Volunteers for educating elderly people

Kefallinou Loukia

Mon 9/30/2019 7:02 PM

Dear grade 9 and grade 10 MYP students,

CSI Institute and “Όλοι Μαζί Μπορούμε” unit their power and they ask for your volunteer help! You can participate in the Panhellenic Action for Computer Learning and Safe Use of the Internet to the elderly people which will take place in 15 Municipalities in Athens.

The purpose of this action is not only to educate the elderly people through educational programs but also to keep them company and offer them joy and compassion.

The program consists of two hours per week for a period of one month during evening hours. At the end of this action certificates of participation will be awarded. For more information, you can visit this site 

If you are interested in this volunteer activity please send me an email by Friday October 4th.

Thank you,

Ms. Kefallinou

Loukia Kefallinou

IB DP/MYP Modern Greek Language and Literature Teacher

Head of Modern Greek Department

MYP Educational Committee member

Service as Action Coordinator

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