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Philosophy and My Life

   One of my favorite actresses once said that life itself is meaningless, it is what we do that makes it meaningful. I love to explore the philosophy world because itcan help readers to find their own answers to own lives.

 My favorite  Chinese Philosophy, Laozi

    When I read the statements about ideas about such as Confucius, Laozi as well asZhuangzi, I found that most of them are similar to the epiphanies in my dailylife. I would like to introduce them briefly as well as vividly.

    Firstly, the Confucianists derived the idea of “doing for nothing”, which means that“the value of doing what he ought to do lies in the doing itself, and not inthe external result.” From my perspective, every time when I paid more attention to the result of my action, I would become so nervous that I migh teven screw it up. However, if I just focus on the thing itself, I would leave those emotions behind and tried my best to show what I’ve prepared for a longtime. Actually, our life is the same. If we chase fame and want too much, wemay not live a so-called successful life, for the external result may disturbour actions and choices.

    Secondly, Laozi advocated that all the human beings should observe the law of nature,that is to say we must not violate “Ch’ang”. If a thing reaches its extreme, itwill definitely go to the opposite. Like the present environment, humans don’tknow the importance of moderation, thus the resources are running out, and theair isn’t clean any more. These great people realized such ideas thousand yearsago, so learning Philosophy is learning life. Those who don’t read Philosophymust go through many difficulties to understand, but those who read Philosophy can get it by thinking and reading.

    There is one term that I appreciate most in the book: “sageliness within and kingliness without.” This term demonstrates that anyone who can reach the achievements is in the highest state of a man. This year is my second year incollege, and now it comes to the end. During this year, I really changed a lot.I thought about my future and what kind of person I’d like to become frequently. Upon seeing this year, I know this kind of person is what I want to be like. People who live in the world must have a desire. Another-worldly philosophy limits people’s desire, but only a sage can reach the requirement. We common people also need a philosophy to guide us in our daily life. Thisterm actually means what a real sage should be like, but to me, it also guides me to keep it in mind that I shouldn’t forget to cultivate own spirits while Ikept chasing the external things.

    There is nothing wrong to chase external materials, but if we forget to talk to ourselves, to pay attention to our mind, we may come to lose ourselves. There are many examples in the society, such as some profiteers and corruptofficials. If we do keep a beginner’s mind, then we won’t change ourselves whatever the external desires. All the sages in the history aren’t people without desires. They all have ambitions, but their ambitions didn’t turn togreed or other evil minds. I believe they keep their original minds because ofthis term.

    All  I‘d like to share can’t be shown in one short essay, so I just present part of my most favorite views. Wishyou all will like it.

Have a GOOD day  :)