2017, A landmark for us.

My dear friends,

Good evening,

  This is the last call from 2017.

  For most friends I know, I believe this year is exactly a landmark for our lives. Because many of us have already graduated from universities and started a new life. Also, some changed your jobs for bright future and some still keep their current positions. No matter what choice is, I do believe we are fighting for our goals.

  Personally speaking, choosing to be a volunteer teacher in Thailand seems good to other people, but I have to say sometimes it just looks good. So you must understand why I say so. And that is the reason I make new aims for the forthcoming 2018.

  During the past 2017, we, although being separate in daily life, stayed together in spirit. My dear friends, it's you are with me that supported me to hold on when I met challenge and was treated unfairly. So please allow to show my gratitude to all of you, Thank you so much from bottom of heart.

  Also, the experience in Thailand gave me a chance to think a lot about our life. And I believe, whatever you experienced, you must have your own thoughts. Generally we did good job, therefore, at the very ending of 2017, let's get together and make new year resolutions.

  Finally, I want to make a toast, to us, to the past 2017, to the new 2018, and to future. My dear fellows, I wish all of us a happy new year.