My Sweet Buckaroo

*It has been indifferent n obnoxious

It has been offish and careless

Who’s unhappy

We’re unhappy

*Please take me out of here

So we can have a ball

I’ve been tied up

My face is against the wall

*It has no interspersions on the horizon

It has no boundaries for the sky

Who’s got trouble

We’ve got trouble

*Please take me out of here

And I just cannot wait

My handsome buckaroo

Go ahead make mine a double

*It is sinful but glorious

It is weepy but amusing

Who’s lost

We’ve lost

*Please take me out of here

Get my coat and make it snappy

I do declare

I’m in a state

*But I am under the bed

You’re over the moon

It won’t be over easy

It could be over soon

*Please take me out of here

Put your tuxedo and my night gown

Wait until we get

We’ve got run from such tenderness