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PHP 213 mochat-cloud/mochat 基于企业微信的开源应用开发框架&引擎,也是一套通用的企业私域流量管理系统!
JavaScript 65 bradtraversy/react-crash-2021 Task tracking application from the React crash course
Python 25 YanStar/FixVmpDump use python script to fix vmp dump api in ida
Emacs Lisp 22 Boruch-Baum/emacs-crossword Play/Download crossword puzzles in Emacs
Go 21 chris124567/zoomer Chat bots (& more) for Zoom by figuring out their websocket protocol
Vue 20 jbrooksuk/artisan.page A bookmarkable, searchable cheatsheet for all of Laravel's default Artisan commands.
Python 19 lucidrains/big-sleep A simple command line tool for text to image generation, using OpenAI's CLIP and a BigGAN
17 panacloud/bootcamp-2021 Panacloud Bootcamp 2021 will fuse AI, IoT, and AWS Serverless Cloud Technologies. The Bootcamp will use Python and Rust as its development languages, TensorFlow as ML framework, AWS as its Serverless Cloud platform, AWS CDK for Infrastructure as Code.
JavaScript 16 katungi/terminex A simple cross-platform terminal made using HTML/CSS/JS and Electron
Swift 15 jordansinger/swiftui-ios-finder-sample
Dart 14 iNeedHelpX/foodorderapp customer app 14 Airboi/bypass-av-note 免杀技术大杂烩---乱拳打死老师傅
Python 13 yihong0618/duolingo_remember Automatically send new words from duolingo to telegram
PHP 12 jmarchewka/apcupsd-pfsense-widget A pfsense widget for the apcupsd daemon
C 12 pixelomer/BadApple pongoOS module for playing monochrome videos
Less 12 JUHEAPI/sftr 2021年春运出行防疫政策查询
HTML 12 WAELKASSEM/DragDropBlazor A feature rich Drag and Drop List , that supports nesting, dropping from multiple sources and much more.
C# 11 Kengxxiao/Chika
Python 10 viktor-gorinskiy/avito
Dart 10 iamuzi/WorkoutApp A Flutter Workout app UI design
Lua 10 nvim-telescope/telescope-media-files.nvim Telescope extension to preview media files using Ueberzug.
JavaScript 9 itaditya/tw-universal-tokens Use Tailwind tokens as CSS variables, SASS map, SASS variables, ES module, JSON & Common JS module.
Python 9 google-research/ott
Python 9 tencent-ailab/grover This is a Pytorch implementation of the paper: Self-Supervised Graph Transformer on Large-Scale Molecular Data
Go 9 SeanTolstoyevski/paket Packaging and encrypting/decrypting your files for Golang
Python 9 HeyImJ0hn/RudeBot Rude Twitter Bot
Python 9 dclemon/jdtry
JavaScript 8 gadenbuie/sprinkles Utility CSS and JavaScript for R Markdown
8 h4ckdepy/xianzhi_articles 先知文章爬虫-2020及之前
Rust 8 umgefahren/image-comp-lib-rust Image Compression Algorithm
Lua 8 rafcamlet/simple-wiki.nvim Simple note system via linking markdown files in wiki style
8 CoderOpen/waimai 外卖优惠券小程序—吃喝优惠券前后端完整代码开源,真正的6个点消费额推广美团优惠券和饿了么优惠券,支持H5,可视化后台支持任意添加带有活动页面的CPS项目,花小猪,各种社区团购等
8 markdrrr/interview_questions_python_junior Вопросы из собеседования на python junior
Go 8 dubbogo/timer linux timer wheel
Swift 7 SlaunchaMan/RomanNumeralFormatter A Formatter that formats numbers as Roman numerals.
HTML 7 barnabywalters/Schraeg An 8HP eurorack multimode filter module based on the Bastl Cinnamon
7 r0eXpeR/VulnerabilityIntelligence 一些漏洞情报的网站.
HTML 7 innoq/hotwire-demo Showcasing the integration of the different hotwire.dev parts into a typical Spring Boot Webapp
Elixir 7 seancribbs/datalog-elixir Naively-evaluated Datalog, implemented in Elixir
C# 7 JimmyCushnie/FancyTextRendering Render markdown & clickable links with TextMeshPro in Unity.
TypeScript 7 Bert0324/react-routers React Router Component
JavaScript 6 tchayen/baked-room
C++ 6 wicast/CreviceEngine
Shell 6 grahamc/pass-vault pass, but backed by vault
6 EliteDaMyth/Tinier-JS A collection of tricks to help you code golfing with JavaScript / Helping you make your code shorter.
