Fiori-like Prototype ( VDM - Virtual Data Model )

By now we assume most of you know Core Data ServicesCDS is database independent and you do NOT need to be in S/4HANA or SAP on HANA. CDS is one innovation on which the programming model of S/4HANA is relying on. Using CDS, we can create OData and build SAPUI5 Apps, build Graph and display Charts. That’s the beauty of CDS.

Since we know the basics of CDS, it’s high time we learnt the next advanced topic on CDS. It is VDM or the Virtual Data Model


Why VDM is needed?

1. Understandability – VDM are easily understandable by functional, business and non-technical folks.

2. Reusability – Part of VDM view are expected to be reused by other teams and once they are released, customers and partners can reuse.

3. Leading Model for S/4HANA – VDM is the preferred programming model for all S/4HANA developments. Other data models like Analytic, OData Models etc are derived from CDS/VDM. Also, all new SAP standard Fiori Apps are built using VDM.

4. Performance – VDM views are executed directly at the database level and hence benefit from its manifold capabilities and performance.

5. Transport Management – Since CDS is the building block of VDM, it leverages the tried, tested and robust ABAP Application Infrastructure and Change Management System.


First look.


Exercise 1 – Create Basic CDS View: ZVDM_I_VBAK ( BASIC , FACT)


Exercise 1 - Data Preview

Data Preview

Exercise 2 – Create Basic CDS View: ZVDM_I_VBAP( BASIC , FACT)


Exercise 2 - Data Preview

Data Preview

Exercise 3 – Create Basic CDS View: ZVDM_I_LIPS ( BASIC , FACT)


Exercise 3 - Data Preview

Data Preview

Exercise 4 – Create Composite CDS View: ZVDM_CO_SALES (COMPOSITE,CUBE)


Exercise 4 - Data Preview

Data Preview

Exercise 5 – Create Consumption View: ZVDM_C_SALES


Exercise 5 - Data Preview

Data Preview


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