《小屁孩日记》(Diary of A Wimpy Kid)风靡全球,这个11岁孩子的日记吐槽让人爱不是释手,但是如果你第一次接触这类书,可能会觉得明明单词很简单,为啥有点看不懂?




  • figure

So I figured I might as well write in this book to pass the time.
figure 认为;猜想;估计
这种是用语习惯上的不一致,我们看惯了课本上用的I think。本书中这个孩子习惯用 I figure,到处都是。下次我们开口时不说 I think,改成 I figure,没准美国人会觉得你说的很地道呢。

  • kind of

虽然前面几页的kind of都是我们很熟悉的用法,比如Now it’s about the kind of clothes you wear。
I’m kind of glad my plan to get put in the Easy group didn’t work.
如果明白这里的 kind of = rather,你就不会被到处都是的 kind of 搞晕了,这里就是程度副词,表示“有些”。

  • end up

But she ended up tossing them in the trash can on the way out the door.
这个在书中常见,其实end up = finally最终
所以这是常见搭配 end up doing sth

  • 还有各种骂人的单词

包括但不限于 “jerk 混蛋”、“moron 傻瓜”、“dork 呆子” 等。
话说我查到moron是指傻瓜后,突然很操心魔力红(Moroon 5)乐队,他们不担心有人手误写成moron 5么?
And kids like Ronnie McCoy are scratching their heads wondering what the heck happened.
以及这样类似的骂人话 heck 见鬼,糟糕 。



  • come in handy

So this book is gonna come in handy.
handy是一个常见单词“方便的; 手巧的;”,但是在本句里是这个短语
comes in handy 派上用场

  • growth spurt

You got kids like me who haven’t hit their growth spurt yet mixed in with these gorillas who need to shave twice a day.
这个不能怪我们,growth spurt 是个医学术语,指青春期骨骼的突发生长。你跟正在学中文的老外突然说起“青春期”,他也会一脸懵逼。不过这句看上下文也能猜出来。

  • be into

The thing that really stinks is that I have always been into girls, but kids like Bryce have only come around in the last couple of years.
be和into合起来的be into是“喜欢”
懂了上半句才会明白,Bryce的come around是指“改变观点”。改变什么观点?就是配图漫画那种“Girls are stinky poos”的观点,等他们长大了会后悔的。

  • But of course now I don’t get any credit for sticking with the girls all this time.

creditcard是信用卡,但是get credit for 得到赞扬、称赞或认可

  • show up

but we had to make sure people actually showed up.
show up 出席

  • cough up

The first kid to cough up his two bucks was Shane Snella.
cough是咳嗽,但是cough up是(勉强)支付
顺便一提,bucks不是鹿,而是美元, two bucks 就是两美元。

  • squirm out of

Dad tried to squirm out of it, but once Mom makes up her mind, there's no way you can change it.
squirm out of 逃脱

  • feel bad for

Anyway, I felt kind of bad for Rowley.
feel bad for 就是对……感到愧疚。似乎平时我们会用 I am sorry to ,另外注意那个kind of,这里就是相当于程度副词rather

  • make it up to

So tonight, I tried to make it up to him.
make it up to 对……进行补偿

  • make a point

every time one of them wanted to make a point, they'd stop walking.
make a point 证明自己是对的

  • black out

That's the last thing I remember before I blacked out.
black out 晕厥;暂时昏迷

  • get grounded

Rowley ended up getting grounded for that whole haunted house mess yeaterday
ground是地面,但是get grounded 是罚(儿童)不能出门;禁足

  • live up to

Even if you don't live up to what you got picked for, it doesn't really matter, because it's on permanent record.
live up to 遵守(诺言);符合,不辜负(期望)

  • hold off

but something told me to hold off on that thought for right now.
hold off 推迟;拖延

  • egg on

A couple of the guys who were arguing over what happened to the Cheese were the same ones who were egging me and Rowley on yesterday afternoon.
egg on 怂恿;煽动;唆使


  • but I think it just goes in one ear and out the other with him.

goes in one ear and out the other 这个不用翻译,也能知道是“一个耳朵进一个耳朵出”,我怀疑从小老师教训我们的这句话就是英语翻译来着,我们中华文明教育是讲究循循善诱,应该没这种话。

  • But if he ever gets too big for his britches.

too big for his britches 狂妄自大,膨胀的利害
可不是“穿不下他的裤子”哦,还有一个 ** too big for his boots** 也是自大的意思。

  • I'm sure Dad thinks I've got a screw loose or something.

have/get a screw loose 字面意思是有颗螺丝松了,和我们中文里说“脑子里哪根筋不对”类似。