there


[if !vml]

[endif][Danny]: And so theseright here of course are, they are independent ,you have to move them by hand.this is your centre one and these here have coils so you move them by hand

[Mr. Keshe]:thanks very much thanks for sharing knowledge

丹尼:在这里,它们是分离的,这些小物件[if !vml]



[Danny]: Sothat’s these are just for the fun of it and possibly make it work. okay I amgoing to get off this .I am go and stop my video.


[Mr. Keshe]:Thank very much. Vince can we show that video we promised if you can show us,just part outside the building if you have it.


[Ali ]: Mr.Keshe I have the pictures of from that night, can I just go on and share myscreen and


[Mr. Keshe]:yes please.


[Ali ]: Okayso this is the smaller images I just want to show you, you see there is a bitof an orb after we going to make it bigger.


[Mr. Keshe]:Can you make it bigger please .so we can see.


[Ali]: Yesfor sure but all of them have this low light thing happening there.

阿里:当然可以。不过所有照片都笼罩着一些微光[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]:This was taken with the hand phone


[Ali]; yeahjust a regular phone, this the top of the building .you see that little like ahalo on top.

阿里:是的,就是普通手机 。看楼顶,上面好像有光环光晕[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]:They went round the building, taking pictures it’s not that there is a lightsitting in the back,

凯史:它们环绕着房子,照片后面是有些光[if !vml]


[Ali]: it wasa cloudy night so there no moon or anything. This is the, if I can increase thesize here, this is basically what we saw, there is like a little bowl of…

阿里:那天是阴天,[if !vml]

[endif]所以没有月亮和星星。如果把这里放大,那就是我们看到的[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]:It is still in a blue shade because this is what we seen, you see there is alight on the left, you can see, that is still inside the system inside theplasma

凯:仍然有蓝色的阴影,这就是我们看到的,[if !vml]

[endif]你们再看看左边有灯光[if !vml]


[Ali]: Andhere is where you see a bit of the orb on top as well

阿里:这里就是你看到的顶上的圆环[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]:But the interesting thing is it finishes on the edge of the building, if it wasa  light it goes past this. It finisheson the edges of the building.


[Ali]: As youcan see it’s like a round shape on top,


[Mr.Keshe]:  don’t forget it’s on the groundfloor ,so this is on top of the first floor.


[Ali]: And Ialso have the video of one hand disappears as you want me to show that or no.


[Mr. Keshe]:yes carry on. I mean you are showing everything why not the rest.


[Ali]: Sothis the video just a bunch of friends and we see there are a field distortionon the hand. You might see some orbs on the wall those are just dots concentrateon the hand because that’s the video, 2:29:50


{From Video}

Wow likelights go on and off, do you see. I see orbs like that. There are a bunch oforbs, I see orbs are moving around …you see the orbs, you see the orbs. Youdon’t see that on the wall …holy …it’s on camera … do you see orbs like do yousee. Yap there is an orb on top of him and moving wow your hand is kind ofreacting. It right there, right there keep it there it’s about to disappearalmost, wait wait it disappeared wait wait, go back, you don’t have any handsee there is no hands.

哇,看到了吗?[if !vml]

[endif]像灯一样变亮变暗,我看到这样的球形。有一堆球,我看到球在移动...你看到球了吗?看到球了吗?[if !vml]

[endif]你没有看到墙上的这个...天哪,它在相机上...你看到球体了吗?看到了吗?是的,它的顶上有一个球体在运动,哇,你的手正在反应。就在那里,[if !vml]


So itbasically shows distortions so, more distortion there and the hand sometimeswill be much bigger and smaller. Do you see it? There is like disco balls.Disco balls are just be the best of way to describe this, there is no handthere, down, put it down, back back right there see you have gone back a littlebit, down down down right there, there is no hand right there see where yourhand there is no hand move your hand up and down right there see its gone.Actually we don’t see but the camera does capture it but you still can seedistortions so it looks like a misty vapour almost the hand becomes a vapourlet me go back a bit you don’t have a hand there see, there is no hand there

所以,它基本上显示了场的扭曲,更大的扭曲,而且手有时会更大和更小。你看见了吗?像迪斯科球[if !vml]

[endif]。迪斯科球是来形容这一点最好的方式,这里看不到手,向下,把它放下,往后一点,就是这儿,你还得往后一点,向下,向下一点,再向下。就在这里,在这里看不到手。看,这里没有手,把手往上一点,向下一点,能看到手不见了。其实我们看不到,但相机能捕捉到它,但你仍然可以看到扭曲现象,所以它看起来几乎像蒸汽,手像变成蒸汽,[if !vml]

[endif][if !vml]

[endif]让我回去一点,在那里看不见你的手,[if !vml]


{end ofvideo}


[Mr. Keshe]:Can we stop this Ali please

[Mr. Keshe]:阿里,我们可以结束这个视频吗[if !vml]


[Ali]: Sure.Go ahead Mr. Keshe


[Mr. Keshe]:Okay if you stop that, this is what we, he want to take it off yeah. This iswhat we explained before, these are not in public there are hidden in thebackground Ali is not in public domain to be seen. We have recorded thisseparately in different location with Rick and Vince, Vince can you show thatwhat you have on  the second occasion.Are you there?

[Mr. Keshe]: 好的,如果你停止这个。他想把它关掉,这是我们之前解释过的,这些都不是公开的,是在隐藏在背景下。阿里不是能在公共领域被看到。我们分别由瑞克和文斯在不同位置记录,文斯你可以展示你在第二个场合所看到的吗?你在吗?

[Vince]: yeahit’s not very good quality, this pictures will not come across much better


[if !vml]

[endif][Mr. Keshe]: okay thewhole what we said about the you cannot see the fingers or the hand this wasreported some six weeks ago if remember correctly by somebody else in Canada,the whole hand was not showing but the gentleman did not want to come public this is what we said when the energy ofgravitational magnetic field we talk  isin balance with what it interacts with it does not create light  anddon’t forget why this happens and in certain positions it happens isbecause  when Ali or any of you use thewhat we call the, like when you use your CO2 or when you use your Copper oxidekit  you have that amino acid layer ontop  if that amino acid gets mixed up inyou gans  when you are creating it thenyou have a plasmatic condition which is made of amino acids but the gans thatis in balance as your structure, so that’s why in some point you see it and insome point you don’t see it, It’s not a magic understand scientifically whathappens   the system creates a balancedgravitational magnetic field strength as the the body of man because there issome amino acid in it.

[Mr. Keshe]: 好的,如果我没记错的话,这件看不到手指或手的事,是周六被加拿大的某个人报道的。他的整个手没有显示出来,但是这个人并不想公开这件事。这是我们所说的,当磁引力场的能量与其反应的物质处于平衡状态时,就无法产生光。不要忘记这种现象发生的原因以及在特定位置才发生,是因为当阿里或者你们任何人使用二氧化碳或者使用氧化铜装备时,在顶部会产生氨基酸层。如果氨基酸与你正在制作的甘斯混合,就会产生一个氨基酸组成的等离子环境,但是甘斯在架构中是平衡的,这就是为什么在有的位置能看到手,有的位置看不到。要科学地理解事情,这并不是魔法。这个系统创造了一个与人体平衡的磁引力场强,因为这里有氨基酸。

So when youmake your systems of flight in your gans try to use the amino acid the fat from the topof CO2   if your intention is to createthat kind of condition. So you see you understand and in a perfect conditionyou should be able to control it. So if you put for example one of the amino acid batteries  in the system then you feed and you connect with the human body  so if you want to feed, let’s say meats youneed the combination of let’s say the meat you put a battery in your setup asAli was showing his putting like16 batteries to his set up one of thosebatteries if he carries the amino acid energy then the person receives that amino acids energy  so you add to and  then in then in the system you become likedisappear as well if you increase it into the coils, this is part of theteaching as I said this year we target for the space lift  but these are the precept that you startseeing things and as more and more of you move into the space shipdevelopment  you will see and you willreport but there is one thing very interesting, can you go back to the picture of the house please, Ali,  yes this glow on top of the house has no limit and if we manage to createthat many glows in let’s say few hundred house around the world, they link upand we start a world peace process.

