JER4.8 Study Notes

1.endowment /ɪn'daʊmənt/


e.g. The hospital was founded on an endowment fund.


A birdbrain refers to a stupid person. Often it refers to a person with a short attention span.

3.curb 人行道边沿

e.g.  We can walk to the curb from here.

出自Woody Allen的电影



圈里的:Curb in

圈外的:Curb out

4. Although you could tell quite a lot about a person by his or her voice, please permit me first to briefly introduce myself.

5.worldly  /'wɝldli/ 世俗的

I am sorry for distracting you from doing other worldly things such as sleeping.

6.keep someone on someone's toes

To force someone to stay active, alert, and focused on something or someone

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e.g. To force someone to stay active, alert, and focused on something or someone

7.set aside

reserved in advance

e.g. They work hard, marry, have lots of children and set aside an evening each week for quality time with the family. 


adj. 因人员过剩而被解雇的

不需要的; 多余的

e.g. redundant population in the cities

9. verbatim /vɝ'betɪm/

in precisely the same words used by a writer or speaker

repeated their dialogue verbatim

e.g. a verbatim report of the conversation.


突起的, 凸出的

显著的; 突出的

杰出的, 著名的, 卓越的

e.g. She hung the picture in a prominent position in the living room.

11. 12.13.14

15. provision

 A provision in a law or an agreement is an arrangement which is included in it.

e.g. It also includes provisions that prohibit the sale of liquor to young people.

16. intoxicated

formal drunk

e.g. The driver was clearly intoxicated.

17. escalate /'ɛskəlet/

 to become much worse or more serious, or to make something do this

e.g. In some instances, a breach of an obligation can escalate to a case being brought against the licensee or permit holder.

18. premises 要加一个's'

 the buildings and land that a business or organization uses


e.g. The charity is hoping to move to new premises next year.

19. shooters 要加一个's'


20.obscene  /əb'sin/

offensive in a sexual way

e.g. He was fined for making an obscene gesture at the umpire.

21.fraudulent /'frɔdʒələnt/

made with the intention of tricking someone, especially illegally

e.g. All 5,000 of the homes were fraudulently obtained.

22. patron

The patrons of a place such as a pub, bar, or hotel are its customers.

e.g. He spent the night at the Savoy: like so many of its patrons, he could not resist the exclusively English cooking.

23.designated [ˈdezɪɡˌneɪtəd] 特别注意读音

marked, separated or given a name for a particular purpose

e.g.  Tom said he'd be the designated driver when we go out tonight. 


to move or swing gently from side to side

e.g. The whole boat swayed and tipped.

25.exuberant /ɪɡˈzubərənt/

happy, excited, and full of energy 热情洋溢,生机勃勃

e.g. an exuberant young girl who decided to become a screen actress.


26. drowsiness /ˈdraʊzɪnɪs/ 主要是读音

e..g Seasickness tablets often cause drowsiness

27.slurred speech

words used to describe speech style to talk continuously and too much


e.g. He repeated himself and slurred his words more than usual.

28. eyes glazed

a glazed look or expression shows that you are not at all interested in something


e.g. There was a glazed look in her eyes.

29. barring orders

barring 不包括;除…以外

e.g. I had not so much as kissed a man in seven years, nor dated one in a decade, and had no expectation of doing either, barring a shift of tectonic plates. OMG

30. abide by

If you abide by a law, agreement, or decision, you do what it says you should do.

e.g. They have got to abide by the rules.


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