he new IOS command scheduler makes this a relatively easy task. Here's how you can use kron to accomplish this.

First, create a kron policy list. Essentially, this policy list serves as your "script," which lists what you want the router to run at a scheduled time. Here's an example:

Router(config)# kron policy-list backup
Router(config-kron-policy)# cli write
Router(config-kron-policy)# exit

Next, create a kron occurrence, in which you tell the router when and how often you want to run this policy list (i.e., group of commands). Here's an example:

Router(config)# kron occurrence backup at 22:00 Mon recurring
Router(config-kron-occurrence)# policy-list backup
This code sets up your backup job to run every Monday night at 10 P.M. (22:00 in military time).

Finally, verify that you've entered everything correctly by using the show command.

Router# show kron schedule

Kron Occurrence Schedule
backup inactive, will run again in 2 days 22:03:46 at 22:00 on Mon

Router# show running-configuration
kron occurrence backup at 22:00 Mon recurring
policy-list backup
kron policy-list backup
cli write
You might be wondering why I used the write command instead of the copy running-configuration startup-configuration commands. While the copy run start command is interactive, the write command is not. In other words, write doesn't prompt to verify what you want to do. It's important to remember that the Cisco IOS Command Scheduler doesn't allow any interactive commands.

1,首先创建一个kron policy list
2,创建一个kron occurrence 并调用kron policy
3,查看kron计划任务sh kron schedule