所以当你在甘斯中制作飞行系统,如果你想要创造一个这样的环境,尝试使用氨基酸,使用顶部的二氧化碳中的脂肪。如果你能理解,在一个完美的环境中,你应该能够控制它。例如,如果你把氨基酸电池中的一个放在系统中,你就可以供养系统,将它与人体连接。所以如果想要接受供养,要与系统相结合,比如你需要的是肉,在设备中放下一块电池,像阿里一样,他在设备中放下16块电池,如果其中一块电池携带着氨基酸能量,这个人就能接受氨基酸能量。你加入电池,在系统中,如果你在线圈中加入电池,你就像消失了一样。这是今年课程的一部分,我们的目标是建造太空飞船。规则是,当你越来越多得迈入太空船发展中,你能开始看到更多事情。你会看到,会报道。但是有一件很有趣的事,阿里,你能倒回到那个房子的图片吗?[if !vml]


This is thefield which we have been looking for, if you add the CO2 and amino acid intoyour structure as you are feeding the man and with the zinc and the copper andthe CO2 which I just explained earlier on you reach the emotion and the physical body of the man,  and if your intention and if the setup is onthe balance condition you will find people walk with the gans in their handsand you don’t remember why. You see it you feel it  and the fieldsconnect in a way we cascade this planet simply with the very few systems  don’t forget last Christmas not just pastone, before we set the system in Germany in Canada and in Italy and our wishwas to stop a reactor in a coil and it was stopped, if the wish of you lot ispeace now you see the glow we have been promising, 


the field isthere we are on the verge on the major breakthrough but it has to be the rightintention the right condition and then you will see it, it will span veryeasily to link up. So what we did we create this field now you see itphysically and now a lot of you when you build your systems always go out ofthe house see if you see the field outside the house. The process is tounderstand now you can see it now you understand how you can do it, the way alot of you start making the nano coating and the gans and the coils, this isthe ultimate goal we are reaching. You made the coils to make energy turning 90degrees you can use it to replicate the structure the of the man, for healingas we showed for the process of the reversing of the illness and if you do itin the right way you can create that elusive but there is one thing you have toremember  if your system this powerfulenough you don't need to create any more power, power energy because we can tapinto the energy wireless.


[Rick]: Mr keashesomething happen with the microphone there and it seems like is yes close

[Rick]: 凯史先生,耳机接进了一个电话,有些问题。

[Mr. Keshe]:interfere with my headphone remote and I so saw I withdrew the headphone.

[Mr. Keshe]: 我的耳机被远程干扰了,现在我撤销了耳机。

[Rick]: Okayit is much better now thank you.

[Rick]: 好的,现在好一些了,谢谢。

[Mr. Keshe]:yes now I especially removed it that those who have a dark images in theirheart so what happens is that now if you see field being 10 20 metres out ofthe house, the spanning beyond this power at the house level is very powerfuland have we got Alex online, are you awake

[Mr. Keshe]: 是的,现在我专门移除它,那些人心脏中有黑色的图像。发生的事情是,如果你看到房子外面距10米到20米有场域,这个跨越房子层面的力能量非常强大,现在亚历克斯在线,你在吗?

[Robert]: Wejust promoted him so just a moment while he comes in.

[Robert]: 我们正在把他接进线,所以接进来要等一下

[Rick]: Justabout to say the same thing, okay Alex you are open. You mic is open at leastnot sure if it’s hooked up. Hello Alex we are not hearing you yet.

[Rick]: 只是说同样的事情。好的,亚历克斯,给你开了话筒。不确定是否已经连接上,至少你的麦克风开着,你好,亚历克斯,我们现在还听不到你讲话。

[Mr. Keshe]:We go to London or it’s from Canada to Switzerland.

[Mr. Keshe]:我们要去伦敦,或者是从加拿大到瑞士。

[Alex]: Hello

[Alex]: 你好。

[Mr. Keshe]:hello Alex good morning.

[Mr. Keshe]: 你好,亚历克斯,早上好。

[Alex]: HiMr. Keshe


[Mr. Keshe]:Alex could you, are you in a position to show us the lights with the washingmachine.

[Mr. Keshe]:亚历克斯,你可以在一个位置给我们展示一下洗衣机的光亮吗?

[Alex]: I amnot in the house

[Alex]: 我不在房子中。

[Mr. Keshe]:where are you?

[Mr. Keshe]: 你在哪里?

[Alex]: I amat the shop

[Alex]: 我在商店。

[Mr. Keshe]:at the shopok. Can you explain to us what happens what you done?

[Mr. Keshe]:在商店中,好的。你能向我们解释一下发生了什么,你做了什么吗?

[Alex]: Iconnect the, like I showed on the video I connected one end of the electric tothe ground and the other one I connected it to an appliance that.

[Alex]: 我连接了,像我在视频中展示的一样,我将电线末端连接到地上,另一端连接到装置中。

[Robert]:Rick do you have that video, can you show that video while he is speaking.

[Robert]: 里克,你有那个视频吗?你能在他讲话的时候放这个视频吗?

[Mr. Keshe]:No I have seen the video, he showed it to me

[Mr. Keshe]: 我看到过这个视频,他给我看过。

[Rick]: No II’m just going to try look it up on livestream. I am not sure where it is.

[Rick]: 现在我正在尝试用直播看。我不是很确定它在哪里。

[Mr. Keshe]:No I don’t think is it on the livestream. Is it on livestream?

[Mr. Keshe]: 我不确定它在直播上,它在直播吗?

[Alex]: No Ithink it was on Facebook.

[Alex]: 不,我认为它在脸书上。

[Mr. Keshe]:Okay can we show that?

[Mr. Keshe]:好多,我们可以放映出来吗?

[Rick]: SureI will try to find it if it’s on his channel sure.

[Rick]: 当然,我试着找找它,看它是否在他的频道上。

[Danny]: So

this is Danny does anyone have any clues of how to use the wireless system once

you got your star formation gone powerful?

[Danny]: 这是丹尼,有人知道在星型组合变得形成逐渐强大时如何使用无线系统吗?

[Mr. Keshe]:yes what happened they got to realize this is what you said this is the 3rdpart of the margrave unit  at the moment you're taking feeding from the back of the

system to the to the meter  in acoming time we will advise you how to start using energy the way you willsee  if Rick and …pick it up. This is the energy which will never register on and themeter  because you don't take it heconnects one side of the wire to the wall of the washing machine  and the other side of the wire the applianceor the lights to whatever is just connected to the sink.

[Mr. Keshe]: 是的,他们意识到这是所说的磁引力场单元的第三部分发生了什么。此时,你们正在将能量从系统后带到仪表中。在未来的时间里,我们会告诉你如何开始使用能量,用能看到和能实施的方式。这是在仪表上无法轻易看到的能量。因为你不带走它。他将电线的一端连接到洗衣机那边墙上,另一端连到设备,或者灯,或者连接到水槽。

This is theplasma energy which can create yourself but this energy does not go through the meter is a zero power whichmeans you don't pay anything for it but don't forget Alex has been using thesystem for nearly six-month the house is literally nano coated in every level.So some of you in your in a coming time you can test the same, because this iscoming from the plasma free plasma in the building  now you take the plasma and you can have whatwe said zero power   at the beginning isvery weak but it builds and so you can light up you can heat up  and because is no electric connection themachine is off, the system is switched off. The washing machine is notworking  so now you receive your freewireless system. This is the next step in the, but we need time, the way wesaid we need 21 days and now we said how to load it 

 now the front of the system,the loadingpart of the system  you start using theplasma energy which brings you the 0 time or 0 energy supply  but it needs building it needs building  if you use a number of systems in the housethen you get that point much faster.


