Today is Saturday.

Amelia had to do some homework about exercise. She could do neither wrestling nor javelin. So she decided to run a hundreds meters. But where could she run? No one could know her idea. She wanted to run on the street where she found a hundreds parking meters. Oh my god! What a strange-minded girl.

While she was ran on the street, she counted the parking meters pasted. Now came the trick part. She had to time herself so she would arrive at the crosswalk just as the light changed. When the crosswalk sign was flashing don't-walking, she realized she was not walking but she was running. So she sprinted across the street. Suddenly she heard a whistle blew by the policeman. He asked the reason and told her how long a hundred meters were and the don't walking sign meant stoping. He suggested Amelia to train her running besides her home.

Amelia kept on training every day. And she also wanted to train her wrestling, but she didn't have a brother nor sister. She could only practice with her dog, Finally.