Day 26丨T8 导图+词句



1.Last week, it was announced by the brand’s new president Abigail Klem (who stepped into the role in January) that the aspirational, fine-jewellery collection of which this bracelet was a prized example will henceforward be folded into the main line and made more accessible.

上周,该品牌一月份刚上任的主席阿比盖尔·克莱姆(Abigail Klem)声称,这样一个珍贵的手镯,一个蕴含希望、做工精致的珠宝藏品,将会以更亲民的价格跻身主线产品。

2.It’s tempting to read this as yet another woe in the catalogue of ills that have befallen the brand since President Donald Trump’s ascension to power.


(不确定this指的是上文的few folks还是本句接下来说的another woe。woe有想译作困扰、苦恼之事,但放在这样句型中不大读得通顺,感觉可以有比“困难”更贴切的词。)

3.In particular, the brand’s inventory is skyrocketing on second-hand resale sites such as ThredUP, where demand for Ivanka Trump-branded products in conservative cities such as Houston in Texas is massively outstripping the rate at which more liberal-minded coastal-dwelling urbanites are purging themselves of them.


4.The business of fashion, accessories and especially jewellery is built on the basis, like those of cars and houses, that they are imbued with various life-enhancing qualities.


5.By buying into a brand, so the retail culture has it, we buy into a society of similarly-minded sophisticates who share our values and wallet size.


(两处buy into的翻译想了一会儿,最后决定用两个带“买”字的词语。第一处就是比较普通的用法,购买产品;后者,想强调出into“进入” 的意思。)

6.Most brands recognize that their survival depends on partnering with high-street retailers in collaborations that will bounce them into a broader market.



1. Show an intense passion for 对...有极大的热情

2. Poor sales 表现不佳的销售额

3. Increased publicity 加大宣传力度

4. Givean unfair advantage over other competitors 较其竞争者有着许多不公的优势

5. Permanent injunction 永久性的禁令

6. Metropolitan, liberal, latte-drinking snowflakes 城里的、自由的、喝着拿铁的北方/佛罗里达州人

7. Sales increased/surged 销售急剧上涨

8. Just as….so is…正如...,...也是这样。

9.pitch themselves at the highest echelons of luxury 把它们自己定位作最高端的奢侈品

10.make them accessible to more ordinary folk 让更多的普通民众能够买得起它

11. accessible price 可接受的价格

12. collaboration with/team-up with: 与...合作

13. Expand one’s entry-level offering 扩展其入门级产品

14. accessible wilderness:两难的处境(个人理解为可以要价高,潜在消费者却买不起。两种定价都是可行的accesible,但都有弊端。)