We have withthis system you will achieve what we said a wireless transmission in time ifyou take what we saw with Ali or with Jackie if you take two points of a wire from differentpointsof the plasma  and connect it to eachother with the appliance you will have the lighting or the heating or whateveryou like to do. Don't forget especially with the system of what do you call itAli  is no earth or a batteryconnection  is all plasma  so the plasma will release so much energywith the structure position with the crossing the boundary of the house  now you can tap into it. For the first timeyou seen thefree plasmaenergy, this is what wesaid and that’s why the Margrave unit was so putting out in that way  but If we would have shown it, people havesaid from the beginning blah blah blah, whatever now you see the working system


[Rick]: Okay

[Rick]: 好的

[Mr Keshe]:It now correct and now in one session today you have seen 3 differentappliances of the same thing

[Mr Keshe]: 好的,现在是正确的,现在今天的一期课程中,你们看到了同样东西的三种不同设备。

[Rick]: Alexis this the KFSSI margrave test or is it a different …

[Rick]: 亚历克斯,这是太空学院磁引力测试,还是它与之不同…

[Alex]:That’s the one

[Alex]: 它是其中一种测试

[Rick]: Okaygood, let me get that setup here then

[Rick]: 好的,非常好。让我来看看这里的装备

[Mr. Keshe]:There is, can you stop on this picture don’t move don’t move, I want to asksomething from Ali. Ali if you look at this picture which you have on thescreen on the right hand side of the building, you can see the reflection ofthe light of the left side of the building, the same blue, are these the 2houses the same, near you or or its just the reflection of the light on theplasma.

[Mr. Keshe]: 这里有,你能把这个图片停在这里吗?不要动,不要动。我想问阿里一些事。阿里,如果你看这个图片,在屏幕上右手边的那侧建筑上[if !vml]


[Ali] Are youreferring to, I’m not sure exactly

[Ali] 你指的是什么?我不是很确定。

[Mr. Keshe]:There is a blue if you look at the top left hand side of your picture on top ofthe building there is blue light, there and the go right to the opposite yousee the same light, is that another house there the same.

[Mr. Keshe]: 如果你看到图片顶部的建筑左边有蓝光,在对面的右边能看到同样的光,[if !vml]


[Ali]:Yeah wehave another house here there is another building here.


[if !vml]

[endif][Mr. Keshe] The samelight system?

[Mr. Keshe] 是同样的灯光系统吗?

[Ali]: Idon’t know they are 2 different apartments so I doubt that that they are thesame.


[Mr. Keshe]:So is it lit the same time the same way,

[Mr. Keshe]: 所以它们只是以同样的方式亮着。

[Ali]: I amnot sure, I should go out and check it out, I’ll come,

[Ali]: 我不是很确定,我应该出去看看,我一会儿回来

[Mr. Keshe]:you are not in the house to check?

[Mr. Keshe]: 你不在房间里看看?

[Ali]: I aminside the house but I have to go outside the house to check it,


[if !vml]

[endif][Mr. Keshe]:  go outside check and come back okay ok Ali,sorry Rick can you show us the video?

[Mr.Keshe]:  去外面检查一下然后回来,好的阿里,对不起,里克你可以给我们看一下视频吗?

[Rick]: YesMr. Keshe, Its, I have to stop to share screen here I have to do the desktop 2that way oops that didn’t work, okay I have to do it a little differently, Ithink that might work. Do you see the Facebook site there and the video, startit? I should go make that bigger I don’t think or maybe I can go full screenwith it even. Let me just get the volume set lower or you…

[Rick]: 好的,凯史先生,我需要停下来切换屏幕,我要去桌面二,以这种方式不能运作,好的,我换个方式,我觉得那样可能会工作。看到那个脸书页面了吗,这个视频,要开始放吗?我要把它放大一些,或者我可以使用全屏。[if !vml]


[Vince]: Ohyou don’t want to hear the …and Mr. Keshe you are breathing into the mic

[Vince]: 哦,你不想要听到这个…凯史先生,能听到您在麦克风中的呼吸声

[Rick]; thankyou Vince and let me reset that screen share so that you can here that computersound. Ok now we should be able to hear with the sound, I’m going to go back tothe start


{from video}


Helloeveryone,compliment of the seasonI hope youenjoy your holidays whereever you are actually I just want to give a quickupdate about the workings of the Margrave unit, like Mr. Keshe said earlier onin the day in the 93 knowledge seekers workshop that anything you hook up to yourmargrave unit becomes a generator by itself and that’s what I want to show you.So we gonna start by I’m going to show but before I go into the


[Rick]:Excuse me just had a thing here just try to them, where is it, I’ve lost, Alex,Hello I just have to get this back somehow and. I am having an issue here justa second here let me stop this for a second

[Rick]: 不好意思,这里有点事,就是试一下,它在哪里,我弄丢了,亚历克斯,你好,我必须把这个倒回去,这里有点问题,等一下,让我在这里停一下。

[Mr. Keshe]:Are you there?

[Mr. Keshe]: 你在那里吗?

[Rick]: Ijust temporarily lost the video there so just the second while I get thisrestarted in new window and to go back to where we were before that happenedjust about there just excuse me. So what to, just stop share and reshare.

[Rick]: 我暂时丢失了视频,需要等一下,这个在新的窗口重启视频,回到问题发生之前的地方,不好意思,只是需要共享,重新共享。

[Ali]:Mr. Keshe Iwent and checked, its too much fog tonight so I can really see in the otherbuilding so I have to check it the other day


[Mr. Keshe]:No problem. No problem

[Mr. Keshe]: 没关系,没关系

[Rick]: Okaylet me show this a little differently, I can’t play it full screen because Ilose my all video on my other 2 screens at the same time so I am going to showit in a smaller screen let me see if I can increase that in size oops thatdidn’t work. That did actually a little bit. Well we can pretty much see whatgoing on there so I will play it in that size screen, I’ll zoom in on the live screenso people can see that more clearly and lets begin

[Rick]: 好的,让我们换种方式来展示。我不能全屏播放,同时还弄丢了另外两个屏幕,我会以更小的屏幕展示,让我看看能不能放大这个视频,哦,这样没有用。还是有一些作用的。我们可以基本看到那里发生了什么。所以就以这样的屏幕大小展示。我把它放大一些,在直播屏幕上,大家可以看得更清楚。让我们开始。

{from video}


[if !vml]

[endif]Hello everyone,compliment of the season I hope you enjoy your holidays whether you areactually I just want to give a quick update about the workings of the Margraveunit, like Mr. Keshe said earlier on in the day in the 93rdknowledge seekers workshop that anything you hook up to your margrave unitbecomes a generator by itself and that’s what I want to show you. So we gonnastart by I’m going to show but before I go into the

lights aspectI am going to show you my by battery. This is arechargeable battery but as you can observe the battery is charging itself, letme just but you can still see that it is charging itself instead of coming downits charging itself because of the plasmatic environment that it’s in. Okay nowback to the main topic.

你们好,。。。我希望不管你们在哪里都能享受假期,我只想更新磁引力场设备,像凯史先生在93集知识寻求者说的,连接到磁引力场的任何东西,都会将自身变为供应者,这是我想展示的。所以我们可以开始展示,[if !vml]


我会展示给你们电池,这是可再充电的电池,但是你能看到电池在给自己充电[if !vml]


In life thisis first real free energy I have seen these lights here the current coming fromhereyou wake up any time of the day, you wake up 2 inthe morning  3 in the morning anytime  you still have it and it free. So what did Ido here I just connected one end of each to the ground and here  I am using the sink as the ground as you cansee that one end  I using the capacitorthe plasma capacitor because  if you thiswithout putting a plasma capacitor. The sink is gonna shock you, so I don’twant to get shocked on the sink that’s why I am using this because this can absorbthe energy so it doesn’t shock me anymore so I can touch the sink and I don’tget an electrical shock.

