Day 58 Hit the sack

Day 58-英语学习打卡
Date:23rd Nov
Topic:English Central沟通成语 Hit the sack

hit the sack 去睡觉

Welcome to English in a Minute,...
...where we teach you all about idioms in American English.
If you have ever heard American English, you might have heard this.
Hit the sack.
What does this mean?
Let's find out by listening to this conversation.

I'm exhausted and can't stay up another minute. I'm gonna go hit the sack.
I probably should do the same, it's been a long day.

It sounds like they are tired and ready to sleep.
That's what "hit the sack" means; you are going to bed.
During World War II, American soldiers called their sleeping bags "sacks".
So, "hit the sack" meant "to go to bed". Today, people use this phrase all the time.

Hit the sack.
And that's English in a Minute.


就比如我以前学过的a piece of cake,和大家分享它的故事:

In the 19th and early 20th century, African-Americans started "cakewalks."
They walked or danced around a cake in pairs and the best couple won the cake.
This is how the idioms "cakewalk" and "piece of cake" came about,...
...both meaning that something is very easy to do.




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