JavaScript 6 langmansh/AKStreamWebUI 基于AKStream流媒体管理控制接口的前端界面
Kotlin 6 limbowangqi/DragDemo 图片随意拖拽的自定义控件
Java 6 rpeleias/dio-serverless-barbershop API Serverless Barbershop - DIO Live Coding Project
Swift 6 philipcdavis/swiftui-vibrancy-example
6 lijigang/config-orgmode-within-doom for doom user / non-programmer / orgmode user
Go 5 observatorium/thanos-rule-syncer A small binary that can be run as sidecar to synchronize Prometheus rules from multi tenant APIs to the Thanos Ruler
Assembly 5 eholk/PrimitiveComputing
JavaScript 5 soydalto/Twitch-juego
5 durgeshsamariya/data-science-roadmap Roadmap to learn Data Science and related areas.
JavaScript 5 andrecronje/crv.finance
JavaScript 5 Simran-Chaudhary/leetcode_solutions
5 jakearchibald/easing-worklet
Go 5 flowchartsman/swaggerui Embedded, self-hosted swagger-ui for go servers
5 stevimeister/combat-plugin Prosta wtyczka na serwery Minecraft mająca za zadanie karać graczy za wyjście z gry podczas walki.
5 kr-computer-study/algorithm 알고리즘
5 ku-nlp/AnnotatedFKCCorpus Annotated Fuman Kaitori Center Corpus
PowerShell 5 bwya77/User-Editor End User PowerShell UI User Editor
5 Kekule-OXC/Jafar Aladdin chip reimagination
TypeScript 5 tokyapp/toky-phone-js-sdk The Toky Phone JS SDK is a WebRTC Javascript library providing an abstraction to the Toky phone system, including its main features
4 rishabhk108/AdvancedML CS 7301: Spring 2021 Course on Advanced Topics in Optimization in Machine Learning
4 sngxpro/proxies 可用节点
TypeScript 4 Developerkushagra/AngularDragDropTemplate
JavaScript 4 rjOwl/automate-ratings This is just to help the tedious rating process. Don't misuse or abuse
Dart 4 AymanYassinn/Flutter_Voice_Recording_App
4 panacloud/defi-bootcamp
Python 4 linhhnbkdn/CRABI
Python 4 startedwithpython/easy_delete Deleting multiple files based on extension and file name in a given folder ( or within subfolders of the given folder as well).
Shell 4 leonstafford/check-for-dirty-local-repos Script to check for any uncommitted/unpushed changes in repos before wiping system
C++ 4 mnesarco/HyperController 8DOF Space Controller Device for FreeCAD
Kotlin 4 paulosalvatore/Ocean_Android_Introducao_18_01_2021
C++ 4 QQBoxy/rolling-door-relay
Jupyter Notebook 4 martinnyakimov/Kaggle-survey-EDA 2020 Kaggle ML & DS Survey - Exploratory data analysis
4 inherd/inherd.github.io Homepage
PHP 4 TheSunNanbei/laravel-response
Vue 4 mehmetsagir/v-svg-icons Svg icons for VueJS.
Swift 4 MaxDesiatov/swift-dhall A very early stage Swift implementation of the Dhall configuration language
JavaScript 4 johnjackson/sign 自动签到
4 ggm1207/boostcamp11 hi, there.
4 antoinet/amazing-open-ch-zone Amazing List of ressources related to the opendata .ch zonefile
4 matteo4diani/noteatyet Gestionale per l'azienda NotEatYet
C++ 4 avakar/small_function Allocation-free move-only alternative to std::function for C++17
4 TheColdVoid/MIAO Miao Is A web demO generator
JavaScript 3 shakurocom/eslint-config-react
JavaScript 3 ShivamJoker/Arduino-JS-Robot Control your system with Arduino & JavaScript
PHP 3 NathaRC/LanguageAPI
JavaScript 3 gamekingv/bilibili-oversea-search bilibili海外区域搜索
Java 3 xiaonuobase/xiaonuo-layui
Shell 3 DeividWillyan/Flutter-Auto-Flavors
Nim 3 liquidev/cflang Minimalist functional esoteric programming language
JavaScript 3 HollowMan6/canvas-explosion-click.js Canvas that explode after a click. (点击后粒子爆炸喷墨)
C++ 3 mattjliu/BlastZone 2D Game Written in C++
C 3 Pavendhan-PAV/Embedded-Systems Software simulation of embedded systems using IAR
Python 3 sandders/MediaTelegramControl
HTML 3 TylerPottsDev/css-only-popup
JavaScript 3 phentoss/phentos-discord-emojili-kayit