在生活中,这是我看到的第一个真正的自由能量。这里的光,这里过来的电流,你可以每天任何时间起来,早上起来两次,三次,你仍然拥有它,但它是自由的。所以我在这里做的只是把这个其中的一端连接在地上和这里[if !vml]

[endif]。我使用水槽当地面,你们可以看到这里有一端,我使用这个等离子电容器,因为,如果这里没有放置等离子电容器,这个水槽会冲击你们,但是我不想在水槽中被电击,为什么我在用这个,因为这个能够吸收能量,它已经不再电击我,[if !vml]


Then if youlook at the other side of the connection you see that some electrons I justhocked up to the washing machine so it take it off the lights are off, I don’tknow if you can see the connection properly I am going to but it back now andthe light comes on and then the washing machine as you can see is switched offbut still if you put it on it doesn’t really make a difference as you can seethe lights are still on let me switch off the lights we have a beautiful pieceswitch on the light on the light we see them working this is about around 120AC volts but the problem with it is the current is not steady so what I amsaying that from, if any of you has the knowledge of how to make this lightsteady I would be very happy to work with you in this thing because I have beenspending too much time on trying to figure out how to send in the current butup to now it’s not happening if everyone think and has an idea of how to goabout it that also would be very useful.

如果你看连接的另一端你能看到一些电子,我连接到了洗衣机[if !vml]

[endif],我把它拿出来时,灯熄灭了。我不知道你是否能恰巧看到这个连接,我把它放回洗衣机里去[if !vml]

[endif],灯亮了[if !vml]

[endif],洗衣机就像你们看到的一样关掉了,但是如果你把它打开,你能看到灯光也没有太大区别。我们能看到十分美妙的灯光闪烁[if !vml]

[endif][if !vml]


Don’t worryabout this, this is just a, im trying to nano coat this im trying to useplasmatic energy to nano coat this electrode just, this has nothing to do with,it has nothing to do with the configuration and then another thing I could show you some, just to confirm to youthat everything in my house now is plasmatic, can you see can you hear that ,see now washing machine same thing and even if I put my laptop close to thesystem to the margrave system we have the same effect so you see so everythingis pure plasmatic all over the place its plasmatic so, I have been running thissince what is now, when was it 6,7 months I’m not sure you can just install youmargrave system and study to give yourself but that means more time if you wantyou can try to see you can get the same effect but I know I have been workingfor a long time so if you install your margrave system on you home thenelectrical appliances you can just put one in the electrode and then the otherend you can run and then you get on your free energy that we have been waitingfor. All right guys until next time if I have anything to show you I will letyou know, if you have any questions about this unit you can ask me then I willbe happy to answer you if I can okay bye for now, merry Christmas to everyonebye   3:00:06

不要担心这个[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe];thank you. Alex you have done a change to it now the light stays on continuous

Keshe 先生:谢谢你。Alex 你做了一些调整,现在灯一直亮着。

[Alex]: YesMr. Keshe because the lamp I was using  Ithink it was too powerful for the current that was coming so when I used alower lamp a lower current lamp it was steady. Hello?

阿历克斯:是的,Keshe 先生。因为我认为我使用的电灯功率太大,可能导致电流过大,所以如果用个功率小一点的灯,电流会小一些,电路会稳定一些 。是吧?         

[Mr. Keshe]:yes

Keshe 先生:是的。

[Alex]: I wassaying I was using the more, I was using the 220V lamp which is a dc, itconverts 220V to a 12V DC lamp so it was blinking but now I put some LEDsthat areii thinkare120Vand its steady

Alex: 我在使用更...我在使用220V的灯泡,它是一个直流电灯泡,能将220V转换为12V,所以它一闪一闪的,但是现在我安了一些120V的LED灯,电路能稳定一些。

[Mr. Keshe]:Did you try what we discussed?

Keshe 先生:你试了我们刚才讨论的方法没有?

[Alexi]; Yeahit doesn’t. It increases Amp a little bit not the Voltage

阿历克斯: 是的,它并没有(改变电压)。仅仅只是电流增加了一点点,并没有改变电压。

[Mr. Keshe]:Did you do 3 lines with it or …

Keshe 先生:你用了三根电线连接吗?还是?

[Alex]:Another thing I did I didn’t want to,I did it with 4, 4 lines we did and itjust increase the Amps but not the voltage. One other think another thingI did with it, is I connected tofrom the unit, from the washing machine I just connected the wires straight tothe negative of my battery and then it kept charging the battery forever. Thebattery stayed at one point even if when I run my appliances to the battery itdoesn’t move

阿历克斯: 还有就是我用了四根电线连接,我们试过了,它仅仅是增加了电流,并没有改变电压。我还从洗衣机那端连接,直接把电线连接到电池负极,然后它就一直保持给电池充电的状态,电源表(指针)一直保持在原来的位置上,即使我使用用电器,指针还是没有移动。

[Mr. Keshe]:so in a way you can connect it to a battery and the battery and the batterybecomes your power supply

Keshe 先生:所以某种程度上可以说你可以连接到一个电源上,然后电源就成为了能量的供给者。

[Alex]: thebattery has to be fully charged because it is at what point at what point thepower you have on the battery that is going to continue using. It’s not goingto go further neither is it going increase more, it will increase but fractionsbut it never gonna go lower like for instance if you have a 6V battery and thenyou connect the wire to it from you your washing machine, its going at 6V soeven if you put appliances, even if you put limits on the batteries it’s nevergoing to go down. Its going to go down a little but not lower than 6.5V or so

Alex: 电池必须充满电,因为在某个时候电源会继续使用。它不会继续放电也不会继续充电。(电池)电量会增加但是有部分电压却不会降低,就像你有一个6V的电源,然后你将其连接到洗衣机上,即使有用电器(在电路上),电源始终保持6V的电压,即使你给电源电压限制,它也不会降低。电压有可能也会降低一点,但是不会低于6.5V左右。

[Mr. Keshe];Have you go a cold Alex?

Keshe 先生:Alex 你感冒了吗

[Alex]; Nohaven’t got a cold

Alex: 没有啊

[Mr. Keshe]:You sound very clear not usual words. Thank you very much

Keshe 先生:你说得很清楚但用的不是常见的词语。非常感谢。


Alex: 好吧

[if !vml]

[endif][Mr. Keshe]: Thanks verymuch Alex thank you. So what we see if they understand is that the energy whichis as Alex said if youchoose tocharge your battery or connect it to a system which can change to a ACconvertor, whatever you use is absolutely free from that point on because ituses the plasma energy and not the what you call the electronvibration current for your system. Now youunderstand when we explain that the system is make it totally power free orwhat do you call it free energy. The free energy comes from the plasma comparedto the electron vibration of the AC-DC. If you increase use the 12 V battery tocharge and by the standard we can put an invertor amplified invertor and changeit to a DC which has no supply so if we go back on the screen shot here. Canshare my screen.

Keshe先生: Alex, 谢谢你。所以我们可以看到,正如Alex 所说的,如果你给电源充电,或是把它连接到能变成交流转换器的系统上,不管你使用什么都绝对能独立于那一点,因为这时候使用的是等离子能而不是你们所说的电子震荡电流。现在你们就能理解我们所解释的系统完全是免费能量或者说自由能。自由能来源于等离子体而不是来源于交流或直流点的震荡电流。如果你把电源电压增加到12V,在此标准上我们可以放置一个逆变器,然后把它转为一个没有能源补充的直流电源。来看我的屏幕,我可以分享我的屏幕吗?

