iOS审核策略重磅更新:Guideline 2.1批量拒审

自从进入了2018年,大量应用在AppStore提交审核后,都直接给大家回复了个新春大礼包 Guideline 2.1 - Information Needed。

而大部分的应用,特别是金融类相关APP, 在昨天都收到了被拒邮件。

2018年1月29日 上午3:52

发件人 Apple

?? 2. 1 Performance: App Completeness

Guideline 2.1 - Information Needed

This type of app has been identified as one that may violate one or more of the following App Store Review Guidelines. Specifically, these types of apps often:

1.1.6 - Include false information, features, or misleading metadata.

2.3.0 - Undergo significant concept changes after approval

2.3.1 - Have hidden or undocumented features, including hidden "switches" that redirect to a gambling or lottery website

3.1.1 - Use payment mechanisms other than in-app purchase to unlock features or functionality in the app

4.3.0 - Are a duplicate of another app or are conspicuously similar to another app

5.2.1 - Were not submitted by the legal entity that owns and is responsible for offering any services provided by the app

5.3.4 - Do not have the necessary licensing and permissions for all the locations where the app is used

Before we can continue with our review, please confirm that this app does not violate any of the above guidelines. You may reply to this message in Resolution Center or the App Review Information section in iTunes Connect to verify this app’s compliance.

Given the tendency for apps of this type to violate the aforementioned guidelines, this review will take additional time. If at any time we discover that this app is in violation of these guidelines, the app will be rejected and removed from the App Store, and it may result in the termination of your Apple Developer Program account.


准则2.1 - 需要的信息


1.1.6 - 包含虚假信息,功能或误导性元数据。

2.3.0 - 批准后进行重大的概念变更

2.3.1 - 隐藏或未记录的功能,包括重定向到赌博或彩票网站的隐藏的“开关”

3.1.1 - 使用应用程序内购买以外的支付机制解锁应用程序中的功能或功能

4.3.0 - 是另一个应用程序的副本或显着类似于另一个应用程序

5.2.1 - 没有由拥有和负责提供应用程序提供的任何服务的法律实体提交

5.3.4 - 没有使用应用程序的所有位置的必要许可和权限

在我们继续审核之前,请确认此应用不违反以上任何一条准则。您可以在“解决方案中心”或iTunes Connect中的“应用程序评论信息”部分回复此消息,以验证此应用程序的合规性。

鉴于这种类型的应用程序倾向于违反上述准则,这一审查将需要更多的时间。如果我们发现此应用程序在任何时候违反了这些准则,该应用程序将被拒绝并从App Store中删除,并可能导致您的Apple开发人员计划帐户被终止。






3、只要是require a longer review time的,可以直接放弃,直接用新账号完善下二进制重新提交;