Dear John : day16






1.What decision did John's father make according to the lawyer?

He has been gifting all the coins he'd purchased to John since John were kid. All he had done was making sure that John finally had the coins in his possession.He was one methodical man that he had arranged everything  included his funeral .

2.Who visited John after the funeral? How did she know about John's father's death?

Lucy,his long-ago ex, another important woman in his  life.She had just read the obituary.

3.Did John tell Lucy his story with Savannah?

Yes, he told Lucy the story from beginning to end.

4.Where did John go the second day?

He called the lawyer to deal with his father's house and  drove to the extended care facility ,picked up his father's thing,then he left Wilmington.He drove to Lenoir,the  place of Savannah's  birth  finally.

5.What did John find out about Savannah?

He saw her wedding band glinting on her left finger, she had married.

6.What did they do together that day?

They fed seven horses ,cleaned  hooves of horses and cleaned up the manure together,then John decided to have dinner at Savannah's house.