So whathappened is that you have the power supply and you have the meter you connectedit to your margrave unit you connected to power supply to what we load youwanted you got one third off on this side. Now if you put small load hereanother load here and you create enough in time what you call the plasmacondition, take one of the appliances which you have here or single appliancesthat should be put in that point and connect it to a battery ,all to AC invertornow you can supply the whole house directly from this unit and because itdoesn’t go on the main line your total power supply is consumption is 0 on yourmeter so the system becomes self-sufficient. I repeat so that you understandwhat you got to do to achieve 0 power. This is your meter from the house, youhave a point to your Margrave unit you connected you Margrave unit to some sortof appliances this appliance here you can feed from it not go through butconnect to it to  a battery or you can goto a AC invertor we will show you how to do the AC invertor Alex can tell youall you need to do is to connect one line to the earth[if !vml]

[endif]side of the wire, weshow how to do this later one and then anything you take from here which can beliterally connected in the back of here is totally free in the house

Keshe先生:结果是你有了能量供给,也有了电压表[if !vml]

[endif],然后将其连接到磁引力装置上[if !vml]

[endif],再将电源连接到负载上[if !vml]

[endif],这是[if !vml]

[endif]这部分电路的三分之一。现在若把一个负载放在这[if !vml]

[endif],另一个放在这[if !vml]

[endif],等离子环境就创造成功了[if !vml]

[endif]。拿走这边的一个用电器[if !vml]

[endif]或是需要放在那个地方的用电器[if !vml]

[endif],然后把它连接到交流电源上[if !vml]

[endif],都进入交流逆变器[if !vml]

[endif]就可以直接从这个单元直接给整个房子供电了[if !vml]

[endif]。因为这部分能量没有走主线[if !vml]

[endif],所以总的电源表上的能量消耗是零[if !vml]

[endif],整个电路就是自给自足了。再重复一遍,怎样达到能源零消耗。这是整个家里的电源表[if !vml]

[endif],连上你的磁引力场单元[if !vml]

[endif],把Margrave 单元连接到用电器上[if !vml]

[endif],这个用电器[if !vml]

[endif]可以从这部分获得能源,再连接到电源上[if !vml]

[endif]或是连接到一个交换逆变器上。我们会告诉你们怎样处理交流逆变器[if !vml]

[endif]。Alex 会告诉你们所需要做的就是将一根电线连接地线[if !vml]

[endif],以后会告诉你们怎么做,然后这边[if !vml]

[endif]流出的任何能量都会连接到这边的后面[if !vml]


so you bringyour margrave unit immediately before to encourage the plasma flow, you putyour load on this end and you connect all the attachments to it but this needstime, this need another few weeks that you can nano coat the whole structure.Don’t forget Alex is in this position because he is now already he is nowalready 6 months 8 months using the system so in a coming time we will give aunit, we advise you or you can build everything yourself. That you create a newpower generator from the system on the back of the unit which give you the freeenergy and it more of less wireless.

所以你把Margrave 单元放在这里[if !vml]

[endif],产生等离子流[if !vml]

[endif],把负载连到这边末端[if !vml]

[endif],然后把所有负载都连接过来,但是这需要花费时间。需要几周的时间对整个结构进行纳米涂层[if !vml]

[endif]。不要忘了Alex 在这个位置因为他已经用这个系统6到8个月了,所以接下来我们会给出一个单元,建议你们可以完全自己搭建所有的东西,然后你们可以在这个单元的后面加一个新的发电机(发动机)[if !vml]


[Rick]: Mr.Keshe is there microphone issue there that might be adjusted we are losing yourvoice a bit there we can hardly hear it.

Rick: Keshe 先生您那边的麦克风能不稍微调整一下?我们都快听不到您的声音。

[Mr Keshe]: Is it betternow?

Keshe 先生:现在好一点了吗?

[Rick]: Ohyes much better thank you

Rick: 嗯,好多了,谢谢。

[Mr. Keshe]:Yeah because we have a problem with some idiots in the background as I callthem. They think they are very clever but we see things in the background. Sothe systemand will become 100% power free becausehere you convert immediately back to into the system of a plasma, if youremember when we showed in an ambassador meeting and in the teachings in the,couple of weeks ago in the centre we put a 110 and 220 the drill and the heaternext to each other from the same source. You just need to be patient the systemis absolutely and become more or less free power margrave system but you haveto allow the environment to build up and with the simple single system it taketime

Keshe 先生:对了,因为我们和那些被我称作“白痴”的人有一点问题。他们认为他们非常聪明,但是我们看待问题是有根据的。所以系统[if !vml]

[endif]会100%无能源消耗,因为这里[if !vml]

[endif]能量又被转化为系统中等离子体[if !vml]

[endif]。如果你们还记得,在大使会议、几周以前在教学中心上展示的那样,我们在同一个能量来源上放置了一个110V、一个220V的电钻和一台加热器[if !vml]

[endif][if !vml]


we saw thelady who is showed first she says she is running her studio free from any powerto be taken from outside in time the environment changes to appliance and thesystem will go. You can in time deplug or literally disconnect from the mainand use the same plugs as you have in the house but they will all be freeenergy in a way the plasma wants it set up and it created you can disconnectfrom this in time because the system will start feeding itself and will startabsorbing itself from the environment. This is just needs time for the systemto set in so the next step once you got your systems in time is to keep onchecking if for example your washing or one of the appliances near to thesystem is become plasmatic and then use it to drain energy into a power supplyemitter of what we show you and then if you create a plasma batteries you don’teven need that then the supply becomes self-efficient we disconnect from themain in time to come

我们之前看到一位女士说她的工作室完全无能源消耗,只是将外界环境中的能量转化为系统需要的能源,使系统正常运行。你可以及时拔掉插头或是和主线断开连接,然后使用同样的与房子里一样的插头,但是它们都是自由能源。这里可以断开[if !vml]


[Alex]; Mr.Keshe

Alex: Keshe 先生

[Mr. Keshe]:Yes

Keshe 先生:嗯

[Alex]: Ihave tried that, I have discovered that on my units from the wall and theenergy stayed for about half an hour after which it went off why did it go off?


[Mr. Keshe]:Why because you have not reached the full capacity, you need to put a battery aplasmatic battery set in your system with the feedback. You understand so youmanage now half an hour total free from the main

Keshe 先生:为什么呢?是因为你还没有达到满负载量,你需要放置一个有反馈装置的等离子电池装置在你的系统里,你知道的,所以现在你的装置能独立于主线保持半个小时。

[Alex]; yeahafter about half an hour it went off. Just went off dead


[Mr. Keshe]:yeah so you need to now put the batteries as I said the energy or invertors youneed plasmatic batteries that they will create the flow

Keshe 先生:是的,所以你需要按照我说的放置一个等离子电池或逆变器来创造流动。

[Alex]:Alright thank you


[Mr. Keshe]:Okay just test it. Have you re tried it again? You disconnected the maintotally.

Keshe 先生:好的,我刚刚测试了,你有没有再试一遍?你完全断开与主线的连接。

[Alex]: yeahI disconnected, actually I switched off the whole house I took out the fusefrom the mains then I let the system run. I ran for about half an hour then itstopped.

Alex: 嗯,我断开了。事实上我完全切断了整个房子的开关,从主线中拿出保险丝,然后让系统运行,系统大约运行了半个小时后就停了。

[Mr. Keshe]:What did you use in that half an hour?

Keshe 先生:那半个小时里你使用了什么?

