How to improve the learning ability?(Note)Part

1、 The basics of learning ability.

Scope: It includes the ability of learning knowledge, managing knowledge( the ability of transferring knowledge into solving problems)., insisting on for a long time.

Importance: High cost performance.(Learning everything fast, efficient), Learning something will be in incredibly effective.

The Wrong methods of learning: 1/ Learning in sequential. E.g. In school, the teacher would teach from the head in sequential.  It has The weakness which would lack of total concept and give up easily.

2/ Learning from cases: Start from solving problems, it is strong purposive, strong sense of achievement, but it’s not incorrect. The disadvantage is that it  can’t form a system and easy to forget, the range is narrow.

3/ A sprint type of learning: e.g, I would study hard in the last minute rush of the exams, even hang the hair in the roof beam , stick the thigh to keep from sleep.  The disadvantage is forget easily, low effective.

2、 The basic process of learning.

The basic process of learning includes: direction, screen, cognition gaining, cognition digestion, solidify, model, expand.

Direction: To confirm the things to learn, so try to gain the datum, there are  two types,  A. wild goose chase( which is the reason of non-structural system, incomplete coverage) or B. have my own methodology of data searching.

Screen: Choose the data which fit myself . There are two types, A: Looking everything that is found.. B: Screen the learning materials carefully.

Cognition gaining: Thinking about a problem: why we understand what we  see and listen, but we cant’do, or cant’ do well? That’s because understand what we see and listen , which  is  just a process of cognition gaining. It only means a starting of learning ,not the end of learning.

So let’s learn two groups of conception.

Firstly, explicit knowledge and implicit knowledge.

Explicit knowledge: the most important core, writing it clearly.

Implicit knowledge: which is write down,but in the system of knowledge.

How to gain the implicit knowledge: 1/ asking the predecessors.  2/ Inquiry “encyclopedia”to complete the implicit. 3/ Practice as often as possible( when meet the problem ,would find the implicit that don’t know before)

Working memory And non-working memory

Non-working memory :easy to forget, alppy in the shallow layer, low efficiency.

Working memory: hard to forget, flexible application, highly efficiency.

Turn the non-working memory area into the working memory area, which need a process of solidify, mind model, expand.

Congnitive acquisition + Cognitive digest

1.access the new concepts and information . 2.learn the problem which will be solved . 3. Learn why the problem will be solved.

Congnitive solidify: 1. The process to promote the new concepts and information ,knowledge that learned well from the non working memory into the working memory.

How to solidify?1. Continued to Solving the problems by the practical operation and repeated practice. 2. Memorization . 3. Continuous learn the related knowledge. Solidify the knowledge points by netting a variety of knowledge constantly .

The model established and The model expanded .

The model established:  The model which is established to solved the new problems using the old knowledge , according to the knowledge mastered , the knowledge network constructed.

The model expanded:

3、 Three steps method to learn quickly.

Firstly, We established the overall cognition as quick as possible.

Secondly, We are following the problems to solve, know the knowledge point perceptual , constructs the network as the first step.

Thirdly, deliberate practice, replenish the implicit knowledge.

4、 Deliberate practice.

1/ Principle:  It is derived from the strong human adaptability , the brain also has the adaptability. The human body always tend to stay in the steady state,  when the environment changes,  the body will follow the change.  For example, when we often do the heavy work, the hands grow the cocoon to adapt the change.  After the exercise , the biceps expands. The long-distance runner becomes thin in order to adapt the requirement.

2/ How to do? It requires break the steady state continuous,  forcing ourselves improve continuous , constructing the mental representation and improve it. (feedback,optimize continuous )

There are the steps. Firstly, find the scientific and effective training methods . Secondly, Break the comfort zone, challenge ourselves appropriate and continuous . Thirdly, We need to split the task , turning the hard task into the easier one. Fourthly, Have a good sense of aim. Fifthly, Feedback. Sixth, Generate and improve the mental representation ( A great deal of practice)

So the guide teacher is very important , there are some advantages, 1/ It helps to split the difficult aim into the easier ones, 2/ It helps to make a plan with scientific and effective. 3/ Provides the feedback which helps to adjust and improve .

We must have the feedback mechanism. It helps to find the deficiency.



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