SWOT Analysis of Spectacles


Strength: As a novel equipment for Snapchat,Spectacles share the fans-effect of the successful app Snapchat. All loyalusers of Snapchat may be potential buyers of Spectacles, so it already has alarge group of customer basis. It’s video-recording function on sunglasses is anovel technology that appeals to many people pursuing high-tech toys.


1. High price. Most of Snapchat’susers are teens between 10 to 25 years old. 130 dollars for sunglasses is alittle bit too expensive for this age group.

2.technical defect: it’s too battery-draining, uploading once may drain out allthe battery of the smart phone. Also, the shakings during videos are annoyingand unavoidable. Wearing it in front of your eyes is not like holding it onyour hands, it shakes whenever your head moves. Videos shot by this methodlooks terrible compared to those shot by phones.

3.Single function: there were smart glasses that can capture pictures or videoslaunched before, like the one from Google. However, it’s performance doesn’tseem to be better than the old one, but even worse and less smart, sinceshooting videos is the only function.


 1. Buyers: the customer baseis still really large. Potential buyers far outweigh the population of buyersnow. I suggest there should be new by-products launched that are cheaper to getthose potential buyers.


1. Competitors: large Internet companies like Apple and Google are alllaunching their smart-devices. Compared to these first movers with moreexperience and more powerful techniques, Snap is at a disadvantage. Go-pro isanother great company that also provide a smart-wear on your head capturingfilms, and it has dominated the sports camera market for years. This is also apowerful enemy with better techniques.

2.Substitutes: cameras on the phones can do all the work that expensivesunglasses can do, and even better. People may keep on just using their phonesto shoot videos until Spectacles come up with new functions that a phone can’tdo.

3.New entrants: Famous camera companies like Nikon, Canon or Sony won’t satisfiedwith their current status and always trying to open up new market. Smart-devicemay be one. If they come in, they can produce much better lens that recordsvideos much better. Snap should also be aware of them.