[Alex]: Thelights just the lights

Alex: 只用了灯。

[Mr. Keshe]:so what you need to do if you add what I said here the plasma batteries the...inventors then you will find out the system will go that way and you havetested yourse-lf that how you convert the plasma into AC not connecting toearth yeah, .../you remember. It goes back a long time ago you did that. Yeahokay that’s perfect so you will see that the system will gradually becomeself-sufficient system. Any other questions?

Keshe 先生:所以如果你加入我所说的等离子电池或是交换机[if !vml]


[Rick]: yeswe did have one person here that’s had his hand up for a long time is Darcy Iam not sure who they are, I will promote them to panellists and see what theyhave to say and I know it its getting long here Mr. Keshe.

Rick: 是的,还有一个人手举了好长一段时间,是Darcy,但我不太确定。我想推荐他 ?然后看看他有什么要说的,Keshe先生,我知道还有好长一段时间。

[Mr. Keshe]:What’s the time?


[Rick]: It aquarter after I am not sure which hour for you there it’s about three hours and12 minutes we are into the meeting into the workshop


[Mr. Keshe];after this question and then we go

Keshe 先生:最后一个问题,然后我们就走。

[Rick]: DarcyBurscille I will unmute you and see what would like, you have a question?

Rick: Darcy

Burscille 我想听听你怎么想的,你有问题吗?

[Darcy]:Hello can you hello can you hear me now

Darcy 你好,能听到我说话吗?

[Rick]: Hiit’s a little muffled but we can hear


[Darcy]:Okay, I am looking for a way to share the screen on my computer here

Darcy: 好的,我看看能不能共享我的电脑屏幕。

[Rick]: Okay,what do you wish to share first of all before we share?

Rick: 好的,看屏幕之前你有什么要分享的吗?

[Darcy]: oh Ijust want to show a possible solution for the manufacturing team to do some ofthe connections.=


[Rick]: Youare on picture there. Good great

RIck: 我在屏幕上看到你了,非常棒。

[Darcy]; In

the picture it’s the way I wind the coils, basically I have got the 2 larger

magnetic coils connected first and then the gravitational coil for the next

level is also connected in one larger coil which will next 60 connections,the number,I forget the number but it limit the number of connections in the margrave unitcan you see that picture.

Darcy: 屏幕上是我 缠绕线圈的方法[if !vml]

[endif],我们先有两圈更大的磁性线圈连接[if !vml]

[endif],在下一层有引力线圈,它与更大的线圈相连[if !vml]


[Rick]:we cansee ,Darcy  what exactly you mean or howthis would work

Rick :是的,我们能看见。但怎样使你的系统工作。

[Robert]: Yougonna trying cover Armin show that last that Rick it was last night for me inyour plasma group where you run the 2 larger coils as one with the break inbetween the 81 and the 144 coils

Robert: 你得回顾下阿尔曼昨晚展示的,Rick,在你们的等离子体组里面,你们把两个大线圈合为一个,在81和144个线圈中间留了一个口[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]:yeah but it is not recommended, because I know from tests you have to have theseparation otherwise all becomes the same

[if !vml]

[endif]Keshe 先生:嗯,不推荐这样做,因为我从测试里面了解到,你们必须分离线圈,否则所有都变成一样的了。

[Rick]: Youhave to have a nano to nano connection rather than a matter connection

Rick : 你们必须进行纳米对纳米的连接,而不是物质之间的连接。

[Mr. Keshe];But it has to be a separation, even that little field you cut that separationthat you do, it creates a totally different entity

Keshe 先生:但是分离还是必须的,即使只是你做出分离断掉一点磁场连接,只留一点点分离的地方,创造的整体是截然不同的。

[Darcy]: OkayThank you, that’s good to know then I will do it that way


[Mr. Keshe]:The need to be separate, you need the separation.

Keshe 先生:分离是必要的,你需要分离。

[Darcy]; AlsoI just wanted to share that …

Darcy: 我还想分享的一点是......

[Mr. Keshe]:I discussed this with Jeff, I discussed this with Jeff who is building a systemin Canada for wining machines, there is a need for the separation in the coils,

Keshe 先生:我和Jeff 讨论过这个,Jeff设计的系统在加拿大获过奖,线圈的分离确实有必要。

[Darcy]; Alsothis one here that I am using a 3D printer to make my margrave stacker systemand it seems to work pretty well so yeah its really glad to see how well wedoing this thing

Darcy: 为了建造我的磁引力系统,我现在用的是一台3D的打印机,这个磁引力场单元看起来运行得还不错,很高兴看到我们做得如此之好。

[Rick]: Doyou have a picture of what your looks like.


[Darcy]: Idon’t know how to stop sharing this picture and start sharing that, there wego. How do I share from my camera?

Darcy: 我不知道怎么关闭这个分享界面再打开另一个分享界面,就这样吧。我怎么从我的摄像头分享画面?

[Rick]:Youjust start green shift and start your vedio I like vedio ,vedio is just purethere You want show you vedio right


 [Darcy]: Okay here it is okay well I will justshow you well lets see where are we there we are. Okay so you can see the blueand the green set-up there, I got the split capacitors in the black part that’sin front of the blue and green and then of course the blue and the green arejust the margrave coil stacking, that’s about all I got to show.

Darcy: 好了,行了。我将给你们看一下我们到哪一步了,好了,在这,好的,你们能看到这边蓝色和绿色的装置,[if !vml]

[endif]黑色的地方的是分离电容(右边),这是蓝色绿色装置的前面,[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe];Thank you very much. It amazing how many people around the world are doing thisand there, if you have time to meet a coil as I call it we have enough time toachieve what we plan to do we see in Alex and we in Jackie and 3 people in thebackground how that we have seen it and people seen this we will see 100s ofpeoples start coils in the 90 degrees plasma and in time we can achieveeverything what we are planning to do to increase the plasma condition that intime we can deliver what we need from it .But make sure when you are makingthese coils, pre plan how you gans the way you gans you gans your system youcreate a plasma energy.

Keshe先生:非常感谢,很奇妙。全世界有这么多人在做这个,如果你有时间能做出一个线圈,我们就有足够的时间来计划我们如Alex, Jackie还有其他后台三个人进行的事情,在我们及人们共同的视角下,数以百计的人们将会从90度的等离子体开始研究线圈,到时我们就能完成我们所计划的事情,来提高等离子体环境,然后我们便能从中获取我们需要的(能量),但是必须确保当你们做线圈时,预先计划怎么做甘斯,怎么对系统进行甘斯涂层,当你这样做时你就创造了一个等离子体能量。

[Mr. Keshe]:In a comingtime as you seen, what do you call it the split plasma system it a entrysystem, the split plasma capacitor the split plasma batteries are interim nowthat we learn more, I will introduce new type of plasma which are totally freeplasma conditions batteries and you learn instead having nano coat and the gansand then the nano coated aluminium or whatever you can tap into the plasmadirectly but we have to have enough people to learn that we can go to the nextprocess


[Mr. Keshe]:so as youseen here we shown, I wanna share my screen there I will open the video if youcan give me the chance to do it, if you want to go allow the chance on itplease. but I am going to teach in the time , the coming time is when you madethis coil we show you how to tap in into the plasma of this circle here thenyou don’t need the gans. And then the next process in the next few months willbe to show you to create these plasma even without the copper but enough of youhave to come to reach a point that then we become a plasma without aunconditional width. Without any condition on it.

所以我将分享我的屏幕,打开我的视频,如果你们愿意的话,如果你们想走,但还请留下这个机会.接下来就是你们自己做了这个线圈[if !vml]

[endif],然后我们给你们展示如何从这个圆圈中的等离子体汲取能量[if !vml]

[endif][if !vml]

[endif],然后你们就不需要甘斯。接下来的几个月就是给你们展示如何在没有铜线的情况下创造等离子体,但是在那时你们中要有[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]:Then you seehow many will be in there and how you will join in there so you can drain theenergy from this point without actually having any plasma coils what you aremaking in the batteries and the split coils as we go along now we seen a number of peopleshowing and if you can build the system as we said then you already in a waytotally number of you. We need a number at least 20, 30 around the world tobuild up the, the gans system as we seen with Ali and Jackie then we startplaying the next step of transfer of energy from one unit to another and inconnection to be able to transport one object from one system to another transmutationof elements.

凯:然后你们就能知道有多少会在这边[if !vml]

[endif](手所指),以及你怎样加入这里面[if !vml]

[endif](手所指),能从没有任何等离子线圈的条件下在这点[if !vml]

[endif](手所指)获取能量[if !vml]

[endif],现在这些线圈用在电池以及分离线圈中。现在我们看到许多人在展示成果,如果你能建造一个如我们所说的系统,你就已经是为数不多的人才了,全世界至少需要20到30 名人才去建造甘斯系统如Ali,Jackie 所展示的,然后我们再开始下一步,即将能量从一个单元转移到另一个单元去,同理能将一种物质从一个系统里转移到另一系统中,使要素发生质变。

[Mr. Keshe]:Transportationwe need the station to station to be transport and then in the coming time weshowed how we transfer for example let’s say a glass of water we taint it thesame colour that how will appear and will deliver on another condition in aanother place, it could be from let’s say from Ali in Canada to Jackie inSwitzerland this is what is to come now you are reaching the point of creatingthe plasma, transformation of the plasma because you are all using same copper,try to use if you have aseeseawater then you have a direct connections , then we[if !vml]

[endif]will come to the pointthat we are getting ready for the final stages of now, dont use creating aplasma a craft and then not being able to move in it or move from it ortransport something with it.

凯:转移需要站对站,接下来我们将展示如何转移,比如说将一杯水沾染同样的颜色后,怎样使它在另一地方的另一条件下出现,它可能从在加拿大的Ali 到在瑞士的Jackie那里。这就是即将到来的,现在你们正在到达创造、转移等离子体的时候,因为你们用的是同样的铜线,如果有海水尽量去使用,这样就可以直接连接了。然后我们就来到最后阶段了,没有必要将等离子体只做成一个飞船,这样我们就没法移到里面或是在里面移动东西,或是用它移动别的东西了。

[Mr. Keshe]:and from it.So the, what you call non tangible transportations you will be the next stop onthe next process of teaching that will come up. You will understand this as youstart using the medical units you do it you learn. There is a very simple wayyou can test and you can start producing these. For example get yourself 2coils. The coils they set up like the one I was explaining with the bottle andtry to create the energy and put for example a cup of water in the centre andtry to create for example copper in this or aluminium in this water  you change till you see substances insidethen it gives you the field and then create a condition that you can transportthis energy to another point that a cup which is somewhere else gets filled upwith the same kind of material.

凯:或者从它开始传输,你们所说的非实体的运输工具将会是下次要教授的内容了。 当你们开始使用医疗组件时你们将会明白这点,你们实验,你们学习。这是一种非常简单的测试及制造方法。比如说,你有两个线圈。线圈设置得就像一个一样[if !vml]

[endif],如我用瓶子所做的演示一样,试图创造能源,然后放置比如说一杯水在中间[if !vml]

[endif],试着在水里面创造铜线或是铝[if !vml]

[endif],直到你看到里面的物质,然后它给了你一种场域,从而创造一种条件,使你能将这里能量[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]:You see thealuminium from there reducing and appearing in another cup where ever it couldbe, the building of the craft is the beginning the control and being able totransmute and transport is the next step to come .we are all in the righttrack. Everything is going the way we are looking and it does. We showed thepower of this transportations over a year ago and now we show it with a freeplasma condition. So in a coming time for example you can do the same thing asyou build the aluminium here you can change this as we set to the body of theman and then you create a valve which is damaged, You can change withoutopening the body to transport and change pieces of the materials stuck in thebody or add pieces to the body the same as you create Aluminium.

凯:你将看到这个杯子里的铝[if !vml]

[endif]减少了,而出现在另一个杯子里。这个飞船的建造只是整个控制的开端,能使之变化及传输才是我们下一步应该做的。我们正在正确的路径上,所有都按照我们所期望的发展。一年前我们展示了运输的力量,现在我们在一个自由的等离子条件下展示这种运输。所以将来你们可以在这里建造铝的时候[if !vml]

[endif]做同样的事情。,你们也可以做出一些改变,把这里变成人的身体[if !vml]


[Mr. Keshe]:You havedone, you have done it with the test of the orange .now you have to bring andsolidify it, the way you could transfer the taste of the orange into the water,now we try to do the same thing but we become expert in it to do it with thevalve. Try to get an apple for example and then decide and open the apple andyou see if you can find copper inside it, a piece of Aluminium inside it, thisis how you start testing, then you decide where in that apple you want the aluminiumto be or the copper to be, why use aluminium and copper because, because youuse this in coil when you made them. so it’s easy to replicate to start with.So the open heart surgeries and what I call internal changes in the body of theman they go and take pieces out and add pieces in more or less becominghistorical, because now we are going to the next step. I thank you for today,thanks very much for enlightening us.


[Vince]: Mr.Keshe

Vince: Keshe 先生

[Mr. Keshe]:Yes

Keshe 先生:嗯

[Vince]: Wedo have one more person who says they have some information, it Douglas, he isI believe on the PID team with Renin do we have the ability, he can come onadvice what he says is important information

Vince:还有一个人Douglas说他有一些东西要分享,他和我都在PID 组里面,他有能力提供一些重要的信息

[Mr. Keshe]:Yes go ahead and Douglas is part of the innovation team so let’s hear what hehas to say

Keshe 先生:好的,Douglas 是创新队的成员,让我们来听听他要说什么。

[Douglas]: AmI unmuted?


[Mr. Keshe]:Yes you are unmuted



Peace and blessings to you Mr. Keshe, 2200 hours here for me I’m pretty tired

yes this has to do with Ali’s set-up, I noticed he was using Apex PVC, poly

vinyl chloride and he had stated that he stated that he had put in a caustic,

there is no reaction with the poly vinyl chloride and the caustic, here in

America we sell CPVC which is chlorinated polyvinylchloride there will be a

reaction that is poisonous if you a caustic in CPVC I know this for a fact

because I had to be taken to the hospital and have my lungs checked ,because I gotinto a chlorinated polyvinylchloride pipe that had caustic running through itin a chemical plant when CPVC gets heated up, it releases the chlorine in itand the chlorine mixes with the caustic and becomes a gas that it poisonous andvery harmful to the lungs and I wanted everyone to know that there that PVC isfine but CPVC is not the thing to use because it is chlorinated


Keshe 先生祝您安康。在这的2200小时已让我很疲惫了,是的,这和Ali 的装置有关,我注意到他在用高质聚氯乙烯,他说他把它放进碱里面,聚氯乙烯并没有与之发生反应,在我们美国卖的是含氯聚氯乙烯,如果与碱放在一起,就会发生反应并释放有毒物质,我深刻知道这种材料的毒性,我就因其释放了有毒物质而被送进医院,检查了肺部。因为我进入到一含氯聚氯乙烯的管道里,里面有流动的碱,当CPVC 被加热时就会释放氯气,和碱混合后这种气体就会对肺部造成危害,希望大家都能了解到用PVC 可以但是CPVC 不行,因为它已经氯化了。

[Ali]: yeahwhen I basically I made sure that I put it outdoors and if you put it causticit actually deformed the PVC you have to put it in 5 –10 minutes and take itout and there are some parts that I couldn’t, I wasn’t able to put in causticbecause it was too big and I just used a cloth and soak it caustic and just rubit on the plastic to get that part and make sure to do it outside not indoors,

Ali: 是的,我做试验的时候已确保已把它放置在室外,如果你把它放在碱里,确实会降解PVC,然后你必须把它放置在碱液中5到10分钟,然后拿出去,但是这当中有些部分我不能做,我不能放进碱液里,因为它太大,我得使用一块用碱浸湿的布然后在塑料上摩擦来获取那部分材料,并且确保在室外进行。

[Robert]:What about a cold caustic or a steam coating.

Robert: 那是冷碱或是蒸汽涂层呢?

[Ali]: Yeahon the top part I did the steam coating just for 10 minutes the bottom piece Ijust use cold caustic and just rub it with the cloth

Ali: 嗯, 在顶层我大约做了十分钟的蒸汽涂层,而底层的冷碱就只是用布擦了一下。

[Douglas]:Like I said on Ali’s its PVC is apex its polyvinylchloride it won’t cause areaction, only CPVC, it CPVC, it used for curing hot water and its chlorinatedpolyvinylchloride and the chlorine will come out when you mix chemicals withit, that is why we have to use a portable top over to add caustic to PVCregular PVC is fine it won’t interact with it at all only the chlorinated theCPVC and I am afraid that people will go to those get some half inch pipe andgrab CPVC by mistake and try to put it in a steam caustic because if theydo thewrong reaction they don’t want

Douglas: 就像我说的Ali 的PVC 是高质的,里面的PVC 不会引发反应,仅仅是CPVC 会发生反应,它是用来做热水处理的物质,当你把化学物质与之混合时,里面的氯会跑出来,这也就是为什么在加碱到PVC 中时你需要使用一个可移动的顶。常规的PVC 不会和它直接接触,只有CPVC 会与之反应。我担心有人会进入管道里面,误拿CPVC去做蒸汽涂层,这样就会导致他们并不想发生的反应。

[Ali]: Okaythank you for sharing that information


[Douglas]:yeah that’s all I had to share I got the rest of my team tomorrow

Douglas: 这就是我想说的,明天再分享组里其他人的信息。

[Mr. Keshe]:What does it say?

Keshe 先生:什么?

[Rick]: Thankyou Douglas


[Mr. Keshe]:There is something I want you to check on in background Vince there are acouple of peoples who are the trolls and trying to get people out of the lineto the other places or discredit. Can you make sure they don’t come back on? Oneof their names is what?

Keshe 先生:有一些事我希望你们能谨记,Vince, 有一些人是别有用心,总是让一些人不再进来讨论或是诋毁他人,你能确保他们不会再回来吗?他们中一人的名字是?

[Douglas]:Heinz one was one of them


:Heinz 就是其中一个

[Mr. Keshe];Pardon?

Keshe 先生:什么?

[Douglas]:Heinz1 I have seen him earlier

Douglas : 我之前见过他

[Rick]; Heinzwas banned on live stream

Rick: Heinz 已被直播禁言

[Mr. Keshe]:There is another one? Mika, Tapani

Keshe 先生:还有其他人吗?Mika, Tapani

[Rick]: he isnot a troll he is just a regular commentator he got strange ideas but he is nota troll I would not call him a troll

Rick:  他不是故意捣乱者,他只是一个正常的观众,正常评论而已,只是想法有些奇怪而已,我觉得不叫他捣蛋者为好。

[Mr. Keshe]:okay can we ban him we don’t need him there. They are directing people to theother places they want to they don’t need us to advertise for their jobs

Keshe 先生:好,我们可以让他禁言,这里不需要他。他们将很多人的注意转移到了另外的地方,他们并不需要我们来为他们的工作打广告。

[Rick]: Okayhe will be disappointed but sure I will ban him.


[Mr. Keshe]:Ban him please, that’s good for him. So thank you very much for today hopefullywe will be able to announce more things in a coming days, the process oftesting will go on we will try to introduce new, what do you call conditionsand materials and hopefully all of you who receive your systems, please bearwith it we will teach you more and more how to use it, if you bought 2 or 3systems, which a lot of people did we will teach you how we use the combinationof these 2 or 3 for different applications a number of people bought more than2 or 3 units, 2 units a car unit and a power unit we will teach you how to usethese to, for a specific application in the coming time but you need time toallow the system to build their structure up.

Keshe 先生:请禁止他发言,这对他来说是好事。今天非常感谢你们,接下来我们也会宣布更多更重要的事,试验会一直持续进行,我们也会介绍新的条件,物质装置,希望你们中收到自己系统的人继续听我们教授越来越多的使用方法,也请大家忍受我们的絮叨。如果你们买了2个或3个系统,有很多人也确实这样做了,我们也会教你们将其中两者或三者结合起来的方法,以匹配不同的应用。有部分人买了超过2个或3个单元,比如2个车用单元2个能源单元,我们会教授你们使用方法,用作特定的用途,但是你需要等待系统自我适应其结构。(03:30:12)

[Mr. Keshe]:Thanks very much Rick, thanks Vince for all your hard work thanks for Ali andAlex and as we explained the 3 divisions of the Keshe foundation has beenestablished, which is the Keshe foundation as a foundation, Keshe foundationSpace Institute as a teaching arm and SSI and KFSSI are both to be separatednow. In a coming time you will have keshemanufacturing.org,keshedistribution.org, keshehealth.org and we open a section which is calledthe gans.org which is under development and gans will be on its own section aspart of the teaching. The structure will as it grow, Keshe space ship institutewill concentrate more or less overwhelm the rest of the teachings and the workbut     as we see more and more aretesting, when you start building these systems for the space development, seethe how the way we sing with Ali and with Jackie and 3 other people in thebackground who testing. More of less now that you have seen it I am sure a lotof you will try and achieve this same position then collectively we can bringthe change in but at this moment in time we will wait till more people catch upwith the structure. I thank you very much for today and hopefully we learn morefrom each other in the coming time thank you indeed

凯:非常感谢Rick,感谢Vince 的努力工作,感谢Ali 和Alex ,就像我们讲解过,Keshe 基金会的三个部分已经成立,这让Keshe 基金会真正作为一个基金会,凯史基金太空机构作为教学组织,现在SSI、KFSSI 作为独立的机构。接下来会有凯史 制造公司,凯史物流公司,凯史健康公司,同时我们也有开一家叫甘斯组织的机构,甘斯处于发展期,也会作为我们教学的一部分。公这种结构将会如此发展,凯史太空机构将会有越来越多的教学工作及作品,但正如我们看到的那样,越来越多的成果在测试中,当你们开始为太空发展而建造系统,Ali 和Jackie以及幕后的三名工作人员正在辛勤测试,你们多少也有看到。我确信你们很多人也在尽力追赶,以达到相同的阶段。到时我们能带来改变,但是此时此刻我们还是要等待更多人赶上来,熟悉这个结构。今天非常感谢你们,也希望接下来我们在对方的身上学到更多,真的谢谢。

[Jackie]:Thank you Mr. Keshe thank you

Jackie:谢谢您,Keshe 先生

[Rick]: yesmany thanks from everyone across the planet at this point so many people in somany countries that are getting involved that’s on a daily bases is just newpeople all the time's amazing and thank you for all your hard work Mr. Kesheits incredible what's what is been accomplished so far and were going is veryencouraging. okay so that wraps it up for the 95th Knowledge seekers workshopand people still have some questions will have to hold them from that for nexttime that’s for Thursday, January 7, 2016 thank you everybody for attending

Rick: 是的,感谢世界各地的每个人,许多国家的人们每天都汇聚到此,参与此事,每时每刻都让人觉得美妙极了。凯史先生,谢谢您的辛勤工作,您真的棒极了,迄今的成就非常鼓舞人心。让我们结束第95次知识探寻者教学,有问题的人请保留到2016年1月7日星期四,我们再来探讨。谢谢大家参与。